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Friday, September 28, 2012


I don't see Mini-Mart on this poll anywhere. Must be an oversight.

Dexter Fowler has a higher OPS than Jay Bruce. So does David Murphy, and all the other hitters on this list.

If you're a "gotta make the playoffs" guy, it's Posey or Yady. If you're a "best player" guy, it's Braun.

Sad that we don't have a single player on our roster that can sniff the jock(s) of those players listed above. Chooch might be the only guy you could argue is not a massive drop of in talent going forward compared to those guys.

Very mediocre line-up the Phils have right now and will most certainly have next season. Despite best intentions, there are very few difference makers available out there at our positions of need, 3B/2B, Corner OF, CF.

I think Greinke might be something Amaro thinks about when he starts opening up the checkbook ....

Rube's off-season plans:

1. Sign Greinke
2. Draw up OF lineup of LF Ruf, CF Mayberry, RF Brown
3. ???
4. Profit!

NEPP - in my fantasy world, would love to see Greinke, Upton/Hamilton, Pagan, Adams (RP) added to the team.

I think that team with a somewhat healthy and reliable Doc back in the rotation would be a 95 win type team.

You could cobble together a LF with D. Brown/Mayberry/Ruf? and maybe even survive Galvis at 2B .... but we really need some thunder in the OF or we are going to be in the same sorry situation we are right now, staying home in October.

Ummm.... who cares!?

Have to go with Braun. It's a no brainer really.

JMARR, is WAR really means anything, then Utley is in their class. He has a 3.2 fWAR in only 337 PA.

If you extrapolate that out to to the same number of of PA the guys above have, he's right there with them.

If he can stay on the field....

NEPP, why sign Greinke, or did I miss the sarcasm?

awh - I was comparing position for position, ie - CF to CF, C to C, 1B to 1B ... sorry if I wasn't more clear.

Utley is certainly a solid piece, but definitely on the downside of what he was and going forward, what he will continue to be.

I'd love to have Votto, McCutchen, Braun, Posey types to build around. We just don't have any building blocks for the future above A/AA right now.

Very sad.

***why sign Greinke, or did I miss the sarcasm?

Joking...not interested in Greinke.

DO NOT WANT Greinke.

I would be shocked if Braun wins it. Shocked. He's a cheater (no matter how you want to spin it). At this point, I can't believe that wouldn't affect votes. He might actually be the most valuable player this year, but is that enough to overcome the taint that surrounds him?

Back to the last thread...I am in the minority, but do NOT want Hamilton. There are already too many variables with any player. Yet Hamilton has all his other issues as well as the need for a 24/7 babysitter. Too much in the mix; too much potential for a blow-up of some kind.

Dave, loved the pix. When I went to the game LeRud started, there was also a blank banner for Catcher. I'm not a publisher, but one would think it wouldn't take too much time to create a banner when someone is called up to the majors.

He's not cheating this year though. You have to figure he's getting tested every other day. He's better than he was last year. I don't like the cheaters either but the fact is, he's the best player in the NL this year.

Posey would be my guess to win it, good showing in all of the traditional and advanced stats, popular guy, and teams in first place.

It's the writers who vote for this stuff, right? Yeah, I'm with SLO, after last season's controversy, I'd be reluctant to vote Braun again, especially since there are other very worthy alternatives. These are the same guys who mount their pedestals with their HOF votes regarding suspected PED users.

I think Braun should win it, but I don't think he will.

"Posey would be my guess to win it, good showing in all of the traditional and advanced stats, popular guy, and teams in first place."

The biggest drawback on Posey is definitely his punchable face, with his wussy plate coverage a distant second.

But since voters don't apply the same criteria as I do, yeah, I could see him winning it anyway.

Dan Uggla currently leads the NL in walks with 91. That would be the lowest leading total in a non-strike year since Keith Hernandez walked 94 times in 1986.

actually 91 is still lower than 94 so i'm an idiot.

Dale Murphy led the NL in 1985 with 90.

If Keith Law were a real "advanced stats" type of guy and not a poseur, he'd have come up with a face punchibility factor stat by now.

what noted Phillie hater Dave Cameron had to say in assessing FA signings last off season:

Rollins may be the surprising name on the [best] list, but after a slow start to the year, he has been a monster in the second half of the season, carrying the Phillies back into the playoff race despite injuries to Roy Halladay, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard. Rollins ended up back in Philadelphia after finding the market for his services pretty dry, but in retrospect, teams should have been anxious to get one of the game's best middle infielders away from the Phillies.

