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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Oh no!!! JR Finger and Corey are competing on the post-game threads now!!!

The Bad News Bears of Phillies blogs...

This is tough. I've been a fan of Seidman's analysis for several years now. Then again, Finger Live Tweets an absolutely hilarious Christmas Eve Vatican Mass. I might have to double post.

I have an idea to help the offense.
When we have 1st and 3rd , no outs; instead of finding new and different ways to create double plays , hit the damn ball into the gap deep in the OF and score some runs.

And an idea for the defense.
When the catchers throw picks off the runner , tag him out rather than poke your glove into the dirt.

My criteria for poster allegiance is simple. Whichever one uses the "jump to newest comments" link will have my undying devotion.

I try to watch Darvish pitch every time I can. When he's got his slider working, and he's hitting that outside corner, he's almost unhittable.

finger's comments link appear to not work anyway. so no choice needed.

2.2 IP, 5 SO so far for Darvish.

He's kinda good.

Tough night for two people in the same place at the same time- Phillies fielders and BL site leaders.

Early in the season, stuff happens.

Just reported that Revere has a tight quad that's been developing since ST. Also, that he'll have tomorrow off.

Galvis in CF?

Nah, they'll put Mayberry in CF, Brown in RF and Galvis in LF...

Put money on it.

I forsee Nix and Frandsen starting tomorrow.

Oh, goody. The injury excuse. At least Revere won't be in the lineup tomorrow. And I believe NEPP is predicting the OF alignment correctly.

“Hitting can be contagious,” Chase Utley said prior to Wednesday’s Pirates-Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park. “So can making outs.”

Quarantine Revere!

It's interesting how the Phils decided to leak that news tonight that Revere is hurting after he had yet another brutal night at the plate.

Railed on it for a while but that Utley article this spring in Philadelphia magazine where Utley & his agent almost immediately sought alternative for his hip outside the organization a few years & last spring resorted to basically strong arming Amaro to let Utley get treatment in Arizona speak volumes to me about how little one of their stars thinks of the trainer/medical staff here.

Yeah older players tend to get hurt more but that article spoke volumes in between the lines about injury treatment & prevention in the organization as it is perceived by the players.

CS - Yeah. One of those games where you empty the bench in the NL (except useless Carrera) and start Mayberry in CF, Nix in LF, and Frandsen at 3B.

Two games the Phils really needed to pick up to build a little momentum after Monday's nice win and they have fallen flat on their faces.

Glad to see Cholly let Horst pitch a 2nd inning and give up another run too. 5-3 and the game was over. Aumont should have pitched the top of the 9th. If he gives a run or two, that's on Aumont and not Cholly.

Been a long season already and it is only 3 weeks in.

Darvish just threw a 96 mph to Pujols to get him out.

Then starts Josh Hamilton out with a 61 mph curveball.

That should be illegal.

Darvish is entertaining. I am impressed that Texas bid high. Good for them. They need some luck.

Angels are off to a slow start. Of course, when Blanton is your #3 I guess that isn't too much of a surprise.

Only 32,158 at CBP last night. I felt we were a lively group, though. I'll take an evening crowd over an afternoon crowd any day.

Josh Fields is the answer.

GTown Dave - Especially the lousy 'Business Person Special' crowds which are about at listless as they come.

When is Horst going to get demoted? He's was awful in spring training, continued to stink it up this first month, has really struggled vs LHB so far (yeah SSS), and has had a clear dropoff in his stuff.

I know Cholly wants 2 LHP in the pen but I don't see how this team isn't better off with De Fratus over Horst.

If I'm Amaro, I am also calling Cherington in Boston about Aceves and seeing what kind portion of his salary are the Sox willing to eat possibly & what secondary prospect it might take. Problem is he is making $2.6M and is due $2.1M rest of the year

Aceves is really miscast as a starter but if I'm Amaro I am interested to him as a long-man/RHP middle man I really need and try to catch lightning in a bottle in a bottle with him as the Sox did in '11 out the bullpen as a middle reliever.

Liked the two home runs. Liked Doc's performance. Liked Brown's catch. Liked Frandsen's clutch pinch hit. Liked....well, that's about as much blood as I can squeeze from this stone.

