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Monday, October 22, 2012


Regardless of the credibility the article may have, its just pretty damn cool that other cities are writing trade rumor articles about Darin Ruf - what a monster year for him.

Granderson's option is for $15M next season because he was traded. He has an esculating clause.

I truly hope Ruf gets LF next season in Philly.

Or we have Granderson. Ha!

How 'bout Granderson for Martinez? He's versatile, and a bargain....Hello? Brian Cashman? Where'd you go....?

Redsox dfa'd Che-Hsuan Lin last week - I remembered the name from watching the MLB Futures Game a few years back where I believe he won the MVP for Team World. Had a cannon and looked to cover tons of ground in CF.

Checked his numbers, he had a very low 'peak' in A+/AA a few years ago with almost all of his offensive numbers coming from walks - and now since going to AAA he can't rely on them as much and his numbers are lower .600 OPS range.

Even after saying all that, he'll be 24 next year and grades out plus-plus in both CF and Arm. If he was on the Phillies today, he'd probably be 3rd on our whole org depth chart behind RFD and Gillies. I think there's value on this team as being a emergency defensive specialist in CF - Phils don't really have any at all.

The Phillies definitely need another LH strikeout artist on the wrong side of 30. I'm glad the proposed "deal" is so blatantly ignorant, or else it might actually be worth getting riled up about.

GBrettFan: How 'bout they just take Martinez, no trade req.?

I agree, Iorecore. Even if it's a baseless rumor (which it most likely is), it's still cool. Regardless of whether it was correct of not, this was a guy -- in the vein of Rizzotti -- who only seemed to get positive press in Philly. Every team's fan-base overvalues it's prospects/minor leaguers. Hearing it from a different market seems to give some credibility to the matter how baseless it is/may seem.

It's hard to ignore someone who had that kind of year in the minors and short stint in the majors. Age be damned.

The Phiilies appear to be in a similar situation with Ruf that they were in when they had Howard and Thome. At that time, they wisely moved Thome for what they could get. Once again we have a superstar 1st baseman with a big contract and physical problems blocking a younger prospect.
Why not try to move Howard for whatever you can get and use whatever $$ you save to fill other holes and give 1st to Ruf?
If not, stick Ruf in LF, take your lumps defensively, and let's see if he can blossom into a real RH power hitter.

Knowing our luck, such a trade would happen. Then Granderson would pull a Tartabull and hang himself in the clubhouse the first week of the season while Ruf would become a GG winning LF who hits 50 HRs for the Yankees.

RBill: I was thinking about the ALCS the other day. I agree with you. Of course it was dull. That's jarring because it is so rarely the case. The baseball post-season is usually the most dramatic time of the sporting year. The first rounds were very dramatic. The thing I love most about baseball's post season is that even after 45 years of watching baseball, you still see things you've never seen before. I know I never saw an umpire call a last minute infield fly rule on a ball well past the infield. And I know I've never seen a ball dropped on an infield fly rule play that decided the outcome of a game. Even in a Spring training game or a little league game for that matter. It seems hard to believe but I've never seen a thrown ball by a fielder actually hit the bag like it happened the other night to the Cardinals pitcher. I can't think of them off the top of my head but there were a few other things like that so far. It never ceases to amaze me how these things play out. It's always fun to watch.

For me, it comes down to nicknames, Grandy Man vs. Babe Ruf. Both are pretty solid, but I feel like Grandy Man is a little more original, though Babe Ruf is highly amusing.

donc, not to mention the likes of Rauuuuuul becoming a cult hero in New York.

RE: the Harper column, wow. This movie clip has never been more appropriate:

can: Yeah, thought of that one right after I posted. I know I've never seen that because it had never happened before.

Why not try to move Howard for whatever you can get and use whatever $$ you save to fill other holes and give 1st to Ruf?

What kind of trade are you proposing? There is no trade where the Phils would be able to dump even 80-90% of Howard's contract.

At what "salary eating" level do the Phils get someone's #10 prospect, for instance?
Get someone's #3 propect?
If I may use WAR, a 2 WAR player?

Hence the name BABE RUF. Can't we just give mini Mart to another team for a bag of rocks and a notepad?

Just a column with a guy trying to fill space with something different which is almost impossible in NY after their recent disappointing series' loss.

