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Monday, April 01, 2013



Not the worst performance, but I'm sure it will be blown out of proportion both positively and negatively. On to the next one, glad to have real games back.

Season = Over

Avilan going 1.2 IP was the turning point of the game to me. Bailed out the Braves big time.

Unfortunately, I feel the game is on Hamels, with a slight nod towards Durbin as well. Hamels threw a dud, and that's that. The offense scored 4 runs to almost catch up, and Durbin came in to take away the momentum.

It was a well played game, and I'm glad the Phillies didn't roll over after being down by 3. Utley had a hell of a game. Michael Young's defense was incredibly shaky, but it's to be expected.

The most disappointing part of the night is going to be the two day wait before the next game is played.

Also, one more caveat, because Correlation definitely equals Causation: The only other time Utley homered on opening day, the Phillies won the World Series.

I was pleased that the team scored 5 runs. We aren't going to see too many duds from Hamels. In a normal Hamels start, 5 runs wins us the ballgame.

I agree that Revere, Utley and Brown were positive takeaways.

If Charlie puts in Valdes instead of Durbin we probably win the game

Way late for the prediction thread, but I'll take the Phila @ 91 wins and a WC spot.

Still think the weaknesses on the team are lack of starting pitching depth and 3B defense. Add OF defense if D Young becomes a starter. We will really miss Chooch in April, but the fewer games early will be a plus later on in the year.

All Stars: Cole and Domonic.

No reason to see Mayberry tonight. Over 162 games...

... glad to have real games back.

With this I wholeheartedly agree.

Offense had a good game. Chased Hudson early and tacked on a few runs against the bullpen. Hamels won't throw that many meatballs in too many matchups. He was awful.

I think there were quite a few good signs in this game, and the best sign was Manuel yanking Durbin before the doors got completely blown off the game (unfortunately he'd already done some damage). Never seen him have that quick of a hook this early in the season with a 'veteran.' Hopefully that's a sign of things to come with how he treats Durbin, along with the inning he threw him in (keep him as far away from the 8th as possible).

The game came down to a few key ABs and basically every one of them the Phils came up short. The worst was Howard's pathetic AB in the fifth where he swung at 3 pitches nowhere near the strike zone. It also sucked to see two more important ABs (Revere in the 8th, Rollins in the 9th) affected by the umpire.

Bottom line is you can't take too much away from this game as a harbinger of 'things to come.' Hamels isn't going to throw many stink bombs like this. If anything, it's encouraging to see the offense tacking on runs- even without Howard contributing squat.

The big game is Wednesday night, for obvious reasons.

***Michael Young had a shaky night defensively at third base.***

Get used to it...there's a reason he was a DH the last couple years.

Utley looked like the 2007 version of himself. Revere, Brown and Horst also all looked solid.

While I thought Revere's 11-pitch walk was a huge positive, I do have to say that for those who argued Revere wasnt a slap hitter, I have no idea what you're talking about.

He slapped 3 balls in play today. 1 dropped in for a hit, the other two were GB outs. A slap hitter is exactly what he is.

A slap hitter with good plate discipline is fine. But we should be honest about what he is. There's no use in pretending there's some sort of power coming there.

Who in the world, Jack, claimed that "some sort of power" was coming from Revere.

You continue to come up short in your assessments and claims.

So what if he's a slap hitter?! That's what leadoff hitters do. They're supposed to get on base by hook or by crook.

Are you going to criticize him for bunting his way on base, as well.

You're much too young to know anything about Richie Ashburn, but he too was a slap hitter who drove the opposition crazy by getting on base and then wreaking havoc on the basepaths.

If Revere patterns his game after Ashburn, you should be grateful.


If a slap hitter with good speed finds a few gaps he can get some extra base hits.

I hope Revere is that kind of hitter.

mainerob- Great minds..... or whatever.

mainerob, early on after we acquired Revere, there was a lengthy discussion on this site about what kind of hitter Revere was, and some on here were claiming that he wasn't a slap/groundball hitter.

" some on here were claiming that he wasn't a slap/groundball hitter."


There was a whole discussion over the offseason.

Some poster (TTI, maybe?) claimed he had watched Revere play enough to know that Revere wasn't actually a slap hitter--he was a real line drive hitter who could grow into some power.