Tough Loss... Early on in the game it seemed as if the Phillies defensively were playing some of their best ball. Almost as if they had a feeling since Doc was throwing up some zeros they would need his help. Of course the wheels came off a bit after Doc's second walk... he's still not the Doc of old... but i thought overall he pitched well.

The bullpen was pretty terrible as per the norm this season. Last June it seemed that injuries and pitchers pitching out of position seemed to cause the swoon. This year? They are just not getting the job done or they are the wrong guys. And Walks are just killing them right now...

One of the things I wanted to note was the fact both Utley and Howard hit a home run in the same game. There was a time that seemed to happen quite a bit. And I wanted to check the Phillies record during those games... .

Tonight was the 48th time they have both homered in the same game. The Phils won 35 of those games. That's how important it is to have Utley and Howard healthy and contributing.

Year Both Homer
2005 4
2006 10
2007 4
2008 9
2009 8
2010 5
2011 3
2012 4

When does Adams go on the DL?

Adams hits the DL when he it gets so bad he is done for the year.

Aceves is the very definition of a headcase. No thanks on him.

Win today and split this series. Then beat the Mets this weekend and reel them in.

Last night's loss is on the 'pen, no doubt.

Hopefully by Game 150 or so, these guys will figure out how to construct a lineup. Until then...

I would have pushed Halladay to go 7 and, was surprised Manuel didn't. Expected the pen to be short last night; Adams to sit.

Hugh: I think Charlie saw an opportunity to push across an extra run and with a 3-1 lead maybe not have to worry about the Pirates tough backend of the pen.

Charlie's guys in the pen didn't come through for him last night.

"Revere is not an ideal seventh batter."

I would phrase it like so:

Revere is guaranteed sub-optimal

Revere appears to me to be the prototype LaRussian #9 hitter. Could you see Charlie explaining to some dope reporter like Marcus Hayes why he was doing it? Hilarity would ensue.

"Revere is not an ideal batter."


Oooh, Revere is hurt. Of course.

Adding to the "likes" takeaway - liked Utley's diving play on the ball up the middle. The popup going off the heel of his glove, not so much.

"HammRadio: Tonight was the 48th time they have both homered in the same game. The Phils won 35 of those games. That's how important it is to have Utley and Howard healthy and contributing."

Good research, but need to diminish this statement. It reminds me of the "the phillies go as Rollins goes" meme from years ago.

The Phillies are 35-13 when Utley and Howard both hit a HR in the same game - which is a .729 win%

During that same time period, the Phillies are 310-121 when ANYBODY on the team hits 2 HR - which is a .720 win%.

Sophist: Didn't you know? Phillies players never just don't play well.

If they screw up, it's because they're hurt. Howard was hurt until he hit his home run last night, then it was obvious that he got healthy sometime between Tuesday's game and last night.

Revere and Adams are clearly hurt, since they screwed up last night.

lorecore, you just proved Hamm's point. If the team is likely to win when they get multiple home runs in a single game (as most teams are), then it stands to reason that having their two best home run hitters healthy and productive increases their odds of having team-wide multiple home run games, which in turns increases their chances of winning.

Hence, "That's how important it is to have Utley and Howard healthy and contributing."

I understand superstars playing through pain, but if a guy like Revere is not at 100% he becomes one of the worst players in the game. He should know that, and if he doesn't/ isn't willing to admit it the training staff and Charlie should know it and adjust the lineup accordingly.

I almost spit out my water when I read Revere and "superstar" in the same sentence.

Halladay pitched very well. Many posters here predicted better results if he ditched the Cutter & focused on locating his other pitches, & early returns have been promising. Huzzah for Beerleaguer.

Howard had a typically ugly K in his first AB, but hit the ball as hard as I've seen him hit it all season in his next three ABs ... & he made a tough stretch on Utley's diving stop play. I see no evidence of any supposed "groin pull".

Speaking of Utley, he was all over the place doing classic Utley sh*t. It's a shame he couldn't make that last catch, but let's face it: the Phils were cooked by then, anyway.

Revere is terrible. I broke into a bout of loud, hysterical laughter when his 4th inning Ruthian swing resulted in a lazy fly ball to the Pittsburgh SS. I was less amused by Charlie's decision to not PH for Revere late in the game, & the entirely predictable resulting DP.

