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Friday, March 15, 2013


'Lack of outs?' Dubee has had two less than stellar days talking to the media.

Concerned with lack of outs over health in a ST game? I'm sure Dubee just hates talking to the media, bu he comes off as pretty stupid.

I'm pretty sure what Dubee was saying was that he's not concerned that Halladay was laboring because he was unhealthy.

But he was laboring, and they need to find out what is wrong with him, whether it be poor mechanics, lethargy or whatever the case.

I'm pretty sure that Dubee wasn't saying that health concerns aren't of great importance.

Really looking forward to Dubee as whipping boy this year guys.

... pedestrian velocity?

lore, I think he's saying that he's not concerned about Halladay's health, only that he wasn't getting guys out.

Look at it this way:

Suppose Halladay is healthy and it's not an issue? Suppose this is the Halladay we're going to see going forward, because of the innings and mileage on his arm? Suppose we're going to see a Halladay who is no longer a #1, but because he's going to have more bad starts mixed in with the good ones, he's only going to be able to perform to the level of a #3?

I'm not defending Dubee, but maybe that's what he was saying.

"I'm concerned because Halladay is healthy but he's not getting guys out."

Maybe the concern is that Doc is entering a rapid decline phase, and erratic performance is what we're going to see going forward?

We're sure going to find out.

I believe the Phils play the Rays again on 3/26... doesn't mean what you think it means.

With an OBP in the lowest quarter of MLB teams, the Phils will never have to worry about the lack of outs, just their distribution.

I thought they would give Ruf a longer break from LF to see if his offense would continue improving. Either DH or even 1B.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm pumped for DomBro hitting cleanup...except with Ruf behind him, I wonder if he'll see a decent pitch all day

It's pretty simple - either Halladay is like the guy who was 88-91 earlier in camp (first 2 outings) with good movement on his cutter/changeup and really solid command although not as good in the past or he simply isn't going to be that good this year.

I am really sure Dubee and the entire coaching staff/FO are concerned about Halladay. They just don't have a good idea of what he will give them going ahead forward.

If he's the guy earlier in camp, they are fine. If he is the guy who they had last year who labored through a bunch of his starts and missed a moderate amount of time, they are behind the eight-ball with a very minimal chance of making the playoffs.

Dubee has always been kind of standoffish with the media though. I would imagine he would skip it entirely if he could.

The only Phils' coach though I can remember though that had a really poisonous relationship with the Philly media in recent memory was Fregosi. I remember even Jayson Stark had real issues with him when he was still at the Philly Inquirer and the main Phils' beat writer.

He only misused "pedantic" to see who'd correct him. Genius.

Jumped over to check out Fregosi's wikipedia page. I didn't realize that as a young man Jim Fregosi could pass for Cole Hamels doppleganger.

'Halladay goes back to the mound on Sunday when the Phillies go to Sarasota to play the Orioles.'

Aren't the Phils at home on Sunday?

I hate desmond jennings.

Is anyone concerned that Howard isn't starting?

I assumed that he was hurt after he was started 1500 times in a row to start Spring Training.

BAP - It is a little odd that this is the 3rd day off now in the last 5 days (Monday off-day, Wed didn't play, out today)

Interesting tidbit: Cole Hamels is our only projected SP with a ST ERA under 5.00 right now.

Totally meaningless and all but still interesting.

DOM singles, goes to 2nd on pickoff attempt error, 3rd on a ball to SS, home on Ruiz single. Move over Revere/Rollins.

Revere is just blazing fast. damn

PO/CS...apparently not fast enough.

It was way closer than it should have been.

I'm just getting the feed on my phone so I will take your word for it.

out is out

How does Lannan look so far? Box score is encouraging, but can't always rely on that (especially in ST).

I hope BAP and MG know how hard most of us are laughing at their Howard panic just a few days after a week-long argument- championed by MG- that Howard should be getting more rest.

iceman: I said Howard should get time off, and he did. What exactly are you laughing at?

Iceman: My comment was actually a joke. MG seemed serious, though.

Lannan can now join NEPP's club as a sub 5 ERA SP in ST.

Startin' to come together, Pepper.

Iceman - ridiculous exaggeration of what I posted and others posted. Fine with Howard sitting today. Just a liitle odd when just a week Cholly said Howard needed a lot of regular time this spring.

Forget Halladay. We win with Cookie and Lopey, don't be dopey.

Anyone else get their season tickets yet? Did the Phillies purposely use ink quality from the 1980s for some type of retro-effect or did I just get a crappy set?

Clearly Howard is dying.

lorecore: Maybe they sent you a crappy set as some sort of deliberate metaphor for what to expect from the coming season.

Ryan Howard's leg fell off.

Rich Dubee says he'll be fine.

