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Thursday, December 27, 2012


The rumors were that he was seeking Jonny Gomes money this year. Gomes got 2/$10 million FWIW.

That's probably fairly reasonable given the inflation in the past off-season for salaries.


If Hairston joins the Phillies he'll join the ranks of Rod Barajas who killed the Phils before and after they got there but couldn't hit a beach ball while they were here. Book it. We've lived this story before.


Hairston Career Splits:

Overall: .751 OPS
vs. Phillies: 1.025 OPS

He's a team captain of the Phillies Killers

Hairston doesn't bring a damn thing to this team that it doesn't already have. Dear God, I hope this isn't being considered.

Hairston is a legit power threat...something the team lacks.

Especially from the right-side of the plate.

I dont know that he's worth it even with that upside.

Stop with the Scott Hairston stuff already.

Just stop!!!

As has been demonstrated by a number of regular posters here, he's a more expensive version of John Mayberry, Jr.

I believe RAJ entered the offseason with a plan, and did a fairly good job of navigating the marketplace (though I am on record stating I would have preferred he keep Worley).

He didn't think Upton was worth what Atlanta is paying him, so he went to Plan B and traded for a young, cost-controlled CF.

He didn't want more injury risk on the club (a wise MO), so he avoided Youkilis and traded for Young.

He knows the BP baked the poodle 30 times in 2012 when leading going into the 7th inning, so he brought in Adams at a reasonable price, and is reportedly still looking to add a BP piece.

He checked in on Hamilton (reportedly offered a 3 yr deal) and the other FA corner OF, and thought they were all too rich for the Phillies blood (though Swisher would have been a nice addition).

We can tell by the interview he gave that the FO is closely monitoring Utley, Halladay and Howard's offseason progress, and while there is always some uncertainty, they seem OK with things as they stand.

So, if we want to criticize them for failing to bring in a corner OF, fine, but IMO only one of them (Swisher) really made any sense at the price.

So, I'm OK with the moves so far (again, except for trading Worley), because RAJ has plugged some of the holes without breaking the bank and leaving the team some trade deadline flexibility - which they didn't have last season.

But if RAJ wastes money and roster space on Scott Hairston, to me, that's a move that wreaks of desperation, not a coherent strategy, because Hairston will just be another warm body in the OF, not really an upgrade.

maybe it's just me, but let's not spend money to guarantee mediocrity. i mean, we probably already have that, and for cheap

I've been in the "don't make a move just to make one" camp since I heard they weren't really in the mix for Swisher. Swisher was the only guy I wanted for a corner. Now that he received his big payday I'd rather see them stand pat and pray that something could come from the platoon although I doubt it greatly. I guess they are going for some '93 magic? Scott Hairston would just piss me off for the fact they would be adding Scott Hairston.

"Hairston is a legit power threat...something the team lacks.

Especially from the right-side of the plate."

NEPP, so is Mayberry. Hairston has hit more than 17 HR/season ONCE in his career. ONCE. You're going to bring in a guy who's going to be 33 and is a risk to decline, and pay him for that ONE career year he hit 20 HR - when you already have the same player on the roster?


Hairston, going into age 33 season
2012 - 1/19.9 PA
Career - 1/24.6 PA

Career slash line: .247/.302/.449
Career splits:
__________vs. RHP: .229/.288/.416
__________vs. LHP: .276/.325/.500

Mayberry, going into age 29 season
2012 - 1/34.2 PA
Career - 1/24.2 PA

Career slash line: .254/.313/.448
Career splits:
__________vs. RHP: .232/.302/.379
__________vs. LHP: .284/.328/.547

Jake Kaplan, you wrote:

"He would be an upgrade over John Mayberry Jr...."

Based on what I've posted above, please elaborate, because I don't see it.

It's pretty sad when I would actually prefer AAAAberry over someone but I really do prefer him over Hairston. Mayberry is a pretty solid outfielder with the ability to play all 3 spots. I can't say the same for Hairston on the defensive front and as awh has pointed out the offensive outputs of both are similar.

Has JW always allowed others to kick off threads in the offseason?

As awh said, the comments have already covered Hairston. In fact the comments had covered pretty much every topic posted this week.

It's Bleacher Report-esque crap, and if anything, is stymieing discussion rather than facilitating it.

