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Sunday, September 02, 2012


KAS: Best retort ever at end of last thread to typically ridiculous Will Schweitzer post.

Well done.

Slick move by the Phillies to dampen expectations before the ASG and than to quietly move up the ladder afterwards.

The guy I want to see is DeFratus. Unlike Diekman, he's a quality prospect. BA ranked him 7th pre-season and rated his risk level as "medium." Sickels says he has "closer potential." All the reports I've read rave about his stuff.

Want to see Aumont & DeFratus get as much work as possible.

Question to aksmith re: your statmenet about recalling Ruf and putting him at 1B.

What would you say the odds are of the Phillies playing Ruf at 1B and sitting a healthy Howard?

If I had a degree in higher mathematics I would try to calculate them.

clout -- Exactly what is "ridiculous" about Schweitzer's post? We all take your "moron" moniker (well, most of the time, anyway) in a good-natured way. Will's got a right to his opinions.

I am in whole-hearted agreement with one of Schweitzer's opinions -- the Phils have always thought way too highly of Domonic Brown. At this point, his gimpy knee and injury history in general is preventing an honest evaluation of his capabilities as member of the 25-man roster.

Posts based on strawmen (exaggerated assertions attributed to others named or unnamed that are easily knocked down) are generally ridiculous.

But as I noted last thread, Dom Brown WAS a better choice than Ibanez last year. One need only look at the numbers.

I'm also excited to see what De Fratus can do. He and Aumont have miss-bats stuff. Real power arms out of the bullpen to go with Papelbon. I'm really hopeful that Bastardo returns to form, although we all know that relievers are unreliable in general from year to year. Diekman has a chance to latch on as a second lefty, but only if he can figure out how to throw more strikes. Of course, Jeremy Horst has proven much more reliable from the left side and seems like a real steal in the trade for Wilson Valdez.

Aumont has been up since Aug 20th and only pitched 3 IP in 12 G.

With 29 G left, DeFratus probably pitches 7-8 IP & Aumont maybe throws a similar amount. Not much of an evaluation of either guy. Hell, DeFratus threw 4 IP last Sept. in his callup.

Speaking of Dom Brown, as much as I am infuriated by Jimmy Rollin's glide to first base when a hard jog would simply fly under the radar, Mr. Rollins is a flat out iron-man compared to many. Games since 2001:
2001: 158
2002: 154
2003: 156
2004: 154
2005: 158
2006: 158
2007: 162
2008: 137
2009: 155
2010: 88
2011: 142
2012: 130

Based on this review, there might be something to Jimmy’s instincts not to sprint to first when he sees a sure out. It's my guess that we have not seen the last of the "Rollin's Hustle" controversy.

Compare Jimmy to Dom Brown's Games tally (yes I know he’s made the trek to and from LV):
2010: 35
2011: 56
2012: 29

There’s an old NFL saying: “Can’t make the club in the tub”. I sure wish we could keep Domonic on the field more.

Clout - If the Phillies see themselves as competing this season for a wildcard, then I'd put the chances that Ruf plays over the pseudo-healthy Howard at less than the Planck number. For all intents and purposes, zero.

If the Phillies are eliminated or about to be with a bunch of games to go, then I'd say he gets a couple of starts to see what he can do. And what he can do at first base, a little differently than Howard, is catch and throw the ball. From reports, he is actually a pretty good fielder at first. But whether he is or not, that's what you have to find out. Because next season, there's going to be interleague play all year. And it might be nice to have a fielder at first base who can give Howard a chance to DH for about 20 games.

And you only find out if the kid can do that if you bring him up and give him some cuts against big league pitchers.

Also, don't look now, but I think the audition for third base for next season is going swimmingly for Frandsen, don't you think? He's hitting, but most importantly, he seems to be making all the plays over there. Maybe he ends up being the starter out of the callups and AAAA players, considering the free agent class of third basemen is not at all compelling.

clout: As usual, I see you aren't letting the facts get in the way of your narrative.

1. I was discussing 2009 - 2010. I didn't object to Brown's promotion last season. In fact, I called for it.

2. 2011 was the final season of the Ibanez contract.

3. We're comparing a whopping 210 Domo plate appearances to 535 from Ibanez.

But you keep doing what you do best, Clout: cheerleading and taunting from the sidelines under a pseudonym like the brilliant schmuck that you are.

By the way, I intend no disrespect to Kendrick Appreciation Society in any of this, but I wasn't referring to last season.

