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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Well... small observation, but I think mid-game new threads are counter-productive. Just hoping that doesn't run into the regular season.

Man, I love the names of some of these Twins players. "Brian Dinkelman replaces right fielder Chris Parmelee."

If Brown breaks Maris's single season homerun record, it won't matter how many errors this team has.

no less than 1 thread header per DOM xbh sounds fair to me.

ST stats don't mean anything. Unless, of course, they are negative ones.

KAS -- It won't. It's the spring, when in-game observations are more important than the final score or result. Obviously won't be the case during the season.

Mike G -- While everyone here will agree, the only time Brown had a productive, full camp, he also had his best year as a pro.

He hasn't started a season off without injury or a complete change to his swing since 2010.

We need at least a couple of pure game chats during ST. Beerleaguers need to hone their skills for the regular season also. lol

Corey, does a new bat grip for Dom count as a complete change in his swing? BL gloom & doomers will start coming out in droves.

DeFratus has a golden opportunity to earn a bullpen spot out of spring training. He is certainly not making the most of that opportunity so far.

I did find the new thread mid-game a bit disruptive, but I'm where I have zero access to the game so today is just like any other winter's day, therefore the new thread is not a big deal. Besides, the thread content was good reading material for me.

Wow, a really disappointing outing for De Fratus... and it's not exactly against the cream of the Twins crop (which isn't exactly creamy anyway). Five hitters reached base before the final out was hit all the way to the wall.

Lake Fred: You can be like me and watch the Gameday update with 1, 3, or 4-pitch PAs every time.

It's ever so much fun.

Corey, I was talking in general terms not about Dom specifically. My remark was meant to be sarcastic.

Dom reached base in every plate appearance today with two walks, a double and an error (originally scored a hit).

Corey, you also best be prepared with a cache of unique Game Thread header photos. After all, that's what makes Beerleaguer Beerleaguer (well, than and endless strawmen arguments, insults, and Kyle Kendrick K/9 banter...).

Re: Game Thread advice- It's also important to make sure that the game thread graphic does not jinx the team.

BJ Rosenberg doing his best De Fratus impersonation. First two Twins reach base on a walk and then a double.

philibuster: i would ditch the italics, you are begging to leave one open and screw up the whole thread.

Lore: I'm pretty careful about that sort of thing, since I only post with a full keyboard rather than on a phone or tablet.

Also, it's easy to fix. Unless it's the last word of the post, I would know instantly that I was short a close tag, and could close it in an immediate follow-up post.

FWIW, I can fix an open italics post anyway so its not a major deal if someone does it (as annoying as it is). The fix is pretty simple too...FWIW

Only one answer to the bad defense guys: me! Unfortunately, I can only play Gold Glove at one position at a time, you know?

Michael Martinez, you know you can do better than that. I fully expect you to play all 3 positions up the middle at the same time, because your legs are so explosive.

But only when you're not pitching.

For those wondering why Ruf wasn't playing today, Gelb tweets this:

Charlie Manuel said Darin Ruf had some arm soreness as a result of the position switch. Ruf said he expects to play tomorrow. He is 0 for 9.

He did play today. He made 2 outs in 2 ABs.

Whoops! Make that 1 out in 1 AB.

You know who has to feeling a bit relieved? Stutes. Another day, another game where guys competing for the last spot or two in the pen get smoked.

I was surprised to see that Valle was back in the lineup today after that fractured finger he suffered recently. He's still on the 40-man roster and neither Quintero or Lerud are. Wonder if the Phils will give him a shot to win the backup job until Chooch comes back.

Maybe a bit of a youth movement including taking Galvis over Betancourt (who committed his first of what I am sure will be many errors this year ).

If Babe Ruf doesn't start hitting soon he's going to make Charlie's final outfield decisions real easy.

Phillibuster: Well, he didn't play the field. And the initial comment on this point seemed to suggest Charlie wasn't playing Ruf because he had given up on him. Just wanted to add information that explained why Ruf didn't start today.

"If Mini Mart breaks the Mendoza Line, it won't matter how many errors this team has."

Fixt, dudes!

MG: To be fair, Galvis didn't want Betancourt to feel bad, so he committed one too.

MG: Would there be enough to be gained by having Valle as the backup catcher for a month? How much action would he see?

I think he's getting spring training action as a showcase. He's among the top trade bait the Phils have left.

This tweet from Heyman frightens me a bit:

word is kip wells looked good throwing for #phillies people tuesday. had good breaking ball & changeup.


What would we possibly we looking at him for? After not pitching in the majors since 2009, Wells managed a 1.634 WHIP and walked more hitters than he struck out in 7 starts for Padres last year.

Dragon - it's 5 games. If D. Young is going to start the season on the DL, the other OF I can see possibly making the roster is Inciarte but his bat plays poorly if the Phils needs a power RH bat off the bench.

