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Wednesday, April 03, 2013


I'm hoping for more good ABs from Revere, Young, and Brown.

Also, be nice to see Howard smack a couple to LF (which he did a bit in ST) instead of hitting into the shift again tonight.

I think 4 will be the over/under on complete innings for Haladay tonight.



Dan Uggla is going to strike out a bunch tonight.

Early,SSS, but tonight could tell the tale for the whole season.

I think 4 will be the over/under on complete innings for Haladay tonight.
Posted by: johnnyd | Wednesday, April 03, 2013 at 04:11 PM

Over, definitely.

I can at least see someone making an argument why JMJ should start tonight. Still, for the life of me, don't get why he started Opening Day against a righty.

Preacher: Because Charlie Manuel, that's why!

Over. Doc goes 7 tonight.

No brian mccann for atlanta. Over.

Would love to see Halladay come out early and get some calls right out of the chute. If that is not the case, he could be in for a short outing.
Roy's intensity is a real plus, but if things aren't going well, it's fuel for a quick death spiral. And, you can figure it out within the first few batters.

Which JMJ do the Phils get tonight? The one who can hammer a LHP who relies upon a bevy of offspeed stuff or the JMJ who has been tentative/groundball producing machine this spring?

I'm almost positively going with OVER.

Hold please. What's that? You mean just for this game and not the entire month?


The Phils offense outscored my drink consumption during the opening game, 5 to 2.

With Doc on the mound tonight? Expect a much closer contest.

That said, I think Utley stays hot tonight. I could see another homer from him.

Fully expected Nix over JMJ

Quality start for Halladay tonight. Don't hold me to it if his arm falls off, however.


" Manuel said he broached the subject of bumping Halladay to the weekend.

"I said something to him about it," Manuel said. "How do you feel? Are you ready to pitch?"

Halladay's response?

"Yeah. I wanted to to pitch the first game but you didn't want me to."

Manuel chuckled.

"That was a good answer," he said. "That was all right. That's the kind of answer you like.""

Doc is ready.

I don't think Doc's self-confidence has evern been the issue.

It's been more whether he can actually pitch or not.

Shh shhhh Jack... no need to talk sense in here.

thanks Cyclic. Halladay doesn't sound like someone hiding some mystery ailment. he's funny and determined. as far as he's concerned, it's all copacetic.

I come to Beerleaguer for the optimism, damnit.

What netherworld of blind optimism have I entered and where are all the Phillies fans?

They all stepped out to buy batteries.

Perhaps because I lack the attribute, I genuinely admire the ability to remain optimistic even in the face of overwhelming evidence that such optimism is unwarranted. That would describe about 99% of the posters in today's thread, all of whom are predicting a good game from Halladay tonight.

I think doc is going to waive his magic wand and do work.
If you can dazzle them with brilliance. Baffle them with BS.
And cholly if another repeat per happens (ex philles up 4/5 and doc
Suddenly hits wall in 5th /6th please grow a set and use the hook on him.
You can't win the division in April, but u can lose it.

Doc goes 6. Chad Durbin is duct taped to a locker room chair and the rest of the bullpen gets the job done. Phils win 5-4.

i'm sure cholly will have doc on a short leash given his recent history. if he gets 5 innings out of him he should go to the pen.

Alas, my prediction goes something like this:

Inning 1: Doc strikes out Simmons. Heyward hits a monster homerun. Upton flies out to the warning track. Freeman grounds out. 1-0 Braves.

Inning 2: Single by Upton. Fly out. Single. Walk. Strikeout of Maholm. Simmons grounds out to end inning. Still 1-0 Braves.

Inning 3: Heyward is HBP, steals 2nd, takes 3rd on a J. Upton ground out. RBI single by Freeman. Takes 2nd on wild pitch. Walk to B.J. Upton. Single by Uggla. 3-run double by Francisco. 5-0 Braves. Raul Valdes enters the game.

don't taunt the baseball gods, bap. judging from whirling darvish's fate, they are not in a good mood.

BAP: Followed by Raul Valdez spinning 4 innings of no-hit ball, which is promptly wasted because the Phils offense can't muster any sort of rally against Paul Maholm.

b_a_p - Just remember that the more detailed your expectations, the greater the disappointment.

BAP, never you worry my friend. I'm right there with you, predicting that tonight is probably the night that many a Philadelphia Phillie fan resets their expectations towards what to expect from both Doc and this entire Phillies roster as currently constructed. Reality can be a cold, cruel b8tch sometimes.

That said, I'm eminently excited for a game thread! I've really missed baseball, even if it does propose a potential season where I need to recast Halladay as Joe Blanton...

comcast's ben davis thinks doc is done. he thinks he will be unable to make the transition to a jamie moyer. the reason? davis claims doc, by make-up, will not be able to resist challenging hitters with his diminished heat. i think that's bs. does he think doc is stupid?

Perhaps because I lack the attribute, I genuinely admire the ability to remain optimistic even in the face of overwhelming evidence that such optimism is unwarranted. That would describe about 99% of the posters in today's thread, all of whom are predicting a good game from Halladay tonight.
Posted by: bay_area_phan | Wednesday, April 03, 2013 at 05:41 PM

Keep in mind, an over on 4 innings isn't all that optimistic. I've already said I expect 5 mediocre innings from him.

