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Saturday, March 23, 2013


Optimistically speaking, is he still recovering from the gastrointestinal bug?

Faltering forces of minor leaguers cannot just enter a country of Roy Halladay and lay besiege to him! They are the ones who will find themselves under siege. Therefore, in reality whatever this miserable scout has been saying, he was talking about his own forces. Now even the Blue Jay command is under siege.

Where's that panic button graphic?

We can all make a list of pitchers,many because of their competitive nature, who hung around too long. Lefty!

"Still, does that mean that Halladay will be ready to go when the season kicks off in a little more than a month?"

I think you meant 'week' here. If he had a month, I still doubt he'd dodge the DL.

GBrettfan: "Optimistically speaking"?? Come on, this is Beerleaguer. I said at the end of last season that if anyone could overcome their injuries and play again at an elite level, it would be players like Utley and Doc. Utley seems to be doing better physically (as far as we know), but I don't think that Halladay will be able to turn back the clock. I don't doubt that there might still be some lethargy from his illness, but it seems like there's more than that going on.

Kyle Lohse is still available.

So Dubee was outright lying about the status of a Phils' player? Not surprising in the least but you would think the organization would change their tactics a bit after they were made fools of the Howard situation last year & Amaro had to backtrack.


No Thanks. The Phillies are right against the luxury tax and Kyle Lohse isn't that good.

They're actually about $8-9 million under the cap so they're not "right against it"...also, who gives a fvck? Its not our money.

This is terrifying news.

If Doc is out, our options are Aaron Cook and Tyler Cloyd. I believe that Lohse (an actual MLB pitcher) is better than either of them.

Thanks Scott. I keep pushing it but nothing is happening.

Doc is what he is now. 3/4 pitcher in rotation. The first two years he was doc. Now he's at that point in career and we will just have to ride it out. Lets hope we can score a few runs and hope th pen can be solid.

Lohse is a huge upgrade over either Cook or Cloyd (who didn't pitch that well this spring) but it is a moot point. The only upgrade that might come would be a trade which I would say is pretty remote.

It wouldn't surprise if what happens is if Halladay starts the season with the Phils, makes 1-2 starts, and then proceeds to have a lengthy DL stint of 4-6 weeks.

I like Lohse, and like NEPP says, it isn't our money.

But he isn't making the difference here. You figure he's good for a 4 ERA and he doesn't go real deep into games (went one out into the 8th three times last year- 19 of 33 starts were less than 7 IP). Basically a 3 WAR pitcher.

This squad needed a Doc this year that could give them a 3.50ish ERA and work into the 7th-8th inning of games consistently. There's no one on the market that's going to give them what they needed from Doc this year. It's basically hope he comes around, or it's just not going to happen. Period.

Iceman - Lohse of the last 2 years (one with very good fastball command) is a huge difference over Cook and Cloyd/Pettibone. He'll want at least $10M and isn't a possibility here.

If Halladay is forced to start the year on the DL, I would rather the Phils start the year with Cloyd in the rotation. Not much upside with either but I would rather have the Phils gamble on the younger guy than the known quantity who is finished (Cook).

Both guys are going to have starts where they get lite up & give up HRs. I just like Cloyd's chances a bit more to give this team better starts where he works deeper into games.

I know it's not our money. I'm saying a limited budget should be spent on better players.

That said, I'm looking at his career stats and projections and I'm coming around to NEPP's position. Give up the first round pick, back load a 2-3/year contract ... he'd be a nice addition.

MG- I agree he's an upgrade over what they have. I just don't think it would make a difference enough to put the team into the playoffs, so why would they spend $10 million and a first-round pick on him?

If they need someone to make 4-5 starts or more, I'd rather see Cloyd I guess. If it was 1-2 starts, I'd rather see them give Ethan Martin or Morgan a shot, honestly. Does it even matter at this point?

Saying "they need someone to make 4-5 starts" is assuming that Halladay misses only 4-5 starts and then all four other pitchers stay healthy all year.

Teams usually need at least of 7 starters to make it through the entire season.