I would be curious to see what Ruf's pull swing would be capable of doing though in Yankee Stadium with the short left-field porch. Do think he could be a surprisingly productive fit there as a DH who plays sparingly at 1B/LF.

Still can't believe Vogelsong has been the series' anchor for the Giants. Phils just couldn't buy a break the last 2 years in the playoffs (2010 & 2011).

Maybe they used up their mojo in '08 when they did seem to get almost every timely hit.

Other than calling him a "highly touted prospect", Harper's bit on Ruf isn't really off the mark.

I like how Harper states that he feels the Yankees need to incorporate speed and defense into the Yankees and the very first trade he proposes is Granderson for Ruf.
You have to Love the NYC writers, they never cease to amaze me with the crap they come up with. But what he failed to mention is that the Yanks would also like to C.C. for Lance Nix because they think having a set of brothers on the team would be cool.

" At that time, they wisely moved Thome for what they could get."

So, trade Howard for Gio Gonzalez? Sold.

"The Phiilies appear to be in a similar situation with Ruf that they were in when they had Howard and Thome"

Pretty liberal idea of 'similarity'

I like how Harper states that he feels the Yankees need to incorporate speed and defense into the Yankees and the very first trade he proposes is Granderson for Ruf.

Reminds me of how r00b said the Phils needed to get younger, & then he went out & signed Wigginton ... & Schneider ... & Thome ... & Pierre ...

Harper for GM!

Edmundo: Obviously Howard's remaining contract ~4yr/$100M is a lot more than Thome's ~4yr/$60M, but back in 2005 money has changed a ton and i'd say they aren't that different.

The Phillies ate half of the salary for two years of an average/slightly above average CF - Rowand had a career 104 OPS+ - and a couple throw in prospects - Gio not being a stud at the time.

I'd say that be the equivalent to trading Howard and $50M for someone like the recently traded Chris Young, or a Denard Span/Colby Rasmus.

I wouldn't do those deal for two main reasons: Howard was a much more valued prosepct than Ruf, and Howard had already gotten a chance to prove himself in the majors.

lore, Gio was more than a throw in prospect even then.

I don't think a team would pay 10M a year for Howard if they have to give up a 2 WAR player.

But I think this is all wild conjecture on our part (while it is still fun to play GM). Howard isn't going anywhere.

If Michael Martinez had two identical triplet brothers, I'd take both of them for Ryan Howard provided the other team agreed to take on his entire remaining salary. In fact, if you go by 2012 WAR, that would actually be a dead-even trade, irrespective of salary.

Howard is also coming off an Achilles Heel injury and looked horrible last year defensively & on the basepaths.

If Howard rebounds next year, he might be a tradeable asset if you eat a decent portion of his contract but doing so becomes self-defeating if you have to eat 40/50.

Even with all of the new money floating in baseball, teams have been very reluctant to exceed the luxury payroll tax threshold.

No NL team has exceeded the luxury tax payroll since it was implemented a decade ago and the only team that consistently has done that is the Yanks.

Taxed right now at a 42.5% clip on every dollar above the luxury tax threshold ($178M).

Gio had good numbers in the minors. I always thought Baseball America sold him short because year after year they said he didn't have a strikeout pitch and year after year he put up very solid strikeout numbers. The dissonance never made sense to me. For what it's worth (and if I may geek out for a second), I carried him on a fantasy league roster long before the Phillies traded for him.

edmundo - Gio was certainly off the radar, there was hardly any buzz about him in Philly when he was acquired and no one minded when was shipped back out either.

But yeah, this just fun exercise of trying to find similarities from the past.

haha of course if Howard gets hurt and Darin Ruf puts up a .900 OPS and wins rookie of the year next year - Ruben better be ready to eat more than just $50M.

lorecore: when do you ever hear "buzz" in Philly about some other team's 19 year old A-ball pitchers?

jbird: i meant after he was already traded for. The reception of Gio being the PTBNL didn't excite me much, nor was it raved about by any writers/scouts that I followed at the time.

lore, Appalachian League #8 in 2004 by BA. That's not a throw-in, but granted no sure thing that low in the minors. And he was kicking butt in the Sally league (1.87 ERA, 13 K/9) in his age 19 season when the Phils got him.

He could have been Jason Knapp, he could have been Gio G.

edmundo, perfect example. Gio's prospect status was worlds away from Jason Knapp at the time of each of their trades. Knapp was basically the centerpiece of the Cliff Lee trade!

