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Saturday, April 13, 2013


Why wasn't Mayberry at 1B instead of Frandsen, in a close game? Move Frandsen to 3B and Freddy to RF, maybe? Would that have worked?

If Halladay struggles tomorrow and gives up 3-4 R to this lineup and barely goes 5 IP, it is time to raise the distress flag with him.

GBrett: That's an excellent point. It would have been a defensive downgrade at 3d, but at least you would have 4 infielders who are actually semi-familiar with the positions they're playing.

Not that unfamiliarity with the position really had anything to do with Frandsen's blunder. He just doesn't have very good hands, no matter what position he plays.

Yeah GBrett, the offense is obviously the biggest culprit, and Hamels doesn't get a pass in my book for a 3rd straight sub optimal performance, but Charlie certainly didn't help things along with his moves tonight.

But let's be reasonable here. If Solano doesn't airmail a dead double play ball clear out of Miami-Dade County, the Phils lose this game in 8.5 innings.

And hey, look at that, Cishek got the win. I'll take it. Would rather have the Phillies W, but consolation prizes are always welcomed.

The only part of Corey's recap which I'd outright dispute is the notion that Hamels was "great". Far from it. He still couldn't locate consistently, & his pitch count suffered accordingly. Additionally, the Marlins crushed a few balls off of him early, but Cole benefited from a series of nice defensive plays that (unfortunately) would not prove prescient. One has to think most any other team save Miami would have lit up the board. If this outing helps Hamels w/ his confidence, all the better ... but his results were not a reflection of his performance.

No-stuff Doc should still be plenty effective vs this team

I also wouldn't have pinch-ran for Howard in that situation.

It's all set up to lose a series to the Fish, and no one will be surprised.

The fish average about 1 run a game...Hamels gave up 1 run, very average start.

That's fair, G-Town. I guess "great" comparatively. But yeah, way too many foul balls drove up his pitch count. Still wasn't vintage Cole.

Well, compared to what we're probably going to see from Doc tomorrow, it could qualify as relatively great.

Fumphis and I and a couple others jinxed Utley in the other thread by taking that moment to appreciate his return to form. Classic beerleaguer jinx there. Hopefully this thread will reverse it: Utley sucks.

Freakin' embarrassing to just have barely won one of these games. The Marlins put it out there on a silver platter. All you have to do is score 2 or 3 runs in regulation and you have a victory. A sure sign of mediocrity when you can't take what they're offering.

Dave - Completely agreed. People will look at the box score and say he pitched well. It was deceptive.

Until he starts be able to locate his fastball with any kind of consistency especially hitting spots with 2 strikes, he is going to continue to struggle.

There was no shame in getting shut down by Fernandez though. He was pitching well tonight and if I am a Fish fan he is one (maybe the only reason) right now to really watch a game. He was pretty impressive tonight & did a pretty good job I thought of mixing & matching his curve/changeup along with hitting the outside corner enough with his fastball.

Yeah it sucks they lost tonight and this is the 2nd game this year (other being the 4-0 lead Hamels had vs KC) they have left on the table.

If they win tomorrow though, they went 4-2 this week which is exactly what they needed to do this week.

MG, don't forget the OTHER 4-0 lead they had vs. KC with KK on the mound.

timr: agreed, Utley is a bum and should probably just go back on the DL.

Fat - That's KK. Hamels is the guy making the huge paycheck and the one you expect to hold a 4-0 lead at home.

Why is it so incomprehensible to people that young pitchers like Fernandez and Harvey shut this team down, especially the first few times around? These guys are going to be good for a decade. Anyone with eyes and a functioning brain can see how good Fernandez is. It is no surprise what he did tonight. He'll be doing that against everyone for years.

It was predictable that they'd lose one of these two games, and lo and behold it happened. They should've been shutout if not for the run that scored on a swing from Kratz that, quite literally, was the worst swing I think I've ever seen. He is pathetic. This lineup really misses Ruiz.

A series win is still a success. As predicted, it will all come down to Doc's start. And if he can't out-pitch Kevin Slowey against this putrid Miami lineup, yeah, I suppose it's time to hit the panic button.

MG, good thing something like that never happened in the playoffs, right?

I had to laugh tonight when TMac said it would be good for Revere to walk against Dunn because then Rollins would get to face him hitting RH (I'm not giving him credit for knowing his numbers against Dunn before he had them handed to him).

What a buffoon. Rollins has been terrible against LHP for years. How can't he know this? He calls every game!

I can see the organization's hatred for statistics spills over into the broadcast booth.

Lots of fail tonight, but this team has just been atrocious with RISP, and even worse vs. LHP. Those two situations must be improved to have a shot.

Also no excuse for Hamels giving up an RBI single to the opposing pitcher. I never understood why they don't mow those guys down with breaking pitches. An out's an out.

I have never seen an article on it but I would love to see what the records of teams is vs. the first time they ever see a starter for the first time.

Phils just seem to struggle an awful lot offensively against new starters.

The Phils have also been brutal vs LHP and it is ridiculous how easily an opposing manager to neuter the heart of this order when JRoll-Utley-Howard are 2-3-4 in the lineup.

I am going to bet against this team against almost every LHP starter they face for the time being.

The only bats this team has that hit LHP are M. Young and Mayberry. Why I wouldn't mind seeing D. Young being added to the roster. Harp on all of his shortcomings but the man hits LHP and is an upgrade over their no-hit, no-defense 5th OF right now (Carrera). Too bad Ruf was terrible in LF too in ST because this team could use his bat vs LHP off the bench.

Tomorrow the Phils find out if they contend this year or not. If Halladay doesn't give them at least 6 and 2, he's sunk and along with him the Phils' chances of contending this year because the Phils are clear as day they will leave him in the rotation for a long time to come.

This team wasn't good enough last year to overcome a subpar Halladay and they aren't this year.

Hamels had 6 starts each in '11 and '12 where he BB 3 or more batters.

In '11, he didn't have 2 starts with 3 BB or more until June 3 (12th start). In '12, it was his 9th start on May 23.

"No-stuff Doc should still be plenty effective vs this team."

He got absolutely lit up by AAA hitters in a minor league game late in spring training. If he's as bad as he has been the last 5 or 6 times out, he'll get lit up by the Marlins too.

Halladay gives them 6 and 3. Durbin pitches two shutout innings and Papalbon closes it out with a 1,2,3 ninth. The Phillies win 4-3. It could happen, my dog says so.

"(leadoff walks) will be a problem throughout Aumont's career"

[Citation needed]

There is no excuse to get beat by a Stantonless Marlins. I give Fernandez credit, but it should have been bombs away against those garbage relievers that are in Triple-A in anyone else's organization.

Tip your cap to Fernandez but that doesnt excuse terrible defense and 3 weak innings at the plate against their bullpen.

The Utley giveth and the Utley taketh away.

I'd rather face this Marlins lineup, especially without Stanton, than a lot of AAA lineups. Three of the top four guys (Pierre, Polanco, Dobbs) are either at or well past the end of the line.

Most minor league lineups have at least some semblance of talent, and all have young players that at least have the physical ability to compete.

Phils at Miami. Revere. Galvis ss. Utley. Howard. Young. Brown. Mayberry rf. quintero c. Halladay vs Slowey. Day off for Rollins.
Galvis making his rounds

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