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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Ruf goes yard tonight.

Most interesting aspect of tonight's lineup wil be what the 4-5-6 hitters do.

Didn't see it mentioned in the last thread, but Lawrence tweeted that Adams, Bastardo and Papelbon all had scoreless outings yesterday in minor league action. Papelbon went 1.2 innings with 2Ks. Good sign.

My partial plan tickets just arrived today!
Sorry I just wanted to share.

Check out the lighthearted vibes from Dubee in this piece.

Sample quotes...

"Q: What’s the difference between what he said last year when he said he was fine and this year when he said he was fine?
A: He had issues year. He had issues. He can’t make it public. Why should he? You guys don’t need to know everything, first of all. This guy didn’t want anybody to know he was banged up last year.

Q: Did you know?
A: Yeah. I wasn’t going to tell you.

Q: But he told people?
A: Yes.

Q: So you’re saying this is different?
A: He is not having anything this year. He is not having any physical problems this year. Any. Arm. Back. Legs. Nothing.

Q: Why should people believe it this year?
A: You can believe what you want. I’m telling you what I knew last year and what I know this year. He felt obligated to take the ball. This is a special guy, you know? And he tried to pitch through some stuff last year. Right now at this point this year he feels fantastic physically. Like I said, he doesn’t even feel like he pitched yesterday. He threw 70 pitches. He felt like he could throw another 100. He’s not there with his delivery and location."


Boy is Dubee an ass. He admits lying last year about Doc throughout the year, then gets indignant that the media/fans feel they should be privy to the information (the nerve!).

And he follows that up, after saying he'd have never admitted Halladay was hurt, by saying that he isn't having problems physically right now. I don't know about you, but I totally believe him this time!

Who you gonna believe, me or your lyin' eyes? Quote the Dubee

It looks like it is time for my favourite sports discussion! The "I can't believe teams don't tell us everything about injuries" discussion.

In the old days, guys like Halladay threw until they couldn't lift their arms. There was no TJ surgery or labrum repair. You just take the ball.

and then curt flood freed the slaves.

Comment of the year, bullit.

ty, gobaystars. you are too kind. i've been waiting for a good setup for that one. clout is a great straight man.

bullit: You just spit and rubbed dirt on it. Young guys like you wouldn't have lasted 10 minutes.

In an abstract sense, I don't much care if the Phillies lie to fans about injuries. I do care when they try to run an injured pitcher out there to get utterly pasted game in and game out, as they did with Halladay last year & other pitchers in previous years (Lidge, 2009 springs to mind as one example). So, when a previously effective Phillies pitcher starts getting pasted game in and game out, and you couple that with the knowledge that the Phillies wouldn't tell you even if that pitcher were, in fact, injured, it's hard to not infer that he probably IS injured, regardless what the Phillies may say on the subject. And, having drawn the inference that he's injured, it's hard not to be mad that they keep running the guy out there to get pasted game in and game out.

Does that make sense?

lol, clout.

I think this is Fields first start of the spring.

Kind of wonder why the Phils decided to rest the 'Iron Horse' Howard 2 out of the last 3 games and with an off-day on Monday.

"Kind of wonder why the Phils decided to rest the 'Iron Horse' Howard 2 out of the last 3 games and with an off-day on Monday."

Beerleaguer is going to have fun with this one.

gobay- I don't have an issue with them not saying anything about injuries. A simple 'no comment' or 'we don't discuss injuries' as a general rule would suffice.

I just don't like getting lied to. And when Dubee lies to a reporter that then relays what he's being told to fans, he is lying to everyone. I don't understand how it's unreasonable to think he's a sack of crap for outright lying to the media and, by extension, the fan base.

If you don't take offense to it, that's fine. I do. I think he's a prick.

BAP - Nevermind. Howard played on the 10th and 12th. No big deal with him resting tonight.