Edmundo: that's fair, though after the trade baseball America put Gonzalez (73 overall) as our #2 prospect behind only Cole Hamels (68 overall).

Team I am really curious about is the Nats. They significantly expanded payroll last to $92M and were about on par with the Braves & Mets.

I do expect the Nats will increase payroll again but will it be an incremental increase to say $95-100M or a real increase to say close to ~$110M.

If it is $110M, they will be major players this offseason & can bring in a large contract if they want to. Don't really have a lot of needs and they have a decent trade commodity in M. Morse if they choose to move him.

If they are smart, they resign Jackson to a long-term deal (yeah he's a slightly better than average pitcher but he's been a very steady & injury-free pitcher since '08 who is under 30), let LaRoche walk, move M. Morse to 1B, and go hard after Bourn and a RHP veteran reliever.

Hard to see how the Phils overtake the Nats next year. Nats did catch a lot of breaks with their bullpen last year but they also had a ton of injuries to several positional players.

Only way they don't contend next year is if 2 of their 3 starters (Zimmerman, Gonzalez, Strasburg) miss significant portions of the season and they don't make any real upgrades this offseason.

Going to be an interesting offseason for the Braves too given how they have so little money committed next season right now (under $20M).

Granted they have to replace Bourn and Chipper but they have a ton of payroll flexibility to do so.

The Braves have some arbitration guys that will affect that the tune of probably another $30 million on top of their guaranteed salaries. There are some team options they'll probably exercise too like McCanns.

So its not as easy for them as it could be.

Braves only have $14.7M committed to next year's team, but that's a fake number because it doesn't include $21M in team options that will surely be exercised for McCann & Hudson. It also doesn't include arbitration eligible players like Heyward, Venters, Hanson, Medlen, Prado, and O'Flaherty. An article on ProSports Daily, a few months ago, took all of these projected salaries into consideration & estimated that they'd end up with around $61M in 2013 payroll for the players currently on the roster. That still leaves them plenty of money to take a run at some of the marquee FAs, but it's a far cry from the $14.7M figure that has been put out there. I could actually see Atlanta moving Prado to 3rd & making a run at Josh Hamilton.

I really hope this guy has some sort of pull with the front office

Gio Gonzalez was a very good prospect when the Phillies acquired him. A minor league scout who was between teams used to post on the Phillies board and he was very surprised and happy that the Phillies had acquired him. He felt Gio was as sure a thing as there could be that low in the minors. Super upside and already had a devastating breaking ball.

I wonder how he felt when the Phillies shipped him out to get Freddie Garcia. By that time, he'd stopped posting because he'd been hired by another team.

That was a major Gillick foul up. And more proof that scouting the minors is difficult even for those who make a living at it. Just imagine how the White Sox feel. They whiffed on him not once, but twice.

#1 Google Search in North Jersey/New York is probably: Darrin Ruf.

Other than the salary difference, why would anyone trade Granderson for Ruf?

I admit that I'd be happy to see the Phillies get cheap productive years from someone, such as Ruf, for a change. It hasn't happaned much lately. But the difference in talent is pretty huge.

Someone actually gets paid to give that opinion. It occurs to me that he must be a devoted Phuturephillies reader.

There were a couple phanboys on Phuture Phillies, but most seemed cautiously optimistic and some openly hostile to Ruf. I'm still cautiously optimistic, but you deal Ruf for Granderson in a heartbeat.

I'm waiting for Jack to tell us why we should not make that deal.

sophist: "The Phiilies appear to be in a similar situation with Ruf that they were in when they had Howard and Thome"

Pretty liberal idea of 'similarity'

Are you suggesting that Howard is not as good as 2005 Thome and Ruf is not as good as 2005 Howard?

Jason Knapp was #4 prospect in the GCL his first year. (and something like #64 overall the next year.)

Jason Knapp is just 22 years old**. The good Lee trade seems soooo long ago. Lee's been traded and signed as a free agent since.

For once, time doesn't fly.

** My youngest turned 24 yesterday. Wait a minute, time does fly.

I'm still waiting for the PhuturePhillies 2008 prediction that Moose Mattair will start for the Phillies at 3B in 2012 to come true.

