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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Nevermind all of that stuff that he does on the field. The only thing that's important is his age.

If he's going to hit like that, he can disappear behind a wall in left field for all I care when it comes to his glove.

Simple solution: Phillies replace Astros in move to AL.

Again, and repeating from another poster: I'll believe Ruf can't hit ML pitching when he stops hitting ML pitching and I'll believe Brown can hit ML pitching when he starts hitting ML pitching. Is there anyone left who will argue that Brown is a better prospect, and is more likely to contribute to the ML team, than Ruf?

WFC, bitches!!!

You're welcome, Pence.

So I'm just finishing up a Ranch flavored Potato Salad and did you know Elves are the official caretakers of the Unicorns? DID YOU KNOW.

How unlikeable is Hunter Pence winning the WFC?

On Brown: One thing he has going for him is that he is one of the only two outfielders the team actually has a contract with. Sadly, that is all he has going for him. I'm afraid that the team needs to rebuild the OF without Brown.

On Ruf: I would love to just wave a wand and turn him into an OF or 3B, but that's not likely. Howard is not being traded and won't have a platoon. I fear his fate for us will be a big bench bat until he is traded for a relief pitcher.

On Mayberry: He's the best OF we have...sadly.

Kept waiting for Pence to look into the camera and say, "Thanks Ruben!"

Thank goodness it's over. Now hot stove season can begin. I've never cared less about a post season than this one. When does the MLB Network start televising Venezuelan Winter League games?

It sure is nice to see Darin Ruf getting lots of at bats in the VWL. Because we know his fielding is superb at DH already.

The Press has their story and descends on Venezuela to see firsthand the fiercely competitive action of the Venezuelan Winter League which produced all the great players of the World Series and who is the star of the league? You guessed it - non-prospect Ruf.

See, told you all we should have gotten Theriot instead of Fontenot. How'd that work out for you BL geniuses?

I don't care what the negatives are, it's hard not to look at Ruf with intrigue and hope. He had an amazing season at two levels. He hit, hit, hit. He didn't embarrass himself in LF or 1B (granted, he didn't really get tested in LF). I don't see how the Phils could not give him a long look in ST for a spot on the 25-man. It may not work out, but God forbid he has two or three great years in his career that are wasted because he was "too old" or "didn't have a position" or "he needs some AAA ABs." Why not take a chance? Especially since he'll be dirt cheap on a roster full of monster contracts to guys on the wrong side of 30.

If I remember correctly, Greg Luzinski was a 1B turned LF. He wasn't the greatest LF but I bekieve he hit pretty good. Unless they get an OF in trade or draft I think he deserves a chance in LF. Mayberry has had his chance.

FrankM: Even more recently, the Phils got away with the Raul Ibanez and Pat Burrell as starters in LF. Neither set the world on fire defensively (although Burrell had a great arm). Juan Pierre, Greg Dobbs, Ty Wigginton and others also saw time in LF in recent memory.

My point is that LF is not a premium defensive position and you can get away with having a lack-luster LF. Also, a good CF can make up for some deficiencies in LF.

No reason to not just throw him into LF next year with the starting job. Who knows, 40 hr's and 100 rbi might not be out of the question. If he puts up numbers like that he can have as many errors as he wants in the outfield.

Yes, we all wonder will Ruf be able to even play passable defense in the outfield. However, we already know that Dom Brown barely can. For having all those "tools" he really doesn't use any of them. Brown is a bad defensive outfielder, doesn't hit for average or power, doesn't use his speed to steal bases...he looks like nothing more than a 4th outfielder right now. That's not to say he couldn't figure it out and have everything click, but that just doesn't appear to be the case anymore.

Ruf is doing everything he possibly can to get a fighting chance at regular playing time next season with the Phils. And I hope he does. A season of .265/.800, 20 HR, 75 RBI seems doable.

are we sure he wasn't born in a baltimore saloon?

Left field is the least important defensive position on the diamond. First base is close, but 1B makes a ton of plays during the game, LF not so much.

The crowd is silent as Darin Ruf steps up to the plate. The pride of La Guaira. El Tiburón Ballena! El Tiburón Ballena! El Tiburón Ballena!

Gentle giant in a sea of prospects.

I heard that when he was three he knocked a maple tree down with his hands, and carried the tree 2 miles to make his first bat. He's half man half amazing.

We need to get Ruf out of Venezuela and up to the Eastern Seaboard to sway Sandy out to sea with his 200 Ounce Oaken Bat.