Personally, I agree with what you all have said in this thread--there's nothing wrong with being a slap hitter with great speed if you have good plate discipline. I was merely commenting on the poster this offseason who kept insisting that Revere was not a slap hitter. Well, I watched him in spring training and in 5 real ABs tonight. He's a slap hitter.

Yeah, I remember it as being TTI.

The most obvious pivotal point in the game was Howard's atrocious AB in the 5th, and for me the most negative element. How many years of baseball does Howard have to play before he gets even a little bit smarter at the plate? It just means yet another season of your cleanup hitter being a cakewalk for pitchers who can locate in crucial situations. I know, I know, it's so wonderful that we have Howard to drive in runs and hit his 40 big flies, we should just be happy etc etc. Sorry. I'm not happy. He could do so much more for this team with his abilities, but he just does not ever improve on his liabilities. The contrast between his approach in that inning to what Revere and Utley brought to the table was just staggering.

Corey- Classic BL headline for this thread might have been:
"On the day after Easter, St. Utley has Arisen" with a holy card image as the graphic
Hyperbole is your friend.

FWIW re: Howard, the ESPN game guys gave a lot of credit to Avilan for his pitching, and said that it was hard for LH hitters to lay off his stuff because of how it looked to them.

Re: Avilan

He's got pretty good stuff for a reliever and he did tonight too.

Gearrin is actually a better pitcher than he is and even C. Martinez is pretty solid as a middle reliever. Biggest difference between the Phils and Braves is that the Braves can weather Venters being out. Phils are up a creek if Adams or even a Bastardo/Aumont get hurt. Phils simply don't have a ready replacement on their MLB roster or in the minors.

I do wonder what Howard's splits are vs LHP relievers since '10. I bet they are hideously bad.

Man, that was vintage Utley tonight! Felt like I time traveled back to 2008. Just hope he can stay healthy enough to do more of that over the course of the season. That would be a major boost for the team's chances.

If hitting is contagious, Howard has one awesome immune system. Utley almost won the game singlehandedly. With a little more help from Howard, this game would have been a W. It seems like whatever encouraging signs we saw from him in ST have disappeared. Like nails on a chalkboard to me every time he hits into the overshift. If

I wonder how many walks Howard would get if he didn't take a swing against LHP relievers. I mean Avilan didn't throw him anything close to a strike. On the plus side he was able to make contact against O'Flaherty go get Utley home in the 7th. That was quite an accomplishment since he's struck out almost half the times hes faced O'Flaherty.

1st game of the season and Charlie already made a blunder before the first pitch ( Mayberry in RF ).

How was Young not credited with 2 errors?

O/U on Durbin demotion/release? June 1st

I wish Frandsen could play OF. I would STILL rather see him at 3B then Young though.

Have a feeling Doc doesn't last 6 innings Thursday.

My first post ended up in the abyss apparently.

A long discussion in that thread and then going back to look at it and you guys still misconstrue my point. The height of douchebaggery.

It's gotten to the point where if there is an opportunity to pull ahead and Ryan Howard is up to bat, I go to the kitchen to make a sandwich. Nothing is going to happen that I want to see.

@Corn, under..

I don't know if the Phillies win last night if someone other than Chad Durbin pitches.

But it highlights the argument I made against Durbin (and Delmon Young). A lot of people said, "oh, what's the harm? If he stinks, they'll just release him. Theres no risk involved." Except if he stinks, that's the harm! He's contributing to losing games. I mean, Chad Qualls lost games for us last year. Sure, he was released midseason. But that doesn't erase the three months worth of terrible performance he gave us.

The risk in signing Chad Durbin is that he's a crappy pitcher and he loses you games.

For the first game, I thought the positives far outweighed the negatives. The only real negatives for me were Hamels and Durbin. I'm not worried about Hamels' performance going forward. He will be fine. I'm not worried about Durbin, either. I don't expect him to be good and he won't.

If Hamels pitches a decent game, the Phils win. He wasn't sharp, they lost. It happens.

The biggest negative is that there is (for some reason) an off-day today.

And some negatives I no longer count as negatives because they have become ingrained in this team for so long that it's comical: poor lineup construction; using the wrong side of platoon because of a "hunch"; poor bullpen management, etc.

You gotta love an argument that is "I don't know if something would've happened but here is my opinion anyway..."

