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Sunday, March 03, 2013


Let's hope this is the last time ever that Yuni is batting leadoff.

Will this game have a radio broadcast?

According to my mlb@bat app, the Toronto game will be on TV on CSN and MLB, and radio on 1210 WPHT. The Baltimore game will only be on 1090 WBAL radio.

AL, you forgot second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth.

If both were on TV, I think I'd rather watch the Orioles squad. Young @ 3B, Revere in CF, Cesar @ 2B, DeFratus on mound.

Other game only has DOM, Ruf, Joseph that interest me much.

Freddy playing SS is always a treat when able as well.

    Here's hoping Rhino goes .275/.380/.510. With 50 dingers.

    Channeling the Gotcha Gang:
    cut_fastball is predicting that Ryan Howard will have at least 637 ABs this year, since that is the minimum number you could have to get that slash line with 50 HRs. That would mean no 2Bs or 3Bs**.

    And to get a .380 OBP, he would have to get 108 walks, meaning he would have 745 PAs. I'll take the under!

    ** The least outlandish prediction :)

    All this is in jest. I knew that 50 HRs and a .235 ISO were pretty incompatible so I just noodled around to see what they would have to be.

    Posted by: Edmundo | Sunday, March 03, 2013 at 09:38 AM

Edmundo -- All in good fun. I did enter the disclaimer "if only".

Baseball is a welcome and enjoyable diversion for me; my job saps all of my desire to drill down to the nth degree regarding stats and stat-derivation arithmetic. Regardless, I note that Howard's epic '06 season returned:


so I was off by a lot on both OBP and slugging. Good catch.

I wonder. Ruth hit 60 HRs in his age 32 season and 54 the following year. Could we see a heroic rebound from Howard this year? Could Ruiz in the 5 hole offer sufficient protection to get a few more fastballs thrown Howard's way?

Nothing I look forward to more than watching Aaron Cook pitch in a split squad game.

Chase Utley didn't make a play he's made a thousand times in his career.

Time to panic?

Yuni showing why he's on the roster right there. Defensive stud.

Now he's going to turn around and work a 7-pitch walk leading off. It's just what he does.

All Fransden does is create runs all by himself.

What a dirtball.

Once upon a time, I actually thought that Aaron Cook would be a good fit for the Phillies. But that was about 4 or 5 years ago, before he became the single worst starting pitcher in baseball.

Just Yuni being Yuni.

I sincerely hope with all my hear that Yuniesky Betancourt doesn't sniff the field during the regular season for even one inning of work.

And I don't just hope this for the Phillies. I hope this for all of baseball, everywhere.

People I would rather see in an emergency start than Cook:

-Betty White
-Present-day Jim Bunning
-the Phanatic

BAP - Yup. Amaro brought in nobody that can help at the starter position via a minor league deal.

I guess Cook is the 6th man on the organizational depth chart for starters but he isn't on the 40-man roster right now. Clody and Pettibone are though.

It's OK MG, it's completely reasonable to expect your 5-man rotation to make all 162 starts.

Nothing to fear here.

Kratz has looked pretty awful defensively in the already going too and the huge defensive asset he is supposed to have (his arm) has been a real issue.

6 for 6 against him in SB opportunities and 2 throwing errors already.

I am glad that Betancourt committed yet another error already. I hope he ends up with at least 4-5 this spring & makes it incredibly easy for Amaro to go with Galvis on the Opening Day roster.

The only disheartening thing really this spring so far has been the defense. It's been horrendous.

I know that some of the errors are being made by guys who aren't issues (Galvis has 2) or won't hopefully make the Opening Day roster (Betancourt who really needs a nickname that mocks him on here).

MG, on the radio it sounded like Kratz had Bonifacio at 2B but Utley dropped the ball.

But the throwing error sounded horrendous.

Maybe it's just me, but I find Yuniesky Betancourt's Wikipedia page to make for some pretty hilarious reading. It's not that there's anything funny per se in the actual write-up. It's just funny to think that there's someone in this world who actually cared enough about Yuniesky Betancourt to write an excruciatingly detailed article about the ups & downs of his major league career.

Yep, Wheels. Cook is getting groundballs. Too bad he can't do things to help himself like, I don't know, strike guys out.

If only that were a remotely worthy skill for a pitcher to have.

Well, that wasn't a ground ball.

Aaron Cook is awful.

Awfully awful.

Yeah, Kratz had Bonifacio gunned down by a good bit at 2nd. That was Utley's fault.

Hopefully this will be the nail in Cook's coffin. He is getting killed out there. That Bautista HR should have been about 450 feet.

Pat Burrell?

Funniest/saddest thing about Betancourt is that no one will right a 'best shape in his life' article about this spring.

