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Sunday, September 30, 2012


It was the blurst of times.

Ah yes. A Sunday afternoon classic with a Spring Training line up. Btw, who pitches Tues? Rosenberg?

In recent years, the Phillies have sucked at bringing up extra bodies - pitchers, guys with speed, etc. at the end of the season. That's on Ruin Tomorrow, Jr.

Tyson Brummett called up to help out...

EF: Stop it. The excitement is too much for me.

GTown: I think you spelled "excrement" wrong.

Scott wins the thread. Everyone can go about the rest of their weekend now.

For Dave and Scott:

In the Spring they say
"We really have got a shot!"
Now it's changed to sh*t

Oh, boy. A 28-year old career minor leaguer being called up. I can already taste the vitriol.

Are the Phils the only team to call up fringe guys when seasons are over and they need an arm? Some teams even seem to do it other parts of the year.

Well, everyone wanted to know why Ruben hadn't called anyone up to pitch. Now he has. It was a given that whoever he called up wouldn't be a Cy-Young-in-waiting.

In terms of sheer, unadulterated ugly -- ballpark, uniforms, logo, etc. -- the rest of MLB has nothing on Miami.

And in terms of stupid, no one has anything on MLB umpires. Go out & look at the f*cking fence for yourselves, you lazy bastards!

By the way, great posts, Scott & Andy (I always enjoy your haikus. The one yesterday was a little sad, though. 'Til GTown added his own dysfunctional haiku to match the team.)

About Tuesday:

Todd Zolecki ‏@ToddZolecki
Amaro said Brummett has been throwing bullpen sessions in Utah in preparation for Winter Ball. But he's unlikely to start Tuesday.

The guess is that B.J. will start. He of the 8-something ERA - but who has done ok the past few outings.

What was wrong with the fences? I missed that.

It would probably be a longer delay if the umps go check it themselves than to send the faster grounds crew out there.

Pierre, sly little slider.

Ha! Pierre made that kid look like a dope! Great slide!

Choooooooch! Great job, Chooch.

I kinda like the orange jerseys. It fits Miami from what I know of it from Burn Notice. Colorful. (Remember, I was a Royals fan when they had those bright powder-blue away unis.)

6 game hit streak for Ruf.

GBrettFan: It's the overwhelming neon lime green of the ballpark which is esp. jarring to me. Hurts my eyes, & makes me think something is screwed up w/ the TV.

That is very lime-colored. Maybe it's supposed to remind us of mojitos.

212 Ks is a new season high for Hamels (211, '10).

Hamels is cruising. Love that.

Having been to the new park in Miami, I can safely say that it is the worst park I've been to. It's like watching a game in a mall. That monstrosity in center field doesn't help. No ambience whatsoever. It's typical Miami in that it's colorful, yet without substance. Just like the city I spent 12 years in.

Congrats on cole's new career K record. Any chance he actually performs equal to his contract?

Playoffs or not it is really refreshing to watch some fresh faces in the lineup. If Amaro doesn't completely blow it this offseason I am extremely excited for next season and being in Tampa will go to plenty of spring training games.

Choooch! Awesome job behind the plate. Nice quick throw by Brown, too.

since I had to move to Seattle for work I bought mlb premium and have had the luxury of listening to LA and Franskie synced up to the video feed the past two seasons. now that im back in philly my premium subscription is blacked out and Im being forced to listen to Tbag, wheels and sarge. needless to say, Ive muted the game. these guys are the worst in the business, and I still don't understand why this Murphy douchebag is on the air. I can suffer through a bad season, but its impossible for me to express how much I hate our tv crew. if they wont give the radio crew a promotion then at least call up the aaa broadcast crew and get wheels and his hairpiece out of there. i couldn't believe it when he was defending mini mart the other day. awful , just awful.

This is gonna be another game where they score a few runs in the first and then shut it down for the rest of the game, isn't it?

Dickie: I don't think anyone minds the Phils bringing those guys up. The vitriol flies when morons like you hail them as star players.

I'm surprised there wasn't more comment the past few threads on Amaro saying that the Utley to 3B experiment was over. Permanently.

What's interesting about that is Amaro, Manuel, the coaches etc. all said Uts looked great out there, had good reactions, his arm was just fine etc. etc. etc.

Either a) They were lying; or b) Amaro has his sites set on a new 3Bman and he's sure he can get him.

I hope it's b.

Hamels is no longer cruising.

Sil: Why would any of us expect anything else?

LA: To be fair, Wheels was a management toady for decades, but has become more objective in recent years. Still far from balanced.