There's little RAJ can do at this point to elevate the Phillies to another competitive level, that is, without spending far more than the FO has led everyone to believe it's willing to spend. Chatter about Hairston is likely related to his agent's efforts to wring a better deal out of the Mets. Recent analysis about platooning suggests that Brown get a chance to start every day. Let's hope Ruf pushes Mayberry in ST. Maybe we'll see some late minor moves involving the bench. It's just a guess, but I suspect the FO will be content with an 86-76 record in CM's last season. This is the price to be paid for trying to make success in the postseason as much a sure-thing as possible the last several years.

The corner outfield spots, at this point can really only be upgraded with a trade or maybe a low risk high upside deal to a guy like Sizemore which may or may not pan out. Barring that, I think we might as well roll with what we gots.

Both Hairston and Mayberry would most likely be used in a platoon type capacity if they see the starting lineup at all.

Hairston against lefties in his career:

.276/.325/.500/.825 with 39 home runs in 850 at bats

Mayberry against lefties:

.284/.328/.547/.875 with with 20 home runs in 320 at bats.

Can we please stop posting nonsense that Hairston would be an upgrade over Mayberry? Not to mention that Hairston probably costs 1.5-2 million dollars and Mayberry costs maybe 600-700,000.

Also, Hairston would not be replacing Mayberry. He would be replacing Ruf. Obviously Darin does not have a large sample to go off of but his minor league numbers indicate he can hit lefties at a pretty nice clip. Not just that but his minor league numbers show he can hit pretty well across the board even with the power being a new found plus.

Ruf costs even less than Mayberry this year. I know it won't be popular with people but see what you have in Ruf. If he completely bombs out than you make a move at the deadline for a corner outfielder who can actually have an impact instead of spending foolish money on a 33 year old coming off his highest home run output in his career.

"As has been demonstrated by a number of regular posters here, he's a more expensive version of John Mayberry, Jr."

awh, this is exactly right. I even like Mayberry a bit more as a player, and I'm one of the biggest Mayberry bashers on BL. There is no point to Hairston on this team.

For the life of me, I don't know why there isn't more smoke behind the initial Kubel speculation. He would be a substantial upgrade over the terrible Laynce Nix, and would allow Mayberry to slot in where he belongs- a defensive replacement that can sub in against a LOOGY and start against LHP. Kuberry would have real 35 HR potential.

As it stands, best case scenario with Nixberry is they hit 20 HRs with a ~.750/.800 OPS with piss poor OBP. And that's the best case scenario. With Nix, it's doubtful the best case scenario will play out. Neither one of them should be starting more than 25-30% of the time, and they'll be getting 100% of the starts between them.

Keep calling Towers and don't leave him alone until he gives up Kubel. He's gotta trade him. As it stands, I'd rather do jack squat and let Ruf give it a go than waste a penny on a mediocrity like Hairston. It would completely flip my opinion on what has been a very judicious and fairly creative offseason by Amaro.

Look he's gotta get somebody. But it probably isn't going to happen soon if at all.

I don't want Hairston either, but the question then becomes: If Ruf & Brown both flop, and there's probably a 40-50% chance they will, what is your solution?

Mayberry or Nix playing every day? Of course not.

So I ask again, what is your solution?

Hairston had 6 HR against the Phils because they were seemingly the only team in major league baseball that didn't know not to throw him fastballs middle-in vs. LHP. Scott Franzke was right, Hairston stinks. As has been pointed out ad nauseam, he's not enough of an upgrade (if at all) over RFD to warrant the signing. I agree with Joe D, you don't sign a guy just to sign someone.

So what do you do with corner outfield? There aren't any easy answers. Unless there's some type of trade out there, you probably just go with what you got at this point.

As far as what do you do in the corner outfield if Ruf and Brown flop? Well you hope they finish their complete flop close to the deadline and at that point you look to trade for a bat. If they do flop I can't say Scott Hairston is going to save the day.

Not going to happen.

What would flop mean? There's no way RAJ can lead this team to more wins than either WSH or ATL. At the same time, they can safely count on winning more games than both NYM and MIA. The Phillies will be a decent and sometimes dangerous third place team. If we assume that, then there's plenty of room for guys like Brown and Mayberry more or less to do statistically what they've done so far in their careers. They could even be a lot worse.

The Phillies will crush the Mets and Marlins this year, but so will the Nationals and Braves. I think it would be a mistake to assume that this team, with Halladay diminished, will be as competitive as the two teams ahead of it.

If it is, it will be because an improbable number of questions were answered positively and someone like Ruf catches the league by surprise. If that's the case, then the FO will attempt to add what is needed at the deadline. I'm not counting on it.

