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Friday, March 08, 2013


I wouldn't put this lineup out for my company softball league.


This lineup would DESTROY my company softball league... But my league doesn't have David Price, so...

Hey, at least Mini-Mart is batting 9th! That's progress.

This lineup would DESTROY my company softball league... But my league doesn't have David Price, so...

Posted by: The Perils of Thinking | Friday, March 08, 2013 at 09:11 AM

Oh see, mine does. Sorry for the confusion.

Just get me to the plate, boys.

Every time I see Mimimart's name in the lineup I throw up in my mouth.

I'm reminded of an old Saturday Night Live skit with John Belushi called "The Thing that Wouldn't Leave".

Now THATS a ST lineup. About time.

If Aaron Cook makes the opening day roster...

well minus the minimart in CF thing...thats awful in any situation.

If aaron cooks makes the roster, then it just proes how many good relievers the phillies passed on for peanuts.

Matt Capps got a minor league deal and we have Aaron Cook in camp battling for a spot, wtf.

Mini will carry on the tradition of The Gnome and hit a bomb off Price.

You heard it here first.

Omg. Cook is in the running for a bullpen spot???

If this happens, I'm done. I'm done.

I read that Scott Kazmir and Dice-K have opt-out clauses on April 1st with Cleveland. If Aaron Cook is sniffing this roster, than they should pounce on either of them.

Hopefully this is just Manager speak about 'cookie' and DeFratus/Aumont will both make the roster and we can forget this thread existed.

Domo is going to go 4 for 4 with a bomb, double, and 4 RBI today.

you also predicted Schierholtz will be an allstar this year.

Is this another untelevised game? Was hoping to see Adams pitch.

Nobody I want coming into a game with runners already on base than a reliever with a career 3.7 K/9 and a 1.35 K/BB.

Guys who have a better chance of winning one of those last two bullpen spots than Aaron Cook:

the 2 losers of the Horst/Valdes/Diekman LOOGY competition
J.C. Ramirez
Some guy not presently on the roster

Mini-Mart (demonstrating his versatility by converting to bullpen duty)

The pitcher on TPOT's company softball team

you also predicted Schierholtz will be an allstar this year.

Posted by: lorecore | Friday, March 08, 2013 at 10:06 AM

I didn't lead that with a "Knowing our luck..."? It wasn't meant to be a prediction, more so speaking to how things usually work...

What is with all the Phony Outrage over Mini Mart and Cook? You all know that they are needed on this team if the Phillies want to make it to the playoffs!

I think Salisbury was just throwing some random names out there. Cook is fighting for the 5th starter's spot on the Iron Pigs, not the last bullpen spot on the Phillies. Nonetheless, I'm reminded of what the late actor Vincent Price said when he went to visit Bela Lugosi's grave: "Maybe we should stick a stake through his heart just to make sure." Following that same line of logic, I will herein be actively rooting against Aaron Cook.

Since it's a day of rest, I have no problem with the line-up, especially since bench-types need to sort themselves out. But putting Mini-Mart in CF instead of getting more reps out of Inciarte is just plain dumb. Stupid. Useless.

In ten years, when Manuel writes his auto-biography ("Along with {hack journalist of choice}), we will probably hear how his pencilling in Marinez, every time, was just a practical joke pulled on "All of the Sport of Baseball, for All of Time."

I have to say, I'm a little surprised that Dom is hitting so far back in the lineup. I'd probably slot him 5th, so he could get that one more AB. We're obviously not super-concerned about splitting up the lefties/righties, since it's not like they're going to call in a LOOGY/ROOGY on us in ST...

Cholly really thinks Howard is going to play 162 games or anywhere close to that? Ugh.

Also like to know if it is Cholly's decision to keep playing Mini Mart in CF too. Talk about setting up a guy to fail.

Also, I may be misremembering, but isn't today's ST game on WPHL (17 in Philly area)? MLB.TV doesn't have a link for the broadcast (as they don't for most non-Bright House games), so those of us farther away probably can't see it, however.

