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Tuesday, November 06, 2012


I'm in favor of resigning every last one, as well as other teams' FA's one-by-one until roster spots are filled to the point that there no longer exists a spot for Michael Martinez.

That Elarton photo is horrifying.

The name that catches my eye is Drew Naylor

It couldn't hurt to take a flyer on Josh Fields on a minor league deal. Yeah, he's 30, but if he can click with a hitting coach, etc., maybe he's a useful piece down the stretch, at least in an emergency role.

Kyle Hoppy is one of the many ballplayers that, given the chance, would fare better than Michael Martinez.

I agree with Ice. Elarton looks like a serial killer or driver of the "Free Candy" van.

Kyle Hoppy is a guy who will soon be asking you the question: "You want fries with that?"

So will we ever find out the answer to the Mini-Mart Mystery? I'd read a Hardy Boys book about that. Seriously though, there have to be a ton of career minor-league journeyman out for his blood.

I just saw a comment in the last thread that TMac speaks to the female audience.

Really? How so?

After clicking the "here" button, here is my short list of minor league free agents that I would want to sign on minor league contracts.-

RHP-Eric Junge (How cool of a name and I really miss him alot)
LHP-Ryan Rowland-Smith, Will Ohman
C- Humberto Quintero, Tuffy Gosewisch (We need him back)
3b-Andy LaRoche, Hector Luna, Dallas McPherson, Kevin Kouzmanoff
ss-Alfredo Amezaga
of-Greg Golson, Ryan Spilborghs, Felix Pie

clout's gonna be very, very disappointed that D'Arby Myers will be gone.

The only (slight) surprise on that list for me was Harold Garcia.

"Tuffy Gosewisch (We need him back)"

I'm all for this!

I just saw a comment in the last thread that TMac speaks to the female audience.

To those women who realize their husband's man boobs could be worse?

"I just saw a comment in the last thread that TMac speaks to the female audience.

Really? How so?

Posted by: GBrettFan | Tuesday, November 06, 2012 at 04:36 PM"

Hahahaha, this cracked me up. If anyone from the Phillies FO happens to stumble across this, please let's not forget that GBF is a very smart WOMAN!

Kouzmanoff signed with Florida already. Minor league deal.

Finally, the Phils have a clear shot at Ryan "The Missing Piece" Spilborghs.

My fault JW, Kouzmanoff did sign. Bummer.

Yankees claim David Herndon off of waivers from Toronto.

Thanks Dickie, I glad we still feel a need to keep talking about David Herndon.

If we can't get Randy Ready back for "Ruf & Ready", then we need Tuffy back for "Ruf & Tuffy".

Mike Costanzo is available to play 3B . . .

Greg Golson got released by the White Sox. Saw at least a dozen Phils on this list who had been in their system in the last year or two.

I thought the Garcia Kid was pretty decent with the bat. Didnt have much power but had a decent bat.

98 days............the meetings tomm gets the stove really burning.

Wasn't Garcia more of a bat than a glove? Granted, the bat wasn't all that. Was thought of as one of those guys that would likely get a shot at the bigs, but really not much of a ceiling.

Chin Soo Choo said that if Obama carries Ohio, he's leaving! And BJ Upton said that if Romney carries Florida, he's leaving!
This could be great for the Phillies.

D'Arby Myers??? Nooooooooo!!!

Once hailed by posters here and at Phuture Phillies as "can't miss."

One guy I hate to see go, as others have noted, is Garcia. Wouldn't be surprised to see him get a cup of coffee with someone down the road.

Always liked Drew Naylor. Had no stuff whatsoever, but got guys out with excellent control, smarts and a funky delivery.

I fought pirhanas

gobaystars!: Love to get Choo, particularly if Reading does indeed rename their team the Choo-Choos. They could have a Choo Bobble Head night and sell T-shirts that say "I Choo-Choo Choose You." Even MG would praise the Reading giveaways.

Everyone and their mothers, except MG, thought the League contract given out last week was ridiculous. Now it comes out that it might even be worth 10 million more than originally thought:

Pretty stupid.

With all of the whining and crying on the Reading Phillies facebook page, I'm hoping they give this team the most ridiculous name they can think of. The Reading Minimarts has a nice ring to it.

Iceman - The incentives push the League deal into crazy territory.

$5.5M next year isn't bad, $9.5M in '14 is pricey, and then it drops to $7.5M in '15.

Bowden on ESPN Insider has the following deals:

Hamilton: 5 yr/$115M
Upton: 5 yr/$70M
Bourn: 5 yr/$75M
Swisher: 3 yr/$33M
Pagan: 3 yr/$33M
Hunter: 2 yr/$20M
Vic: 3 yr/$28.5M
Youk: 2 yr/$18M
Ross: 2 yr/$14M
Ludwick: 2 yr/$13M
Madson: 1 yr/$7.5M
Broxton: 2 yr/$13M
Myers: 1 yr/$6.5M
Adams: 2 yr/$10M
KRod: 1 yr/$5M
Soria: 1 yr/$5M
Uehara: 1 yr/$4M

Klaw's best values in the OF:

1. Cabrera
2. Swisher
3. Pagan

Worst values:

1. Upton, Bourn, and Hamilton. Likes Upton the most out of the 3
2. Ross
3. D. Young

Trade Targets:

J. Upton

Bedrosian Beard thats what i thought quickly glancing over his minor league stats he seem pretty decent with the bat. Errors are decent..I dunno...