"baseball America put Gonzalez (73 overall) as our #2 prospect behind only Cole Hamels (68 overall). "

Damn, he was that close to Hamels? I was either much less "in tune" to the minors back then as I am now or I am just completely forgetting the attitude of everyone during that trade.

How the hell did we get a guy ranked along with Hamels and trade him for 1 year of Freddy Garcia? I know a lot of people didnt love the trade, but theres no way i can comprehend how there wasnt pure outrage until after garcia pitched here.

lorecore: A lot of folks, including Gillick, though Garcia would win 15 games and put the Phils in the series. Gio was still 3 years from the majors.

As I recall, on BL, we all knew Gio was a top prospect, although Floyd was rated higher.

Ryan Howard and Darin Ruf

Through age 24, Darin Ruf had 29 minor league HR in 1302 PAs (1 HR every 45 PAs).

Through age 24, Ryan Howard had 94 minor league HR in 1886 PAs (1 HR every 20 PAs).

And Howard's work came against much tougher competition (Ruf was still in A ball through age 24 while Howard had made it to AAA).

Ruf being "blocked" by Howard is not the same as Howard being blocked by Thome. Back then, Ryan Howard was a top prospect with a long track record of minor league success against top minor league competition. Today, Darin Ruf is a marginal prospect who had a tremendous final couple of months at AA.

Like all Phillies fans, I hope Darin Ruf becomes a power-hitting superstar. But the situation today is not comparable to the situation then.

There was a WS fan on another site who was BWAAHing all the Phillies fans saying that Garcia's last 4 starts(dropping K rate from 5.7 to 4.0) was indicative of his being hurt. Rather specious argument at the time but either lucky or prescient.

Ah, the good old days of sillyball, when a 4.53 ERA could net you a 105 ERA+ (mind you in a bit of a hitter's park).

lorecore: Hamels' ranking was depressed by his "injuries" which included the broken arm in high school and the broken hand from the bar fight. in 2004 he was 17th overall, but fell to 71 in 2005 and 68 in 2006.

this predates my beerleaguer days, but JW's analysis on the trade are spot on, nice work:

He went as far to say that acquiring Rowand would push AAA MVP Shane Victorino into RF and prelude Gillick to trade Abreu at the deadline.

Garcia comments at time of deal:
i love the deal!
gio gonzalez is still unproven. he could end up being johan santana or julio santana, at least we got a proven commodity in freddy garcia.

Posted by: Carson | Thursday, December 07, 2006 at 06:39 AM

I can't believe this got pulled off without having to part with Rowand, who I thought was the CWS main target. Are we sure that there isn't something wrong with Garcia? It's weird to be on the fleece-er end of a trade, as opposed to being the fleeced.

Posted by: Willard Preacher | Thursday, December 07, 2006 at 09:29 AM

Anyone who doesn't like this deal is nuts...go to baseball reference and do a "compare" between Garcia and Zito and you will find that they have almost identical numbers over their careers (Garcia 8, Zito, 7).

Looking forward to PG bolstering the bullpen.

Also to figuring out what the OF will look like...OF currently of Burrell, Rowand, Vic could start opening day...or 2 of 3 will be gone...

Posted by: Gus | Thursday, December 07, 2006 at 09:53 AM

i just want to get back to the reason for this post....we got RID of gavin floyd and landed us FREDDY GARCIA, nice!

Posted by: Carson | Thursday, December 07, 2006 at 12:34 PM

garcia for floyd/gonzalez - great move. gillick isn't here to not win or build the marlins. he's here to get this team to the playoffs then have a 1 in 4 chance of going to the series. i think this means the phil's don't think gonzalez is a can't miss and they would know better then me. so great trade garcia is a stud (i hope we sign him to an extention tomorrow).

Posted by: Tim | Thursday, December 07, 2006 at 05:24 PM

I LIKE the Garcia trade. My objection is to the boneheads who say Kenny Williams got snookered. Garcia IS A ONE-YEAR PLAYER! Helllooo!!!

Posted by: clout | Thursday, December 07, 2006 at 02:15 PM

Garcia was a surplus pitcher for Chicago who they obviously didn't intend to re-sign after next season. They got back two younger pitchers with considerable upside. We'll see who's laughing when the Phillies finish dead last in Baseball America's orgainzational rankings.

