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Saturday, April 06, 2013


Great win tonight.

I'd like more out of our offense, though.

Just watched our Ryan Howard in The Office. His "part biopic, part superhero movie" script about space dust turning him into The Big Piece was hilarious. And his acting was decent, too. Did anyone else see it?

Never fear, Lannan's here.

Quite a finish, three straight walks to load the bases followed by two strikouts by our young big swingers. Cholly pushed the right button and got a win. Unbelievable!

GBrett, I saw Ryan Howard. I love Ryan Howard, but I thought that he looked stupid with those two big diamond earrings. I enjoyed seeing him poke fun at his nickname, The Big Piece. Overall, I give him a big piece thumbs up. (a tribute to Roger Ebert.)

Frandsen hopefully bought himself a start tomorrow at 3B for M. Young. Give Utley a rest tomorrow too and go for a little defense which means Galvis at 3B, Frandsen at 2B (his best position), and Mayberry in RF (Shields has reverse splits and at least Mayberry has BBed a few times including 2 tonight).

As much as Kratz has gotten dumped on too, I would rather have him behind the plate than Quintero. Stronger arm (even if less mobile) and at least he might pop one. Quintero just put together 3 bad ABs tonight and looks like a guy who is just overmatched by MLB pitching.

Tomorrow is important as this is a series the Phils need to win. With an upcoming favorable schedule (3 vs Mets at CBP, 3 vs Fish) with only one really bad matchup (Halladay vs Harvey on Monday), the Phils have to win a few series here.

A Tomas Perez pie-in-the-face finish!

I'm hoping Cole Hamels goes deep tomorrow and puts the team in prime position to win te game. Nevertheless, I'm not sure where the idea of him being the best pitcher in the NL comes from. He isn't better than Clayton Kershaw. Both guys are fun to watch but, I think Kershaw is a bit better. Not happy to say it, but, Kershaw.

Definitely smacked the first pitch...not the 2nd

The more I think about RyHo on The Office the more angry it makes me. How about taking your $25mil a year and coming up with a strategy that doesn't involve grounding out into the shift every other at bat? I would be embarrassed to be making that kind of scratch while not even coming close to providing the value my contract assumes.

Kershaw and Lee are better pitchers than Hamels.

Cueto, Cain, Wainwright and Gonzalez are probably all about the same level as Hamels.

ODB: you sound like a WIP caller. Who cares if Howard spent 1 of his 100 off days filming a TV show?? Christ.

ODB: I recommend the Twitter feed "@FakeWIPCaller" - I suspect you'll find many of the arguments advanced there to be convincing.

What's the guy doing his other 99 "days off"?

Kevin to Mergatroid

MG: Start Frandsen and Galvis in place of Utley and M. Young as a reward for Frandsen's hit? No thanks to that. Frankly, I'm perfectly fine saving Frandsen for another late-inning situation like that. He's the one bench guy who isn't a complete hacker like Nix or even Galvis, who struck out a ton this spring.

I'm very impressed with Frandsen though. Since he's been with the Phillies, he's done nothing but take competent at bats and can pretty much hit anything that's pitched to him. I think he's an important part of the team and something they haven't had - someone with decent versatility who can actually hit a little.

I thought Dom's at bat last night was the typical situation of a young guy going up in a big spot and trying to do to much. He was overanxious and swung at everything.

Mayberry taking the first pitch is fine but he needs to understand what the pitcher is going to try and do after that and he still never does.

Before Frandsen came up I turned to my buddy and said, "Hit it in a freakin' gap and send everybody." Frandsen went up and knew he was gonna get a first pitch fastball and crushed it into the gap. That was a smart piece of hitting by him in that he saw what Holland did to Brown and Mayberry and guessed he was going to try and do the same to him.

Also- always fun to watch the PPP on here whine and moan all game long and then have the Phillies lose and then they create other ways to complain. It is okay to be happy about something even for a couple minutes guys. I mean we win 4-3 and MG says "Well if Tejada doesn't get picked off..." That is such a dumb way to analyze a game.

