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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Here's hoping Roy Halladay will be fine. Even if he has the 89-91 MPH Cutter he had at the beginning of the year, he will still be an outstanding starter. Let's just hope all those innings haven't caught up to him.

Also, repost:
Off Topic: Has anyone else been pleasantly surprised by Michael Young’s third base defence ? He made a few really quick plays yesterday, and exhibited a strong throwing arm. He doubled off Ichiro at first, which was just a really heads up play, in my opinion.

Heyman says Phillies among teams interested in trading for a backup catcher. Ramon Hernandez of Rockies and Chris Snyder of Nationals mentioned.

Seems like Kratz is not only putting his starting spot for April in jeopardy, but his backup position for the rest of the year as well.

Phils trade minor league pitcher mike Cisco to angels. For nothing. Literally, nothing.

We can now never mock ppl for saying 'for a bag of balls' as it is no longer the lowest possible return.

Game on Comcast today. 1230 coverage starts. Lots of eyes will be on this came today.

Also yuni could be traded before his release date. Could he geta bag of balls?

lore, I know nothing about Cisco, but indicates that, since being converted to a reliever, he had two pretty good years in a row, despite being old for the level.

I didn't think one team could just give a player to another. Isn't that kind of like an end-run around the waiver-wire rules?

There's got to be SOME sort of compensation involved here. The details probably just haven't come out yet. A couple hours from now, we'll probably learn that the actual trade is Mike Cisco for Vernon Wells.

CSN has improved itself a bit over the years as a TV network. Hideous when they started, improved to amateur college station level. Now, a bit better, but still pretty crappy and too many errors.

Today, if they're at all worth their salt, they should have the wherewithal to monitor and keep us informed off Halladay's velocity.

Feels almost as important as a game in September, that's how anxioius I am for Halladay to pitch well.

Is this going to be an actual game chat?

Seems to have a good amount of movement on his pitches. But hasn't been painting like we're used to seeing.

Another walk.

Lack of adrenaline rush. I like it. Called the Starter's Mentality.

Nice pitch on the inside corner to get the K, but not an overly encouraging 1st inning.

No mention of velocity by that crack announcing team of McCarthy and Wheeler.

Need a new hat soon. Thing is soaked.

I was sure that Taylor Teagarden was a female porn star. Bet he got beat up a lot as a kid.

Halladay's lacking command so far. Lots of deep counts. Had about 23 pitches that inning.

Phillies fans have been talking about Halladay's velocity for 5 days. The Comcast crew didn't think to bring a radar gun?

The crack announcing team doesn't know what his velocity is. They dont have a gun! Jesus Christ

Anything on his velocity?

As his command is certainly off.

I know it's commonplace to list AVG/HR/RBI for players when they step to the plate, but they should really consider changing that for certain players, like Ben Revere.

Listing him with 0 HR all year is just a waste of time and an insult to him. They should list SB, or something that's more flattering to him.

Olney says in the 87 MPH range.

Buster Olney (‏via Twitter): Scouts here in Clearwater today say Halladay was throwing his fastball in the 87 mph range in the top of the first inning.

Bullpen up already????

Should we be concerned that Chase is hitting .194? Well, less than .194 now.

Murphy says Halladay is out and Miner is in...

Yeah, not good.

Not good at all.


Doc's still injured. And at 36, it's hard to believe that if he's not healthy yet, that he'll ever be fully healthy again, and resemble what he once did.

A damn shame.

Season = over (again)


So...Season Over then.

I'm pretty sure the plan didn't call for Halladay to pitch only 1 inning today.

Murphy says it is a stomach virus. Hopefully that is all it is.

@JSalisburyCSN: Team announces Halladay has a stomach virus

Where is the panic button to hit? $hit is gonna hit the fan.

Stomach viruses affect velocity?

Good to know.

Chase, I hope that's the case, and it's nothing more than a virus. But after last week's outing, it's hard to believe that that's all it is.

We shall see.

Murphy says it is a stomach virus. Hopefully that is all it is.

Posted by: Chase Trillo | Sunday, March 17, 2013 at 01:26 PM

No way, we all know they are lying.

His velocity seemed fine in the first.

87 mph is fine for him now?

Also good to know.

Let's hope this isn't just the 'excuse du jour.'

That doesn't pass the sniff test. Why start a guy in spring training with a stomach virus?

is 87 official?

Zach Miner reminding everyone that he's, well, Zach Miner.

"Team announces Halladay has a stomach virus."

I'm getting a stomach virus just listening to the Phillies' endless attempts to spin Halladay's problems.

"What should I tell them?"
"Let's try 'stomach virus'."

I guess it's a good thing that a guy like Zach Miner is still here, so that we don't have to wear out our bullpen when something like this happens. But why on earth is a guy like Zach Miner still here?

Doc and Dubee in the locker room.

"Your arm's off"

"No its not."

~points to arm on the ground~

"What's that then?"

"I've had worse!"

Smart of Zach to walk him there so he could set up a force out at every base.

Well played.

And NEPP, after Doc gets pasted by a grand slam on an 87 MPH meatball right down the heart of the plate, Doc will just yell to the batter as he's rounding first:

"Alright, we'll call it a draw then."

Miner doing a good job. Has Orioles right where he wants them with a force out available at any base.

Zach is giving me some great memories of our 2012 there's that.

I hope it's a stomach virus, but I have to admit to some skepticism.

Speaking of....Does anyone else wonder whether Papelbon's illness today has anything to do with some St. Paddy's day partying?

I wouldn't want Doc to pitch when ill or injured, especially not in spring training. But hearing that he's under the weather calls to mind the memory of Jamie Moyer pitching in the '08 World Series while sick as a dog, and I'm impressed all over again with that. And happy again thinking back to how fun that postseason was.

NEPP, I don't know it's good or bad but it seems you and I often seem to be thinking the same thing.

GBrett: I am wondering if Papelbon's illness is the same as Halladay's-"arm about to fall off-itis"

Jokes aside, are we believing the stomach bit or not?

Personally, I'm taking the 'fool me once...' approach and not buying the coincidence.

Iceman, I'm not buying that Halladay's not injured until I see him pitch again, resemble, even remotely, his former self.

Until that point, I'm under the impression that 2012 Doc is present day Doc, except a year older.

No I'm not buying the illness excuse.

Also, Worley stinking up the joint pitching against Balt today as well. Wonder if its possible the Phil's front office got rid of him just in time?

Doc & Dubee remind me of the boy who cried wolf in reverse....refusing to admit there's a wolf even as it swallows them.

Now they could be truthful...but after last year (and as Iceman said once, after we experienced this in '09 with Lidge)'s just hard to believe them when they've been caught underplaying/lying about injuries before.

I think I'm buying the stomach bug thing. If it was something else they'll look like fools for calling it a stomach bug today. Also he did look in some stomach pain as seen here:

Zach Miner Guide to Pitching:

1) Work 3-0 or 3-1 count.
2) Give up hit.
3) Repeat.

Another cot damned mid-game thread.

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