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Sunday, December 23, 2012


Glad to see JW back, I also saw Bocock and Carpenters signed elsewhere and knew right away that was new thread material.

Prediction: Bocock is going to get his first Major League hit in four years off the Phillies, and it will be a walk-off.

A return to the BL tradition of following catching depth. Thanks JW.
Appreciate this site, and judging by the late hour, you're putting in some OT .

Keep checking here to see if Ruben made one of his patented splashy moves. Maybe there won't be one this year.

Jason Kubel has emerged as a trade candidate and would fit in well with the Phillies.

Limo~ Doesn't look like it does it? There wont be one via the FA market that's for sure. Via trade? Don't think so. He going with the outfielders he got, sad to say.

DPat, perhaps so.

Am I the only one that isn't in love with the Revere trade so far? I am of course willing to let Revere go out on the field of play and prove that he was worth it and the Lannan signing helped me feel better about it because they came up with a credible substitute for Worley there.

I am trying to think of past deals about which I was skeptical and turned out ok. Maybe JW will do a thread about the best and worst deals in Phillies history or the ones that looked bad at first but turned out well or the ones that looked good but didn't pan out in the long run.

I loved the revere trade because it seemed to be a perfect setup for a big acquisition. But standing alone, its an OK trade. Have to keep in mind that it allows us better flexibility going forward and not just in this off season.

Wtf Amaro, you can't beat 4yr/$56m for Swisher? You suck.

Godfather: you were dead wrong.

Another sigh of relief swish to Indians. Philles keep that all important 16th pick! Rube had this plan all along. Have cash at break to make move. Or wait for spring training cut.

"We were told just to sit tight,
'Cause somebody will soon arrive.
Help is on the way.
But it never came!
It never came!"

What got Swisher to sign in Cleveland is probably that fifth-year vesting option, which is valued at $14MM and based on PAs in 2016 that should be "easily achievable" if Swisher's healthly, per MLBTR.

So what you're looking at is probably closer to 5/$70MM that 4/$56MM, which I suspect is beyond the pale in terms of years for most of Beerleaguer.

Vesting options are good things, because if swisher still warrants the playing time then he's likely playing to that level.

I'm not saying vesting options are bad. Merely that, in an off-season where the Phils' principal aim seems to be getting younger, giving a long-term deal to Swisher already probably didn't fit into the plan, and to the extent that it did, a vesting option for another year on-top of the guaranteed years would probably make it mesh even less with the plan.

Who here thinks Rube is forcing Charlie to play ball how Rube wants to play ball? i.e. Acknowledging that splits are real. He seems fed up with Charlie after that season ticket holder gathering.

Also, what's a productive and acceptable season stat wise from Halladay, Howard and Utz? Oh yeah, how come Utz chips never signed The Saint as its spoksman? It always seemed so obvious to me.

With Swisher out of the picture, and the unlikeliness that the Phils make a trade, I predict that Brown is your opening day RF, and some combination of Ruf/Nix or Mayberry/Nix is your left field platoon.

MG- I think you posted under 'Juums' in your 10:30AM post.

No, I remain your friendly neighborhood lurker who occasionally ventures out when he has a point to make that hasn't been made yet. Don't get to do that too often, given the rapidity with which things usually move.

So, really, this is the Christmas season's fault, rather than the scourge of handle-theft's.

Great choice. These players are a fortress in the field. There are reservations in some case but the opportunity is important..Success for next 2013.
Very appropriate..Great choice!!!Success for next 2013

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