Adams finally blew it when it counted. Such a pooching was bound to happen eventually, but the situation sucks no less for ones realizing that's the case. Adams' recent comments RE: his own health haven't inspired confidence, either. I'd rather believe he had a bad night than has a bad arm, however.

Rollins stunk. He had a night like Utley did a few games back, when nothing he did was either correct, or successful. And getting thrown out at the plate was flat pitiful.

The MLB Network Sling Bag has potential to be, quite literally, a sack of crap. Or at least it might be if it weren't so small, flimsy & useless. They should have called it the MLB Network Ben Revere. I truly doubt it could withstand the weight of a six pack, & the straps -- such as there are any -- would be more well-suited to garroting a chipmunk than slinging upon ones shoulders.

But we'll end on a positive note: a greasy assclown in a Mets jersey was thrown out of the park mid-game, much to the delight of everyone who knows that Mets fans are the worst people on the face of this Earth. Why he was there for a Pirates vs. Phillies game, I cannot say. I'll just go ahead & guess because stupid, that's why.

Seems like the Phils have to be careful with Adams. Just not a guy who can throw a lot of innings it looks like. No idea why he was just left out there to fail when he clearly had nothing.

Revere should pretty much bat 9th.

I feel like Revere is such the perfect example of the theory of batting a player 9th, that one might have a chance of persuading a guy like Charlie Manuel. It'd be near impossible, but if anyone can do it, i think its Revere.

Seems like the Phils have to be careful with Adams. Just not a guy who can throw a lot of innings it looks like. No idea why he was just left out there to fail when he clearly had nothing.

Revere should pretty much bat 9th.

Posted by: Sophist | Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 09:39 AM

Cause Adams is The Eighth Inning Guy, and in Cholly's paint-by-the-numbers bullpen management system, The Eighth Inning Guy pitches the whole eighth inning even if he's got nothing.

Right, then you bring in Horst to make the most important outs of the game because "Papelbon can't make 6 outs" cos he has to pitch the 9th -- you know.

Jack - I'm glad to hear Howard got healthier overnight.

I think that when Chooch comes back, Revere bats 8th.

Rube, wipes the sweat off his brow and thinks, "Good thing I didn't pay too much for this turd! I need to get working to get us a starting center fielder, then I can relegate Revere’s sorry bat to the bat rack, using him only as a pinch runner or as a late inning defensive replacement.”

So I guess Revere's tight quad hasn't hurt his defense? Or would he be playing even better defense?

Now up to 14 OOZ in 191.1 innings. A better pace then last year when his UZR150 was 16.8. If he can hit .270, he's a 2-3 win player with his glove.

Sophist, interestingly while Revere has a 4.5 UZR/150 so far, he has a -.5 Fielding component to his fWAR. I wonder if that's due to his poor arm?

Also, a .270 BA with his current BB-rate of 4.3% still probably equates to a sub .300 OBP. I'm not sure that stellar defense still gets him to 2-3 WAR.

So far the early season versus ST has been a great example of past results do not portend future performance. I got lulled into thinking that Howard, Brown and Revere would have solid years based in part on their ST performance. Howard was recovering from injury so it made sense he could start pounding the ball again. Brown always had it in him and made an adjustment to his stance to get over the hump and would finally live up to his billing. Revere came as advertised - hitting and getting on base a lot as a leadoff hitter should.

Howard's a notorious slow starter and I still like to think he'll have a decent season and start putting the ball out of the park. The other two -- meh.

Fata - in 2011, Revere played 117 games hitting .267/.310/.309. 925 innings in the OF with a 14.4 UZR150. His fWAR was 1.7. So I figured if he hits .270/.315 with a full season in CF with plus defense and baserunning 2 WAR would follow that partial season.

Not sure what's up with the fielding comp to fWAR. Can't imagine his arm has hurt him that much. Can't think of any plays really where it's mattered.

Can't think of any plays really where it's mattered.

Posted by: Sophist | Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 10:10 AM

Um, I can think of a few just off the top of my head, where runners have taken extra bases on fly balls that runners generally don't take extra bases.

I like the Sophist idea of Revere batting 9th. As the game goes on, Revere would become sort of a de facto lead off batter in front of Jimmy, Chase, Young and Howard. That would make everybody happy.

