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Friday, March 15, 2013


I'll say it... no way Aaron Cook makes this team as a reliever. There is nothing in his profile that suggests he'd be a good reliever.

He hasn't been a reliever since 2003. He hasn't had a WHIP under 1.400 since 2008 so he gives up far too many baserunners.

It's not happening. No way. No how.

Dubee brings more to the table than merely the edible accents in a centerpiece.

*"... it's the way they're pitching."

I'm not concerned about the relative velocity, it's the lack of outs that worries me.

If Lannan's change-up has been his best pitch, then why are his numbers vs RHB so much worse?

I have no idea who will win the last spot in the Phillies' opening day bullpen, but I really can't believe it will be Cook. If the Phillies want to pick the guy with the best stuff and most upside, that's DeFratus. If they want to pick a guy with the versatility to pitch to RH and LH hitters, and eat up multiple innings, that's Valdes. If they want a middle ground option, with better stuff than Valdes and more durability than DeFratus, that's Stutes. All of them would be much better choices than Aaron Cook.

The Phillies have had some decent success turning washed up starters into solid relievers, but that was with guys like Park and Contreras, who could strike people out.

Based on his career as a position player and his bullpen strategy, I can conclude that what Charlie Manuel knows about pitching could almost fill the shell of a sunflower seed if you write with a crayon.

He's a lame duck manager, and I think that he knows it.

bases loaded, stanton up w/ zobrist on deck. 1 out.

JC Romero coming in with the bases loaded, two outs, PR up one.

Anyone want to wager on how this turns out?

Never mind. Hosmer went up there hacking. Awful replacement for Tex at 1B.

kimbrel will put it out of reach.

PR letting Vic face a LHP? Bad idea.

oh nm, vic sucks now i forgot

Kind of surprising they didn't ph for Hosmer.

Getting shut down by Nelson Figueroa and JC Romero? This team deserves to go home.

vic watches a pair of stikes and jimmy pops up on the first pitch. both actively hurt team usa.

If anyone wants to hear TMac do college basketball play by play, hes doing Temple v Umass on TCN.

Some questionable strikes called.

But still, that bottom of the ninth included some vintage Phillies losing ABs.

Galvis PT will be seriously affected in ST now.

The Bag isn't half bad at hoops. Maybe he should make that his life's work.

I'm also a huge Temple fan and no fan of TMac. At all. But he's actually pretty decent at college hoops play by play and he's infinitely better than Temple's radio guy.

I think the Howard off-days are more the product of getting more looks on guys they have to make decisions on. Playing RFD and Nix at 1B gives them playing time while also getting more looks at Ruf, Inciarte, and Orr in the OF.

I look at this like there are three spots left for the pen.

You figure Papelbon, Adams, Bastardo, and Durbin already have spots. Leaving three spots open for the following-

Zach Miner
De Fratus
Raul Valdez
Ceaser Jimenez
Arron Cook
Rodrigo Lopez

The three I would pick from this group to bring north to camp would be:

Phillipe Amount
Jeremy Horst
Raul Valdez

Who would you bring?

Getting shutdown by two over-the-hill retreads in an elimination game? Really weak way to go out for the US. Dominicans rallied and that was just a tough loss after Kimbrel couldn't close it out.

I was listening to a little of TMac on the radio today and I wish he stuck with college basketball. I would say he is at least average and probably even a bit better than that while genuinely seeming like he enjoys calling those games a bit more.

Agree that T-Mac should stick to B-ball. He's actually pretty good in that venue. Also, who gives a fiddler's damn about the last bullpen spot. If Cook flops early-on then there are plenty of other options.

Despite the short season and lower caliber players in Spring Training it is unfortunate that no reliever thus far has taken advantage of the open spots on the 25man.

There is still more time for someone to stand out, since relief pitching itself is essentially a small sample size each year.

Do the Phillies really need a 'long-man'? I agree that a pitcher who can pitch multiple innings is needed but the Phillies should have a shuttle of fungible AAAA relievers able to move between LHV and Philly all season if some pitcher gets over extended.
I could see Horst as the option for mutliple innings. Valdes also pitched well in the majors last season but not sure if I could expect a repeat of that performance. My early guess was on Rosenberg but he has Mathieson diseass, only a straight FB that gets rocked in the majors. I am not sure if Stutes is a multiple inning guys, especially after injury.

Wait. Do I understand the theme of the thread header correctly?

John Lannan may actually be able to improve?

But he's 28 years old. According to many posters here on BL, that's impossible for a pitcher that age.

Charlie may indeed be a lame duck, but he says that he wants to continue managing beyond this year. As a fan, I hope he manages like he means that.

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