These are the pitchers that were signed to MLB deals:

Cook and Lopez (Phils)
J. Sanchez (Pirates - 5th starter)
Bedard (Astros - 4th starter)
Jurrjens (O's - 5th starter)
F. Garcia (Padres - 5th starter right now)
Duke (Nats - bullpen)
Lowe (Rangers - bullpen)
C. Young and Ohlendorf (Nats)
Stauffer (Padres)
Kazmir and Dice-K (Indians)
Galarraga (Reds)
Wells (Rangers)
Germano (Blue Jays)
Harden (Twins)

Among the options that were available, Amaro did a very underwhelming job of finding a veteran starter who would agree to a minor league deal. I really liked Lowe on a minor league deal here and as a long-man out of the pen/possible starter.

clout also made a real good point when the Brewers signed Gorzelanny that he would have been a very nice fit here as a quality long-man/spot starter too.

Iceman - You play the cards your deal and hopefully that Halladay with some rest/likely trip to the DL can look like the guy who started the first 2 times in ST (88-91 with decent command).

2nd WC really helps the Phils chances this year & it wasn't like this spring was filled with a ton of negative stories.

The Phils have a pretty remote chance without a healthy Halladay but this isn't going to be a horrendous teams that wins 70-75 games.

Kazmir might win the 5th spot for the Indians. Forgot to add that.

Jayson Stark Jayson Stark ‏@jaysonst 7m

Halladay upbeat about adjusting to reduced velocity: "It's not a boxing match. It's not strength vs strength. To me it's a chess match."

Ryan Lawrence Ryan Lawrence ‏@ryanlawrence21 10m

Halladay said wasn't pitching for results today; stayed away from curve and change. Said stamina and strength were very good.

Yeah pitching is exactly like a boxing match because it is about imposing your will upon the hitter and get into situation where as the pitcher you dictate largely what happens.

Occasionally hitters will get some luck or even just hit a really good pitch behind in the count well but not often.

I'm with Iceman. Kyle Lohse isn't saving this team. They were borderline contenders with an effective Roy Halladay. What are they with Kyle Lohse?

Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki 2m

Halladay said he felt good. He fully expects to pitch April 3 in Atlanta. Believes he will be ready and can be effective.

Actually, I take that back.

I think this team could still contend without Halladay and with Lohse (or even without Lohse).

But it would take a sort of magical year where everything else goes right. So it's a very low probability of that happening.

As it stands now, assuming Halladay is either injured or just ineffective, this is the same team it was last year--an 80-83 win team.

I didn't realize there was a new thread, so I posted a few times in the last thread basically laughing at people who think we could get anything of value for trading Darin Ruf.

I imagine no one wants to read them. If for some reason, you do, I'll repost, but I'm not holding my breath.

So he wasn't throwing his curve or change today? Why did nobody bother reporting that? It's kind of a big factor.

At this point, there's just no reason to keep wondering whether or not Halladay/Dubee are lying about his health. In 11 days, we'll find out for sure.

It could be worse. We could be the Marlins, who are considering batting Polanco cleanup, behind Giancarlo Stanton.

Jack- I'm assuming if you think they are the same team as last year (~81 wins), you're also assuming that the bullpen full of young studs you keep talking about will blow the same amount of late leads that they did last year?

Also, I'm not sure what your point was in any of your posts at the end of the last thread. Nobody really even posited what they thought Ruf could net in a trade- just that they should try to swing a deal.

I said it was ridiculous that you thought Ruf's demotion did something to affect his value to other teams because he got demoted "in favor of" Inciarte. That's just dumb. Ruf's value is what it is, and it's higher for a team in the AL that needs 1B/DH help than it is to a team that has a 1B. What is so confusing about that?

Iceman: Well, if it's "higher" for a team in the AL, that just means that instead of zero value, he has .0001 value.

He won't get traded, because there's no team that will give anything up for him. So the Phils will keep him, apparently in AAA.

People kept saying "we should trade him to an AL team that could use him." My point is that's a complete and utter fantasy. People posit these sorts of trades every year, and shockingly, they never happen--because in the real world, that's just not how it works.

Jayson Stark ‏@jaysonst 1m

Rest of Halladay quote: "But I felt good. I didn’t feel like I was laboring at all."