Frankly, I think they're marking time until the new TV deal kicks in and issues surrounding Doc and the big boys are revealed.

And if they truly suck in July, Cliff will go.

I don't see why the Phillies can't outdo the Braves.

More interesting than Hairston, at least to me, Buster Onlney posited yesterday that the Phillies should have tried to swing a deal with LA like Boston did. 1 stud (A-Gone) and 2 bad contracts (Crawford & Beckett) for a couple ok prospects. He thought the Phillies should have packaged Lee, Howard, & Papelbon. Putting aside whether or not the Dodgers would want to make that trade, would the Phillies have been in a better spot this offseason? The team would almost have to have turned around and spent about the same amount of money on Hamilton, Greinke, & Soriano, right? Seems unlikely the team would go into a full, multi-year rebuild with Utley, Halladay, Hamels, & Rollins still on the roster making big bucks.

I would never count this core group out, and I can see them pushing the Braves. But they're entering the season with too many questions, certainly more than the Braves have and more than RAJ can address with his current budget. I think they've decided to go with what they have and will hope for the best.

I think a Howard, Halladay, & bullpen bounceback with a full season from Utley gets this group into the 90-ish win area. I'm not bullish on the moves the Braves have made this offseason.

What have the Braves done that would make it impossible to win more games than them this year (lost Bourn, Chipper and Hanson and added BJ and Walden - am I missing something that put them into the realm of unbeatable)?

"If Ruf & Brown both flop, and there's probably a 40-50% chance they will, what is your solution?"

clout, I've thought about that (I think everyone has).

My solution "would" have been to sign Swisher at a reasonable price, but that ship has sailed.

The point of my post was that Hairston is not the solution either, because he sucks against RHP as badly as does Mayberry.

I've posted this before, but they should be checking into Grady Sizemore, and though he's slowed down recently, a MiL or split contract for Juan Rivera might be a better bet than Hairston because he has good lifetime L/R splits (haven't checked recent seasons). He could be as much of a bounce back candidate as Vernon Wells, and a whole lot cheaper.

There are a few other FA options out there, so Hairston ain't the last word.

My guess is that the FO is just as uncomfortable unloading its stars as it is tanking several seasons in order to get better draft picks. Let's face it: budget constraints are a business decision. They could spend more, but choose not too. It's possible for the time being they're reverting to the mindset that didn't demand success in the playoffs but was satisfied with being competitive. They're still scratching their heads over not winning a WS in either 2010 or 2011. If they had won a second WC, then they could finish in 2nd or 3rd for a season or two and still rake in the cash. But now what?

On the Braves, Bourne is overrated, a second half dud. Hanson was obviously expendable. Jones was probably an impediment, as Schmidt was in 1989. Adding Upton offsets the loss of Bourne and compensates for the loss of Chipper's power. Better bullpen. More power. Younger.

Scott Hairston is arguably the best corner outfielder available. Would acquiring Hairston make the Phillies a better team?


Look he's gotta get somebody.


Look he's gotta get somebody.


Sorry for the double.

Agreed, pass on Hairston and reevaluate in July.

Offseason is in a big lull right now, GM's seem to be waiting out all of the relievers until their demands come down. Once you see guys start going for 1 year deals, then I think the Phlis will be back in the news.

Until then we're just counting down the days.

That's Michael Bourn, not Jason Bourne.

Then it's settled, no SH. JK is shrewd. He knew this thread would be about JMJ and hopes and dreams.

In 100x more important news than anything about Scott Hairston, the Phillies have chnaged the design on their 2013 Batting Practice hats.

Blue stitiching around the cap is now red on red. Red brim is now blue.

Why? Because presently he doesn't have enough offense coming from the outfield positions the that's why. Yes there's plenty of potential. But none of the outfielders they have except Revere are starting players. I can't say it enough. A double platoon will not work. Maybe Hairston's not the answer. I don't know.

But I know they need more than what they've got. They need to get Marcum and Howell too.

The Phils supposedly have 3 aces. If they pitch like aces, the Phils will be right there. Adams and Papelbon will need to pitch very well also. I am among those who think the Phils will swing a deal at the trade deadline for another bat if they think it's what they need to put themselves in the playoffs and contend for a championship.

The best player still on the market is Michael Bourn, and as currently constructed, not even he would help the Phillies.

His value is exclusively tied to speed and CF defense. Even if the Phils were to acquire him, moving either him or Revere to a corner OF spot still wouldn't help the team overall.