McCarthy is the empty calories junk food of announcers. Good voice, talks a lot, says nothing worth hearing or memorable. Scott Graham was like that too. Just a big, blank blah.

Scott Graham was seemingly less banal than Tmac. Either way, neither are remarkable.

2 throwing errors, Cole? 2?

He forgot Ruf wasn't 13 feet tall.

100 errors. Up from 74 in 2011.

(Of course, Wigginton made 12 of those all by himself.)

(Of course, Wigginton made 12 of those all by himself.)

13. Wigginton himself is an Error.

I got a chuckle out of that one, GTown.

Just think of the Rockies. If I'm reading correctly, they're paying half of Wiggy's salary this year. It may be debatable whether their $2 mil. or our $2 mil. is better spent.

I am almost certain RAJ will not pay $4 mil. for Wigginton's option.

Are there people that really think the Ruin Tomorrrow Jr. thing is funny? Huh.

clout is right on with his post about Utley at 3B. Very odd that it wasn't even given a try when he received the endorsement of practically the entire coaching staff. Something changed.

I thought the same thing about the turnabout on the Utley at 3B attempt. It's why I said at the time that I was surprised - - In the same day, I read RAJ quoted as saying how great Galvis & Rollins are together at 2B & SS, and by the end of the day he was quoted as saying that Utley was best suited to 2B.

I also didn't understand how he'd ever anticipated having enough time to see Utley at 3B - since one of the reasons given was that 5 games wasn't a long enough trial on which to base plans for next year.

Insurance run and more offense! (8th inning troubles for the other team this time.)

Franzke mentioned that Cole has made 20 starts this year where he pitched at least 7 innings. So has Cliff Lee (21 such starts, in fact, including that 10-inning outing).

Maybe the cash strapped Mets can't pay Wright's option and Rube is working out a deal for him.

Hey, a guy can dream...

Jim Salisbury ‏@JSalisburyCSN
Hamels finishes season with career-high 216 Ks in 215 1/3 innings. Rollins has reached career-high 62 BBs

Congratulations to them both!

Rollins and Hamels are two players that definitely held up their end of the bargain this year. If we get this year's version of both players in 2013, they will be in good shape.

Back over .500, woohoo!

Need to win the series in D.C. in order to finish above .500 - or at least win 1 game to finish at .500.

KK v. Lannan rematch tomorrow - hopefully, that goes better. Tuesday belongs to the Nats on paper, since it will be our BP v. Gio Gonzalez. Then Lee v. Edwin Jackson on Wednesday - and we know how much run support Lee gets. Sounds like we could be swept, frankly, but I'm hoping we win at least one of those 3 games. - - It doesn't mean anything, but it's a victory of sorts to finish at or above .500.

Nice win today.

Ice - Rollins, Hamels...and Chooch - who's more than held up his end of the bargain.

I agree with Rollins, Hamels & Chooch & would also add Pierre. It would be interesting to do a beerleaguer evaluation, something like more than satisfactory, sat or less than sat for each player and coach. Doc, for example, would be a less than sat.

Phils finish September 17-10, a 102 win pace over 162 games, including that series in Houston...

Right, rob, good call on Pierre. I really enjoyed watching him this year.

Good September, EFF.

Let's go beat the Nats - our version of October baseball this year.

Caught a little of game today. Really glad that Phils resigned Hamels and we get to watch him next year.

Set a career high today in season wins (17) and Ks (216). Already has 91 career wins which places him just outside the Top 10 in Phils' franchise history. With his typical season next year (say 13-15 wins) he should pass Schilling (101 wins) and end up #6 on the Phils' franchise list & has 6 more years to add to the total.

Don't know if he has a Cy Young season in him but he will easy earn his contract if he pitches like he has the last 3 years. Just been very dependable & pitched at a consistently high level.

Bunch of Phils' players have finished the year strongly too including Bastardo & Papelbon but the most surprising to me has been Utley. I thought for sure he would fade a bit in Sept since he basically hasn't had any time off. Continued to hit and produce.

For what it is worth, Ruf has a 6-game hit streak going too after a 1-4 today.

It worked out today, but I was surprised Chooch caught the day game following the 4HR+ nite game. If someone asks Cholly, I'm sure he will say he had nobody else to bat clean-up.

I agree with clout's point (b). Their sudden reversal on Utley tells me that they have already worked something out for a new 3Bman.

And looks like the Brewers will lose 2 of 3 to Houston at home this weekend.

Utley held up much better than I expected, and picked up some steam at the plate, too. MG's right.

MG, I think you're right about the BP, too, that we need one dependable piece for the 8th inning and can round out the rest of the 'pen with the arms we have already. I didn't think about it until you mentioned it (yesterday? today?) but it makes sense.