We all know it's going to be tough to grab off a playoff berth, and we're NOT going to get it done with me on the bench! No sirree! Between my power bat (from both sides of the plate, no less!) and my 'incredible' defense at every position (well, UC hasn't given me a shot at catching yet, but give it time!), we can't spare any horses for this pennant run!

I don't recall many calls to bring up Dom to replace Ibanez in 2010. Ibanez had a pretty solid 2010 with an OPS+ of 111. If anything, there were calls to platoon Ibanez late in 2010, but obviously Brown isn't a platoon partner.

Now that DeFratus is up, you have little reason to use Rosenburg. You pretty much have seen what he is; now it's time to see what DeFratus and Aumont can do.

MG: You're right, too little use to this point. I've gotta believe we'll see them more this year than in years past when we were in real playoff chases.

Will Schweitzer: I rarely interact with you because you're a troll and have been since you came onto the board.

But if you truly want to know why KAS and I think your post was ridiculous, go back and read the whole post not just the small part you nmentioned.

That is the end of our communication.

akmsith: I am available for a side bet on whether Frandsen is the everyday 3Bman for the Phillies next season.

clout: what do you predict the Phillies do at 3B for 2013? And what would you prefer?

Considering the start time of today is 5pm, will Day Cole morph into Night Cole?

MiniMart's in RF again this evening.

Clout - I'm not making a prediction because the Phillies continue to have players on the roster who can't play and pitchers who can't pitch. Were i making out the lineup for next year, I wouldn't be counting on Frandsen, but if he gets the job because I can upgrade my pen and outfield and Utley and Howard will play full seasons, I think the Phillies will be okay. With his health not in question and his fielding looking as good as anything other than a healthy Polanco, I think the Phillies can make do with him there.

A bet? You expect me to bet what Rube and Charlie will do? I live in Vegas, but I'm not crazy. No thanks.

When I originally said they'd very possibly be finding a starter among Kratz, Mayberry and Frandsen, the reason I would go with guessing it's Kratz is that there are outfielders in FA and Chooch will be the starting catcher if healthy. There is no incumbent and no prospect ready to take over at third. So, I'll ask you the question. Who is the Phillies starting third baseman next season if you have to guess.

also, a 5pm start time is a pain in the ass.

Late Afternoon Lineup: Rollins (SS), Frandsen (3B), Utley (2B), Howard (1B), Wigginton (LF), Mayberry (CF), Kratz (C), Martinez (RF), Hamels (P).

I am beginning to resent Dom for continuing to subject me to this crap.

If Atlanta loses to a team playing Martinez in right, then they truly deserved to lose. They can't say the Phillies are playing their best players to try to be spoilers, can thy.

And why is Michael Martinez hitting before Colbert Hamels?

Wigginton in L, too?

Presumably, Nix, Pierre & Schierholtz (he's back up, right?) are all sitting because they bat LH. But the fact that MM can't hit doesn't matter, because he can at least make an out batting RH...?

If we continue to gang up on MiniMart we can all but guarantee a multi-hit game for him
If we try extra hard Rube will sign him to a 3 year deal, to ensure cost certainty and all that.

You people living in Phila. should just agree to boycott any home game wherein MM is in the starting lineup, or at least the first 2 innings. Even better, drive over there but hang out in the parking lot and drink your own beers. The first time Rube looks out at 20,000 empty seats, and sees a large mob in the parking lot, he'd find a legit ballplayer.

Anyone think MM is really a grad student writing a thesis on ineptitude in the Phils FO?

We need to get a ruling from the all-knowing MG if this counts as a Day Hamels start or not.

Because someone is going to say it:

Phillies' record with Mini-Mart starting in RF: 3-0.

Phillies' record in Mini-Mart's last 7 starts: 7-0.

I drive all the way down to ATL to watch the Phils play, and I'm subjected to Mini-Mart and Wiggy as the corner OFs?


5:05 start I think becomes an blackout again

Glad to see MM in the line up. Now he can continue his pursuit of a sub .100 BA.

I thought the 5:05 start was the latest to be allowed to not be blacked out on a Sunday.

Every other OFer on the current roster has a higher OPS vs lefties than MM does, and not just in the 2012 sample size.

lorecore: I'd prefer they make a trade for an established thirdbaseman or sign someone like Youklis if the Sox don't pick up his option.

IMHO this team has one or two years at most to make another run before the long dark night settles in.

It has taken a while, but I've gotten to the point where the Mini Mart thing is p*ssing me off.

Last year it didn't matter because the team was great no matter what, and even though he sucked he did manage to have like one play/hit per week that helped the team.

