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Friday, September 21, 2012


I was under the impression that Pullin was being moved to second base. Which would make him a more highly valued prospect.

Tonight's Lineup: Rollins (SS), Pierre (LF), Utley (2B), Howard (1B), Ruiz (C), Brown (RF), Mayberry (CF), Frandsen (3B), Kendrick (P).

Looked at the Cards pitching matchups for the next six games against the dregs of the NL (because you pricks made talked me into still believing there was a chance yesterday). There isn't a single unfavorable matchup, or even one where you could say "That's a wash, the Cubs/Astros have a chance that game."

Basically the only hope for the Phils is that A) They take care of their own business and lose only 2 more games the rest of the way, and B) By some miracle, they lose 2 of these six games on the road against the bottom-feeders, then lose both series to Washington and Cincy.

Not that it matters, but I think it's kind of a good possibility that the Phils finish as the first team out behind the Cardinals. Milwaukee has been hot, but their schedule is not easy the rest of the way- and a lot of it is on the road, where they suck. Neither is LA's. I think it's likely the Phils finish ahead of the Dodgers.

Again, if they end up 2 games back of St. Louis, I'll look back on that series in Houston in a similar light to the Biggio/Wagner series in 2005. Maybe I'll be the only one. But man, it was there for the taking.

freddy zorilla the vanilla gorilla?


if there is one diamond in the rough who needs to make it needs to be him solely for headline/marketing purposes

Jose Pujols

I'm listening... (I know, I know)

And the one player who needs the most instruction isn't on that list. Can ya guess who?

Carlos Tocci is probably the most intriguing name on the list, followed by Kozens, Larry Greene, and Shane Watson.

Someone who might fly under the radar next year is Gabriel Lino - all eyes will likely be on Joseph and Valle on who can replace Chooch in 2014. Hopefully Lino can continue to develop, he doesnt have the offensive upside as the other two but is said to have all the makings of a good catcher.

And the one player who needs the most instruction isn't on that list. Can ya guess who?

I can name a player who should be instructed never to report to play for the Phillies ever again... Not sure that's what you're asking for...

jokes aside, jose pujols is definitely worth watching as well. Hes the typical "lottery ticket" - a lanky 6'4 16yr old kid who already hits 400ft bombs and has a cannon of an arm, but probably can't hit over .200 for the next 3 years(or ever).

He was in top 20 international list. Seems like the scouts for the philles down there seem to know what they are doing. Start with Ruiz and work towards tocci.

Chris Branch ‏@ChrisBranchTNJ
CIN sched rest of the way: LAD, MIL, PIT, STL. If you still think Phils can make playoffs, might want to be a Reds fan these next 2 weeks.

The Gashouse Gorilla's conga line cartoon mentioned earlier was just shown on DNL as the Phillies highlights from last night. Pretty funny.

Whoa.. Cubs tie it in the bot 9 with 2 out!

watching games via gameday always has this extra anticipation... as you wait for the result of "in play, run(s)"

May the Cubs be to the Cardinals what the Astros are to us.

Good to see the Cards choke. Hope the Cubs can complete the comeback and make tonight's game somewhat meaningful.

GBrett, I'm not sure the Reds want to "help" the Phils get to the playoffs.

The Reds are 3-4 against the Phils in 2012 and have given up 11 more runs than they've scored.

They were 1-7 against the Phils in 2011, scoring 26 runs less in 8 games.

They were 2-5 against the Phils in 2010, scoring 3 less runs, and they got swept in the NLDS and had the 'pleasure' of being no-nit by Halladay in Game 1.

The Reds are a lock to make the playoffs. I wouldn't be surprised to see Baker 'rest' a lot of his key players down the stretch, unless he really wants home field advantage against the Nats.

If the Phils made the playoffs and beat the Braves in the WC game, they would play the Reds.

If you're Dusty Baker do you want to have that happen?

(I'll still take your advice and root for the Reds, though.)

The Brewers got Torrealba, apparently.

I guess I'm rooting for the Nats this weekend.

I'm also rooting for Andrew McCutcheon to do well and win the NL batting title.

RLP, here's a repeat of the GG Conga Line:

awh - It's not unlike last year when the Phillies might have preferred that the Braves make it into the postseason over the Cardinals. In that instance, a code of baseball honor made Charlie play to win against the Braves. Let's hope Dusty Baker plays by that same code.

Phillies would still have to beat the Braves and then the Nationals in order to face the Reds, I think, in the NLCS if the Reds beat the Giants.

Also, regarding the Cards/Cubs game, I haven't checked the box score or summary, but I noticed that relievers Motte & Boggs were expected to be rested today. - Do the Cards still have that "Can I buy a vowel?" pitcher who foiled us last year?

Thanks for the Bugs Bunny cartoon conga line, awh! Pretty funny, indeed.

GBrett, I thought the WC faced the team with the best record that is not in it's division, or did they change that in 2012?

awh - My understanding is that they've changed that rule so that the team with the best record plays the team with the worst record, regardless of the divisions they're in.

Winning run 90ft away

But 2 outs in 11th


Woo woo!

TCB tonight Phillies, TCB.

go cubs go!

Yay, Cubs!!

Cards can't afford to do that too many more times. One out away from a win and they choke it away.

The Phils don't even pose as much of a threat as the Brewers do. Hopefully STL starts to feel the noose tighten.

And Todd z said on wip today that the philles will def look at BJ upton as a top free agent signing. And they will be able to fill another spot as well as bullpen pc.

TCB = take care of business?

MLBNetwork just said how it stinks for the Braves as a WC team to have to play a team that's 10 games worse than them for the chance to advance. But I think the same argument could be made about playing any WC team (for example, last year's Phillies), even in a 5-game series v. a 1-game play-in.

Oh no!! a must win game after we scored 16 runs last night-gulp

yes, in some circles.

Hope the Phils do the conga again tonight.

I love that cartoon. Think I should ask DNL for credit?

Cubs Win, Cubs Win!

Well, the Cubs provided their help, now it's up to the Phillies.

GBrett, I agree with you on the WC "fairness" issue.

Personally, I think they should eliminate the divisions altogether, and go to a balanced-schedule, single league with the top 4 teams making the playoffs, 1 playing 4 and 2 playing 3.

It would be far more "fair", given the imbalance created by the scourge called 'interleague play'.

Kutztown, there's no doubt in my mind someone from CSN reads BL and got the idea from you.

Plagiaristic whores is what they are.

GBrett, my other comment about how it stink for the Braves (or any other WC team) to have to play a single game against a team 10 games worse is:

If you don't like it then win the division.

GAme chat's up....

Yo, new thread

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