Score one for charlie tonight. Used Adams vs top of royals lineup and then bastardo to get lefty Hosmer in 9th.

I agree with TTI that MAAAAyberry's AB was very disappointing and more than Brown's for the reasons he gave. Brown will learn. MAAAAberry never will. Fransden is the kind of lunch bucket, gritty, dirty uniform player that Philly fans love.

Frandsen's PH walkoff 2B is currently the "biggest" play of 2013. Took the Phils chances of winning from 17% to 100% - an 83% WPA

For context - the biggest play in 2012 was 91% WPA.

So I have not yet signed up for this year, but I just might do it today. Look at these matchups on tap for today's games:

Lester vs. Dickey
Sabathia vs. Verlander
Masterson vs. Price (Masterson's at least the "ace" of the Tribe)
Darvish vs. Weaver (one I'm definitely going to be watching tonight)
Hamels vs. Shields
Wainwright vs. Cain
Strasburg vs. Cueto

I know, it's the end of the first week of the season, and that's why all the #1's are lining up, but it probably won't happen again for a while. Best to take advantage. Could be some low scoring affairs today.

Score one for charlie tonight. Used Adams vs top of royals lineup and then bastardo to get lefty Hosmer in 9th.

Posted by: lorecore

Score another for Charlie in PH'ing Frandsen.

I'm going to the game today. Should be a beautiful day at the Bank. A sunny spring day. The ballpark. Cole on the mound. All's right with the world.

Freeman hitting the DL for the Braves. Strained oblique.

Carrera playing RF today.

Today's Lineup vs. Kansas City: Revere (CF), Rollins (SS), Utley (2B), Howard (1B), M. Young (3B), Brown (LF), Kratz (C), Carrera (RF), Hamels (P).

Something tells me MG will have some problems with that lineup.

M. Young will never sit, & neither will Utley. Such is Charlie's way.

it is a week into the season..we gotta sit everyone!

I think cholly wants D young ASAP. He is prob tired as we are at seeing the double pile of crap AAAberry and nix crap all over the RF. speaking of d young anyone have any updates to ext spring training games, and how he is doing? Last night was perfect for him. Hard throwing fastball pitcher.

Just saw that B.J. Upton homered in the 9th to tie the game, then Justin homered in the 10th to win it.

That trumps our walk-off W.

I'm still happy Howard and Young didn't get themselves out, so that Frandsen's hit was possible.

The real pisser about last night is that if the home plate umpire hadn't inexplicably ruled a pitch above the knees & right in the middle of the plate Ball 4, Chase Utley would have been out, & Mayberry would have been the final batter of the game.

"It's better to be lucky than good" - or some combination thereof, perhaps.

Seems like a good time to re-post this 100% accurate comment from TTI:

"Also- always fun to watch the PPP on here whine and moan all game long and then have the Phillies lose and then they create other ways to complain. It is okay to be happy about something even for a couple minutes guys."

GBrettfan: Agreed. But it's even better to be both. :-)

I obviously meant "win" where I typed "lose."

BTW, not that I like to join the PPP in any argument, but I was at the game last night- and the notion that there were more than 30K people there is laughable. I poached a couple of tickets for $15 each relatively early in the day and my section in the second deck was largely empty.

I'm not saying that this is indicative of things to come- it might be more of a fact that A) It was cold as hell outside (the conditions were such that I considered leaving after the 7th- glad I didn't), and B) Nobody wants to see the Royals (thanks, Selig), but it was jarring to see the stadium so empty. It's something to keep an eye on.

Very little booing going on, though, which is especially surprising considering how putrid the game was to watch for 8 innings. There were maybe 10K left at the end, and that's being generous.

Adam Morgan in Lehigh Valley last night went 6, giving up 6 hits, walking one and striking out 5.

