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Friday, February 01, 2013


Millwood's no-hitter was one of those "I remember where I was when it happened" moments.

Kennedy Assassination
9/11 attacks
Millwood No-Hitter

Pretty much sums it up for such events, Bonehead.

Oh, sorry. I thought this was a Phillies baseball blog.

Don't be a dick.

Just teasing you man...sorry if it came off like that.

Any thoughts on Russ Canzler? I think whoever picks him up will be glad that they did.

The timing of the break in the posts encompasses the Super Bowl pregame, game, power outage, game some more, and awards ceremony.Football is over .

Time for some baseball.

Less than a week until pitchers and catchers and Michael Bourn still isn't signed. I think we are well past the point where Boras will be able to land him a hefty contract in a place where he even has marginal interest in being,

Screw it, sign him.

Great Superbowl. Lousy Superbowl commercials. Time for baseball.

Watching a "great" Super Bowl (which I thought it was) makes me realize how every other sport pales in comparison to baseball. I'll take a three games series between Royals and Pirates in August over the Super Bowl every time.

Pitchers and Catchers can't come soon enough.

"I'll take a three games series between Royals and Pirates in August over the Super Bowl every time."


My house is powered by the same electric utility company that services the Superdome. I told my wife that it is like having your house wired for expected use, then you throw a big party and 100 people come over and plug all their energy hogging devises into your outlets and someone decides to use a hair dryer an poof! You are left in the dark. Sometimes, no check that, a lot of the time, I think Rube and Cholly are in the dark, too! Must be a power outage!

On Football: This could be the last great true "Football" Super Bowl. As the medical evidence mounts the game will likely be forced into changing. Players are saying it, commentators, even the PotUS chimed in the other week. All the hits and shocks to the body add up. Between parents not letting their kids play in HS, increased insurance costs for schools and players, and potential legislative action I just do not see a path which allows Football to remain the same.

Yeah, but it's going to be a slow process of change. Don't write the football obit yet.

They've already changed the rules significantly when it comes to hitting defenseless receivers, etc. Now if defenders could actually learn to tackle correctly instead of lead with their head, there'd probably be a lot less issues. That'll take time though as you have an entire generation of players who learned to tackle by leading with their helmet.

Hockey has just as many concussion issues as football and you dont hear anyone saying the NHL is finished. They'll figure somethign out.

Schweitzer: "Any thoughts on Russ Canzler? I think whoever picks him up will be glad that they did."

Really? Why do you think that?

clout and WS, Canzler was claimed by the Yankees.

NEPP, the easy thing to do in football is to go back to soft (or softer) helmets so they cannot use the helmet as a weapon.

Being an ex-college player, I can tell you that the helmet is used as such by players, sometimes despite how they are coached.

The interesting thing is that IIRC the data tell us that since they went to hard helmets, spinal and neck injuries have increased and head injuries have not decreased. (That probably has something to do with the size, strength and speed of players increasing with the resultant greater impacts.) It's been bad all around.

If I were a parent today I would not let my kid play football.

I played for 11 years and still feel it every day.

Canzler was a 30th round pick who can't run or field, but had a Darrin Ruf-lite season in Triple A in 2011 and won MVP. He was also 2 years older than everyone else and is now heading into his age 27 season and his third straight year of Trip A.

He did not make tools-loving BA's Top 30 Indians prospect list last season, coming off his big year, nor did he make sabermetric-loving Sickels' Top 20 despite a slash line of .314/.401/.530

Last season, his numbers went backwards, so he has no prayer of making anyone's list this year. He may get a cup of coffee some day on a team with lots of injuries, but his ceiling is as a Triple A depth guy.

On Prospects: I read a study of draft picks between 1987 and 2001 and their eventual careers. Of all the players in all the drafts in those years, 42% never even get a cup of coffee in The Show. Only 24% become a regular starter for at least a few years. Of first round draft picks, 61% never earn a starting job. (bench or platoon at best)

With that in mind, I'd expect maybe 3 of those 11 prospects in the Lee trades to make it as regulars on the Major League level for at least a few years.

Canzler was signed by the Yanks on 1/4/13. He was released by the Yanks on 2/4/13 after they signed Travis Hafner.

Despite the fact that Canzler is a somewhat local guy (Berwick), this is probably te extent of discussion Russ Canzler deserves on BL.

Good luck Russ, I'm sure some team can use a first baseman for their AAA affiliate.

Keith Law ranks the Phillies' system 27th among all teams.

/obligatory "Keith Law hates the Phillies" garbage/

He says: "Their highest-ranked prospect on my top 100 (no team was shut out entirely) is the lowest of any team's highest-ranked prospect. They do, however, have a number of intriguing, high-risk guys from low-A on down, especially on the pitching side."

If there's a positive, it's that the Braves and Nats are only a few spots ahead, at 20 and 21, respectively.

Of course, that's largely a function of those teams having a bunch of young talent at the major-league level, but whatever. Take whatever positive you can at this point.

Sounds pretty accurate for a rating to be honest.

Sickels rated the Phils system 20th.

I suppose it depends on how much you like their young pitching. No one likes their position players.

I'd imagine that almost all the ranking systems will put us in that 20-27 range...and its probably pretty accurate.

"Despite the fact that Canzler is a somewhat local guy (Berwick), this is probably te extent of discussion Russ Canzler deserves on BL."

That's the main reason I asked. He went to Hazleton Area High, so he's a bit of a minor celeb around here. Every signing/release is on the front page of the Times Leader and Standard Speaker.

You'd be hard pressed to find anyone that would rank the Phils farm system higher than 20th. That seems *really* optimistic to me.

I think 27th may be a bit low, but it does come down to how much you like the arms.

I can't really pass judgment on whether the Phils should be ranked 20th or 27th or somewhere in between because I just don't know the farm systems of other teams the way I do the Phillies' system.

I know that the Phillies' system isn't particularly good.

Its not even that we have a weak farm system, its that we have aging lineup AND a week farm system...and a ton of money locked up in those aging players. That's a pretty crappy combination to have.

downright depressing. but it won't kill my ravens buzz, and the mvp success of fellow blue hen, joe flacco.

Keith Law made it a point to say how disappointing ML farm systems as a whole are right now.

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