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Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Whatever his shortcomings in the field, it's time to admit that Frandsen can hit a baseball. The guy just puts in good at bat after good at bat.

If he can hit during the season, I think we may have to label him an official late bloomer.

And although he didn't play today, it looks like Ben Revere can actually drive the ball a little better than we were led to believe. He still won't be likely to hit homers, but I see more doubles in his future than expected.

He can drive the ball a little better than expected....against guys who will be bagging groceries next month.

Can Michael Young play LF?

Damn, that's an impressive lineup!

As Matt Gelb quipped, the Phillies were eliminated from the WBC.

The probability a ball in play turns into a hit is about 0.3. Assuming each ball in play is an independent event, the probability of 25 or more hits out of 48 balls in play is 0.041%.

So we just witnessed a 4 in 10,000 event. Either that or the DR team hits the ball better than the MLB average. Or maybe our pitchers were just serving up meatballs.

Cylic: I know that you're kidding, but how much worse could he be in LF than he is at 3B?

Um Frandsen plays the field just fine. Gold Glove? No but he isn't a butcher & made alot of great plays last season.

In case anyone has ever wondered what a great catch looks like, I think this qualifies:

Mark that down as something Darin Ruf, dom Brown, Laynce Nix and RFD will never do...

rolo: I saw that catch earlier today. It was no doubt a very good catch but I'm subtracting points because I think the guy hammed it up something fierce with that unnecessary scissor-kick.

Ramsey: or phils st defense is atrocious

Fransden is awful at 3b. Worse than young? Not sure.

I like Frandsen as much as anyone and think he's very solid bench piece, especially at a position (UT infielder) that the team has been weak for years. That being said, his BABIP last was .366 overall, and .433 against LHP. For his career, it's .284. His walk rate is usually around ~5%, and that hasn't changed. Nothing has 'bloomed.'

Frandsen has been on a really nice run of good fortune that is almost certainly not sustainable. But like I said, he's a nice bench piece. Just not someone that should be relied on for anything more than that.

I missed the game today, but thought it was cool looking at the box score to see that the last 4 pitchers for the DR team were borrowed from the Phillies. Pretty cool story to tell for loaned pitchers Robles, Sosa, Garcia, and Cisco about the day they were teammmates with Robinson Cano, Hanley Ramirez, Jose Reyes, et al. for the Dominican national team. I imagine it was really a thrill for Sosa and Garcia, being Dominican.

Does Hamels survive the first round of cuts?

Does Hamels survive the first round of cuts?

Posted by: Scotch Man | Wednesday, March 06, 2013 at 09:12 AM

Really depends on the rest of his spring, and if he can bounce back, and wow the coaches the rest of the way.

Wait, we're not talking about Darin Ruf?

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