To me, the news there is that Salisbury still thinks Aumont is "competing" for one of the spots in the bullpen--that he hasn't already locked one up.

Now, given that list of names and that there's three spots open, it would be something of a major upset if Aumont didn't make it. Still, I found that a little surprising.

Aaron Cook is competing for a bullpen spot in the same way I am competing to have sex with Kate Upton.

MG: you are (of course) reading way to much into that Charlie quote. He isn't saying Howard will play 162 games. Just stating how long the season is and basically how he hopes Howard stays healthy.

With that outfield, good thing Kendrick is a groundball pitcher...

Jack: I took Salisbury's comments to be his own speculation, rather than inside info. from the team.

That said, Aumont is given to prolonged stretches in which he can't get anything over the plate & allows 4 runs every time out. If he should have about 2 or 3 of those games between now & opening day, he neither will nor should make the roster. Barring that, he's obviously going to make it.

I'd like to try and disabuse people of the notion that Kyle Kendrick is a "groudball pitcher" in the sense that his primary method of getting batters out is via the ground ball.

In 2012, among SP with 150 IP (I used 150 because KK didn't qualify last year, but had 159 IP), he was 40th in the majors in GB%. Since 2010, with a minimum of 300 IP, he's 62nd in the majors, tucked between Jeff Niemann and Roy Oswalt, neither of which have ever been labeled a ground ball pitcher.

John Lannan, for example, is 12th in the majors since 2010 in GB%. He IS a "ground ball pitcher".

Point being, Kyle Kendrick induces ground balls at about a league average rate over his career, maybe slightly better. For years, Kyle Kendrick hasn't been a "ground ball pitcher" or a "high strikeout pitcher" or anything. He's just been a...pitcher.

This is not to say I'm jumping back on the "KK sucks" bandwagon. I just never got the impression that he was a "ground ball pitcher".

Howard is sitting? I wonder if he's injured...

Fatalotti: Well, he was never much of a "getting batters out" pitcher, either.

I can tell that Fatalotti and Jack miss clout. They're trying to trigger his Google alert.

I can't believe Howard isn't playing. How is he supposed to rehab his ankle?!

Why not have my buddy zac C or my homeboy jmitch? Can't believe mini is still here.

Before the faux outrage becomes manufactured outrage, maybe we should look at what Salisbury actually reported.

"Manuel, of course, was kidding about playing Howard in 162 games. He’ll get days off during the season."


"Jonathan Papelbon, Mike Adams, Antonio Bastardo and Chad Durbin are assured bullpen jobs. That leaves three spots open. One of those spots seems to have Phillippe Aumont’s name on it. Another will likely go to a lefty such as Jeremy Horst, Jake Diekman or Raul Valdes. A cast that includes Mike Stutes, Aaron Cook, Justin De Fratus and B.J Rosenberg remains in the hunt, as well."

TTI - We'll see soon enough but I bet Cholly has Howard penciled in for 155-160 G this year.

So Charlie jokes about Howard playing every day and Beerleaguer is up in arms that Howard will be run into the ground.

And Salisbury reports his own speculation on how the bullpen will shake out and Beerleaguer is up in arms that Aaron Cook will be in the bullpen.

KAS - You expected something less? C'mon man.

KAS: Well we were going off what was said in the header. True, a link was provided, but I usually assume the post captures the essence of the story and can provide proper context.

In this case, maybe, it didn't. Still, faux and manufactured outrage are what we do here. Not sure why we'd try and stop now.

Jack: We're really good at it. Why should we stop? It'd be like telling Mini Mart to stop being so versatile!

Until such time as the Phillies provide us with real, concrete reasons for outrage, we will manufacture as much as is required to meet quotas!

I too went overboard about the Cook thing, should have read the actual article instead of just the header i guess.

In all seriousness, there is almost no chance Aaron Cook wins a spot in the bullpen. I don't think that's why he was brought in.

Paps, Adams, Bastardo and Durbin are locks (even if some think Durbin shouldn't be).

We need a second lefty which is likely Horst or Valdes.

That leaves two spots from among (Valdes/Horst), Aumont, De Fratus and Stutes.