It depends on what RAJ thinks about the guys he has - because there are a lot of them who could mix in: Bastardo, Aumont, Horst, Stutes, Herndon later on...Diekman, Rosenberg...

I heard a little bit ago that Dominic Brown is 4th in the league in assists.

"Let's go beat the Nats - our version of October baseball this year."

I'm going to go find a beer to weep over.

They said Brown was 4th in OF assists since he's come up.

EFF - Thanks for clarifying. Meaning they were just looking at a portion of the season, then. Still, not bad.

MG - good posting today.

The names: Bastardo, Aumont, Horst, Stutes, Herndon, Diekman, Rosenberg, Schwimer, Savery, DeFratus.

The prediction: Four years from now we will look back and see that only 4 of those 10 relievers made a significant contribution to the team post-2012.

Impossible to say which 4.

But not impossible to say which six won't: scratch Savery and Roesnberg off the list. Likely Schwimer too. Herndon is a complete unknown at this point.

Buddy: Need 2 more.

Just hope that it doesn't take 4 years for the cream to rise to the top, and that they are still here.

I'm going to say Aumont and Defratus make a significant contrubution. Four out of that group is reaching much too high. Bastardo is a possible because he has been good in the past. The rest are adequate at best at the major league level and probably a notch below.

I'm surprised at you, Clout. Four out of that group would seem to be you valuing prospects. And at a level higher than anyone else values these particular prospects. Good for you.

In order from best to worst stuff:

1. Aumont
2. Bastardo
3. DeFratus
4. Rosenberg
5. Diekman
6. Stutes
7. Schwimer
8. Horst
9. Herndon
10. Savery

In order from best/most consistent to worst/ least consistent command:

1. Herndon
2. DeFratus (judging from what I've seen & from minor league stats)
3. Schwimer
4. Horst
5. Bastardo
6. Stutes
7. Savery
8. Rosenberg
9. Diekman
10. Aumont

I'm not sure what counts as a "significant contribution." But if I had to bet on 4, I'd bet on Bastardo because of his already proven success, Stutes for the same reason, DeFratus because he has the best combination of stuff & command, and Horst because it's a big advantage to be left-handed. Honorable mentions to Herndon & Schwimer, though both have limited upside.

In a season full of disappointment, Cole Hamels has been a shining light of greatness on the mound.

I'm very happy he'll be a Phillie for life.

How'd the Phils miss out on Mike Trout?

"How'd the Phils miss out on Mike Trout?"

Actually, they didn't. He was selected before their turn in the draft came up. 24 other teams missed out on him, though.

The Nationals could have drafted Strasburg and Trout that year. Instead they went with Storen with that 10th pick overall.

Imagine how ridiculous that would have been?

Remember, 24 players were drafted before Trout. Strasburg is probably the only one that was legitimately a better pick and even that's arguable.

aksmith: Your comprehension skills are always poor, but I'm not sure where the heck this comes from:

"Four out of that group would seem to be you valuing prospects. And at a level higher than anyone else values these particular prospects."

I've always valued prospects. I assigned no value at all to these, however, I simply listed them as they are the 10 Phils bullpen prospects closest to the big leagues.

In your fantasy, what value level did I assign?

.331/.372/.448/.820, 9 HR, 40 RBI, 15 2B, 1 3B, 23 BB, 30 K in 112 G. 2 Errors in 50 Games at Third.

Nice little season for Jeff Keppinger.

Also, Ryan Madson hasn't given up a run all season, so there's that.

With Lannan going for the Nats tomorrow, I hope Charlie makes Ryan Howard watch from the clubhouse.
I don't think the bench is out of his range.

Clout - I suppose you drunk posted. My reading comprehension is fine. You said four of those relievers, including a bunch of prospects, would be significant contributors to the major league team. What is rating prospects if it has no relationship to their value to the major league team? So, I ask, how's YOUR reading comprehension.

I know you like to erect strawmen from other people's posts. And now? You're erecting them from your own post? That's a new one. And anything other than your usual act is good, I guess.

Another solid outing by Cole. What else can you say about the guy? He is one of the top pitchers in the game and I'm very happy to have him locked up long term.

A 17-10 September is nothing to sneeze at. Even when things were bleak, they played hard and made it interesting for awhile. Let's hope they play the Nats tough and make them sweat out the division/home field situation a bit longer!

bap - That you have Bastardo as the fifth most consistent/best command speaks volumes about this list.

I guess, for 2013, Rube should sign one solid vet RP (e.g. Mike Adams) and just let these other eleven arms (I am also including Lindblom) duke it out for five BP slots.

Yo, new thread

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