Jayson Stark Jayson Stark ‏@jaysonst 1m

Halladay disputed idea he "labored" - “If I would have gone out & felt lethargic, tired, laboring, I would have felt a little bit concerned"

FWIW, several of the beat writers on Twitter used the word "laboring" when he was pitching.

Dennis Deitch: "Theme throughout Halladay’s outing: couldn’t get a pitch past a hitter, and a LOT of sharply hit balls."

Jim Salisbury: "Doc: four innings, seven hits, 2 bb, hit batsman. 87 to 89. Touched 90. Laborious at times, trouble putting guys away."

Matt Gelb: "Halladay throws 82 pitches in four innings. Retired 7 of 18 hitters he faced but was aided by 3 DPs. Fastball at 86-89 mph. Hit 90 once."

So I guess Halladay's sharp downturn in velocity was a bad sign after all. Who woulda thunk it, right?

Chase hit numero 2.

Me likey.

These HRs (especially Utley's) have been wind-aided, except for Dom's. Jesus that was a bomb.

I'd probably have Dom replace Halladay in the rotation.

I get all the hand-wringing about Doc's velocity but, if it were just a matter of his fastball being at 88 or 89 -- or even 87 -- I'm pretty sure that, with his pinpoint control & his huge array of pitches, he could still be a good pitcher. Maybe even a borderline elite one. What is totally incomprehensible to me is that he has completely lost his ability to throw strikes. If he can't get that back, forget it.

The wind blowing to left makes sense. Utley doesn't hit many out to left, he has 2 today.

Brown is hitting like .380 with 7 HRs this spring. And still every single AB of his I've watched live, he's either grounded out or struck out. He must have hit a HR in every AB I haven't watched or something.

Always happens like that, doesn't it?

MG~ Amaro did an underwhelming job this entire off-season. I like the M. Young & Revere aquisitions. He could have gotten a better #5 starter for sure. And with Ruff being sent down he still needs to find a RH bat. No ine knows if D. Young is the answer. Also what makes anyone think D. Young will be a better player than Ruf?

I realize that every move that is made is a gamble, But I'd have liked beterr odds for success.

Doc possibly being hurt is another issue, but a huge one. I know ST W-L's don't mean much, but just based on that, they're not a playoff team. They weren't in December and nothing has changed.

Freddy Galvis is playing RF?


You just have to sacrifice defense sometimes to get a fantastic bat like Galvis' into the lineup...

It seems like every utility guy they have is getting a look in the OF to see if they have the versatility it takes to make the roster. Galvis showed off his arm on that throw to home. Pretty nice.

The middle relief continues to bleed runs.

"I know ST W-L's don't mean much"

They don't mean anything. Jesus. Zach Miner has been pitching the 9th inning.

All these utility infielders being tried out in the OF is pretty much a giant neon sign that says, "We're keeping both Galvis and Betancourt."

Teheran has 6 no-hit innings today with 10Ks. He had a 1.35 ERA with an 11.3 K/9 before today.

If he puts it together this year, the Braves will win the division.

I think I saw 4 passed balls with Aumont and Lerud, both guilty of 2 each. I know those homers weren't entirely Chase's doing, but it's good to hear his name being mentioned positively.

They were beating up on Chen and Johnson, two guys who had been doing pretty well previously, perhaps putting finishing touches on things.

If Revere-Rollins-Utley-Howard-MYoung-Domo-Mayberry-C-P is how our lineup is going to be against LHP, I like it.

Brookover suggested that they are bluffing with Betancourt and just want an NL suitor to pony up something for him. I certainly hope that is the case. It would be quite the long con, if true.

Great, Yuni's hot spring continues. Worst-case scenario there.

Well, I'll adjust that. If Rube actually can get something for Yuni, it's best-case scenario.

But I'm incredibly skeptical that a guy who had absolutely no suitors for a major-league deal in the offseason would suddenly be highly in demand now. I know there are some injuries (primarily the Cardinals), but I'm still skeptical.

The more likely scenario is that he makes this roster, and, as you might imagine, I'm not a huge fan of that outcome.