Would you consider Tony Phillips a 2B? He kind of played everywhere. If not, the Uggla will be the first 2B to led a league in walks since Joe Morgan.

The biggest drawback on Posey is definitely his punchable face, with his wussy plate coverage a distant second.


It's a good thing I don't have a vote, as this is one of those seasons in which I'm having a very difficult time viewing the candidates in a plausibly objective manner.

"He's not cheating this year though."

He doesn't need to. He's still benefitting from last year's cheating.

I voted for Posey, though I do think Molina's right there with him. His numbers aren't on Posey's level but I can't think of another player in baseball who has as big an impact with his defense. The guy throws out nearly half the runners who try to steal on him.

Ugh on both Greinke and Hamilton. Figures we have some money to burn this off-season but the biggest choices have huge questions marks.

Makes me more than a little bitter about missing on both Cespedes and Soler. Though, if Billy Beane's track record has anything to tell us, the former might be available in a year or two.

FWIW, Lance Armstrong never tested positive either. So a lack of positives doesn't mean a damn thing when it comes to whether or not Braun (or any other player for that matter) is clean.

I thought Braun did test positive.

My vote would be for Posey. There's some slim pickins' in that list, though.


As long as Ryan Howard comes top 10 again, we're all good. His RBIs will probably make that happen.

I voted McCutchen. Because he's a new name on the list. And because the Pirates were in contention for the division and almost got to a winning season for the first time in forever. He's right up there in the offensive rankings, too. And the only one in the top 25 or so who's from PIT.

If there was an MUP Award (Most Unlucky Player) I would easily vote for my boy Cliff Lee. Here's a good article from Fangraphs on his ironically historic season in 2012.

Mentally booing NEPP for falling for USADA's witchhunt. If the only way you can get any testimony (and no evidence) on a guy is to offer a get out of jail free card to the cheaters you've actually caught and have evidence on, you don't have a case.

Re: Halladay

So he is the scheduled starter now for tomorrow and it is his last start of the year.

Given some thought on this and my bet is this is how it plays out with Halladay this year:

1. He struggles tomorrow night vs. Fish topping out at 87-88 which prompts a ton of questions (LOVE betting against the Phils tomorrow especially with the Fish at +120)
2. This offseason he doesn't have shoulder surgery since he will be a free agent at the end of next year & tries to strengthen it through intense offense training regimen
3. 2013 is another injury-marred, mediocre campaign and he becomes a FA

I am more optimistic that Howard can bounce back somewhat next year. Simply hard to believe he is this bad offensively and defensively.

I just don't see how Halladay really bounces back though since I don't dubious on Dubee/Amaro's claims that Halladay is fine & there is nothing structurally wrong with him.

If he has surgery, that places his 2012 in doubt a bit especially the 1st half. Given he is a pending FA after next year, I can't see Halladay having surgery unless he physically really can't pitch without it.

Halladay's numbers since he has come back aren't that good:

13 GS, 79 IP (6.1 IP/GS), 6-3, 4.78 ERA, 1.29 WHIP, 2.2 BB/9, 7.8 K/9, 3.5 K/BB, 1.2 HR/9, .268 BAA, 12% swing & miss, 23% LD, 0.78 GB/FB

He's turned into a more of a junk-ball pitcher who throwing a lot more offspeed stuff. Basically really has moved away from his sinker this year.

Not as easy to throw his cutter/curveball for strikes & when he misses especially wiht his curve he gets hit hard. All of the pitch f/x on his curve is bad news. Less velocity, less movement, and hitter are doing a lot more damage against it this year.

What I can't figure out with Halladay though is why he has almost completely abandoned his changeup & gone with his curveball if his shoulder is really bothering him. It is usually the other way around since the curveball places more stress on the shoulder.

Only reason I can think why he does it is because he needs a primary breaking ball pitch and has stuck with the curveball instead of his changeup since it is his better pitch.

Meant the changeup places less stress on the shoulder than the curveball. Figure that if Halladay's shoulder was really bothering him, he would have gone with more changups instead of curveballs.

Just figure it is because he always had a much better curveball and figured if it was 'either/or' he went with the curveball instead.

Not surprised he is throwing a lot less sinkers though and been throwing more cutters/curveballs. That's a huge red flag on a pitcher who has a shoulder issue normally.

Piece about Chase's future & RAJ confirming he'll shore up the offense via the OF.

Braun should win just to prove that MLB really doesn't care about PEDs.

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