I think Ben Davis is a pretty lousy commentator. Not just about this. I've never found his insight to be particularly spot-on. He's at the Mandy Housenick level of sports reporting, in my book.

I'll take the "over" on a very low-balled 4 innings, however I suspect that he'll actually be lucky to achieve a famed "quality start." 6 innings and 3 earned runs, while itself is more 'mediocre' than 'quality,' might be about the best we can hope for tonight. Maybe he'll give us reason to adjust those expectations for his next start though.

Luckily we have Chad Durbin waiting to ride in on his white horse and bring us our first of many victories.

If the Beerleaguer Jinx is in full effect, Chad Durbin will pick up a vulture win tonight when the Phils rally.

Is Ben Davis a 'mimbo?'

"If the Beerleaguer Jinx is in full effect, Chad Durbin will pick up a vulture win tonight when the Phils rally."

With a clutch late game 3-run HR from JMJ or Laynce Nix.

lol, MG. i was just going to say he's just another pretty face.

Lake Nostradamus when asked about who will win tonight's game, "Who knows?"

He does say if Durbin goes in, expect a loss.

Even when Doc used to hit 94 mph on the radar, he was known for changing speeds and hitting spots. He really wasn't known for being a nasty power pitcher. He used his sinker and offspeed pitches well. I don't know where this power pitcher label came from. His struggles right now aren't due to challenging hitters, he's just missing his spots and seems to be struggling to find his arm slot.

I'll be keeping tabs on the game via Gameday, so I'll look for you all to tell me how Doc looks. Well, that, and the score.

It looks like it's utterly pouring. Are they really planning to play this game?

Revere stinks. Worst trade ever.

Generous strike zone so far... may help Doc.

That was Ruf like play by Upton.

Poor play by Justin Upton. Hopefully the Phils can capitalize.

Via Franzke- JRoll tied with Ashburn now for 2nd most games played by a Phillie.

How is that not the headline of this game chat?

Let's go Doc!

Chase Utley is a bum!!!!!!!

Howard vs LH....if he doesn't get on, let the mass panic begin

The rain is a good thing for Doc.

He has a pre-made excuse if the outing goes poorly.

Great AB by Howard after falling behind early.

Excellent AB Howard

Good job, Howie...

Michael Young, professional hitter.

Something to note from the top of the first. The ump seemed to have a big strikezone. Should be interesting to see if Halladay can use that to his advantage.

Gave that one a ride.

I eagerly await M. Young doing something other than looking bad in the field & useless at the plate.

I'll give Howard a lot of credit. Tough AB against a lefty there.

Be nice if we had a legitimate threat hitting 5.

Still, like to see 20 pitches in the first for the opposing pitcher... even decent discipline would be so helpful tot this team.

"Be nice if we had a legitimate threat hitting 5."

Frankly, Mayberry should hit 5th against LHP. At least until Chooch gets back.

I'm hanging on every pitch.

That last check swing looked like he went around... 88 on the first pitch. 90 on the second!!!!

Ugly weather. At least we shouldn't have to worry about Halladay overheating.

That's a start.

Strike 3. Ok Roy. 26 more.

Good movement for Doc

Good so far...90 mph.

That strikeout was right in my prediction.

Less of a start.

This is where Doc has to prove it. From the stretch.

Well, the velocity and movement are there...and he's getting squeezed a bit.

Looks healthy.

Well, about what I expected.

Ouch...nevermind then.

Hamels: 3 Halladay: 1

The race is on!

Yeah, I'm sick of Justin Upton already.


Must be nice to have young power hitters in the middle of your lineup.

You guys remember when we had those?

Any changeups in that sequence? Seems a logical place to go after 3 fouls but, I can't get the game so, just guessing.

Sound the alarm

Season over

This season is going to be about as fun as a sigmoidoscopy.

This is going to be unwatchable this year. Halladay can't find the strike zone.

Roy is either in 1st inning form or just broken.

Jack: Vaguely ... That was before r00b's coronation, right?

Welp, not a good first inning at all for Halladay.

Doc has basically no command of his breaking stuff, and he has lost his ability to put guys away with two strikes. Especially out of the stretch.

But his velocity looks good, so all is well!

Agree with NEPP, Doc does look healthy and that is a great sign. Can't forget he had some 1st inning woes in 10 and 11 too

I think I predicted 80-82 for the team this year.

That seems hopelessly optimistic.

Halladay just isn't missing bats right now. Tons of foul balls and a pitch that caught too much of the plate to Upton. Playing catch up again.

He is now getting squeezed it looks like.

The Phillies defense is shifting all over the place. I can't really remember them doing so before.

What I meant, OBVIOUSLY, is that it seems more like a command thing than an injury thing like it was last year.

Of course, you know that but yeah.

Braves strike out a lot guys, remember! What a terrible offense they must have.

More bad news: this Murphy tool doesn't appear to melt in the rain.

Next pitch is #30

Hope the bullpen is rested.

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