This year he has managed to be worlds worse (which is quite an accomplishment, or the opposite of an accomplishment, whatever word you would use for that) on a roster that could really use an upgrade at a few spots. It is baffling that they can't find a warm body at AAA, or AA, or A, that would be at least a little better.

Why can't us!!

I think after 5PM is the cutoff.

Clout - Okay, you're on record as wanting Youklis, or some other guy they trade for. Let's assume that Youklis has his option picked up.

I'm wondering who this other third baseman is (or third basemen are), and who the Phillies have that another team would want for this starting third baseman?

mlb.coms site says games with a start time after 5:00...

i feel like this happened once before and they DID air it so i dont know

Hopefully this is Mini Mart's last start of the season.

We might get to see Ruf in the OF against a LHP in September. At least, we hope so.

Looks like Ruf is going to come up a little short on winning the EL Triple Crown.

Average now at .317 Needed to get to .323 to win the batting title.

Ethan Martin today: 7 IP, 2 hits, 0 ER, 0 BB's and 8 K's.

Why is Mini Mart starting with Schierholtz activated and available? He is clearly the better defender and hitter in RF.

Wigginton is terrible but at least he is 6-13 with a HR vs Maholm. Still Pierre is 5-13 with 2 BBs vs Maholm and been hitting a bit more lately.

Cholly has had a poor year as a manager with a number of puzzling lineups and poor pitching decisions. Really wouldn't mind if he retired at this point even though I can't see how he possibly passes up $5M next year or a chance to go out on a better note.

Martinez has a -38.2 UZR/150 in his 123 innings as an outfielder.

Clout: i too prefer signing Youkilis if he's available, however I have not heard any rumors on whether Chicago is declining his option or not.

What other 3B do you think are available through trade? Headley comes to mind, but I do not believe the Phillies could trade for him even if they dealt both Biddle and Joseph. I don't know if the Phlis could even build a package for him if they wanted to.

I would like to see Youkilis at third base next year - but only on a one year contract. Don't need another older, broken down player on a multi-year contract. Failing that, I'd be fine with Frandson for one year.

Call me dumb.I just don't understand how an organization that still says the playoffs are possible,keeps running Mini Mouse out there.

lorecore, aksmith: As to who's available and what he would cost, there is not enough information to have an intelligent conversation.

I will be clear on this, however: Kevin Frandsen is not an MLB everyday player. Nice utlity guy, big upgrade over past Phillies in that spot, but everyday thirdbaseman on a contender? No.

And why is Michael Martinez hitting before Colbert Hamels?

Posted by: aksmith | Sunday, September 02, 2012 at 02:00 PM

Late response...

Answer - because Oswalt is no longer on the team.

lorecore: Mini Mart is a bad fielder, a horrible hitter, a poor base stealer, a weak bunter. But there is one thing he has that Charlie values above all else: He is versatile.

Now, why being versatile is useful when you have expanded rosters in September is a mystery that greater minds than mine will have to resolve.

Darin Ruf: The difference being winning the Wild Card or not.

OK, looks like it's not blacked out.

Now if only I didn't have to work...

I'd start Schierholtz over Mini-Mart on the grounds that Schier's career OPS vs. LHP isn't much different than it is against RHP, plus it is 168 FREAKIN G-DAMN POINTS HIGHER THAN MIN-MART'S YOU G-DAMN FOOLS.

But that's just me.

this is a nice chain of events...

Didn't figure Clout to be a Rufer.

Nice job, Ryan.

That was one of the more surprising Howard AB's I've seen this year. Maholm is the kind of guy that Howard really struggles against. Lefty junkballer who stays away away away.

c'mon maybe

4 batters into the game and Joe Simpson with a "That would have been a CBP homer" blast. Get some new material you moron.

Schierholtz is 7 for 14 off the current Braves LH pitchers.

-earlier, i saw that diekman was giving malholm tips on how to pitch in these type of situations...

Lawyers on the board: Could fans bring a pain and suffering lawsuit against Mr. Manuel for his reckless and knowing harm in putting Mini Mart into the lineup over Schierholtz, who is superior in all aspects of the game?

I would be willing to be a plaintiff.

When the fans show up to Turner Field in two innings they are not going to be pleased.

Kratz = In play, run(s).

looks like diekman's advise helped...

the phils.

Martinez = Sack o' Crap.

yahtzee! kratz is a helluva drug. my lasting impression from this series will be kratz pulling a 99 mph fastball down the left-field line on an 0-2 count. dude is beastly.

mm never the one to disappoint..