There is not one single FA left that would improve this team offensively. You either have to trade for offense, or use whatever money left in FA to improve pitching. I don't see any other options left.

The Phil's have two aces, two guys who were recently No. 6 starters, a major question mark with RH and a rookie No. 6. Only Hamels and Lee have nothing to prove.

It might be interesting see what bats might be available come July....

Actually I take that back. You can improve the bench by signing Ronny Cedeno as a utility infielder to replace Freddy Galvis.

The organization should allow Galvis to play a full year in AAA and hope he can improve his plate discipline so one day he may actually become a useful player.

Signing Cedeno gives you a guy who can cover SS while at least giving you a OBP% around .300 as compared to Gavlis' .250

Patrone: I don't think a double platoon will work in today's game. Nor do I think the Phils will go with one. Nor do I think they should.

Granted, you don't know what you'll get out of LF or RF as currently constructed. But you do know what you'll get out of Hairston. And it is definitely not enough to significantly upgrade this team offensively. As others have pointed out, Hairston does not give the Phils much more than Mayberry. Hairston, too, is not an "everyday player." He will play against LHP, and he is no better against LHP than Mayberry. There is no need for Hairston.

Signing him would fall into the "making moves for the sake of making moves" category which I absolutely despise.

Since Scott Boras seemingly screwed another client, I would be willing to give Bourn the patented I-screwed-up-so-take-a-one-year-deal-to-drive-up-your-value-and-we'll-try-free-agency-again-next-year one year deal (at relatively low dollars) should that option present itself. He at least brings something to the team -- speed and defense -- that the remaining FAs don't.

It would have to be the right deal, of course.

It was a crappy FA market that then got way expensive.

Rube did the right thing.

See who emerges out of the platoons as solid starters (BOTH Ruf and Brown, I hope--but I think we can realistically expect one or the other to) and see how the season unfolds.

As everyone knows and is forever posting, it will come down to Doc, Utley, and Howard, and we need 2 of those three to be back in something like good form to compete with the big boys. No reason it can't happen.

To further clarify:

Signing Bourn would essentially say that you have zero faith in the corners to provide any power, so any power lost is negligible.

My hypothetical deal for Bourn, again, would have to be for low dollars.

Neither side will admit it, but the Phillues won't be cooperating with Boras anytime soon. Least of all will they participate in his one-year-now-more-later strategies. I doubt Bourn was ever a serious consideration, because of Boras.

R Bill~ I certainly agree with your last post. But if he doesn't do more this off-season, I fear it won't matter come July.

Now as I said yesterday, if they're in it, I'd certainly be patient enough with RAJ to pull of a great deadline deal for us. But in my mind (screwed up as it may be). They're not good enough right now.

With the moves he's made they're only marginally better. He's banking on his aging injured core to get healthy and come back to form. He's got a great 'pen, but arguably the rotation may be very slightly weaker. CF defense is great, but OF offense is a big ?.

If the offense doesn't come through, it won't matter how well we pitch.

The Phil's spent and traded themselves into a corner trying to win a second WS during 2010-2012. It was a great try. Surely they factored transition years into their long-range plans, but they will not admit publicly that they're willing to sacrifice a season or two while they learn who is healthy, who will be managing, who from the minor leagues can contrubute and how much more money they'll have to spend. A lot has to go right in order for them to compete for a second wild card. If it does, then RAJ has left some financial room to maneuver in July.

RR: stop making stuff up

They could sign Bourn cheap and then trade Revere for a cheap 4/5 starter...someone like Worley on Minnesota. I heard he's decent.

Roger that!

Watch us sign Bourn and Slide Revere over.. Instead of winning with power.. We win with Speed and Defense..

I wish they would trade for Kubel..

"So I ask again, what is your solution?"

Trade for Kubel.

Bourn would be good. Would help our defense, give us more speed and even adds a little power. Amaro has a lot of leverage and needs to use it. With Howell and Marcum, we'll just be slightly behind the Nats.

"I'd rather do jack squat and let Ruf give it a go than waste a penny on a mediocrity like Hairston. It would completely flip my opinion on what has been a very judicious and fairly creative offseason by Amaro."


If Rube didn't want to part with his first round pick for Swisher on a reasonable contract, he's certainly not going after Bourn.

4:29 Post was not me. Here we go again.

dpatrone: "[Bourn] even adds a little power"

Unless you somehow think the Phils will send Revere to bench, Bourn does not add any power whatsoever.

sorry dpat, should have known, that post doesn't look like your style at all.

