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Friday, September 07, 2012


I looked at that list yesterday and was convinced it was phoned in. I would be very surprised if Brody Colvin ever wears a Phillies uniform.

Ruiz activated.

These lists are a total waste of time.

What are the chances of seeing Ruiz at 3B this year?

Much rather have that explored than Utley.

Iceman - I don't put it past Amaro to call players out here and there publicly, and I certainly wouldn't put it by him to orchestrate some multi-team deal that moves Rollins and Lee for some controversial combination of prospects and position players. I just think there are more charitable/likely explanations for the deadline talk. I don't mean to squash the hints you're talking about. I just think they're only really evidence for the fact that anyone can be dangled (Olney) and other team's interest in Rollins.

What's the bigger story: the guys they traded away or the guys they kept. May, Colvin, Galvis, Valle, De Fratus, Gillies, Jiwan James. One would think prospect failure was the norm. Trade them all.

Yo, new thread

This list is garbage. I'm pretty sure Mayo was high when he wrote it. The rankings are a half-assed sloppy mix of preseason rankings and 2012 performance. Asche, Franco and Quinn belong in the top 10. Greene doesn't. Where's Tyson Gillies? Tocci? I'll wait until the real prospect guys do their offseason lists, thank you much.

Clearly, this is an extremely tools-oriented prospect list -- so much so that the actual results seem to be completely irrelevant (i.e., Colvin, May, Aumont, Valle, Watson, Gueller). If you were grading these guys on the actual likelihood of fulfilling their presumed potential and/or making the big leagues, I think it's fair to say that a lot of these guys wouldn't show up on the list.

Even by its own terms, I think it's a lazy list. It almost feels like someone listed the first 20 guys he could think of. What on earth are Julio Rodriguez and Mitch Gueller doing on a list that excludes Carlos Tocci, Dylan Cozens, Kelly Dugan, & Tyson Gillies? And how is Mitch Walding our best 3rd base prospect & Maikel Franco only our 3rd best?

Clearly, nobody who posted in this thread knows anything about the minor league teams and players.

Oh, I think they actually do. The list is ridiculous for many reasons. While Colvin and May are still good prospects, there will be lists that are put together by people who have been playing attention. And they will be much better. There's a lot of room for disagreement in any prospect ranking. But that list is simply ridiculous.

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