I remember when I said all I wanted was to see some good baseball. The Phillies have delivered that in the past month or so.

Now, as has been mentioned, I keep thinking how it sucks all the more to have played so dreadfully in the early months. A few more Cliff Lee starts where he held a lead, a few more runs scored by our guys here and there, and a few more games wherein the BP held the score, and we'd be in the mix for the WC right now. It's so easy to picture, it's tantalizing and frustrating.

But, it is what it is. We did blow several games that were within reach, we are still under .500 and 7 1/2 games back of the 2nd WC.

I'm still glad we're playing better baseball now.

Clout smells like cabbage, but good first inning gang.

I'm not even sure Charlie knows why he's playing MM. Not really. You would think someone who loves hitting and power as much as he does would play someone else out there.

Erik Kratz series? 5-10 with 4 RBIs now this series and basically won the first game of the series for the Phils.

I'm still glad we're playing better baseball now.

Agreed. As I'm apparently incapable of not watching, I'd prefer the team at least play well. On the other hand, it's difficult to imagine they could have played any worse.

Gelb: "Paul Maholm hadn't allowed five runs in a start since June 23. Phillies score five in the first inning and bat around."

Suck it, Maholm!

What happened to Ben Sheets?

wes covington - thank you. I watch games on MLB network, and to me the Braves announcers are the most ignorant, most negative, and the biggest homers around (Larry Anderson excepted on the homer point). The last guys on earth you'd want to have a beer with. They manage a negative comment on virtually everything Philly on just about every AB. The latest is that Hamels is complaining about the strike zone.

It literally makes me angry that Mini Mart continues to start against LH pitching. I really can't believe it. He is an absolute rally killer. He is hitting .120. Isn't any other LH hitter better than that, even against LH pitching??? What do they see in him, seriously? I can't stand this guy; he shouldn't be in the majors.

Not the best of starts.

Terrible throw by Frandsen but what the hell is Howard trying to do by backhanding that ball like that?

Just noted that Martinez is "hitting" at a .125 clip.

To me, this begs the obvious question:

How can there be ANYONE on a MLB roster with such a BA??

More specifically, how could a player remain on a team for so long, with such an average??

It truly defies logic on every level.

The MM countdown to 0.100 continues....
With that out in the 1st inning, MM only needs 18 straight hitless ABs before he's batting under 0.100 this year!
Probable, not impossible.
MM is 9/72 this year.

Nice fastball to get Freeman there.

Not the best of starts.

Posted by: GBrettFan


but the best of finishes.

Nice job by Hamels there to get out of trouble after crappy defense behind him.

Nice job by Hamels there to get out of the inning unscathed, even with the error.

Can MM pitch? He already hits like a pitcher, and the Phils seem determined to play him, so why not put him in the 'pen?

little ollie- did you happen to hear the comment "It must be the pressure of being 8 games back in the wild card" after Frandzen's error?I'm headed to the radio.

Braves announcers have commented several times about what a poor season JRoll has had.

Fan: MM=Adam Eaton?

Wes - missed that one. Even their voices are not typical announcers' voices. Very dull sounding.

Age-related injury! If only he was a prospect, that never woulda happened!

MG = GBrettfan!?!!

Interesting fact: Rollins has the highest P/PA of any current player on the Phillies (3.69). Pence has a 3.81 on the season.

For Cole, he complains about the ump's calls. For Maholm, he's just missing and it's a tight strike zone.

What's with all the people listening to the Braves announcers?

They're right up there with that "Thuuuuu Yankees win!" guy for most irritating and least self-aware people of all time.

I can see listening to the other team's announcers for the Mets, maybe the Giants, and definitely the Dodgers (yes, I know Scully is getting a bit dotty and is just reading off notecards for his analysis, but as long as he's calling plays with that voice, I wouldn't mind if he's reading his analysis off a cereal box.

But the Braves? Why would you do that to yourself? It's almost as willfully insane as consistently starting MM in RF.

For my money, the worst announcers in baseball are the Nationals' crew on MASN. They occasionally happen onto some baseball knowledge, but by and large they're the biggest homers of any TV team I've had the misfortune to be stuck hearing.

Playoff odds ticked up to .3 percent already today based on earlier results.

Michael Martinez, Top Fielder.

MG is way smarter about baseball than I am, our nearly identical posts about the bottom of the 1st nothwithstanding.

EFF, .3% odds? We are SO going to the postseason!

Pence might have gotten a glove on that...or gotten hit by it.

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