For those not watching, Lannan looked really good.

15 outs, 4 Ks, 2 fly outs, 1 line drive, 7 ground balls (1 double play)

On March 15, better to look good than look bad.

But still meaningless.

On March 15, better to look good than look bad.

But still meaningless.

Posted by: clout | Friday, March 15, 2013 at 02:37 PM

Wait, are spring training stats meaningless?

The only thing that matters in ST is health.

Yuni at 3B... the versatility begins.

just one of those days we can't seem to hit it where they ain't.

So then, ST stats don't mean anything?

Completely and utterly meaningless?

Wasn't DeFratus re-assigned to minor league camp earlier?

lorecore: No, I hadn't seen his name on that list yet.

Cameron Rupp 3 dingers in first two milb games.

lorecore - I thought he was earlier this week.

lorecore and MG: Perhaps you saw that Justin Friend had been reassigned.

lorecore- certainly not at you. Laughing that MG is doing exactly what everyone said he'd do in the event Howard would get some time off.

I also thought that DeFratus had been sent down. Glad that isn't the case. He's one of the few guys in camp that deserves a long look.

iceman - I largely give up when replying to you. I was fine with Howard sitting today especially since it was an away game.

That was exactly what I posted earlier this thread. You either take what someone says and completely over exaggerate what someone says in order to paint that person an idiot/scaremonger/etc or you just post pure BS.

I guess hitting season is over?

some good reading for people who like to check minor league boxscores:

List all of the Park Factors in the minors, with totals for each league as well. Phils teams are in pretty nuetral leagues/parks with the exception of Lakewood, a heavy pitching favored park.

Something to keep in mind when any of their pitchers dominate/hitters struggle. Biggest potential I see would be Maikel Franco moving from a 0.850 adjusted park to a 1.086 adjusted park could be a big boost.

Lakewood HR adjustment was .518 vs 1.477 for Clearwater. Franco hit 14 last year.

just one of those days we can't seem to hit it where they ain't.

Posted by: bullit | Friday, March 15, 2013 at 02:46 PM

Seems like it

Certainly don't like Bastardo walking the first hitter in the bottom of the 9th on four pitches.

Bastardo battles back to strike out the 2nd hitter. Although he missed his spot on strike three, he still got the call.

lorecore: There will be if no one scores this inning.

Who is Johnson?

Cyclic: "Who is Johnson?"

The losing pitcher.

Jay Johnson is non-prospect minor leaguer spring training filler.

how is that scrub even in camp

lorecore: This is Johnson's reward for his effort in the huge brawl between Canada and Mexico.

Fangraphs 2nd base positional rankings:

Utley, despite his decline and advanced age, still puts the Phillies as 4th in the majors, and best in the NL.

THAT is how important he is to this team.

Gold Glove voting will now include a component called Saber Defensive Index.

lorecore: Most teams carry a couple of dead weight pitchers later in spring for just this kind of a game.

Thanks. I thought I followed the Phils pretty closely. Never heard of him.

Cyclic: Played for Canada in World Baseball Classic

"Utley, despite his decline and advanced age, still puts the Phillies as 4th in the majors, and best in the NL.

THAT is how important he is to this team."


MG- this is ridiculous. You said its 'odd' he wasn't starting after complaining he should get some rest. There was nothing to even exaggerate. You need to chill out.

Torre is starting Zobrist at 3rd tonight. He only has 5 career starts there. Risky call, but one he ultimately has to make to keep the horrible Willie Bloomquist from having any part in an elimination game.

Zobrist is a player that I'd love to have on the Phils.

"Zobrist is a player that I'd love to have on the Phils."

Considering Zobrist's versatility, you'd think that RAJ would have cleaned out the farm to get him by now.

BAP, he walks too much.

And walks are for losers.

Fatti, however, the Phillies ranked 27th in the fangraphs postional power rankings of 3B. No. Misprint.

BAP- the problem is that Zobrist actually plays all the positions at either an average or an above-average level. There's no need for that. Plus he walks and stuff. Very anti-productive.

In all honestly, he'd have been a perfect player to have during this team's run of success. At this point, there are so many low-OBP guys on the team that it wouldn't change the culture of the team or anything. But from 2009-2011 he had a 125 OPS+, a .367 OBP and averaged 19HR/20SB while playing 150+ games in each season and logging innings at every position except pitcher and catcher.

The best part is that he's only cost the Rays $12.5 million over the last 3 years. You probably could've offered Tampa the moon for him and they'd have hung up on you laughing.

rolo, we're 24th in 1B, and 4th in C.

Crazy thing about the catcher rankings is how strong the NL is at the catcher position right now. First 4 are NL teams, and 6 of the first 10 are NL teams.

I look forward to Howard being much better than 24th in the league.

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