Inciarte doing his best Ruf impression there. Nice.

Not knowing his history, what exactly is the knock on Yuni and why should I be very afraid...of him making the team? (apart from the possibility that Galvis doesn't head north because of this)

Halladay suddenly loses 3-4 mph on his fastball...ok, not great, but why isn't he able to deal with that and still be a number 2? Velocity isnt everything. It helps, but theres a handful of guys with a fastball in the high 80s who are good MLB pitchers. Halladay never blew the ball by people. It was always command, control, and movement. Heck, give Moyer Halladay's velocity now, and Moyer would be a perfectly serviceable #3 starter.

So, bottom line, WTF is up with Halladay? It's not JUST the velocity or he would be doing better. Not Cy Young Caliber great, but very good.

Someone is lying here. It's either Halladay or the team, but he's not right.

mikethemacguy: He has a career .290 OBP and UZR rates him as one of the worst fielding SS in baseball.

So other than not being able to hit and not being able to field, he's perfectly fine.

(I'm overstating the argument against him somewhat, but that's basically it).

Betancourt's defense really really stinks, and as a hitter, he has no plate discipline and doesn't have the contact skills to hit for a high average.

The only thing he's got going for him is occasional power, but the power isn't frequent enough to make up for his minuses.

He's also 31, so it's not like there's exactly much room for growth with Yuni. If anything, he's likely to be a less valuable defensive player and baserunner than earlier in his career.

the o's pbp guy called frandsen "franderson" and the cc guy spelled it "anderson." lol

Heather: Maybe he needs surgery and is trying to avoid it at all costs due to his age and since this is the last year of his contract. I agree, you don't go from cy young to 5th starter stuff in a year or 2. I hope hes healthy and is just the victim of circumstance this ST, but who knows.

I don't know that Betancourt is any worse than your garden-variety utility infielder. If his defense is somewhat worse, he makes up for it by having better power than a typical utility infielder. In the abstract, I don't think it would be a terrible idea to keep him & let Galvis get in another half season at AAA to work on his hitting. The fear for me is that, because Betancourt has been a starter for 6 or 7 years, and because he has a little pop in his bat (production!), Cholly will treat him as something more than just a pinch hitter & emergency starter. He'll not only contrive ways to get Betancourt into the lineup, but he'll use him in ways that are completely zany -- like starting him in LF or batting him at or near the top of the order. He is much less likely to do that with Galvis.

We dont necessarily need Doc to be #1. We need him to be a solid 2/3 guy. I would shut him down for a while. I suppose they are hoping he works through it. Whatever "it" maybe.

This motion of insisting that a utility infielder play a corner OF spot with some regularity after basically not having done so his entire career is one of the dumbest things any MLB team had done the last few years. This nonsense started with Bruntlett as a 'late innings sub' for Burrell in '08 and had persisted since then.

Ruf has cheat value to an AL team and if I was an AL GM I would try to pick Amaro's pocket.

Betancourt has no discernible baseball skills left and is a player who makes poor decisions to boot. An older, slightly better version of Mini Mart at this point. If Anaro keeps him on the Opening Day roster because he is hoping to get something in return in April, he's a dope. The kicker is that with his base and some easy incentives the Phils would have to pay Betancourt up to $1.4m (3x more than Galvis) to be completely useless.

MG: it could be a mini boston curse. ;) ruf could have a nice little 4-5 year career here, putting the ladies in the seats. in ny he'd live in the dugout, only emerging to bat.

" If Anaro keeps him on the Opening Day roster because he is hoping to get something in return in April, he's a dope."

What's dopey about that? Getting anything for Yuni would be a win. If he thinks he can do it, then yeah, keep him on the roster.