On the Mayberry vs Nix thing. To be fair- Mayberry did have a 4 for 13 career off Hudson with 2 home runs and an OPS of like 1.100. Now that is obviously a small sample size and Nix had similar numbers in twice as many at bats. I'm not opposed to breaking the platoon if one guy has better numbers off a starting pitcher than the other guy but you wouldn't want to make a habit of it really. Nix should've started last night though because throwing a platoon into disarray on day 1 isn't conducive to a good platoon.

I agree with Jack - instead of keeping Durbin, the Phils should have gone out and gotten a reliever who doesn't give up runs. If only Jack were the GM...

Would someone tell ASB that even players who have driven in runners at rates nearly unprecedented in the history of baseball sometimes just don't get the job done.

Now it's truly baseball season. Phlipper is back.

@GTwon Dave from the last thread. Your hatred for Mayberry even having a roster spot actually is bordering on trolling. If you want to argue it would be nice to find a better platoon option, fine. But to argue that he shouldn't have a roster spot at all is beyond ridiculous.

Even in a worse case scenario, he's a fifth outfielder. Please go ahead and name other 5th OF types who have pop and can play more than adequate defense at all three OF spots.

It is a very shrewd move by Phillies management that they have guys like Mayberry and Nix starting in right. It is going to have people clamoring for Delmon Young.

Maybe at least Delmon can throw a bat at someone and light a fire on the team.

pblunts: GTown Dave isn't interested in anything but trolling. He just says things that are incredibly negative to get a rise out of people. It's his gimmick and he draws a lot of heat with it.

He's like Roddy Piper back in the mid 1980's as the top WWF heel

I don't think any of us will be surprised by Durbin's misfortunes this year. The guy just flat out isn't good. Hopefully DeFratus will be able to take the middle innings torch before Durbin squanders too many games.

Utley looked incredible last night. He looked like he was playing in game 7 of the World Series. He has a lot to prove this year in a walk year where everyone is doubting him. Howard swung at literally every pitch thrown to him by a lefty and almost all of them would have hit them if he just stood there.

I didn't hear the umps announced but who was behind the plate last night? Terrible calls on Revere in the 8th and Rollins in the 9th. Neck high strikes. Inexcusable.

T-Mac still makes my skin crawl. It can't be said enough how truly terrible this guy is. The Dale Murphy debate made me dumber just listening to it. Also, can Wheels not sniffle into the mic? These aren't mics from the 1970s anymore...they pick up everything.

Baseball is back.

The Reds-Angels game was quite a fun game to watch yesterday as well but it isn't getting as much play considering Harper's day and the sterling job done by Kershaw out in LA.

Two big things from the Reds-Angels game though:

1.) Ludwick will be out a while and that hurts the Reds. Injuries can quickly gut a team (as we saw last year) and they lost a big bat on opening day maybe for a little depending on his MRI.

2.) Jered Weaver didn't touch 90 yesterday on the gun and by the middle innings he was throwing in the mid 80's. Could be a huge story for them if he is battling something.

Another post lost apparently:

Jered Weaver yesterday didn't hit 90 on the gun and was throwing in the mid 80's for a majority of the outing. Could be interesting to watch if he is battling something.

I think we need to pass a rule that any comments/arguments that occur during a live Phillies game can not be carried over to a new thread.

I didn't see any of that Reds game. Does anyone know when the free preview of extra innings is on Comcast? Does it start this Thursday?

Interesting that a broadcast would have the gun readings in the graphics. PHL17 went back in time and decided not to have it. No one is interested in that apparently.

My worst fears realized: Durbin should absolutely not be used for any close game situations.

There the Phils had clawed their way back to within 1, and UC sends a Durbin out there.

But UC will rely on Durbin far longer than he should because Durbin is a veteran.

Do the Phillies EVER win the season opener?

(I know they must've at one time, possibly in the recent past, but my pessimistic nature gets the better of me.)

Oh definitely, Heather. If you are a veteran you are placed in any high leverage situation imaginable. Those are just the rules.

"I don't know if the Phillies win last night if someone other than Chad Durbin pitches."

I stopped reading there.

Also, if UC really did send Mayberry out there based on a sample size of 13, he's nuts.

"I flipped this coin 10 times, and it came up heads 7 times! That must mean something!"

No, no it doesn't.

If Durbin wasn't good enough to keep a few years ago, why is he with the team now?

Joe D: I believe the free preview is through the first week of the season. I was watching the Mariners-A's last night.