"then you bring in Horst to make the most important outs of the game because "Papelbon can't make 6 outs" cos he has to pitch the 9th -- you know."

I'm willing to assume, for the sake of argument, that letting Papelbon pitch 2 full innings at this point in the season might be undesirable. Doesn't change my opinion that he was the man to pitch after Adams got in trouble in the 8th. "But then," you ask, "who pitches the 9th?" To which I say: let's worry about that problem in the 9th. For all we know, maybe we'll score 4 runs in the 8th & the 9th will be a formality. But I know, for a fact, that we've got a major problem on our hands in the 8th, with a 1-run lead, 2 men on base, and 0 outs. Your best reliever is supposed to be there to solve such problems.

"Not sure what's up with the fielding comp to fWAR. Can't imagine his arm has hurt him that much. Can't think of any plays really where it's mattered."

Actually, only yesterday, I was thinking that a run might have been prevented with a centerfielder who could throw. In the 4th inning, Garrett Jones, a slow runner, scored from 2nd on a hard-hit single to center. A guy with a good arm might have either nailed him at the plate or maybe even prevented him from trying to score in the first place.

BAP - Yeah. Bring in Papelbon to make the most important outs. Unlikely that whatever comes up in the 9th would be more crucial than 2 on, no outs in the 8th there. And if something does happen in the 9th, oh well. It happens.

Not sure there's a way to resolve the Revere arm conversation with just matching anecdotes and intuitions. Maybe some digging into the fielding fWAR number will enlighten us (how it incorporates fielding and throws, etc.)

Wow, Cyclic! Timely post. That's funny.

So 5.7% more runners take an extra base against him than the average CF, and his arm has cost teams 3 runs in CF since 2011.

It's obviously a liability. I just can't see how that could cancel out the value of his range and non-arm defensive plays.

I guess we'll have to see.

Last night might have been the prototypical "I can tell right now that this is the highest leverage situation and its not in the 9th inning" example. 2 men on, a 1-run lead, no outs, and top of the lineup.

As I said the other day, it's not often that the highest leverage situation is before the 9th inning. But when it is, you can usually tell. Last night was a good example.

All that said, Adams is a damn good reliever, not far behind Papelbon in terms of effectiveness. Just because he let the two runners on doesn't mean he wasn't the right guy to try and get out of it. I guess you can say "it was obvious he didn't have his best stuff," but I don't know that it's that obvious, from the point of view of the coaches.

"Yeah. Bring in Papelbon to make the most important outs. Unlikely that whatever comes up in the 9th would be more crucial than 2 on, no outs in the 8th there. And if something does happen in the 9th, oh well. It happens."

I've been saying this for years now, and it's pretty much just friggin common sense. But baseball "tradition" and the inflexibility of our manager make such an exercise of common sense unlikely to ever happen.

Revere's arm in CF is as pitiful as I have seen in a long, long time. Last CF I can think of how had as bad an arm was Otis Nixon (Living Cigar Store Indian) when he played in CF in his 30s.

Yeah, Jack. Snider was coming up and McCutchen was just sitting in the on-deck circle. Doesn't get more obvious than that.

And, to your point about Adams and whether he had his best stuff. That's fair. At least it wasn't Durbin out there. My sympathy is undermined a bit by the fact that Adams was replaced by Horst once the bases were loaded, though.

Maybe Rickey Henderson when he was still playing CF in his mid-to-late 30s. His arm was also pitiful.

How does crashburn not include third to home on sac fly? Weird omission.

The conclusion of the article is this (even tho baer failed to even make it):

As a CF, Revere allows 6% more runners to advance a base. He has encountered 167 opps as a CF so far, so 6% is about 10 bases he's given up.

My personal conclusion is that I predict Revere will make greater than 6% of OOZ plays than the average CF, making his defense an overall plus.

And I meant to add that making an out is more valuable than preventing a base advance, so Revere doesn't even need to be a full +6% above OOZ plays to be at a plus.

lorecore - Yeah. I can't see how 10 bases over 170 opportunities could outweigh all the OOZ plays he makes. Seems like the few partial seasons of data on his defensive value have bore that out. Like his 2011 season where his OBP was .310 in less than 120 games but he was a 1.7 fWAR player. The Phils would be better if he were Vic had had plus range, arm, and an abover average CF bat, but that's just not who Revere is. If he weren't cheap with some upside, he wouldn't be here at all.