Guys like Diekman and Rosenberg are long shots. I also think Cook and Lopez are more likely to start in AAA than be in the bullpen.

Quite strange to me that we are seeing Frandsen in the 2-hole instead of Domonic Brown.

by the way I'm loving iceman's prediction of Minimart taking Price deep today.

Its ST and Mini is still on this team. This just shows how little faith I have with Rube.

Apparently no TV coverage through today. I'll listen in on the radio.

Cook is just going to start the year at Lehigh as a starter. LV needed to sign at least 1 veteran starter to replace Elarton & depending upon who gets placed in the LV rotation to start the year maybe even Lopez is their 5th starter.

So we only have access to the TB broadcast and their audio quality is terrible.

Galvis works the count full before lining a double to right-center field.

That's a pretty impressive at bat against David Price.

Frandsen keeps hitting.

God, imagine the debates that would be happening if we hadn't gotten Young and instead tried our luck with Frandsen/Galvis.

Frandsen also battles back from a 0-2 count to slap a single to right field and move Galvis to third.

Young doesn't wait for 2 strikes, instead he slaps the first pitch into right field to score Galvis, but Frandsen was thrown out at third on a strong throw.

Young has his spring average up to .333 now.

Glad I was jumping to conclusions with Cook based on what was written in the headline. finger is trying to give me a heart attack, apparently.

A really nice play up the middle by Galvis to get Escobar.

What we DO know about Galvis? His glove plays at the major league level at multiple positions.

Easy 10 pitch inning for Kendrick. Two ground outs for our "ground-ball specialist." Then he strikes out Evan Longoria on three pitches. I understand this Longoria guy is just minor league spring training filler material.

So... yeah... Domonic Brown just singled off of one of the toughest lefties in the game.

I think he's swinging a good bat.

Wonder if:

1. Cholly will have a late-innings defensive replacement for M. Young at 3B
2. If it will be Frandsen (below average 3B at best) or Galvis (literally no professional experience there). Neither is ideal and I wonder just how much of an upgrade they will be over M. Young

Kendrick appreciation society: Are you listening on XM? If so, what channel?

The Cardinals just extended Allen Craig through 2017 with an option for 2018- for just $31 million guaranteed.

This is a prime example why the Cardinals are consistently good. The guy has a 141 OPS+ the last two seasons and can play multiple positions. They bought out his arbitration years for $6 million/yr.

He has had his share of injury concerns, but for $6 million a year? Jesus.

Brett: I'm listening on I've got a subscription.

Galvis played one game (or partial game, I can't tell) at 3B for Clearwater in 2009. One chance; one assist; 1.000 fielding percentage.

Joking aside, there doesn't seem to be anything Galvis can't do with a glove.


Frandsen is an upgrade defensively at 3B over Young. He played pretty well there last season, gold glove no but he wasn't a butcher like some people make him out to be.

Kendrick's next inning?

Strike out, ground out, strike out.

As you would guess, I appreciate his outing so far.

KAS has much to appreciate today.

Is Loney the Rays starting 1B? Ouch. Who is their DH?

lorecore: Loney is likely the starting 1B. Luke Scott would be their DH I'd guess.

Frandsen with a bomb.

Kid's got skills.

Fields ends the 2nd with a strike out and then Mini Mart (obviously overmatched) and Galvis also strike out to start the 3rd.

But then Kevin Frandsen continues his torrid streak with a home run off of Price.

I can't wait to watch Dom hit .400 this season. But no really this kid is starting to get it. And I really do like Frandsen too. He's a nice piece to have for depth. I get that his glove is very suspect.

Michael Young had a very slow start to the spring, but just got another hit slapping it the other way off the glove of a diving James Loney.

The Cardinals consistently good?

But, but but!

In both 2007 and in 2010, the Cardinals only had ONE prospect in BP's Top 100.

Only one!

I've been told by many very loud pundits that having only 1 prospect in BP's top 100 means certain gloom and potentially even doom!