Re: name change.. the Otis Readings? The theme song is obvious--- The "DOC" of the Bay?? :)

Upton: 5 yr/$70M
Hunter: 2 yr/$20M
Youk: 2 yr/$18M
Uehara: 1 yr/$4M

And we're done.

Thanks for the update, is there any way I can receive an email sent to me when you write a fresh article?

Why is no one talking about signing Sean Burnett or Jeremy Affeldt? They might be expensive for middle relievers, but they cover the 8th inning and are lefthanded, our two biggest holes last year. How many games did you we lose cause we didn't have dependable guys in those roles?

Then signing one of them would also free up one of the young bullpen arms to package with one of our catching prospects and a starter (two areas of depth in the minors) for an affordable CF.

Bourn and Upton would both be regrettable contracts at 5 years and that kind of money. I'd take a shot at Hunter for RF though.

I grew up on Reading Ave., constantly telling people that it is pronounced "red-ing". I would vote for the Reading Railroad.

Quite honestly, Jeremy Affeldt is an almost textbook example of the type of reliever I think the Phillies should avoid. He doesn't have great stuff, hasn't been terribly consistent from year to year, has benefitted from playing at AT&T Park, and is old enough that his already-middling stuff could easily start slipping.

Burnett is a lot more interesting to me than Affeldt. Nonetheless, I have a strong preference for a RH setup man. We already have a left-hander with potential late-inning stuff, in Bastardo.

Iceman - There would be some injury risk with Youk and Uehara would cover all of the Phils' immediate needs. Just don't think they have the willingness to spend that much which would push them over the luxury tax threshold next year.

Photo HV: I think that's a great idea. JW should e-mail us all individually every time he posts something. No more of his impersonal facebook posts!

JW does send out notification of a new thread via Twitter (@beerleaguer), as well. I think an email distribution list would be a pain in the butt to manage. Just follow him and you'll be all set.

It's November 7th and snowing like crazy in Haverford.....WTF!

***We already have a left-hander with potential late-inning stuff, in Bastardo.

clout post incoming in 5,4,3...

Morosi reporting O's have interest in Hamilton or Ross for their OF opening. Kind of a wide swath between Hamilton and Ross!

***JW should e-mail us all individually every time he posts something. No more of his impersonal facebook posts!

The emails should be personalized to each of us too with references to our specific posts and likes/dislikes.

No mass emails.

"Photography Hunter Valley" looks like a spambot.

So much for the "hot stove." It's pretty dead around these parts.

I'm guessing RAJ doesn't get much done in the next month before the Winter Meetings.

yes, Photo HV is spam. I just always personally enjoy the comments from spam in threads.

I would like to know why Comcast did not send JW out to the Winter Meetings? He could be there keeping us updated on all the rumors that have no shot of coming true.
Also it would keep me entertained here at work.

I meant Gm's meeting not winter meetings. But they should send him out for the winter meetings.

Iceman, nice list.
I am not a fan of Upton. Cabrera does not fit the Phillies 'good guy' criteria.
Warming up to Youkilis.
Would be thrilled with Uehara. Soria would be a good option as well.
I still only really like Hunter if he can play CF primarily. Otherwise, despite my personal hatred of Swisher and Yankees, he'd be a better option for OF corner.

What would it cost to get Ellsbury? Why would RedSox trade him?
I think Either is valuable but not to Phillies because he also cannot hit lefties.

He's hugely risky, but I would much rather have Jacoby Ellsbury than any of the free agent CF options. But I imagine the RedSox would demand a king's ransom for him, since they have no particular reason to trade him.

From that minor league release list, 3 names catch my eye, but based on having seen them previously in the majors. I have no idea what they did this past year in the minors:

Royce Ring, Daniel McCutchen, Collin Balester

Lots of former Phils out there like Jason Jaromillo, Fabio Castro, Jason Michaels, Matt Kata. Not suggesting bringing any of those back, though.

Now that the mets dropped jason bay he could be our power hitting, right handed outfielder

Any team that signs Bay to more than a minor league deal will regret it.

Joseph, you are not interested in Matt KataV2? Where is your sense of adventure?

Toastier: Jason Bay or Placido Polanco?


What would an Justin Upton package look like? Dom Brown would be redundant for them, no? Galvis because they need a SS? He's not nearly enough. Worley, May, Galvis, Brown, Valle? Is that even a conversation starter?

I don't know what the Phillies could give Arizona that most other teams wouldn't be able top without breaking a sweat.

Fabio Castro is one of those names whose mere mention harkens back to days of futility. The irony is that he was actually on the roster during the dominant portion of the Phils recent history.

NEPP: No dissent from me. Bastardo does have potential late-inning stuff. Problem is, he doesn't have consistent late-inning command, a skill strongly discounted by you and others here, but, amazingly, somehow necessary.

While the board clamors for Upton, no comments at all about potential trade targets Dexter Fowler and Denard Span. Guess we don't like guys with OB above .300.

Ben Zona: "Worley, May, Galvis, Brown, Valle? Is that even a conversation starter?"

More like a throat-clearing.

Miguel "The Wrong" Abreu would be an upgrade over Mini-Mart, but that's true of pretty much every INF in Double A and above.

he doesn't have consistent late-inning command,

Implying that he has consistent middle-inning command?

clout: Fair enough.

Upton is still young enough and I'm hearing he's a better clubhouse guy then he's given credit for. Big upside. Ellsbury and Ethier are not going anywhere. Span is a trade possibility but the Phils farm system is bereft of young talent unless you go down to A ball. Minnesota is low budget enough to take prospects.

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