I wonder when he'll test positive...

WFC....let's go eat!

Predictions on Ruf next year as UC will be the manager:

1. He will never, ever face RHP because he is RH. Instead, guys like Mini Mart will PH for him.

2. He will ride the pine most of the time in favor of someone like Juan Pierre because he's a rookie.

Personally, I dont think he has much upside but I do think he could be a player like Craig Monroe (anyone remember him)? He didnt really break into the Majors until his Age 26 season and then he proceeded to average 20 HRs a year for 5 seasons as a platoon OF. He was basically done by Age 30 and out of baseball by 32.

Ruf is clearly going to get his chance. Manuel said as much. He likes him. And I don't think anyone on here really cares about his defense if he keeps belting HRs at this pace.

The issue is whether or not he can sustain this pace offensively at the MLB level. Some people like BAP think he will be a 30+ HR hitter because he looked impressive in 33 MLB September ABs, mostly against LHP. I remain skeptical. But I do agree with the crowd who thinks he deserve as equal a shot as Brown/Mayberry, who have been given many chances to prove they are everyday players and failed.

And about the 33 ABs- lorecore said in a previous thread that he wouldn't get into an argument about whether or not they tell us anything because he was really impressed by how he looked. Well, who wasn't? He looked like a polished MLB hitter in those 33 ABs. I don't think anyone disputes that. His raw power is really, really impressive. He keeps his hands back and drives the ball. He really seems to have an idea what he's doing up there, which is more than can be said of half the roster.

But 33 ABs isn't illustrative of anything, no matter who it is. We saw Mayberry tear it up for 200 ABs in the summer of 2011 and he looked really impressive while doing it. This type of sample size tells us nothing, other than he deserves a shot to prove he has staying power.

***But 33 ABs isn't illustrative of anything, no matter who it is.***

I would guess it has something to do with his season in AA too but that would kinda kill this strawman you're propping up in your post.

"Some people like BAP think he will be a 30+ HR hitter because he looked impressive in 33 MLB September ABs, mostly against LHP."

Are you and clout capable of making a point without misrepresenting another's position? Because, not only is it exceedingly annoying, but it exceedingly weakens the point you were trying to make.

I think he will be a 30+ homerun hitter because he hit the most homeruns anyone in the Eastern League has ever hit in a season and because he has hit well at every level he has ever played. Now, if he had gone 0 for 33 at the major leagues, my opinion might have been altered. Instead he raked, and is raking again in the Venezuelan League. All of this taken together forms the basis for my opinion. But, by far, the most important factor is his minor league performance. If he had hit .237 with 6 homers in the Eastern League, do you think I'd be predicting 30 homeruns because he hit well in 33 major league ABs at the end of the year?

I don't get this idea that UC is excessively zealous about platoon splits. Didn't we rage at him all of 2011 for having Raul face too many lefties?

A shame that the hottest power bat in all of baseball since Aug. 1st rode the pine for 3 weeks in September.

***Because, not only is it exceedingly annoying, but it exceedingly weakens the point you were trying to make.***


Is Ruf a worse fielder than Pat the Bat?

***Is Ruf a worse fielder than Pat the Bat? ***

All reports point towards "Yes" in this case.

He's probably about as "good" a LF as Pat was in the last couple years of his time in Philly...only with a worse arm.

bap too busy eating with hunter.

FrankM - "If I remember correctly, Greg Luzinski was a 1B turned LF. He wasn't the greatest LF but I believe he hit pretty good."

Yes, but Luzinski was an absolutely monstrous hitter from ages 24-27, finishing in the top 10 in NL MVP voting each year:

1975 - .300/.394/.540, 34 HR, 120 RBI, 154 OPS+
1976 - .304/.369/.478, 21 HR, 95 RBI, 137 OPS+
1977 - .304/.369/.478, 39 HR, 130 RBI, 156 OPS+
1978 - .265/.388/.526, 35 HR, 101 RBI, 153 OPS+

If Ruf hits like that, his glove in LF won't stop him from playing. That's an awfully high bar, though.

Interesting side note on comparing Ruf with Luzinski - "The Bull" was 27 during the last season of his "peak" run. Ruf will turn 27 next July. By age 30, Luzinski was in the AL, and played a grand total of 2 more games in the field (both at 1B) before playing his last MLB game at age 33.

I think Ruf will be a contributor - the question is whether we're looking at a star or more of a Shelley Duncan-type guy. My heart says the former, but if I'm betting, I'd go with the latter.

