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Sunday, February 24, 2013


It sounded like Gillies and Inciarte impressed defensively, too.

Inciarte's AVG and OBP sit at 1.000. I wonder what he needs to do to make a case for himself successfully.

I would think Inciarte's avg and obp would have to stay at 1.000 for him to make the team.

I heard DOM's HR was deep. Alburquerque is a known fireballer, might have caught up to one.

JC Ramirez que pasa where are thou!

Wait, there's a guy named "Al Alburquerque"? That's a nickname, or a fictional/video game player's name, at best.

Dear Beerleaguer staff,

You can change the header on the website to read "Phillies 2013" now. Let us all put 2012 in our rear view mirrors.

e: I am chastened.

Really wanted Hunter. It's a shame they couldn't lure him here.

***Torii Hunter told Jim Salisbury of CSNPhilly that the Phillies were the first team to contact him this winter, and that he considered signing here***

He least not with good defense. He would have been a great fit for one of the corners though.

FWIW, the posts are down a bit in the pre-season. Beyond that, the anxiety that the Phils won't do well this season is palpable... sniping abounds. Yikes...

After waiting 143 days, I missed the first 2 games. Anyone report on how Howard looked running on those 2 doubles?

Two games into Spring Training and the BL team looks very shaky. There has been a distinct lack of negative leadership, not near enough over-analysis and unnecessary criticism, a dearth of "the sky is falling" commentary and very few hyperbolic declarations based on an extremely small sample size. Looks like yet another last place finish for the BL team, Mel.

Al Albuquerque? No you're thinking of Kid New York. He fought out of Philly. He was killed in the ring in Houston. By Tex Colorado. You know, the Arizona Assassin.

OK, so Halladay looked good, Howard can still hit RHP and Chase Utley is actually running, working out and playing in games.

So far, so good.

Murph wrote this in today's paper:

Also, it seems the vets on teh team disagree with the DPat's of the world about whether the team can contend:

"A lack of leadership is not what kept the Blue Jays from the playoffs during Halladay's decade-plus in Toronto. The culprit was a lack of talent. Last season, the Phillies had a mortal flaw in the bullpen and, for half of the year, two gaping holes in the clubhouse that Howard and Chase Utley used to fill. This year, Utley has already played in more Grapefruit League games than in 2011 and '12 combined, while Howard looks nothing like the shell of a slugging first baseman who showed up to camp last spring after an offseason spent waiting for a surgically repaired Achilles' to heal.

The vibe you get from the vets would not exist if they did not feel they had the talent to contend. That vibe is one part unfinished business and one part belief that said business can be finished."

What scares Torii Hunter more, a Halladay cutter or the idea of a gay teammate?

Scotch Man, did Hunter make some comment about that? I must have missed it.

Nice to hear the Phils were aggressive with Hunter, him and Revere would have allowed DOM to cover a pretty small LF.

lore, Hunter's comments also shoot down DPat's (and others) whine about how RAJ didn't do anything to try to acquire a RH OF bat.

Mind you, I'm still displeased that they dumped Schwimer for less utility than an fungoes bat (not a sign of rational, good judgement), but how is RAJ supposed to force Hunter (or anyone else, for that matter) to sign in Philly?

I suspect they had Hunter and a few of teh other top OF bats targeted, but once they got past them and down to the more marginal (platoon type) players, they probably figured that what they had was nearly as good as was avaialble so it made no sense to overspend on a piece they already had.

"Mind you, I'm still displeased that they dumped Schwimer for less utility than an fungoes bat "

I hadn't noticed you felt that way.

rolo --

Small correction: once they got past the top OF bats, they signed Delmon Young.

I just watched the phillies ~3min highlight on with Scott Palmer. They showed every scoring play possible except DOM's HR. Violation.

I noticed that too lore. Seems kind of odd.

I am in awe that Schwimmer is still being brought up in posts. Who cares.

Are they facing a LH today? Dom and Ben r on bench.

Seems a bit more upside-friendly than most, which is welcome:

Hopefully the Toronto fans will learn to spell his name correctly at least. However, I think its time to get on with the Schwimer trade and talk Phillies baseball.

How many 'Looking Good' have the various players had so far?

I think Halladay and Howard are in the lead with 1 each.

So people were up in arms about Schwimer being dealt huh? At least about the return they got for him?

I really don't care. I get that the value they got wasn't good but the guy was a jerkoff and I don't have time for those. At least not jerkoffs who haven't proven themselves.

Anytime I hear of Dom hitting a bomb I get giddy. I want him to make it so badly.

MLB odds came out today:

Every sports book has the Phils right around 83-84 wins with the 'Over' at pretty negative odds and the 'Under' at Even.

I really like the 83.5 as an over but the payout outs suck at -130. If that was -115 or -110, I would be all over it. Need to look around a bit more.

I have seen the Phils as low as 15:1 to win the WS and as high as 20:1. Basically between 8-12.

Since Schwimer was more likely than not to only provide negative value to the Phillies big league club, getting a guy in return for him who'll never make the big league club is actually an improvement of sorts.

Good to see some optimistic views on Austin Wright. 6'4 230lb lefties with mid 90s fastballs don't grow on trees. Excited to see if he can make the jump to AA with success as a starter.

Up in arms? Nah. Just hate the Phils trading away something that might have some value for essentially nothing especially when the Phils don't actually have a bunch of RHP relievers at AA and above who are MLB-caliber pitchers right now.

MG, I hear you. They do seem to be lefty heavy in the arms department and Schwimer wasn't in that group.

New thread.

Personally if I was setting an over/under for this team it would be 84.5/85. If they can come out of the gate with a healthy team, I think they are somewhere between a 86-90 win team.

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