Posted by: RickSchuBlues | Thursday, December 07, 2006 at 02:39 PM

I was initially perturbed to see Gio dealt, but I'm now very enthusiastic about the Garcia trade. The guy would be commanding insane money as a free agent this winter; all things considered (age, stuff, health), I'm not sure I wouldn't take him over Schmidt or Zito. In his walk year, presumably he'll come to play, and his career numbers against the NL are superb.

Posted by: dajafi | Thursday, December 07, 2006 at 03:31 PM

@ Kendrick Appreciation Society: This is where statistics lie and you used them to make a fallacious point. You should know better, but...

Conveniently, you avoided the surge of power that Ruf exhibited at the AA level last season. You conveniently compare/contrast Ruf and Howard through their 24th birthdays. Ruf is now 26 and just completed his most productive season in the power department.

So, you conveniently avoid the strong possibility that he is a late-bloomer. Even later than Howard.

And your point is...?

mainerob: That's EXACTLY my point. Darin Ruf didn't show a power surge until the final couple of months of his AA season at age 25. That's the EXACT reason he's not a comparable prospect to Ryan Howard. I'm not conveniently leaving anything out. My point is exactly that!

Garcia trade

Most people seemed pretty happy with it at the time although there were the issues with the drop in his velocity in '06.

Phils desperately needed another starter for '07. Thing that passed me off (bet most fans too) was how the Phils tried to cover up that the fact that they got damaged goods and in fact didn't due adequate due diligence. Largely relied up on White Sox medical staff & their evaluation which turned out to be a mistake.

Love that the next article after that Roward archive is "Prospect watch: Danny Sandoval, IF"

For the record, prior to August, Darin Ruf was on a HR pace between 22-25. Which is a solid season, but hardly spectacular for a 25 year old player in AA. We wouldn't even be talking about his guy if not for the 20 HR he hit in August.

And that's why it's not an honest comparison with where Ryan Howard was as a prospect.

I think what had everyone upset AFTER the Garcia trade was that Gillick took the word of the White Sox that Garcia was healthy. He was clearly having problems at the end of the previous season. He was exactly the kind of player you had to bring in for an extensive physical. And yet, Gillick did not. And Kenny Williams pretty much admitted he'd lied to Gillick when he later gave him Iguchi to make up for the subterfuge when Gillick needed to replace Utley.

That was one of the all time screw ups by Gillick. It's funny. He is clearly, over his career, a pretty good evaluator of baseball horseflesh. And yet, he made some monumental mistakes while winning a WFC with the Phillies.

For all the "problems" at the end of the year, Garcia threw back to back 8 inning shutouts in the 4th and 3rd last games of the season.

Yet not checking the guy's health yourself is inexcusable. Unless you win the WFS a year later. :)

After an exhaustive study of over 100 hrs. of playoff video, Rube has decided to sign Andre Dawson. He reported told close associates that "He looks to be in the best shape of his life."

So, BAP, you headed to Game 7?


Edmundo - You can always pick out games here and there. Garcia clearly was not the same pitcher he'd been when he was successful, two good games or not.

A slow gradual drop in velocity over a career is one thing. A sudden drop is a completely other thing. Just ask Elroy Halladay.

so aksmith predicts 1 win for Doc next year?

So, Lorecore is a major moron?

Doc won't win 1 game next year.

ak, it's just that they were at the end of the year, not just some random event during the season (and in reference to the guy who was posting BWAAH). His K rate was just under 6 for the 2nd year in a row, so did that tell anyone anything exactly?

Can you point me to the sudden velocity drop stats? That would be very interesting.

I think what had everyone upset AFTER the Garcia trade was that Gillick took the word of the White Sox that Garcia was healthy.

Exactly. Gillick not bothering to require a physical for Garcia was one of the all-time GM f*ck-ups. If the Phillies don't go on to win the World Series his tenure would be primarily remembered for that one incident, like Kotite's play chart in the rain.

WP: I was sorely tempted, and was thinking about buying a ticket over the weekend. But, between the inconvenient starting time, the anticipated rain, the 90 minutes of travel time to AT&T Park, and the $150 price tag for an upper reserve seat, I opted to watch on tv.

b_a_p: You'll still be wearing your Panda hat though, right?

Should I watch the Presidential debate or Game 7 of the NLCS?

Might be as tough a choice as JW's trade in the header.

If aksmith hasn't called you a moron in lieu of making a coherent argument, your name is on a very short list.