I don't think there's any debate as to whether that situation in the 8th was the highest-leverage of the game.

However, I think a bigger question after only 2 batters is (as mentioned), does Adams definitely not have it tonight, or is he just settling in? Even if you know the former, by the time 2 runners are on, it's too late to start warming up Papelbon for anything sooner than 3 hitters away. My guess is Horst had already been warming at that point, which is why he got the nod when - 2 batters later - Adams still hadn't recorded an out.

Unfortunately, our 'pen doesn't have enough good arms that we could have used Horst for a single batter before turning the ball over to Papelbon and still had a guy we felt comfortable could close out the game if we scored in the 8th or later.

Otis Nixon was one ugly dude. Like mid-to-late 80s Boston Celtics ugly. He used to get on base just because pitchers didn't want to have to look at him.

This will sound like a bizarre comparison, but Revere kind of reminds me of Ryan Howard. Here's how: both players have one area of the game in which they absolutely excel, and multiple areas in which they are among the worst players in the game at their position. And, in both cases, the theory goes that the one area in which they excel is supposed to make up for all the areas in which they are terrible. It's a dubious theory -- especially since Howard no longer excels in his specialty area, and Revere doesn't really excel to a sufficient degree to significantly stand out from the crowd.

b_a_p: Except that Howard actually did hit a ton of HR at one time, while Revere isn't as swift as he was made out to be.

BAP: That's not an entirely fair comparison. In the case of revere, his poor power is the only thing preventing him from being an OBP machine. Yes, he's been K-ing a lot, but his contact skills aren't "among the worst in the game at his position." If even 10% more of his grounders end up as hits, he's got a more-than-respectable BA.

Also, his speed is still +++ (although he needs to listen to his coaches more about when to run), as is his glove.

For Howard's part, it's definitely all about his power (although he does have some good fielding smarts at times - as evidenced by the 3-2-3 last night - I feel like he just can't execute enough due to his speed/inflexibility).

Contact skills only so as far as the force with which you consistently strike the ball. If you're consistently making weak contact (coupled with the defense playing closer due to your weak contact), you may find your self walking back to the dugout a lot, despite your speed.

I'm not arguing that's not the case - just that to say Revere has only one positive skill while "multiple ... in which they are among the worst players in the game at their position" isn't really true.

Of the five tools, the two he's missing are arm strength and power (presumably a related situation). He hasn't been terrible with pitch selection for swings, and I think we can both agree that if he were even just a little bit stronger, he'd be sitting on a slashline like what he posted in ST.

'buster, I see your point, but I disagree that he's a positive on the hit tool, BECAUSE of his lack of power. If he can't make consistent enough solid contact when he does actually hit the ball, his contact skills may lose a lot of their value.

I actually think they lose pretty much all of their value. In the case of weak grounders with the infielders in, a strikeout is a better conclusion in all but a fraction of the possible scenarios.

That doesn't mean that his selectivity/contact skills are among the worst at his position, however. Just that the lack of arm strength causes their outcome to be functionally useless.

I know that it's tough to change a player's training regimen once the season begins, since it's a risk to tinker even with his mindset. But in this case, I would probably be telling Revere to take an extra 5-10 sets of bench presses every day - or increase the weight on the ones he's already doing, if he is.

Fatalotti: The weak contact thing is what is troubling. Revere is not always like that. As I said in the past. The ball can jump off his bat hard (not for line drives necessarily but I've seen him enough to see him hit hard ground balls through holes) but he just isn't doing it so far.

I don't know if they tinkered with his swing or if he is getting pitched differently or he was trying to hard to make an impact with a new team but the Revere that has been playing for 22 games now is not the same Revere that played the last two seasons in Minnesota. Hopefully whatever he is doing he straightens out.

Philli: I didn't mean that he's among the worst in the game at every single skill except the one he excels at. Presumably, for example, his ability to hit for average will eventually prove to be somewhere between average and above average. But he clearly has several areas -- i.e., throwing arm, extra base power, ability to drive RISP home -- that are among the worst, if not the absolute worst, in all of baseball.