Ironpigs won in 11 when Cesar Hernandez singled in the winning run. Hernandez went 4 for 6 last night to raise his average to .462 on the season.

On the other side- Gillies is currently hitting .077. Asche is hitting .083 and Ruf is hitting .231

Also- and this is the biggest travesty of all- the Federal Donuts stand wasn't selling their chicken & honey donut platter. Only cinnamon sugar donuts. This can't continue to happen.

Delmon Young was supposed to play the OF on Tuesday. I couldn't find any confirmation that he did.

Might as well see what Carrera is all about. You're not losing anything by sitting Mayberry and Nix. They haven't done anything. You might actually improve.

I'm actually so sick of Mayberry & Nix already that I find myself looking forward to today's start by the pathetic Ezequiel Carrera.

BAP- believe it or not, Mayberry/Nix is the team's way of conditioning fans to be excited for the arrival of Delmon Young.

Hamels better carve up this Royals lineup today, no excuse not to.

I don't care if the reanimated corpse of Hellen Keller was in RF. I still wouldn't be excited for the arrival of Delmon Young.

"I don't care if the reanimated corpse of Hellen Keller was in RF."

Yeah you would. She's got a better arm than both Nix and Mayberry.

Well, I have a couple of comments.

As SABR oriented as many of the posters are on this site, and as much as they command the dialogue, I find it very amusing that any people are down on Mayberry and Nix after sample sizes of 13 and 11 PA respectively. It's obviously an emotional reaction by those occupying that quarter, because it certainly isn't grounded in any reason or logic.

To quote Jason, statistically Howard, Kratz, Revere,
MYoung, Halladay, Hamels, Valdez and Horst "haven't done anything" either, so "You're not losing anything by sitting" them, and maybe we should sit all those guys because "You might actually improve."

That said, I agree that Frandsen is a nice piece to have. He'll get his chance if MYoung doesn't hit, but beware: Charlie is going to give his new 3B a long, long leash.

Anyway, it was nice to see Frandsen get 3 meaningless RBI last night.

Fatti, how about if we reanimate Shoeless Joe and stick him in RF?

I think we'd be way better off than with Helen Keller. That is, if you're going to reanimate someone in the first place.

awh, I'm not part of the Reanimation Selection Committee, unfortunately.

awh: Career lines for

Mayberry .253/.315/.447


Nix .244/.290/.427

"Small Sample Size" has nothing to do w/ it. They suck.

GTown, the complaints have to do with what they've done so far this season. Focus, my boy. Focus.

(For instance, if RFD had hit the 2B last night instead of Frandsen....)

awh: It is you who should focus. You're assuming judgment based on this this season alone when it's likely the more "SABR oriented" critics are seeing & commenting upon a continuation of mediocrity. "Haven't done anything" applies not only to '13, but to the entirety of their respective MLB careers.

So I guess Cholly is going to play his ancient infield as much possible while his bench guys collect dust.

Knew when Cholly said this spring that he needed to rotate and rest his older players that he was largely full of it. He plays his regulars without almost any rest in April. Hope Utley and the others hold up because Cholly will start them 150+ games if he can.

I know it may become an old refrain, but I'd sure like to see some random Cuban in the outfield, rather than seeing the bat knocked out of Revere's hands nearly every at bat.

I've watched Juan Pierre for a long time, and when people try to compare then it's just a bit off. Revere literally may hit a dozen balls hard all season. He'd probably be better off bunting the first pitch of every at bat.

Were the Phillies sporting a fearsome lineup, it might be kind of funny to plug him in at nine, behind the pitcher, and see what he could do. But to have him as the leadoff hitter is making me homesick for JRoll in that spot. And I never thought I'd ever say that.

GTown_Dave, as always and there's literally no one more consistent on this than he is, gets it wrong.