I am conviced that Galvis can play just about anywhere on the field. This being the case, I believe that he is very valuable. My prepostion is this: if Ruf is DH in the 14 games in Amercan League parks that the Phils play this year AND spells Howard at first against tough lefties for an additional 17 games AND you take your chances and give him 10 starts in left plus the sixty or so at bats as a PH, if then this gets you to 200 at bats (which it should), is it not then worth it to have him with the big club? Galvis makes this potentially possible. Of course, someone would have to go and in my opinion that would have to be Mayberry. I do not know if Myers is washed up or what potential needs the Indians have, but I can see Mayberry for Myers who can start or be a bullpen piece; that is, if he is not done. The Yankees are an obvious suitor. So I would like to ask: people, please refrain from shitting on Galvis as he could really help the team in a multitude of ways. Also Lannon is a respectable fifth starter. To sum up, if Ruf can learn to be an adequate left fielder, that gives us four starters under team control; thus leaving to management the flexibility in payroll to re-sign Utley (if he can still play at an elite level) and to add the pieces necessary to keep the Phillies in contention for at least the next five years.

If Halladay ends up on the shelf, and Tyler Cloyd & Aaron Cook are competing for his spot, the Phillies ought to seriously think about Jon Garland, who was just released by the Mariners despite pitching well (at least statistically) in spring training. He didn't pitch last year & barely pitched in 2011 but, if he's healthy, he's a damn sight better than Cloyd or Cook.

Granted, if Halladay's out or ineffective, the Phillies' goose is probably cooked no matter what they do. But you still try to put your best team on the field & a healthy Garland is way better than Cloyd & Cook.

Scenario 1:
They pay Yuni 1.4 mil to be a backup infielder. Galvis spends most of the season in Lehigh Valley and remains under team control for another season of his prime. The difference between the two costs the Phillies nothing, because he's the backup freaking infielder.

Scenario 2:
They flip Yuni in the spring for (who cares; he would be a practically free lottery ticket), and promote Galvis. The downside of this plan is that two men might need to pack suitcases more frequently than they would have normally needed to.

Scenario 3:
They drop Yuni to please the Beerleaguer populous and start the season with Galvis in Philly.

And the difference between these scenarios as it pertains to the success or failure of the 2013 Phillies is zero, but options one and two seem to make a hell of a lot more sense.

From Bob Brookover:

For the first time this spring, Manuel played Freddy Galvis in right field, a likely sign that the Phillies are trying to figure out how to keep infielder Yuniesky Betancourt, who hit a three-run home run in Saturday's win.

The deadline for adding Betancourt to the 25-man roster is Sunday. His agent Alex Esteban said Friday Betancourt will ask for his release if he is not added to the roster.

"This motion of insisting that a utility infielder play a corner OF spot with some regularity after basically not having done so his entire career is one of the dumbest things any MLB team had done the last few years."

It's almost like the Phillies don't understand the very concept of a utility infielder. The reason you keep a .625-OPS utility infielder on your bench, while a .700 to .725 OPS outfielder like Josh Fields or Jermaine Mitchell goes to AAA, is because you only get 5 bench spots & you can't have backups at 8 positions. Hence, that .625-OPS hitter who can back up at all 3 infield positions is of more value than the .725 OPS hitter who can only play the OF. But, if one of your starting outfielders gets injured, and you move this .625-OPS utility infielder to RF, he doesn't add value to your team by demonstrating his versatility. He SUBTRACTS value from the team by taking a starting spot from someone who is a better hitter, and probably a better defensive outfielder.

BAP: Based on Amaro's obsession with versatility, I believe his thought process is more along the lines of "if a utility IF is capable of also filling in at a corner OF spot once in a while, what the hell".

Will: There's certainly no harm in giving your utility infielders some spring training starts in the OF, so that they're ready if there's ever an emergency. But it's almost as if the Phillies contrive ways to keep an extra .650-OPS utility infielder on the roster. A week from now, they'll probably be fielding a roster with 3 utility infielders & they'll be selling the decision to their fans on the ground that Betancourt & Galvis can both play the OF. Well, guess what? So can Jermaine Mitchell & even a guy like Josh Fields, and they can very likely hit better than Betancourt & Galvis too.

Here we go again. Several beat writers said Halladay appeared to be laboring and he said he wasn't.

Talk is cheap right now because nothing counts and guys can say that they were working on this or that and not focused on results. Yada yada.

That all changes April 1. It won't matter what Halladay says or what the organization says about him. Either he's effective in games or he's not.

