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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Have the phils stated a plan to double jump Franco to Reading?

Kyle Simon with a bounceback outing for Peoria yesterday. Says Phils plan to make him a reliever.

Franco will almost certainly start in Clearwater. He's only 20 and needs to command the strike zone better before they get aggressive with promoting him. He's showing great progress, but give him time.

ColonelTom: You're right. I thought he got time at Clearwater this season, but I was mistaken. Definitely Class-A unless he melts faces in ST.

Really bummed that Bonilla injured himself in such a foolish fashion. Figured he would probably get promoted up to Lehigh after the Eastern League ASG.

Instead, now he likely starts the '13 season again at Reading.

Saw him a few times at Reading last year and unlike a lot of their hard-throwing relievers, he actually has a decent offspeed pitch (changeup) already.

Even if his slider doesn't come along, he has enough to at least be a marginal middle reliever.

Like Bonilla's chances to help this club down the line (early '14) as a solid middle reliever and be a Bastardo-type reliever although he doesn't have a killer off-speed pitch but does have better fastball command.

"The Phillies’ Roy Halladay suffered a 1.8 mph drop during his age-35 season. Halladay started April down 1.8 mph (89.1) from the previous April (90.9), and while his velocity did increase going forward it was only by the slightest of margins. Before Halladay suffered a back strain that landed him on the disabled list at the end of May, his fastball averaged 89.5 mph. After he came off the disabled list in July his velocity averaged 89.3–essentially, no improvement. Like Hudson, Halladay is on the wrong side of 30. So, despite a phenomenal work ethic, it’s likely that Halladay’s velocity won’t simply bounce back with the benefit of an off-season."

Don't expect much of an improvement from Halladay next year because I am guessing (total guess) that he has more issues with his shoulder than a 'Grade 1/2 lat muscle pull'

Probably going to be the most reported on story again at the start of spring training unless Utley/Howard are out.

Do think next year is Halladay's last year in Philly regardless because he won't reach 225 IP for his '14 option for $20M to automatically vest. Don't want a 37-year old starter either who can't even hit 90 on the gun anymore & relies more on speed stuff $20M either.

As much as everybody wants Amaro to go out and get more offense (I do want him to get a starting CF because the Phils don't have one their roster right now), I really want Amaro to look long and hard at signing another second-tier starting pitcher.

Guy like Haren or Marcum or McCarthy are probably out of reach but I wouldn't mind them taking a hard look at Baker or Guthrie on a value deal for 1 yr with an option or a 2-yr deal that is backloaded.

I found it odd that both WS teams have Cabreras on their rosters( one not active so far in the post season).
Even more odd that there are 11 current MLB Cabreras and only 3 historical MLB Cabreras.

Just a stray thought , to get us ready for more McCarver/ Buck tomorrow.

One historical Cabrera sent the Pittsburgh Pirates into 20 years of mediocrity.

I do like Dice-K as a reclamation project too. Turn him into a full-time reliever, get him to attack the strike zone with 2-strikes on a hitter, and convince him to largely junk his meatball fastball, and go cutter, slider, and changeup instead.

As long as he is healthy, he can still pitch and help a MLB team. Just a question of whether he is willing to be a relief pitcher and listen to a coach on the changes he should make.

IIRC, wasn't there a piece by a writer(local?) on Bonilla and how they are still likely to use him as a starting pitcher, despite all the evidence to the contrary? May have been a national writer who was out of the loop, but I remember being surprised by it.

MG: Had the same thought about Dice-K.

MG~ I think RAJ will try to get a starter. I think on the inside they know more than what they're telling on Doc.

But I believe, like you the CF'der will come first, along with the other needs (3b, LF, 'pen, bench). I think the starter will come in last. But RAJ will get one, especially if Worley gets traded.

Goodbye David Herndon. Claimed off waivers by the Blue Jays.

A little surprised. I thought he was coming into his own, but the injury was obviously a huge negative.

I can't believe the David Herndon era is over just like that.

Now I'd like to see the Phillies' OTHER Rule 5 draft project get placed on waivers and claimed by some other team.

Guillen fired in Miami.

Herndon gone? Off-season = over.

Are the Phillies getting anything back for these players claimed on waivers?

Now I'd like to see the Phillies' OTHER Rule 5 draft project get placed on waivers and claimed by some other team.

No way r00b & Charlie let the cornerstone of their '13 infield slip away that easily. He'll be here for another 5 seasons.

No, you don't get anything for players claimed off of waivers.

Well, that was quick. Blue Jays DFA Tyson Brummett.

I don't think any other MLB team gets as much enjoyment out of torturing their fan base as the Phillies. That's really the only really I could see someone claiming Mini. Or a lost bet.

Guillen fired in Miami. Who could have ever seen that not working out?

We're obviously freeing up roster spots for other guys prior to the Rule 5 so who are we creating the spots for? Who has to be put on our 40 this season because we don't wanna lose them?

& How many open spots are we at now?

Herndon's no loss. Out to the middle of next year anyways.

Never understood the love Herndon from some people or the people who argued that he was much better than Stutes. The real issue is that both guys are just fringe relievers who provide some value as cheap, cost-controlled middle relievers. Even at $800-$1M, a guy like Herndon loses a lot of his value to an organization.

Herndon because he pitches to contact, only has 1-pitch (sinker), and gets absolutely hammered by LHP. Stutes because he has moderate fastball command, only 1-pitch (fastball), and gives up a ton of flyballs.

Blue Jays released Tyson Brummett to pick up Herndon too.

Herndon line vs LHB (157 career ABs):

.350/.443/.611 with 8 HRs and 21 Ks/25 BBs

He's basically the test case for a 'ROOGY'

Phillies are freeing up roster spots for the Rule 5 draft because somewhere out there there has to be another Mini-Mart.

Phillies are freeing up roster spots for the Rule 5 draft because somewhere out there there has to be another Mini-Mart.

They also have several prospects who need to be protected from the Rule 5 draft.

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