A guy with a career .875 OPS vs. LHP and above average speed and defense does not "suck." The problem is, he's a one-way player. He destroys LHP but is incapable of hitting RHP. He is a platoon player, even though Charlie refuses to believe that. Mayberry will play 10 years in MLB and that doesn't happen if you "suck."

GTown is a bit closer to the mark on Nix, who is much older than Mayberry, doesn't have his glove and whose strong side (vs. RHP) yields only a .742 OPS. I don't think he's worthy of a platoon spot, but he's not bad off the bench because he can hit a HR and won't kill you on defense. Nix has already played 10 years in MLB.

awh- my dislike for Mayberry is archived on this site several years back.

I could take or leave Nix, but it appears that he won't get more than the occasional spot start. Mayberry sucks, and he'll apparently be getting 80% of the starts- including starts against RHP, against which he sports a career .682 OPS (for reference, Carerra's is .672). It makes you long for the days of Hunter Pence flailing away against RHP, but at least occasionally making hard contact. And Pence is maybe my least favorite Phillie of the last 10 years.

To reiterate...Mayberry sucks.

Humberto Quintero is one of the worst hitting players in MLB. His career OPS+ is 59.

He's pretty much a slam-dunk DFA when Ruiz returns.

aksmith: Putting Revere 9th wouldn't be funny, it would be smart. That's exactly where Baseball Musings lineup evaluator says he should bat. Pitcher hurts you least batting 8th.

Of course the chances of Charlie doing it, or Rube allowing it, are zero.

'Tejada pickoff' was arguably the key of the game last night and yeah Cholly's pitching managing was horrendous yet again. Even the long-time defenders of Cholly have given up on that point because they know there are too many games where he makes inept and puzzling decisions.

Aumont clearly isn't a guy Cholly has any trust in and he will avoid going to early now. It means Aumont is going to go through stretches where he doesn't pitch that much. Aumont/Bastardo have also been anointed as 7th inning or later guys too. If it a key spot in the 5th or 6th inning, yeah I would rather see Aumont or Bastardo there possibly. Cholly just wouldn't ever do that because it doesn't fit in his ideal of certain relievers should only be used in certain innings. I call it 'paint by numbers' after watching him manage early in his career.

Too nice today to worry about the Phils. Listen a liitle on the radio if possible.

"'Tejada pickoff' was arguably the key of the game last night..."

MG, no. They "key of the game" was Frandsen's double in the 9th. Frankly it's not arguable.

clout: You cannot separate the player from how he's employed, & what he does or does not produce. Would he appear less of a crap sack should Charlie finally parse the infinite mysteries of the batting split? Probably ... but that's still less useful than an actual MLB-caliber starter. Mayberry has been, is now, & always shall be AAAA bench filler.

Mayberry has gotten on base 6 times in 13 AB's this year.

Don't quite think that is quite "doing nothing".

Its too bad he isn't 1-20 with 10 K's like Josh Hamilton. He at least has a pretty swing when he whiffs.

Plus, its Week 1 people. Lighten up.

Here's Mayberry against LHP last year, in 180 PAs:

.271/.317/.494/.811, 8 HRs

This accounts for more than half his career PAs against LHP.

Mayberry had a great three months in 2011 after he was called up from the minors. That is literally the only time that he showed himself to be anything more than a sub-par MLB player. It's a safe bet to say that Mayberry's extended look against LHP last year- when he was an .811 OPS player who never drew a walk, couldn't steal a base, and played average defense- is probably a more realistic expectation than coming anywhere close to a .900 OPS against them.

To put into perspective how valuable his one "skill" is, the Phillies could have picked up Casper Wells for nothing last week and gotten a better OBP (~.350) and OPS (.838) against LHP. In fact, Wells had an .891 OPS last year against LHP.

When you can pick up some random dude that was cut who is better than Mayberry in the one skill at which he's above average, that's pretty much all you need to know about his value.

MG, what was wrong with Charlie's pitching decisions last night?

I didn't watch the game, but Lannan for 7th, Adams in the 8th and Bastardo in the 9th. What should he have done?

