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Friday, September 28, 2012


From the last thread, glad MG went on record as throwing dirt on Halladay's days as even an above-average starter. Just come out and say it.

Based solely on tonight, I would say this guy projects to be our starting CF one day.

Seems like cash considerations would be more valuable than this PTBNL...

I didn't even know they were getting another player for Victorino.

Lindblom and Martin were more than adequate return, especially considering what he's given them the last two months.

Wasn't the Dodgers Spanish broadcaster for year named Jaime Jarrin? Wonder if there is any relation?

He's the grandson, donc.

Maybe this kid can become a switch hitter & be MiniMart's heir apparent.

He is just the throw-in.

Thanks GBF.

Hook this kid up with Galvis' pharmacist, and we could have something.

The Dodgers based the PTBNL on Vic's "performance".

Guy looks exceptional. It's hard to hit .209 in Arizona. Unless, like, you're a pitcher.

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