MG: Right. If D. Young is DLed, as expected, the 5 OFs will be Revere, Brown, Mayberry, Ruf and Nix. I don't really see the Rule 5 guy making the roster unless one of those 5 guys gets hurt or Ruf is a complete mess at the plate and in the field.

Dinkleman left American Idol for a chance to play for the Twins. That's an upgrade IMO.

Lake Fred (from the last thread): thanks for the kind words. you made my day, too! Covington's best year was 1958 as a Mil. Brave. Phils got him in 1961 after he played part of that year for the Braves, White Sox and Athletics, still getting 165 ABs here. '63 year was his Phillie best, BA avg .303 w/ 17 HRs. Dom should like this quote:

"What someone else says about me being a bad outfielder doesn't bother me. I've heard it all before. They don't pay outfielders for what they do with the glove." - Wes Covington in Crossing The Line: Black Major Leaguers, 1947-1959

Kip Wells this year's Scott Elarton? Suddenly Rodrigo Lopez has some upside.

Wow! Bullit that is a great (most likely very obscure) quote from Wes Covington! It is also very true. What part of Ryan Howard's Big Piece salary is for his!

KAS: Yeah, I gotcha. I figure Ruf has shown he's pretty hapless in the field, however. If he only had Burrel's skill-set in the outfield he'd be a no-brainer, but he doesn't seem to have that yet...

As for the bat side, we'll have to see. I've only been able to watch a few of his ABs, and they haven't looked good, but it's early in ST yet.

re: Kip Wells, I would figure the team is just doing due diligence on a guy who doesn't even have a MiLB deal yet. Maybe doing him a favor by making a little noise about him to see if he can catch on somewhere else.

here's a good pic of wes in his stance:

bullit, thanks for the links. That'll be one of my nothing better to do internet searches, to find a good photo of wes Covington's batting stance.

ST stats don't mean anything. Unless, of course, they are negative ones.

Posted by: Mike G | Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 03:34 PM

If you're referring to the defensive stats posted, I don't care if it's spring training, the regular season, postseason or winter ball.

It's friggin' defense. You can either play it or you can't.

Stats dont matter one bit in ST...but seeing how a guy approaches an AB and how they look does. Brown looks good at the plate the first week.

Brown realizing his potential goes a long way towards the window staying open in 2013. Lets all hope he does.

Let's not forget beyond 2013, as well.

****I don't really see the Rule 5 guy making the roster unless one of those 5 guys gets hurt or Ruf is a complete mess at the plate and in the field.****

Outside of me throwing out Ender's Game references non-stop, there is nothing that Ender Inciarte brings to the table that isn't already covered by Mayberry's presence on the 25 man. Inciarte is a speedy defense first CF guy. Mayberry covers that.

Regardless of his own rare error today, every error this team makes in Spring Training greatly enhances Galvis's chances of being the super utility guy come opening day.

I think Betancourt is playing himself into an early cut from the ST squad. But oh well, he wont be missed. Much rather have Galvis as the 25th man/super utility IF than Betancourt.

Odds are he'll get 300 PA regardless so it wont kill his development.

There is no chance at all that Valle is the backup catcher. None.

If he was, he'd have a real shot at being the first guy to have zero walks in a season with regular playing time.

I'm going to predict that someone is either injured or demoted and Inciarte makes the team.

I've only seen him in one at bat so far, but he took more pitches in that one at bat than Placido Polanco took in both hitches with the Phillies.

I suppose that will make the literal minded guys here crazy. Yes, it's hyperbole.

aksmith, it's a good thing you said it was hyperbole.

I was THIS close to compiling the data.

The Wes Covington discussion was the BL highlight of the day.
So many good OF from that era, it's easy to loose sight of him.
The Braves in Milwaukee were a much more likeable team then the current version and Covington had a couple of good years as a Phil.

Agreed on the Wes Covington banter. In the early 60's his was the most difficult swing to mimic. I believe he became a very successful businessman in Alberta before his death.

I missed the Covington discussion but his stance and Musial's were the two most fun ones to imitate when I was a kid.

My righty go-to stance was Frank Robinson, who was my hero anyway. I remember that Don Demeter had something unusual, but I cannot visualize it.

Bunning and Mahaffey were the pitchers I loved to imitate. I remember Mahaffey having some kind of wild whip behind his back before swooping across with that sidearn of his. Gee, I wonder why he flamed out early?

"Wes Covington ... In the early 60's his was the most difficult swing to mimic."

You have no idea. At a young boy in the DR, he was my hero! It was so very difficult to learn to copy his swing successfully, but I owe everything I am at the plate to Wes!

as you can see from this covington stat page at baseball almanac, he had a very cool signature. i read he was slowed due to a korean war leg injury. otherwise he might have been a full-time player. in the low minors, as a teammate of hank aaron, wes was projected to be the better player. he was more muscular and aaron was still a stringbean. interestingly, he wore #43 to hank's #44.

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