I should also say to anyone- if you have the money and time, the extra innings package is worth it. I teach so I have summers off and enjoy pretty much watching baseball any time the television is on in my house. It is great getting to watch some of the west coast teams and a lot of the good talent that is out there in the league. Plus it is always fun to listen to other broadcast teams and see what their impression of the various teams are. The Astros are always interesting to watch because their announcers try so hard to make that team interesting but there is a hint of being defeated underlying their commentary.

Well if you remember correctly Charlie used Thome to pinch hit versus a lefty early last season and cited his #s against that pitcher in the post game press conference as being why he did it. Nevermind the fact that some of those #s were compiled a decade earlier.

***Corey- Classic BL headline for this thread might have been:
"On the day after Easter, St. Utley has Arisen" with a holy card image as the graphic

I dont want to jump on Seidman or Finger, etc as they're all doing a competent job but one thing I do miss from JW is the awesome graphics he would post from time to time. So...perhaps push the new guys to take a Photoshop class? Its a good skill to have regardless...especially if they want to go on with the more technical side of this career field.

***Do the Phillies EVER win the season opener?***

Um, didnt we just win last year in Pittsburgh? Something like 2-1 with Doc on the mound?

Interesting that a broadcast would have the gun readings in the graphics. PHL17 went back in time and decided not to have it. No one is interested in that apparently.

Posted by: Joe D | Tuesday, April 02, 2013 at 09:07 AM

I noticed in the 6th or 7th, the graphic did show the MPH. It was there for the Walden/Kimbrel innings. I know that for a fact.

TTI, I went to those channels last night and it just had the lineup for tomorrow's game on there. Maybe I wasn't on the right one. I always thought it was the first week of the season though. I'll give it a look tonight. I would only ever want it for the west coast games but I work year-round and I fight hard to stay awake once the 11:00 hour hits.

Here is my very rough take from last night (I watched on tv so the comments were very light from me throughout the actual game)

1. Utley is The Man
2. Revere looked solid offensively and defensively
3. Horst looked good out of the pen.
4. Dom Brown looks like he's carrying on his hot spring into the regular season...great approach at the plate.

1. UC is in the Senile Connie Mack phase of his coaching career...time to pull the plug
2. Howard against a LHP is still a waste of time
3. I dont know that Young's bat will make up for his glove.
4. Chad Durbin should be shipped to Allentown...the Alpo factory, not the IronPigs.

DOM's groundout with the bases loaded prevents me from naming him as too much of a positive. Also, I dont think it mattered on either play, but he obviously made bad reads/routes on the double over his head and the bloop single in front of him.

Dom looks really comfortable up at the plate. He had a bobble in the field but it didn't end up hurting them. I think once he continues to get his footing at the plate his defense will round out.

Dom's D might have hurt them. I'm not sure he's fast enough to catch that double on the run, but when he got turned around there was zero chance of it being anything less than two bases.

I liked what I saw out of him at the plate, but I agree that the easy grounder in a bases-loaded situation is no good. At least if he'd knocked it a bit harder he might have forced an error - like Howard almost did when he hit into the shift behind "deep 2nd."

I've come to accept that Dom Brown will never win a Gold Glove. That's part of why he's a LF right now. If he hits, that's all I care about.

He looked pretty good at the plate and had a good approach. Sure, he grounded out in a big spot. Sh!t happens. He still looked comfortable at the plate though and took a good number of pitches each time.

lorecore - Where did you find that quote of Charlie basically accusing the FO of not using his input on talent evaluation? That was a pretty serious shot at the FO by UC.

Also, having watched the PHL broadcast on MLB.TV, they definitely had pitch speeds from the 5th or 6th inning on. Not sure they had it before then, but it was the first broadcast of the year and they were in another team's stadium, so it might have taken some finagling to get everything set up properly (even if it was just the Atlanta crew being curmudgeonly and not making it easy).

Apparently NEPP didn't understand my post. But thanks for responding anyway.

I'll be honest and say I was skimming the thread...were you being ironical?

Amazed that Young was not charged with an error

Season = Over

Posted by: Min | Monday, April 01, 2013 at 10:15 PM

Ah, I missed Berrleaguer...

If they can't go 162-0, what's the point of watching anymore?

I wonder how many walks Howard would get if he didn't take a swing against LHP relievers. I mean Avilan didn't throw him anything close to a strike.