"Knew when Cholly said this spring that he needed to rotate and rest his older players that he was largely full of it."

His plan is to run Utley and/or Young into the ground early so Galvis can get those 350-400 AB's in the 2nd half of the season.

"clout: You cannot separate the player from how he's employed,..."

GTown, you display an amazing inability to make distinctions.

Are you saying it's Mayberry's fault Charlie doesn't use him properly?

The key of the game last night was the plate umpire blowing an obvious 3rd strike call on Utley. There's no way in hell the Phillies win if they're depending on Brown or Mayberry to get a clutch hit.

Also- and this is the one thing I have ever agreed with GTown on- providing Manuel, who will absolutely not work a strict platoon if you held a gun to his head, with two OFs that need to be platooned, is a recipe for disaster.

There's no doubt that Mayberry would be better utilized by a manager that actually implemented a platoon, but that is just wishful thinking with Manuel. He sees Mayberry as a starter and Nix as a bench bat, so Mayberry will see 80% of the ABs as a starter no matter who is pitching.

The lone times I booed last night was when he kept Mayberry in to face Crow and then Holland- two hard-throwing RHP that Mayberry shouldn't be facing in a million years. Manuel inexplicably kept him in there to get mowed down and overpowered. It isn't Mayberry's fault Manuel is leaving him in there to get slaughtered, but that's the way it's going to be. And you can probably replace DYoung's name with Mayberry's in a month, and it's going to be the same situation.

awh: Even if Charlie uses Mayberry properly, it still requires the team to carry another player to make up for his failings. He has no business playing regularly for a team which fancies itself a contender, nor would he on a team which actually was.

Agree with everyone who says Mayberry needs to be platooned to be effective. An actual platoon, not whatever the hell it is Charlie is doing now.

If only they had a reasonably athletic, good defensive OF who can hit well from the left side to platoon with Mayberry.

Oh wait. They non-tendered Nate Schierholtz? Why would they do that?

" That is literally the only time that he showed himself to be anything more than a sub-par MLB player."

Iceman, you're being the Master of the Obvious.

Mayberry is a BENCH player. And, he's a USEFUL bench player.

By definition, BENCH players ARE subpar.

It's silly for you and others to use his 2nd half of 2011 as any sort of reference point. I spent a couple of weeks breaking that down on this site in the '11 - '12 offseason. Mayberry had a HOF OPS for that second half. And it's just as silly to use the second half of last season as a full reference point as well. the sample sizes aren't large enough in either case.

Mayberry is what Mayberry is: A useful bench player who can play 1B and all three OF positions, and who crushes LHP.

The complaints about him on this board stem from the apparent fact that the complainers have unrealistic expectations of what Mayberry could/should do.

Fat - he should have either pulled Lannan to start the 7th (given Franceour's success) or at the very least had Aumont in after Franceour's lead off double. Cholly didn't have anybody ready and he was going to sink or swim with Lannan.

"awh: Even if Charlie uses Mayberry properly, it still requires the team to carry another player to make up for his failings."

GTown, that is a line that could be written about every bench player in MLB.

That's why they belong on the bench. FWIW, they are many MLB starters who have failings - that is, they haven't mastered every aspect of the game.

But don't let that obvious fact disturb your and your PPP buddies' bitchfest.

awh: I'm glad you agree w/ me that Mayberry should be on the bench, even if it required completely re-framing your argument to reach that point.

Oh good, the "PPP" moniker is back. Didn't miss that one bit.

I think everyone agrees that Mayberry is a fine bench player.

But right now he's starting, because this team failed to put a starting quality corner OF on the roster. So we're stuck starting Mayberry. And if you're going to start Mayberry, you have to at least freaking platoon him right. Starting Mayberry is generally a bad sign. Compounding it by starting him against RHPs is ridiculous.

Game Chat ==>

Remember what happened to the last Phillie to have a walk off hit?

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