And Howard is among the worst in the game at running, 1st base defense, and hitting against LHP.

I'm not so sure that finding guys who excel in one area, and are absolutely terrible in many others, is a great model.

GTown: Yeah, I mean Howard today. Howard, in the past, did hit enough homeruns to make up for his other weaknesses. Not to mention that those weaknesses weren't nearly as bad back then as they are today.

The troubling part of that Crashburn Alley article had nothing to do with Revere's arm. It was this:

"Since 2011, Revere has cost his teams 3 runs in center field with his arm and 1 run in right field. Overall, Revere has cost his teams 3 runs in center field and saved them 13 runs in right. In right field, his range makes up for his poor arm to a much greater extent compared to other right fielders."

That's from Baseball Info Solutions. If Revere's range is only average in CF (that's what those numbers are implying), that's a serious problem.

Sample size is small, so who knows. But Revere's value is in being above-average defensively in CF. If he's just an average CF, then he's simply not providing much value, given his below-average bat.

TTI: "The weak contact thing is what is troubling. Revere is not always like that. As I said in the past. The ball can jump off his bat hard (not for line drives necessarily but I've seen him enough to see him hit hard ground balls through holes) but he just isn't doing it so far."

Well, we've been through this before, and basically everyone except you has come to the conclusion you're just making this up. But ok.

The problem with Revere so far is in two areas. First, a strikeout rate of 15%, when his career rate is 10%. Second, an infield fly rate of 11% when his career rate is 3%. I'm inclined to write those both off as flukes.

Going forward, I'm willing to predict he stops striking out and popping up as much, and starts getting some more base hits. But the only thing we know is that he's going to hit the most ground balls of anyone in baseball. It's just a question of what he does in the other ABs that will determine what kind of year he has.

From what I've seen Revere's route-running leaves much to be desired. He's probably making up for some of that w/ better-than-average speed, but it ends up being a wash. His arm is, as has been noted by everyone from Beerleaguer to the Phillies radio booth, quite poor.

I literally never think there's anything I can do better than any professional athlete, in any sport, no matter how awful they are compared to their peers, because, let's face it, even if you are the worst in your professional sport, you are still better than anyone who has not been made it to your professional sport.

That being said, I bet I could throw farther than Ben Revere.

(Note: I guess I could shoot free throws better than Dwight Howard, run faster than an even healthy Ryan Howard, but I'm not confident in my FT shooting ability to boldly make the first claim, nor are my knees healthy enough right now to guarantee the second claim).

Most importantly last night, did Halladay have a "LG" start? :)

BAP: I think "ability to drive RiSP home" is really the same thing as swing power, so long as he maintains his contact rate. Unless you believe in "clutch hitting" and think he does worse in higher-leverage (for the pitcher) situations.

I didn't disagree that Howard is legitimately bad at speed, contact, or D. I do think he's better at the mental aspects of defense than his record indicates, but he just doesn't have the physique necessary to pull off the things he would otherwise do.

Generally speaking, your two options when drafting a player are "toolsy" guys and "one dominant tool" guys. Hasn't one of the major complaints BLers have had about the Phillies drafting policy been the preference granted to the "toolsy" guys?

I think the reason we need accurate defensive stats is highlighted by something going on with Revere.

It's really easy to look at Revere play CF and say "he's really fast, he has to have great range and be an above-average CF defensively."

The issue is that *every* major-league CF (except Shin Soo-Choo) is really fast. That's a prerequisite of playing the position in the majors. So there's no way to know that a guy is above-average simply because he's fast. By definition, some really fast CFs are still going to be below-average defensively in CF.

So you need objective measurements across the league to know who's really getting to the most balls.

Rollins (SS), Frandsen (3B), Utley (2B), Howard (1B), Nix (RF), Brown (LF), Carrera (CF), Kratz (C), Lee (P).

Splitting up the lefties lasted one whole game. I mean really, if you're gonna start Carrera & Nix, why not just let Frandsen bat 3rd?

The speed discussion reminds me of the NFL combine and such discussion over 40 times. I'm sure real scouts/teams judge speed based of actually gameplay and instincts, but its funny to read media tout the 40 times as factors. Like the difference between a 4.37 and 4.5 40 is the difference between elite speed and just fast lol

Well, we've been through this before, and basically everyone except you has come to the conclusion you're just making this up. But ok.