***Ruf will turn 27 next July***

Though it will technically be his Age 26 season as he'll be 26 at the AS Break.

Ruf should improve at LF. After all, his Venezuelan League team is managed by someone in the Phillies' organization, who is certain to give Ruf lots of work in LF . . . What's that? He has been playing mostly DH & 1st base. Well, perhaps he needs to work on his defense at DH, also.

I all we really don't know what darrin will do. That said he needs the chance. When you break down his swing it is a really nice and attack the ball swing. Very calm and really stays inside the ball. You seen he can go to right. So he does let the ball get into zone longer. Lets hope he can give you half of what bull did if he does platoon. Just like knowing we have a power hitter in system and some people are starting to notice. Except Keith law he hates all philles system.

***What's that? He has been playing mostly DH & 1st base. Well, perhaps he needs to work on his defense at DH, also.***

This doesnt surprise me in the least...considering all the talk that he was being sent there to "work on his defense in LF".

So freaking stupid.

Maybe the plan is to trade him to the AL for some top prospects.

"Now, if he had gone 0 for 33 at the major leagues, my opinion might have been altered."

Right. But because he 'raked,' you're convinced he could hit 30 HRs over a full season, meaning those 33 ABs were so illustrative to you, combined with his one season in AA, as to convince you that he's Matt Holliday.

I mean, I don't know why you feel the need to defend yourself. You said it. If it's how you feel, you shouldn't be all embarrassed when someone points it out. You do this all the time.

And we're underway!!
The first move of the 2012 offseason has just been finalized as the Phillies have exercised their option on Carlos Ruiz.

What's next?

Speaking of trying guys in the OF, how many games did Ryan Howard get in LF when they thought Thome would remain healthy enough to play the feild circa 2004?

Ruf will still be 26 at the ASB? I thought he was already close to 27. He's not too old to pan out as a Major leaguer wasn't chooch 27 when he came up?

Why on God's green Earth is Ruf DHing and playing 1B? Unless, they're in talks to ship him out in a trade to an AL team...

Otherwise, just really, really head-scratching. But, it's the Phils so I guess it's par for the course.

Iceman: I don't have time to keep responding to your BS this morning. Fortunately, pretty much everyone on Beerleaguer already knows what an ass you can be -- regardless whether I'm here to point it out.

He'll be 27 this summer.

The Phils don't have control over what position Ruf plays in the Venezuelan League. Those teams play to win - it's not like spring training for them. The Phils could tell Ruf to come home, but what would that accomplish? He's getting an opportunity to hit against some better competition than he's faced in the minors. It's not outfield practice, but it's still helpful.

R. Billingsley, someone pointed out that the winter leagues are play-to-win leagues, and aren't explicitly geared toward developing the players. I don't know whether that's true, but it seems to make sense.

Ruf has played LF and has 2 assists at home and 3B without any errors at VWL

29 October 2008: Hey, Philadelphia! Have a World Series Champion!

29 October 2012: Hey, Philadelphia! Have a f*ckin' hurricane!

Ruf's emergence is a godsend for this team right now. He can clearly hit - sometimes it takes a little longer for everything to click for some guys. I think he'll be given every chance to earn a job in spring training. He can definitely become an adequate leftfielder (he's already way better than Brown). If he hits his way into the lineup in spring training, we'd be looking at(worst case if they don't bring anyone else in)Ruf in left, Pierre in center, and a platoon of Schierholtz and Mayberry in right. If they bring in Bourn or Upton or somebody else, so much the better - Pierre goes to the bench.

Pierre shouldnt be back and he's not a CF.

Am I supposed to take comfort in the fact that an OF with Pierre in center (which he doesn't play), and a Schierholtz/Mayberry platoon in right is our worst case scenario? I mean, that's kind of like saying, "Don't worry. Even in the worst case scenario, you still have another 6 weeks to live."

That scenario means approximately zero resources are being tied up in the outfield, which basically means marquee signings at 3B and the bullpen. Given that Ruf/Pierre/RFD-Schierholtz could end up being a league-average OF if Ruf doesn't flop hard, it's not necessarily a doomsday situation.

Zolecki: "Phillies decline club options on Contreras and Wigginton. Each get $500,000 buyouts."

Finally, some good news!

If Pat Burrell and Manny Ramirez can play left-field, then Ruf can.

Two home runs ea. Saturday and Sunday as a designated hitter. I thought he went to Venezuela play Left Field. We know he can hit, Phillies need to push to have him playing.

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