You think a veteran guy like him who is competing for an Opening Day job (and essentially his MLB career) would have come into camp in really great shape.

He's not 'out of shape' but he certainly looks like he could have lost another 10-15 pds/added muscle to help him make the roster this spring.

Yuni. #clutch

Michael Young - HR hitter?

yuniiii !!!

Thank you, Yuni.

That should ensure that you don't make the team.

Best play of the day so far.


Oh man. That could not have possibly gone better for people that want Yuni off the roster.

as fred sanford would say: "you big dummy!!"

What could Yuni have possibly been teasing? What, were they going to rifle one to home plate, lest the "speedy" Yuni Betancourt walk home and score?

It was a lazy baseball player being lazy.

You know how a guy hitting .400 with 50 AB below the qualified amount can still win the batting title if his resulting average is still high enough after a hypothetical 0-50 is applied?

Using the same logic, the Phillies have already qualified to be described as an awful defensive team, even if they go errorless for the rest of the spring.

Here is a list of MLB FA starters who signed minor league deals this offseason:

Stauffer (Padres)
F. Garcia (Padres0
R. Wells (Rangers)
C. Young (Nats)
J. Sanchez (Pirates)
Ohlendorf (Nats)
Dice-K (Indians)
Kazmir (Indians)
Jurrjens (O's)
Harden (Twins)
A. Galarraga (Reds)
Bedard (Astros)

Millwood retired. Pavano, Lowe, K. Wells, Wang, Oswalt, & Braden weren't signed.

It's a pretty underwhelming list as you might expect but I would argue that Cook is as bad anybody on that list above and has no potential upside. Ditto R. Lopez. Neither guy has any potential upside as a reliever in my view either.

Nice coaching at 3rd there, Juan.

"Funniest/saddest thing about Betancourt is that... "

Yuni just made your post outdated, as him getting thrown at 3rd right there is now the funniest/saddest thing about him.

Hard to believe Rich Harden is only in his age 30 season.

Also, his real name is James Harden, which may be funny to only me.

Anyway, would have rather had Harden, as he actually has potential upside, as he's had very dominant stretches,despite his lack of sustained health.

Betancourt and his blazing speed. As much crap as Amaro has gotten for signing D. Young (largely because he hinted he might be the starting RF which more and more I wonder if that wasn't done in part to light a fire under Brown's a$$ this spring), at least there are some reasons why they signed D. Young largely as some organizational depth.

Hard to believe that Betancourt isn't any better by a couple of guys who will shake loose when rosters get widdled down this spring.

MG: Kazmir, Dice K, and Sanchez would have been my choice. Although I will admit that none were worth a mlb deal, and all 3 likley would prefer pirates/indians for a chance to start over the phils.

lorecore - Yeah but they do but your right that all of those guys have much better chances to make the Opening Day roster in Cleveland or Pittsburgh.

I really liked Lowe as a veteran swingman who could have filled the long-man role here but he refused to sign a minor league deal this spring from what I read.

When you have a guy like Cook going this well, no reason to get him out of the game, especially in ST.

The other guy I liked was Dice K if you could convince him he was better suited as a reliever & slimmed down what he threw junking a couple of his crappier pitches.

He's been healthy so far for the Indians but I haven't looked on any Indians' blog to see how he looks.

That was one awful swing right there by Ruf.

Are we supposed to slag on Amaro whether or not Betancourt makes the roster? Because I think that's kind of a big factor in the criticism. There's nothing wrong with him being organizational filler, and I fail to see who he was signed over or who he's taking ABs from that we should be pining for right now.

Now, if he makes the roster, then obviously that's reason to bring out the pitchforks. But there was a lot of wasted breath over Castillo on this site in 2011 and it amounted to jack squat because he got cut. The same thing will happen to Yuni. Then we can get back to debating whether or not Ryan Theriot would be the offensive savior the team needs.


That looked great.

I also liked C. Young/Ohlendorf together over Cook/R. Lopez.

Maybe I wrong and Lopez somehow manages to give the Phils some acceptable numbers in limited duration out of the pen.

If either guy is pressed into service though as a starter, I bet they get shelled early and often.

Probably was a good reason why the Phils were looking at K. Wells the other day as Heyman tweeted. I saw Lopez pitch and he was throwing slop in the mid-80s. That might work at the end of spring training games where he faces AA/AAA hitters or MLB guys who are now AAAA types but hard to see him even having success toward the later end of spring training as he faces more MLB regulars.

Dom Brown almost caused an accident on the freeway with that blast.

Couldn't possibly ask for more from Dom so far. A bomb off a LHP.

They needed someone to nut up in spring training and grab one of the OF spots and Brown is doing it.

Then we can get back to debating whether or not Ryan Theriot would be the offensive savior the team needs.