Wouldn't be surprised if Price were done for the day. 3 IP, 6 H, 2 ER, 4 K, 0 BB, 1 HR

Corn: i thought fransden was pretty below average last year at 3B. Slapped baseknocks all over the place, so didn't mind too much, but there were plenty of misplays in the field.

Yeah, I seem to remember Frandsen's glove being a bit of an issue at 3B last year. As long as he's not getting exposed by playing the position long term, he certainly can be a solid contributor this year.

Rays get a run back on a double down the line past Michael Young. I'm not appreciating this inning as much.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Young's looked pretty sharp this spring, save for the first few games. Unless he starts trending the other way, I don't think that he gets a defensive replacement often, if at all.

After a lead off single, Kendrick got two quick outs but then gave up the double and a walk on 5 pitches. Have to bear down and get out of the inning.

Kyle is working on his up-in-the-zone stuff this inning.

I agree, Muurgh.
By April 1, I think there is a good chance that MYoung will be up to Frandsen's level defensively at 3B (which is to say 'below average, but better than Dobbs/Helms').

If it wasn't for the Apocalypse of Jonathan Papelbon, I'd say this has been one mighty encouraging spring thus far.

"Glenn Miller: Great run-saving play at first by Mayberry to end third. Hard grounder to his right. He dived and speared Joyce's grounder on a tough in-between hop. Hang a star on that play. "

This is why JMJ is a lock for the roster. He plays pretty darn good defense at 1st...

Longoria apparently didn't like striking out the first time around and boomed a double over Mini Marts head to score two.

Then Mayberry saved a run by making a nice diving shot on a ground ball towards to hole and tossed to KK to end the inning.

Kendrick may be done with this line: 3 IP, 3 H, 3 ER, 1 BB, 3 K, 0 HR

Of the 6 outs put into play, 5 were ground balls.

damn, Fransden having himself a spring. Good for him. He gets dinged for a high BABIP, but sometimes you just to have give credit for players who almost never K and keep the ball in play. They create their own good luck.

Only time I thought Frandsen had some bad games was the last month or so at 3B when he was playing on a bad leg.

People tend to forget that part, he was injured about the last 2 months of the season.

Suprisingly Price is back out there. Apparently they're trying to get him to about 65 pitches, so he won't finish this inning unless the Phils go down fast.

Darin Ruf goes after a first pitch fastball a little up in the zone and sends it into the corner for a double.


Was that double over Marts head a good hit or bad fielding?

Dom Brown does what Dom Brown does.

Solid base hit off of David Price, he's 2 for 2.

Brown is 2-2. Half way to my 4-4 prediction (minus the HR and double and RBI)

Ruf's smooth slide not enough.

Corn: The ball was hit hard. Didn't sound like any CF would have gotten it.

With the good spring Brown is having, how much time do you think Young will take away from him in RF this season?

Matt Joyce has now thrown out two runners, one earlier at third, and now Ruf at home on a fly out by Josh Fields. Price is fortunate to get out of the 4th without more damage. 4 IP, 8 H, 2 ER, 0 BB, 5 K, 1 HR

Kendrick back out for the 4th.

With the good spring Brown is having, how much time do you think Young will take away from him in RF this season?

Posted by: Corn | Friday, March 08, 2013 at 02:11 PM

None. Young will be in whatever corner Dom isn't.

Corn: Brown will likely move to LF if/when Young is healthy and ready to go.

Corn: I know RAJ said that Young is better in RF than LF. But when you consider that Dom has been playing RF throughout spring training, that he seems to be playing much better defense than in the past, and that jerking him around from one OF position to another is part of what led to his past defensive issues, I think it would be borderline criminal to put Delmon Young in RF and move Dom to LF. Of course, even the Phillies have acknowledged that Delmon Young can't play LF well enough to cut it. Guess that means he can't be on the team. Darn.

I'm hoping Dom doesn't have one of his bad-luck type injuries this year, which will ensure Dbag Young everyday playing time.

Kendrick seems to be pitching tired. Balls are up. Control is gone. He's got 2 outs in the 4th but now two on. Laboring to get the last out.

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