Lore Like I said 4:29 post was not me. With getting Revere Bourn is not a fit for this team.

No problem. Right though not my style.

Seriously though, do we have the pieces for Kubel?. I'd take his bat in a heartbeat, even though he's LH

RR: Good post earlier about the 2010-2012 run. Selling at the trade deadline and the offseason so far has been an extreme shift from the earlier seasons.

However, the sacrifices made in the past have yet to impact the present. None of the younger players lost have produced anything at the MLB level that the Phils have missed out on, and even with big money to their older players, from all accounts the Phils still had a considerable amount of $$ to spend this FA (albeit on multiple positions).

After this season and beyond, my above points may no longer hold true, but as far as the present - none of the Phillies moves to help their teams win a WS in the past have set back their upcoming season.

I disagree with lorecore that Bourn wouldn't add value to the team.

At this point though, I think he does have two suitors in Seattle and Texas that will pay up and prevent some fantasy scenario of him being able to be had at a bargain price. And at this point, that's all Amaro's going to pay. And if he did 4-40 with Bourn, my immediate question would be, why the hell didnt he then go 4-56 with Swisher?

DPat- given the poor value Towers has gotten in other trades he's made this off-season, and how he now is all but forced to move Kubel, I can't imagine that Amaro would have to shell out to get Kubel if he takes on his salary.

I would hope he do it Ice. Hope he's working on it.

iceman: Hypothetically if the Phils have bourn, regardless of contract/$$/etc:

You think a Bourn/Revere/platoon OF is better than a Revere/whoever else OF?

Revere or Bourn as a corner OF is worse than any of our platoons in my mind.

Also, I agree that we should look at Kubel. Towers has made some very weird trades, you'd have to at least try to see what you can get away with when asking for Kubel.

Kubel is OK, but he's as bad as Andre Ethier against LHP.


My question is this: Are there any other FA outfield bats available that don't have severe L/R splits?

I posted above that Juan Rivera is still out there, but he's really declined the last couple of seasons so who knows what he's capable of doing.

Bill Hall, ditto.

DeRosa is probably finished as a MLB player.

Darnell Mcdonald's best days look to be over.

Ryan Raburn put u pa .285/.348/.498 line in '09/'10. Anybody know anything about him?

Delmon Young looks to still have a little pop in his bat. Is his head really that far gone?

Then there's the group of Nyjer Morgan, Jeff Baker, and Ryan Sweeney (who's only 28), but can they still play?

Ben Francisco redux, anyone? Anyone?

We could force Pat Burrell out of retierement... Bring back Francisco? Both right handed..

I would love Kubel.. Who cares if he's left handed!!

"Who cares if he's left handed!!"

YOU will when they bring a LOOGY in late in the game to face him and he looks like a AAAA player.

awh- on my phone right now so I can't go back and find this easily, but I posted a Mayberry/Kubel platoon's potential numbers this past Saturday and it would theoretically be over .500 combined slugging, between .850-.900 combined OPS and between 35-40 HRs. Obviously most platoons don't work out as ideally in reality as the stat sheets say they would, but realistically those two could give you close to (or even slightly more) than you'd expect from Swisher offensively.

Some wouldn't want to pay a prospect and 7.5 million for a guy that would start 65-70% of the time, but for me, the prospect of getting Nix out of the routine OF mix for a legit thumper is worth that price. And it puts Mayberry in his ideal role- PH/LOOGY specialist, defensive replacement, spot starter vs LHP.

lorecore/agreed about the prospects, although we might be looking at Gose in CF now instead of having traded Worley for Revere. Then there's D'Arnaud. But these aren't criticisms at all. Hats off to the FO for trying to make a second WS happen!

lorecore- I know I'm probably alone in this, but I think Bourn/Revere in CF/LF is better than throwing Nixberry out there.

At this point I'm resigned to the obvious fact that they are going to give Brown a full-time OF job, and I'm resigned to the fact that that's probably the right decision. So right now one of the corners is going to be played in 65/70% of the time by Laynce Nix. Thats absolutely nauseating to me. Nix is the closest thing you can get to a player that presents no value (Wigginton holds that standard) and he is going to get the lion's share of the PT at a traditional power position on a team with a $170 million dollar payroll. That's a failure by the FO and they should be embarrassed if he is the opening day starter for this team without being forced there by some catastrophic injury.