Posted by: Iceman | Sunday, March 03, 2013 at 02:16 PM


There's no debate. He would be.

MG- Cloyd is their #6 starter. The only way someone like Rolo gets pressed into action is if there are two injuries. Even then I'd rather see them go with Pettibone.

I just don't get the uproar that Amaro didn't sign freaking Dice-K or some other lottery ticket when the organization clearly feels they already have their sixth starter. If they get down to their seventh starter playing a big role on the team, they are screwed anyway.

The bigger concern is the lack of depth pretty much everywhere else around the diamond, especially defensively. The guys making the errors aren't necessarily starters, but they're an injury away from seeing the field. They basically can't afford to have more than one guy go down at a time or the offense and defense will both suffer badly as a result.

Iceman - Yes but even the other guys who signed minor league deals who play SS are better:

Alberto Gonzalez (Cubs)
Lillibridge (Cubs)
C. Izturis (Reds)

Even B. Bixler is a guy I would have rather the Phils sign who is a good glove/zero bat. Amaro signed Betancourt because he is a veteran and 'has a bat' even if his numbers since '08 have been horrendous. Betancourt is a zero even as an organizational depth guy.

Iceman - there you go with ridiculous hyperbole. Not an uproar. Just pointing about that Amaro's minor league signings at these positions when judged against what were available were pretty underwhelming.

Howard and Brown are killing lefties this spring.

Another killer blast to the freeway. Ryno!

that last play by betancorte proves that the bonehead can field. i don't think rollins makes that play.

Yeah, because we all know that all Amaro had to do was make an offer and any one of those guys would have signed with the Phil's.

I hope Howard saves some of this hot streak for the season!

I was invited to the Sunday game of the home opener series. I know that the pitching rotation isn't set, but I'm trying to calculate the odds that I'll see Lannan start (hoping not). I'll be thrilled to go to a game early in the season, regardless.

Sarge must read BL concerned about limp. If he hits like this he can limp all year. Prob just his homerun trot. Why don't one if these smart newspaper guys ask the pc

Yeah, because we all know that all Amaro had to do was make an offer and any one of those guys would have signed with the Phil's.

Posted by: Mike G | Sunday, March 03, 2013 at 02:40 PM

Among many jobs, it's a GM's responsibility to bring in players to make the team better. Sure, there are times when there's nothing a GM can do to bring a player to his club, but there are several things that GMs can do to bring players to their team.

If a GM consistently fails to bring in good players, that's a black mark on his resume, whether you want to admit it or not.

Was that Howard HR an opposite field shot? If so, every one so far (3) has been to RF that has always been a sign that Howard is really locked during one of his HR streaks.

Fata, you're right it's the GM's responsibility to make the team better, but you guys always act like there is no human factor involved and he's just trading freaking baseball cards. There are plenty of other factors involved whether you want to admit it or not.

MG, Howard's Homer was to right center. Not the other way.

The real good news was that Howard's Homer was off a lefty.

Yuni! His ears must've been ringing.

This pitcher must suck...even MM got a hit.

Another reason not to pay much attention to Spring Training results; going by that last inning, Ender Inciarte, Yuni Betancourt, and Mini-Mart have more upside than Mitchell, Ruf, or Dom Brown.

they showed a freeze frame of howard's swing as the ball met it's maker, and it was perfect. ruthian. (somebody mentioned the babe's mammoth age 32 and 33 seasons). i'm psyched.

There will be a cake in the shape of Ryan Langerhans.

MG- you rant about it every chance you get. I would say you are in an uproar about it, by BL standards.

I suppose we can add it to the list of things we'll hear about all year long to go along with Manuel's BP management and Ruiz being ridden into the ground.

And with sixth/7th starters especially, it does matter that the places they eventually signed will give them a real chance to start, or even be on the roster. Best case scenario for a guy like Dice-K here is that he beats out Cloyd for the first guy that gets called up from AAA. There is very little chance he makes the roster. The rotation is already set.

That has to be a huge factor in their decision, whether people want to admit it or not.

This early hot spring means that Howard will, of course, hit .212 in APR with 2 HRs and 37 SO.

Iceman: Don't forget to add to MG's hit list:

- How terrible the fans at the stadium are energy wise.

- Reading hyping their roster.

- How he has made money by placing bets against the Phillies because of the lines.

- TMac and Sarge are largely awful and during the 4th-6th innings he just turns the radio announcers on and mutes the TV.

AT: "Another reason not to pay much attention to Spring Training results; going by that last inning, Ender Inciarte, Yuni Betancourt, and Mini-Mart have more upside than Mitchell, Ruf, or Dom Brown."

Judging players by one inning is a bad idea during any game, not just ST.

we've either scored 10 or more or given up the same in 6 of our last 6 games.

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