1. I don't think Galvis that high of a ceiling and so I am not concerned the Phils lose another year of his control.

2. There should be ample chances for Galvis to play unless Cholly really does want to see how quickly he can wear out JRoll/Utley.

3. Betancourt is useless. For all of the complaining about Inciarte, Inciarte is at least a two-tool potential players (speed, defense) this year.

Betancourt is a zero tool player. I don't understand how people can look at his offensive numbers and think they are good. Even by utility infielders standards, they aren't. He had one good season (2010) in the last 4 years and these are his splits the last 2 years:

.245/.266/.387 (76 OPS+) with 4 SB, 5 CS

He is supposed to be a slugger and his SLG is sub .390. He also makes poor and ill-advised decisions in the field, at the plate, and on the basepaths.

A strong case can be made that Betancourt has been one of the worst, if not the worst, positional player the last 2 years in MLB.

Here's Halladay's post-game comments from his start against Atlanta in advance after giving up 7 runs and getting chased in the fourth:

"I felt good out there. I'm happy with my stuff. We've gotten to the point where the setbacks I suffered in the spring have me a little behind where I should be right now. My bullpens leading up to this game felt great. I wanted to go out there and try out some adjustments we made in those bullpen sessions. We're still working on building up strength and making up for what we lost during those few weeks in March. I feel like I'm right where I need to be."

MG - Worse than Minimart? Seriously?

Betancourt would have to go a ways to be worse than Minimart.

And just like Jack has only seen Domonic Brown have weak at bats this Spring, I have only seen Inciarte have good at bats this Spring. Admittedly, I've missed a lot of the games. But again today, he laced a ball to left off a major league pitcher. I wouldn't cry if they had to give him back, but he looks like someone who can play the game.

Iceman - Halladay's hurt and I think that is pretty clear at this point. Just a question what is wrong and when he will be able to start the season.

It would surprise me if the Phils try to foolishly force the issue & have him start a game or two during the regular season only to send him to the DL shortly afterwards. Did the exact same thing with Hamels in '09.

Anyone who believes a word out of Halladay's mouth has to be insane. If he's not pitching hurt, then he's dropped off a cliff somehow overnight. Either way, they got two superlative seasons out of him and one meh. If they get an awful mess out of him for one season, I can live with it. There was always a chance this was going to happen. At least Rube didn't sign him to a seven year contract when he traded for him.

aksmith - Mini Mart is a poor basestealer but he has speed. Betancourt doesn't even have average speed at this point.

Mini Mart also isn't a complete zero defensively at 2B and 3B. I would say he is above average at 2B and average at 3B. Mini Mart is just a below average SS and completely miscast as an OF but that is on the Phils for stupidly trying to force this issue.

Look at the defensive numbers for Betancourt the past few years. He hasn't played much else besides SS but in just 38 GS (43 total) last year at 2B he made 5 errors. Given how generous scorers are today, that's incredibly bad. Over the course of a year, that would have been 22 errors and easily the most in MLB (Kinsler was next with 18).

Mini-Mart is probably the worse player just because his offensive numbers have been so bad.

That's a ridiculous low bar to set given how Mini-Mart has put up some of the worst numbers in franchise history over the last 2 years.

MG: I stand by my belief that there is something medically wrong with Halladay. And I don't mean an injury; I mean some sort of medical condition.

For one thing, he insists he's not injured. He could certainly be lying, but he really seems adamant about it. He keeps going out of his way to volunteer that he's not hurt.

But the bigger reason why I think he's got some sort of condition is that there's just no good explanation for a world class athlete to suddenly and repeatedly look like he's stroking out by the 2nd inning. Age wouldn't explain it. An arm injury wouldn't explain it. I really suspect that something's going on. I don't know if the Phillies have explored that possibility, but they seriously ought to. There are some real warning bells going off.

Right now, all the speculation is worth nothing. All indications point to the Phillies sticking Halladay out there for the 2nd game of the season.

Either he is being honest, and he will be ready to go, or we'll all know for certain. If he's injured and/or has fallen off the cliff, we'll know.

Nothing surprises me with this team anymore. We had two seasons of having possibly the worse player in baseball on the team & gave him ABs ( Mini Mart ).

