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Saturday, September 08, 2012


Someone asked this on yesterday's thread & I wondered the same thing. Is there any advantage to putting guys on the 15-day DL after September 1, when you can call up anyone on your 40-man roster anyhow?

"making it likely that . . . Schneider . . . ha[s] played [his] last [game] as [a Phillie]"

All the editing was worth it just to see that statement.

15 day DL? Nope.

60 day DL helps but not the 15 man in Sept.

In both cases (Schneider and Polly) it might be Rube's way of saying "so long"...gets them both out of the clubhouse basically.

60-day, yes -- although there's no point to using the 60-day DL unless there's someone not presently on the 40-man roster whom you'd like to call up. Also, if you put someone on the 60-day DL after August 1, he can't participate in the post-season. While the odds of our being in the post-season are something like 1 in a zillion, I can't see any good reason why you'd want to foreclose the possibility of having Polanco and/or Valdes on your playoff roster in the event that, through some miracle, we did manage to get in.

Great, so MiniMart will be starting even more now at 3B.

He goes 0-3 with a error. Then starts the next 3 games

They can always put Stutes on the 60-man DL to make a spot for a call-up. I'm not sure about the drawback of bringing up Ruf (adding him to the 40-man). They will have to protect him for the Rule 5 Draft after this season.

Any idea when this game starts? I've been drinking in my car for about 3hrs now.

MM is going to be starting for awhile now. He's white hot after getting 2 hits yesterday. Charlie doesn't know the saying "even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile".

NEPP: "In both cases (Schneider and Polly) it might be Rube's way of saying "so long"...gets them both out of the clubhouse basically."

But you can still hang in the dugout (let alone the clubhouse) while on the DL. Saint Utley was often around while on the DL. I recall someone on some team, last year maybe, who took the roll of batboy while on the DL 'cause he was bored and wanted something to do.

Looks like there's a break in the rain coming, but it will be brief, then I'd estimate another 2 hours before it clears out.

I hope Hamels doesn't get started up for a very brief appearance then get stalled out in a second delay.

They are playing in NY and Baltimore. How about Trenton? Any links to Reading games?

Postponed- Reading/Trenton postponed.

I was reading that there was a lot of thunder in the area..

(thank you thank you,,,Drum roll, cymbals)

***But you can still hang in the dugout (let alone the clubhouse) while on the DL. ***

You can but if those tweets are to be believed, both have cleaned out their lockers and are gone.

It might have somethign to do with medical idea really.

buy sell: Thanks. Plenty time for Ruf to grab a cab to CBP.

Looks like a 10:47 Game start time, based on my expertise of using maps :P

Brewers are allowed to win, as long as they are beating St. Louis.

Wish the Giants had beaten the Dodgers.

Ending on the 15 day DL might come into play if a player's contract reads that they get a buyout or an option is picked up if they don't end the season on the DL. However, I doubt either of those contracts had such clauses.

Did everyone see that Strasburg has been shut down for the season because Johnson said his head wasn't in the last game? Wow. Way to dump on your ace. But the way he's pitching, it looks like he may actually be wearing down right on schedule.

Sending them home saves 2 hotel rooms and meal money for 13 remaining road games. Gotta save money for 2 FA OFers.

I am not the slightest bit concerned about the Brewers or D-Backs. To pass up St. Louis, Pittsburgh & L.A., who are all 5.5+ games ahead of us, we would have to go something like 21-3 over the rest of our games. As improbable as such a scenario may be, it is not nearly as improbable as a scenario in which we go 21-3 and pass up St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and L.A. only to have Arizona or Milwaukee go 20-4 and keep pace with us.

Drinking in the car for 5 hrs now, still no word of game time

gotta be concerned with every team in front of us dude

John the Idiot now on the Rain Delay Show with JJ and Scott.

I don't know the policy, but exactly how late can a delay go? MLB is still saying "delay" and not "postponed"

Gnome really, really wants to make an appearance tonight.

Management seems to want to start this at midnight, if they have to though.

This game is meaningless in the standings, but it's all about gate receipts.

lorecore: Where are you pi$$ing?

Game called. Day/Night DH tomorrow (1.05PM & 6.05PM).

Edit: Game 2 at 6.35PM

Well, at least they get to keep the gate receipts this way.

What does anybody think about the trading Cliff Lee to he Rangers for Elvis Andrus. We can move Jimmy Rollins to third and Andrus has pretty good numbers to be a leadoff guy. I know Jimmy Rollins would throw a fit over this scenario but I just thought this would be an interesting longshot scenario since Rangers were said to be thinking of moving Andrus and making Profar the shortstop. Any thoughts?

This means that they will need a 6th starter on Thursday. Pigs players have gone home.

to the* Rangers

There must be some advantage to putting players on the 15-day dl in September, but I can't figure out what it is. Maybe it is a collective bargaining requirement.

Hope they save Cole for the night game, for MG's betting interests.

This game is meaningless in the standings, but it's all about gate receipts.

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