We all know BAP will be there tonight. cut_fastball pulled a Perry Mason over the weekend and outed him as a Giants fan.

The only question is whether or not he'll be wearing his Barry Bonds throwback jersey.

Bubba: I'd rather re-argue the Abreu trade than engage in any part of our shared governmental farce. I have never been happier for a Game 7 in all my life.

I've got the whole kit: Kung Fu Panda hat; Tim Lincecum wig; Brian Wilson fake beard; Barry Bonds throwback jersey; Barry Zito surfboard; Aubrey Huff thong underwear. Brian Sabean sent it all to me as a care package, due to my hard work as a Beerleaguer mole trying to spread the good word about . . . er, I mean, uh . . . what I was trying to say was . . . oh sorry, someone's at my front door.

By the way, just as I called in last night's 8:31 post, the predicted rainstorm turned out -- like 90% of predicted Bay Area rainstorms -- to be grossly exaggerated. It has been sunny since about 10:00 a.m. and is expected to remain sunny through tonight's game.

. . . oh sorry, someone's at my front door.

Delivering the Pat Burrell Gimp Suit, I presume.

BAP - You will probably be the only fan there wearing a Bonds' jersey/t-shirt of any kind. Basically been white-washed out of the collective Giants' history it seems. Only retired after the '07 season but it seems a lot longer than that.

Kent is another guy who is a borderline HOF player who won't see a fan wearing his stuff. Much more likely to see Will Clark tshirt/jersey instead.

clout - The Moose will come back. Just wait.


Really. Any minute now.


Soon. They can't be wrong about the Mooseketeer. They were right about D'Arby

Dave - I still can't believe the Burrell is an 'advance scout' for the Giants this year. Just didn't ever strike me as a guy who had the interest or acumen to do that type of job.

I could see Burrell having a future as a 'WAGS scout' who would take notes on the opposing team's wives & girlfriends

MG: Agreed. The guy lives the life of Riley. It would just about figure if he managed to grab another World Series ring this season ... & what a revoltin' development that would be.

I'd be shocked if Burrell was in Detroit at all to advance scout the Tigers/Yanks.

I mean, have you SEEN the pigs they have in Detroit???

"We wouldn't even be talking about his guy if not for the 20 HR he hit in August."

I think we are talking about the guy now, because of how he handled himself against big league pitching in the last two weeks of the season. He looked comfortable and he looked like he knew what he was doing up there.

Ruf can flatout hit. And Cholly now knows it.

BAP: i noticed that the giants wear jerseys with names on the road, but no names at home. when did that "tradition" start? does any other team do that?

bullit: I never notice these things, but the
Giants' page says that it started in 2000.

thanks, BAP.

I think that the Yankees do the same. I know that their home pinstripes don't have their names, but I believe that their road grays do...

Sean Burnett is going to decline his option for next year in hopes to get a multi-year deal with the Nats.

If he can't and hits FA, the Phils would be wise to make a run at him.

re: Giants jerseys: Probably so that they could sell Barry Bonds jerseys without having to put his name on the jersey. He was the only player who was not a party to the MLBPA properties agreement. Many fantasy baseball league internet sites referred to him as "San Francisco Giants Outfielder" for this same reason.

I wonder what Hitman thinks of BAP's gushing allegiance to the Giants....

according to As of 2007, the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and San Francisco Giants do not display their players' names on their home uniforms. While the Red Sox and Giants have their players' names on their away jerseys, the Yankees do not display them on their road jerseys.

I know it's an elimination game, but I'd still be sorely tempted to put one in Posey's ear.

If I'm a Cards fan, I'm not too confident. Lohse looks like ass.

I can't believe Pence and his putrid .125 playoff average is going to be in the world series.

Watching Lohse totally crap the bed in a critical post-season game sure does bring back some bad memories.

Pence is so not clutch. Useless player. Terrible attitude. Glad to be rid of him.

Dear God-

Thanks for listening, but I was actually using that jinx for the Cards, not for Pence. Please rewind time and fix that mistake.


MPN: kind of like QB Eagles and RB Bills in the old Tecmo Super Bowl game.

That was a lucky bases clearing double. Shortstop broke the wrong way.

Tommy Joseph to Mets for David Wright - gonna get done.

Cards' magic looks like it might finally be coming to an end. Too bad it puts the Giants in the WS. Let's go Tigers?

Pence really does look like a deranged hobo.

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