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Thursday, January 17, 2013


This is an interest experiment with a longer post. Not sure I like it.

There are plenty of instances of guys who began as defensive liabilities, but worked their butts off to become adequate defenders. George Brett being one of the best examples.

Here's to hoping.

Does anyone want to set the over/unders for Asche's 2013 season? I am feeling too cynical about his potential to do so myself.

I think 'september call up' is probably the wrong title for this article considering the Phils gave up Worley for an aging 3b with bounce-back potential.. unless the team is underwater at that point. I think the expanded wild card puts us in playoff contention regardless. I like the long format, I don't mind reading and I enjoyed all the pull quotes.

I'd lay down an over-under for Asche but I've never seen the kid hit... only read about him.

Long-time reader, 1st time poster.. i'll play the optimist

The Phillies didn't trade Worley for Young. They traded Lindbomb and Lisalberto Bonilla for him.

Chubby Reptile, even if Young has a good year, AND the team is in contention, AND Asche hits well at AAA, you would want to bring him up if only for pinch-hitting and the dreaded double switch.

Keep being optimistic, my friend.

Nice post on Asche. It's good hearing someone in the organization talking about him. Of course, he's not likely to be candid about the down sides of Asche, but a good read nonetheless. I'd expect to see Asche by September unless he bombs this year.

Nice post with quotes from the manager. As for the debate on whether he can be a Spetember call up...does it even matter? I mean, Brian Bocock was a September call up.

If you can ignore all of this Manti Teo news, you'll notice that the Phillies just signed an international FA Sidd Finch. He's a RHP and is said to hit triple digits with his fastball.

Lorecore: Did the Mets waive him? I thought he had 10-5 rights?

And I thought the mercurial Sidd had become a player/manager in Japan after his brilliant career ended so abruptly and sadly with the independent League Newark Bears.

How can we ever forget the SI cover story that exposed this once-in-a-lifetime phenom?!

Thanks for the update, lorecore.

lore and norbert, I heard that they've also made inquiries about Toe Nash.

Nice write up, I hope Asche turns himself into something useful for the big club.

I know clout bait when I see it. But if jbird says he "can't miss" I'm on board.

Conservative prediction of Cody Asche in AAA in 2013:

120 G, .475 AVG/.742 OBP/1.502 OPS, 57 HR, 42 2B, 10 3B, 175 RBI

my original post was going to be, ". . . but clout tells me he's not a prospect"... but I thought it to be unnecessarily provocative. Apparently I was wrong.

And I've never said "can't miss". I think Asche has a shot at being a league average 3b. Which, I think would be great. His chances of making that mark are, like any player who hasn't established himself in the majors already, relatively low.

I think Cody has better triples speed than that, but I understand you want to keep your prediction conservative.

"I know it can seem like some of us are just praising everything Rizzo does, and so I understand why people are fighting back on it. But he just happens to be doing a lot of good things. I have no reason to be biased one way or the other. It just seems like they're making a whole series of smart moves. I wish I didn't think so, but I do"

Well, Rizzo has done a few things that were inarguably great. The Gio trade/extension, the Ramos trade. Those were great moves made at the right time that will boost the franchise for years to come.

But many of the moves he's made are certainly up for debate, specifically ones he made this off-season. Those debates have been exhausted and there's no need to re-hash them. But certain people consistently align with Rizzo, going the whole way back to the Strasburg when the declared him "brave" and "courageous" for sitting him. That's when it started getting weird. And now it's just flat-out obvious.

Even when he's made moves that are obvious overpays, the excuse is made that is doesn't matter, because the team is really good, so who cares? And sure, Haper and Strasburg were there for him to draft two years in a row, but he still managed to draft them, so who cares? Well, anyone that wastes their time posting on this site to analyze things objectively should care. The excuses made for Rizzo on those grounds, by the way, are the same excuses that people had no time for when it was Amaro making the careless, 'because-he-can' type of moves. The difference is pretty telling.

I remember when I was younger I went through a phase when my parents couldn't do anything right, and no matter what they did, it p*ssed me off. Conversely, I'd go to visit friends and think, 'God, I wish my parents were like them. Look how much better off they are!' I would lament to my friends how cool their parents were and asked if they would adopt me.

Of course, I was 7 or 8 years old at the time. I eventually grew up.

Can we all admit the following 3 things?

1) Rizzo has made more than a few moves that have helped the Nats in the immediate and will help in years to come
2) Rizzo has made choices through his tenure that are very much up for debate, and many of those choices have yet to reveal themselves as correct or incorrect
3) Rizzo was handed a situation that most GMs would dream of, and most of the current core of the team was built before he was given complete control of the franchise

I don't think any of those three points are unreasonable, nor do they vindicate anyone's opinion on Rizzo.

iceman: i didn't think kids got surly that early.

Rizzo is a better GM than he was a mayor.

lol. less incendiary.

Like the article. Good work. And yes I am sure Wathan will not publicly discuss Asche's faults.

I'd like to see Asche stay in AA while Phillies sign another 'some guy' for minor league 3B. With Young being handed the major league job I am not sure the Phillies can convince an ex-big leaguer to accept a minor league deal at 3B. But I'd like to see Phillies get a 3B/PH lefty hitter type to take the 25th roster spot, leaving Frandsen as the only middle infielder since Young could slide over as well.

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