A very mature way to start a discussion Jack. We can only hope to aspire to be you someday.

I'm not making things up. I've seen the guy play before he was wearing a Phillies uniform. I didn't say anything about him being Babe Ruth or that he would be a line drive machine. I said he is capable of hitting the ball hard though, but this year so far he has not been. When he does though I notice your trollish comments are no where to be found. Unlike you, I wouldn't care enough to make something up to win an Internet fight. The problem continues to be you read my statement in one way and then try to twist my statement to actually mean that. It doesn't but please keep trying. It amuses me to no end at this point, how desperate you make yourself look. Now I will go back to trying to talk to the adult thinkers on this site.

too much swinging at 1st pitch with men on. Have to break that bad habit.

they are definitely pressing.

I'd like to see revere bunt exclusively for 4-5 games.

Fata: Honestly, I am pretty sure I could read a flyball off the bat better than Brown at this point. Also, pretty sure I could go back on a ball better than Mayberry.

On other sports- I'm pretty certain I could move the puck out of the zone better than the Flyers defensemen currently.

TTI: I read your statement exactly as it was written. You said he isn't a slap hitter, and that he hits the ball hard, not like a typical ground ball hitter.

That's what you said. I will happily drop this forever, if you simply admit what everyone else knows, which is that you just sort of made something up. You may have seen Revere hit some balls hard, but the numbers are overwhelming--he's the most "slap hitter" in the entire major leagues. He hits the ball on the ground more than anyone in baseball. That's who he is.

Declare Beerleaguer Bankruptcy on this one, my man. We've all done it at one point or another. If you do that, I will never bring it up again, I promise.

TTI: Flyers' D has been looking significantly up in the last couple of weeks - especially Schenn. I would take that bet.

I honestly really doubt I could do much at the MLB level better than any MLB player.

Except for not swing the bat. I can do that like a champ.

It looked this grim last season and the Phillies lingered briefly worked themselves into the Wild Card discussion. That could happen again this season, but at risk of ignoring recent history - as in the last six seasons - I'm confident on April 25 that the Phils will never catch up to the Braves this season.

GTown: All those businesspeople today must be thrilled to see that line-up. Well they would be if they cared enough to pay attention to what was happening.

That line-up is brutal. That being said I now anticipate a 5 run explosion.

I could stay awake during a team meeting better than Ilya Bryzgalov.

Philli: There's considerable overlap between power & "ability to drive RiSP home." But the overlap is not 100%, and it has nothing to do with clutchness or lack thereof.

Juan Pierre had no power whatsoever but his bat control was outstanding. If there was a fast runner on 2nd, he was a decent bet to hit the ball to the OF and score him. Or, if there was a man on 3rd and 1 out, he was a good bet to either beat the ball into the ground so that the runner could score or hit one through the hole if there's a drawn-in infield. Revere's bat control is pathetic & a huge percentage of his balls in play never even leave the infield. If the infield is drawn-in, he's unlikely to hit it past that drawn-in infield.

(Caveat: Note the use of the past tense on Juan Pierre. This year, he has been the only player in baseball who has been even worse than Revere.)

TTI: Most of them don't care, so I'll reserve pity. I kind of feel the same RE: an unexpected offensive outburst ... Still would've liked to see Charlie stick w/ the split, though.

I can't stand Revere so far. I cringe every time he comes up. He swings at the first pitch more often than anyone I've ever seen. It's like he can't help himself. How many times over the past week has he had guys on base and he swings at the first pitch? It happened the last 2 nights in a row, for starters. He just can't help himself. They have to put the Take sign on for him because he's incapable of taking a pitch. And he can't get the ball in the air. I've never seen so many GIDPs from a guy with speed. Wheels tried to cover for him by talking about McGee in '87, however, McGee was an All-Star in '87 and just 2 years removed from being NL MVP. Revere looks like Mini Mart right now. I really can't take this guy. I'd rather have Pierre back; same arm, but at least Pierre can work the count and hit .300.

i dont know whats worse, Jack making a comment about revere not being a slap hitter 10x a thread, or TTI still holding on to his incorrect opinion.

I could pass a drug test better than Manny Ramirez.

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