Someone mentioned it earlier but i absolutely despise how they just toss some players with little to no OF the OF. or they think that just because a player may have fielded the position a few games during their career, they think they are capable of actually playing that pos in a game semi regularly.

I didn't watch the game but I do like seeing the lineup of Brown in RF while Mayberry was in LF. This is what I been harping on all spring & what-ifs.

One thing I am curious about. What was it last season that Doc had to leave for a few days to go home for. I don't think i ever seen a reasoning for this.

BAP- your 7:11 post is wild, reckless speculation. I also agree with it 100%.

Something that I haven't seen mentioned for a while is the strange 'personal' leave of absence he took last year around the time it all started falling apart.

It's just really, really fishy. Like BAP says, what we're seeing and what we're being told doesn't add up. The guy conditions like a decathlete and all of a sudden he can't get through 50 pitches without huffing and puffing. He had two MRIs on his shoulder last year and nothing was discovered.

If he really just 'lost it,' this is the quickest and most drastic drop-off by a supreme athlete in recorded history.

Listened to rube a few days ago and no one commented on it. First it was on wip and the total fraud cuz. Guy is a joke. First he bashes the philles and then polishes the FO guys when they talk. 2nd his boy cholly if u dare sy anything bad he jumps in. But point of interview was Morgan could start at AAA and team really high on tommy Cody and Cesar. I did not know but he will be a PC that team will have to make a choice on. Not sure if he is out of option or what. Galvis playing RF today was shocking.

At this point, which would be more shocking: Doc suddenly righting the ship and pitching like Doc or the revelation that he's suffering from a serious medical/physical condition and that his career may be over?

I honestly don't have an answer. I'm just hoping for the best.

Galvis played RF?
Were there injuries during the game or something and he was an emergency fielder? i just mentioned the mystery Halladay leave a post before you did. I have no idea what that was for but it is weird how a guy of his condition could look like me running up 5 flights of stairs after 2 innings.

By WAR, Michael Young was the worst qualified player last season. Delmon Young was the 5th worst. Yuni Betancourt was the worst qualified player in 2009.

Amaro is certainly cornering the market on the worst players in baseball.

I say something happened in South America wraslin' that anacondarotatorcuff serpent.

I'll settle for a solid #3 for Halladay if his protégé Kendrick is his equal.

Don't remember all of my fearless predictions, but I did call Ruf to AAA and Inciarte to the major league team. Don't know if the second half of that will happen as yet.

I also had Morgan in the majors at some point during the season in place of either Halladay or Lannan. It's looking more like Halladay now. And it seems more likely to be Ethan Martin since they actually put him on the forty man roster. I'm still not a big Pettibone guy and Cook and Cloyd may be short term call ups, but will not prove to be the longer term solution.

Halladay has Lyme disease? Chronic fatigue syndrome? Restless leg? It's seriously bizarre the way his conditioning has seemingly fallen apart.

Ruf has cheat value to an AL team and if I was an AL GM I would try to pick Amaro's pocket.

Thought experiment: The Twins offer you Worley straight up for Ruf (completely farfetched, but follow me here). Think the Phils would do it given Halladay's condition?

It's not clear to me they would. Ruf plainly has a lot of value to them. I don't think Ruben's going to get his pocket picked ofr a guy they all seem to believe will "hit here."

Second thought experiment: Let's say Brown hits cools down some once the regular season begins,and hits .305 with 5hr and 19 RBI for April. Fields well, not great. Does he go from "question mark" to "untouchable" at that point? Funny how close a question mark can be to untouchable.

5 HR/19 RBI in April would be a 30 HR/95 RBI season from a guy batting .300. Yes, that would be untouchable. Personally, I think that's about the best case scenario ever for Dom.

Also, the Twins would never in a million years offer Vance Worley for Darin Ruf. No team in their right mind would make that deal.

Agree the Twins wouldn't, but it illustrates the point that the Phils like Ruf beyond his actual value. I don't think they would just ship him off for an equally-controllable young arm with a low ceiling (e.g. 3-4 starter). Ruf has power, and thus they'll keep him around unless they're blown away.

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