Posted by: EDGE | Tuesday, April 02, 2013 at 01:32 AM

Not many. If he started taking the bad pitches, they'd start throwing strikes. Then he'd actually have to hit LHP.

One game suggests there's not much gap between these two teams... but one game is not enough to make any real judgments.

Good news:
Chad Durbin sucked mightily. But how is that good news? Let's get this out of the way early and give him the Chad Qualls treatment BEFORE he does too much damage. Stutes should have left his luggage in Philly.

Good news:
Ben Revere saw 28 pitches in 5 PAs, averaging more than 5 pitches per PA. Even if you take out the 11 pitch PA, he average just over 4 pitches per PA.

Good news:
Chase Utley. 'Nuff said.

There was bad, too. And the disappointing part is that the bad reinforced some of our worst fears: Bad bullpen management, issues with 3rd base defense, difficulty vs. LH reliever in the middle of the lineup.

Tomorrow is another day. We'll see what signs emerge then!

Oh... I forgot... those "called strikes" late in the game!??!?!


Hey, who's pitching for the Phils tomorrow night? I totally forgot.

Nixberry will be/are disappointing by definition. It's almost pointless to complain about them (almost). What's too bad is that our "savior" there is Delmon Young. Here's hoping Ruf tears it up at LV and forces the Phils to promote him sooner than later.

Also wanted to chime in on Horst - he pitched well. If Tony Bastard can have some consistency, it'll be nice to have 3 lefties in the 'pen this year.

Amazed that Young was not charged with an error

Posted by: Corn | Tuesday, April 02, 2013 at 09:50 AM

Which shows exactly why errors are a terrible judge of defense.

Hey, who's pitching for the Phils tomorrow night? I totally forgot.

Posted by: Jack | Tuesday, April 02, 2013 at 10:04 AM

And we thought last night's game produced "bad news".

We have no idea.

I assure you I wouldn't have been 'shaky' at 3rd base! Would have added a little oomph at the plate too. Just wait...

Kidding aside, I wonder if the pitching we saw out of the Braves last night is representative of what they have at the moment. Hudson honestly seemed to be doing amazingly well until the 5th, but I think this could be the year he ends up with an ERA in the 4.00s.

Kimbrell is certainly still awesome, but without anyone above "good" to lead into him, that could end up a big problem.

How long has it been since we've seen a Braves team built on hitting rather than pitching?

Sil, you're right about Nixberry not being very good.

But they ARE better when they are given the platoon advantage. If only their manager understood such simple, simple concepts.

Positives that Michael Young brings:

1. Great approach at the plate...its odd to have a 3B that actually works the count. He's what the phrase "professional hitter" is supposed to mean, not Polly's swing early, swing often approach.

2. Strong, fairly accurate arm.

3. Supposedly a great clubhouse guy


1. Zero range at 3B...literally zero range

2. Iffy glove

3. If his power doesnt come back, he's Polly without the defense but with more walks.

***Hudson honestly seemed to be doing amazingly well until the 5th, but I think this could be the year he ends up with an ERA in the 4.00s.***

If I were the Braves, I'd be seriouly worried about Tim Hudson after last night. The wheels came off really fast for him and honestly, the Phillies offense did him a ton of favors in those first few innings. A good hitting team is going to destroy him. His sinker wasn't sinking very well last night and a lot of those balls could have gone out. Utley showed what a good hitter will do against him.

After Hudson & Medlen, the Braves rotation was pretty questionable already...if Hudson shows his age as well, they've got issues.

Jack spent the entire game thread complaining about Young's glove at 3B, which is exactly what everyone here knew it would be, but didn't post a word about Dom Brown's defense in LF, including a catchable double (Mayberry made a nice running catch in RF on the exact same kind of hit 2 batters later).

Nice to see the double standard is back in force.

NEPP: Hopefully, Young bounces back to his career walk rate of 6.6%. And Polanco has a lower career walk rate of 5.4%. But the last two years, Young has actually walked less than Polanco.

Polanco walk rates:

2011 - 8.0%
2012 - 5.5 %

Young walk rates:

2011 - 6.8%
2012 - 5.1 %

In that case, he's just Polanco without the defense. Which is why he was one of the worst everyday players in baseball last year.

With Young at third I don't think anyone anticipated him being a great defender. He basically has never been in his career. What he is, is a guy who has deficiencies but can offset them with his bat. Last year he didn't and obviously the Phillies are hoping a consistent starting spot for him changes that.

