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Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Pete Orr is gritty and gutty.

And yet Mini Mart and his "versatility" will ensure that Orr is an 'emergency only' guy.

dennyb (from the last thread)- I was actually about to use Howard as an example. He is not a good 'all-around' player, but he is a very good player because he can do one thing extremely well.

You have to really stretch the definition of 'all-around' and 'proficient' to consider Mayberry a 'good all-around player.' He doesn't steal bases and he's not really a spectacular defender. He's slightly above average, and he can play all three positions. He does not hit for average or get on base. He hits for power against one type of pitcher. That is not a 'good all-around player.'

We're going to have to lean on Orr's late inning defense for that big playoff run

Orr's a pretty good all-around player.

And Howard doesn't do "that one thing" he used to extremely well, all that well anymore. Mainly because he can't put the ball in play anymore.

Mayberry does several things at least above average. He's played a good CF, when he's clearly a better corner OF.

He has a good, accurate throwing arm.

He runs well. He used to steal bases and have no idea why he hasn't tried to steal any this year.

He hits for power, especially against LHP.

On a team filled with guys who are EXTREMELY limited with what they can do, its nice to have a guy like Mayberry who can help you in several ways.

He's probably going to finish with around 18-20 HR's and 55 RBI'S, with 25 2B's. That's not bad for a guy who will likely only have around 100 starts total for the season.

Gibson: Diamondbacks calling up Adam Eaton - Adam Eaton | ARZ

*double take*

Gibson: Diamondbacks calling up Adam Eaton - Adam Eaton | ARZ

*triple take*

Gibson: Diamondbacks calling up Adam Eaton - Adam Eaton | ARZ



orr is flinty.

Ok, but Orr won't be eligible for the post-season roster, correct?

"And Howard doesn't do "that one thing" he used to extremely well, all that well anymore."

Yeah. Alls I can do is drive in runs at a faster rate than anyone else in the league this year.

After coming back from a major injury.

For a team that is currently 12th in the league in OBP.

If only RBI weren't useless.

BTW - my man Mayberry is a helluva player.

Why are BLers such player-haters?

Okay, I'm back now.
I had to leave for a minute surf around to get my head around the Adam Eaton news.

So now I get it...a different Adam Eaton.

Orr was hitting what? I guess my memory is going. Why is Minimart up with the team all this time, while Orr is in AAA?

Orr is a better bunter.
Orr is a better baserunner.
Orr is a better hitter.

Orr doesn't play shortstop, but I think they're comparable fielders otherwise. Is being righthanded that much of an advantage when you can't hit from either side of the plate?

@dennyb -- if you are talking about howard's ability to knock in runs... his ratio of Runs batted In to Plate Appearances is down from
1 every 5.123 (career PA) to 1 every 5.611 PA this year. ML averages an RBI every 9.1 PA.

If Howard had the same amount of PA as Ryan Braun the NL leader, he'd have 99 RBI 3 ahead of Braun.

If we're talking about Power... that's down. 1 every 17.7 AB. Braun the league leader is 1 every 13.126 AB. With the same number of AB as Braun, Howard would have 27 Homers. Which would put him about 5th.

And this is from a guy who has struggled coming back from a serious injury.

Given some more healing and a new season, expect Howard to be near the top of both categories next year. As usual.

aksmith, presumably the only reason Mini got a call-up over Orr is his "ability to play the OF." After trading away Vic and Pence, there was a void in OF/bench OF bats. Since we don't have either, they chose to go with Mini Mart, instead...

Why is Minimart up with the team all this time, while Orr is in AAA?

MM is sporting a 1.000 VA (Versatility Average). There is your answer.

Just reading the name Adam Eaton makes me feel sick to my stomach!

If I were Adam Eaton (the outfielder), I'd have to think about calling myself something else. But then again, there's the Office Space Michael Bolton mentality: "Why should I change when he's the one who sucks?"

Lake Fred, I think you'll be hearing his name a lot more in the future.

Adam Eaton in 488 ABs in AAA this year: .381/.456/.539, 119 R, 46 2B, 38 SB.

Orr is a known quantity. He sucks. But he is a known quantity and that's as important as Mini-Mart's versatility.

Yo new thread.

Are Alba Tross and Albert Ross related?

Each seems to respond only to idiotic posts.

Double play combo made in heaven: MiniMart and Pete Orr....with Howard at first to scoop (not really) the ball thrown in the dirt.

thanks, HammRadio. i agree with your expectations for howie. but he needs to get lighter. and not just 15 lbs lighter. he is putting too much stress on his ankles and feet. we'll see if he has the discipline to eat less in the off-season.

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