If they are going to concede to LH being a liability, if you could get Bourn for a steal (say 3/30), then I'd rather them just double down on speed and defense. Admittedly I don't know where Revere would be better suited- RF or LF (neither are obviously ideal)- but put both of them in the OF and have them chase everything down and give Brown only a postage stamp-sized ground to cover. On offense, you have 90-100 SBs in two players (not including Rollins who will hopefully give them 25-30) and two veritable table setters. Put Bourn at the top of the order, Revere at #8 and let them go nuts.

You'd be conceding to having no power, but literally anything short of mini Mart out there would be better than Nixberry and Laynce Nix in the middle of the order 70% of the time. I wasted time defending Nix being kept over Schierholtz because MG has some weird thing against him, but he SUCKS. I'd rather have value in speed and defense at two positions than no speed, no defense, no plate discipline, and a little bit of power sometimes from Nix.

And it would be entertaining to watch them, at least.

What it would take to get Justin Upton?

We're screwed

***What it would take to get Justin Upton?***

The Phillies dont have the pieces...

Btw, I'll bookmark this page for that last comment on the FO for the next time I get called an apologist.

I admit I'm probably skewed on the offseason moves because I'm a big Revere fan (unlike GTown, I knew who he was before the Phils traded for him). But I'm still disgusted by the fact that they didn't feel the need to get another bat at the corner OF. That's why I agree with clout that there will be another move made. This (Laynce Nix) can't possibly be their plan.

What if Laynce Nix IS the plan?

How scary is that? They would be 100% banking on Utley and Howard bouncing back 100% in 2013.

I wonder how someone like Mini-Mart has a few dingers, but Revere doesnt. Dang just looked Mini isnt so Mini he is 5"9.

Revere has really good contact rates but less power than most guys in legion ball.

Mini mart has really terrible contact rates but a small modicum of power when he does make solid contact.

NEPP- it's horrifying and irresponsible, if true.

Revere is a great pick up.. The dude is fast which we need and is one of the best defensive outfielders... Not to mention he almost hit .300.. With a bat friendly ballpark like Citizens Bank.. Im sure he will hit is first homers here this year.. If Charlie was smart he would bat him ninth.. All we need is Revere to get on base and let Rollins, Utley, Young and Howard get him home..

Not having Ruiz in the beginning of the season is a huge loss as well.. Can Kratz handle it? Hopefully the Pop he had in his bat last year stays..

NEPP- and add to the list of things they are counting on:

-Brown can be a legit everyday OF
-Rollins can keep up his pace from last year and hit for some power
-Ruiz can duplicate his career year after coming back from suspension
-Young isn't really the hitter he was last year

They certainly can't be counting on Nix being a middle of the order bat. Would be nice to have one less question mark in the batting order.

Some have speculated that Jason Kubel could be the odd man out in Arizona, but one exec told Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (on Twitter) that he doesn't see the D'Backs getting much for him. Kubel posted a .910 OPS at home in 2012 but had a .757 OPS elsewhere. Advanced metrics, such as his career -12.7 UZR/150, also indicate that he plays a below-average left field.

Dom brown will be in RF. where is all this platoon crap coming from?

Dom Brown has about as much of a shot at a guaranteed starting role as Nix.

"But I'm still disgusted by the fact that they didn't feel the need to get another bat at the corner OF."

Iceman, what evidence do you have that "they didn't feel the need"?

"Hairston doesn't bring a damn thing to this team that it doesn't already have."

As was pointed out in an earlier post - even if Hairston doesn't bring anything new, adding more of the same would add some flexibility. Another RH bat with some pop would be of some value.

If it came down to adding another mediocre outfielder or adding a quality LH reliever, I'd take the reliever - but it isn't clear that this is a choice that is being made.

"The best player still on the market is Michael Bourn, and as currently constructed, not even he would help the Phillies."

I see that lorecore hasn't gotten any smarter over the course of the off-season.

Why are people convinced that Nix is anything but a bench bat on this team?

I am not. I think it is fairly clear Brown is a starting corner outfielder and they are either going to give Ruf every chance to win the position in left or let Mayberry have the job with Ruf being the first righty off the bench.

Imagine if we signed Pierre, still traded for Revere, then signed Bourne. It would have been like going watch miniature golf.


Phlipper: Exactly how much of an upgrade is signing a guy with a career 90 OPS+ (Bourn) to play a corner OF position?

TTI: if Mayberry is a starter vs LHP, that means Nix will be getting a lot of playing time.

Grow up guys - take it somwhere else.

Phillies > Boras

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