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Monday, October 01, 2012


Yes, it's always nice to see an organizational journeymen get a cup of coffee in the majors. It's something that stays with them the rest of their lives. A resume' enhancer, if you will.

Important information needed:
BRUM-it? brum-METT? Pronunciation please.

Is his nickname "Beau"?

Good for him, he will have pitched in one or two more major league games that I ever will.

It's actually pronounced Brunt-lett.

Either that or throat-warbler mangrove.

But yes, good on him for the callup. Tuesday's bullpen game (ugh) will surely get him an MLB appearance.

Whenever Rube doesnt consider someone a prospect I picture them making the all star team with another club.

If I'm not mistaken it rhymes with summit. Nice Monty Python reference Sil.

"Whenever Rube doesnt consider someone a prospect I picture them making the all star team with another club."

The ultimate moment of Beerleaguer comeuppance will be when we finally dump Mini-Mart and he surfaces with some other team to win a Gold Glove at 3rd base, while contending for the National League batting crown.

Mini-Mart as sort of a "lite" third base version of Ryne Sandberg, eh?

And even worse, he'll re-emerge a couple of decades from now as a HoF'er and prize managerial prospect that the Phils will overpay for. Because after all, once a Phillie...

If Mini ever tops a .200 batting average there will be a congressional investigation and every drop of his urine will be tested until doomsday.

I dream of the days ahead..... sometime.... when mini-mart's name gets nary a mantion on BL.

Reading BL trumps any comedy I've read in years. I especially love the clout mentality that we ought to ignore performance on the field in favor of a player's age and where they were taken in the draft.

Somebody tell Mike Piazza that his career was an illusion.

That's the problem, Rube does think of Mini-Mart as a prospect, not a supspect. He'll qualify for the MLB pension here.

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