Sometimes I wonder if MG isn't trolling me, TTI and others when he posts stuff like what he just said about Howard, and what he said about Blanton/Lannan earlier in the day.

He probably isn't, but I think the odds are greater than 0%.

Utley's ups>RFD's

Iceman: I don't think he is trolling anybody. I think he just speaks without thinking sometimes twisting his opinion to whatever he wants it to be that day.

Also, I think MG is a bit of a team homer. Meaning that- he doesn't follow other players or teams really and only is familiar with the Phillies and major stars on other teams. I guarantee he never looked at John Lannan's numbers until today when he was getting called on it.

If it's the regular season, I think Revere catches Francisco's double

I'm waiting for the morning I wake up and realize Beerleaguer was all just a dream.

Not watching the game, but should I now be concerned about Cliff Lee also?

You can bet your next mortgage payment that someone fom upper management, with a PR staffer in tow, had or will have a nice little chat with Dubee about this. What a toolshed.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that, even in a spring training game, 5 errors in less than 5 innings is bad.

Stutes looked much better tonight.

Fastball sat at 91 to 92 MPH and he located it pretty well down.

Only threw a couple of sliders. First was not close to the zone and outside but the 2nd was a very good one, which got a swinging bunt to 3B.

The Babe is back!

Man, Ruf has fast hands. Doesn't seem easy to do what he did- yank a 92 mph fastball up and away over the left field fence.

Why isn't Howard in the lineup!!??!!!

I'm still full Chicken Little.

I don't get MLB on my cable so, no idea what's happening except for any reports here.

March 11 = high water mark of the 2013 season?

Fascinating article on a possible breakthrough in defense independent pitching theory. I hope they beta test a new formula that incorporates pop-ups induced and zone-contact into an ERA predictor and retro-dictor, just to see how it grades out.

Cyclic called it

pirela swings and misses three straight durbin pitches.

***And he follows that up, after saying he'd have never admitted Halladay was hurt, by saying that he isn't having problems physically right now. I don't know about you, but I totally believe him this time!***

Dubee told me he loves me and that he could change. He said he'd never hit me again.

Good to see Ruff finally get off the schneid.

Puerto Rico an out away from victory with no one on base. They bring in JC Romero and he promptly walks the one batter he has to face before exiting.


Iceman, LOL.

Good to see Ruf finally got a dinger.

I was watching that too Iceman, I stopped paying attention for a second, looked up and saw a pitching change and just assumed Romero walked the guy

Funny I went back and looked at when Romero was signed off the scrap heap in June 2007 on here and it was old poster RSB who first-crafted the term 'Value Village' to describe his signing.

JW used to also write tomes on this site too.

I've decided to start a club for fans like bap and I who like Darin Ruf and Eric Kratz. Using their initials, I've come up with DREK. Thoughts?

MG, I remember those days too. The good old days, when JW actually did a thread or two from time to time.

Conway....LOVE it!

Conway: Let me know if your club needs a secretary.

Never get too up or too down, it's spring training for chrissake!

Phils lineup for today's game v. Pirates:
1. Freddy Galvis SS
2. Michael Young 3B
3. Chase Utley 2B
4. Ryan Howard 1B
5. Domonic Brown RF
6. Darin Ruf DH
7. Laynce Nix LF
8. Erik Kratz C
9. Ender Inciarte CF

Galvis hitting leadoff because they want to get him a maximum number of at bats before making a decision to add him to the roster or, just holding that spot for the starting shortstop.

As you are well aware, the club bylaws state that either the CF or SS must leadoff a game. Therefore, UC clearly felt that Galvis was a better option than Inciarte.

Ruf loves the night lights.

Seems odd to have Ruf DH when the biggest question mark is his outfield defense. But I guess Nix needs to get some innings in the field before the season starts.

Maybe they wanted him to just relax and hit instead of worrying about fielding too.

And, maybe they did just want to get Nix some OF time.

YO, new thread!

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