For years the Phillies went defense over offense at third. This year they chose offense over defense. Obviously you would prefer a guy who can be great offensively and defensively, but those guys are not in abundance and the teams that have them lock them into contracts.

Since Rolen the Phillies have not really had a great third base prospect and have tried to patch that position.

Under the rules, last night's game was a "Loss Attributable to the Bullpen."

Remember, if the final margin of loss is equal to the runs allowed by the bullpen it is a LATTB.

***Brown's defense in LF, including a catchable double ***

I would argue that it would be catchable for a plus defender like Mayberry but not by the typical LF...Its not fair to Brown to compare him to Mayberry or Revere defensively. Ask yourself this instead "Would Burrell or Ibanez have caught that ball?"

Treat him like you'd treat the average LF when it comes to defense and you'll feel better about him. The only caveat is now he actually has to hit like a LF.

Clout: Dom's defense looked shaky in left. Now, I don't think he could've gotten the double off the wall no matter what (that was a laser), but he bobbled the one single and then failed to get a good jump on the pop-up that fell between him and Jimmy.

No doubt about it, his defense isn't good, still.

***Under the rules, last night's game was a "Loss Attributable to the Bullpen."***

Funny, I thought it had more to do with our $22 Million Ace crapping the bed...

Also, I'm sick of this "guys, we knew Young's defense would be bad, so there's no harm to it, it's expected." Same goes for Brown, frankly.

If you put a team of AAA players on the field, you would expect them to be terrible. But they'd still be terrible and the team would still lose! I'm complaining because the team isn't good--it's not ok to justify that by saying "well, we expected them not to be good." That's just admitting that the team isn't good.

It's not like the runs don't count because the error was made by someone you knew would make an error.

Sil's post reminds me that posters here are in severe denial about why Ruf isn't on the major league roster.

It has nothing to do to with his bat, folks. It has nothing to do with what his spring training stats were.

It has everything to do with whether or not he can play LF at the MLB level. If Charlie thought he could, he would be here. Until he improves enough to suggest he can, he will remain in the minors. It won't matter whether he's hitting .400 or .170.

NEPP: Ace gave up 5 runs. Team scored 5 runs.

Doesn't mean ace was great. Means if bullpen holds the line, it's not a loss.

It would be nice if we could come up with an easy set of ground of rules that we all pretty much agree to when having to discussions...Here are a few off the top of my head that I think have 100% agreement on BL:

1. Dom Brown is not and likely will not ever be a good defensive OF
2. Michael Young is not and likely will not ever be a good defensive 3B
3. Command/Control matters for pitching...the omission of said comment does not mean the poster does not agree to this caveat
4. Chase Utley is The Man
5. Height does not matter for 3B defense
6. UC is not a good tactical manager
7. Cole Hamels is not soft nor is he not a good big-game pitcher. He is in fact elite and one of the most competitive players in baseball.
8. Jimmy Rollins is not lazy. He is, in fact, the best SS in club history.
9. Ryan Howard is similarly not lazy.
10. Every Rule 5 selection by Rube sucks.


NEPP: I would even say Medlen is a question mark in that he is no guarantee in that you need to see if his second half was an aberration. I mean he was 9-0 with a .94 ERA in the second half of last year. C'mon.

It is why i think the Braves are being overrated a bit nationally. They have a great offense and they are going to have nights where they hit home runs and score a bunch (and Jack will stain the front of his shorts everytime that happens), but they also have a pitching staff that will give up a bunch of runs. Last night they gave up 5 and had a real chance of losing a game they hit 3 home runs and scored 7 runs in. That is not necessarily something they can reproduce every night.

NEPP: We should call them Beerleaguer Stipulations.

***Doesn't mean ace was great. Means if bullpen holds the line, it's not a loss.***

The bullpen should never be put in a position to pitch that many innings when our "Ace" is on the mound. Cole failed and the team lost, its that simple. It happens. This team is built to win when our SP comes through. Last night, it didn't.

Our team formula for winning with the current roster construction is as follows:

1. SP goes 7 innings, lets up 2-3 runs.
2. Adams/Papelbon hold the line.
3. Offense does just enough to win.

I'm not excusing Durbin's performance at all...he sucks. However, Durbin in the game is and should be the White Flag for the Phillies in 2013.

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