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Wednesday, September 05, 2012


I'm so down on Brown.

This is pretty creative about OFs with poor throwing arms, focusing on Damon.

Chris Branch ‏@ChrisBranchTNJ
Oh man. RT @jon_bois new THAT GUY: on the awful weak-armed outfielder who can't throw a baseball because he's awful.

***Quit trying to make Mini-Mart happen. It's not going to happen.***

Mini Mart is so fetch.

Love the Mean Girls reference. That's so fetch.

Mini Mart makes Eric Bruntlett seem palatable by comparison. And that, my friends, is hard to happen.

The day after I'm in Cincinnati, Votto makes his return to the lineup. He was with the team last night, and since their minor league affiliate's season was done, and he was already in the middle of a rehab assignment, really thought I'd get a chance to catch the best hitter in baseball live. Alas, foiled again!

GD, I did not read NEPP's comment before posting that.

Good start for Roy.

Hope doc doesn't fill up with water then explodes on mound. Hot day

What's scarier?

1. That JW used a Mean Girls reference in a game thread?

2. That both Iceman and I immediately got the reference and responded within seconds of each other?

Dom Brown must feel like he has all the leeway in the world to fail, what with Mini-Mart still starting games for the big league squad.

If I'm someone like Frandsen or Schierholtz who wants as many games as possible to prove ability over time, I would be annoyed that MM gets a start.

And if I'm Kratz, I,m thinking that unless I get a HR, my at bats will be totally wasted with MM and Doc behind me (unless of course I get some RBIs.)

There's a good bet that either Schierholtz or Nix will be gone this winter...makes sense to not give them an extended tryout.

Mayberry's recent hot streak terrifies me.

I like 2nd half Mayberry.

There you go Dom.

Brown comes through! Yippee! (Now can't wait to see MM immediately deflate the momentum)

That'll do, Dom.

Bad hair day for Leake

I was surprised to see Howard waved home on a single. He's never been fast, as we know, but he used to chug a little more comfortably around the bases. Wonder if he'll be able to move the rest of the game.

Great swing by Kratz!!

Live Look-in allows me to see Kratz jack one...nice. Love this guy.

I'm really enjoying having Kratz on the team.

Kratz waited back on that one beautifully.


Awesome Kratz.

And if I'm Kratz, I,m thinking that unless I get a HR, my at bats will be totally wasted with MM and Doc behind me (unless of course I get some RBIs.)

Posted by: can_of_corn | Wednesday, September 05, 2012 at 12:49 PM

No problem!

They are currently arranging witness protection for Schneider.

MM sucks. Feels like he always swings and grounds out on the third pitch.

That Kratz kid has a chance to latch on somewhere...

Ha ha. I'm glad I put that out there for karma. Just thinking the same thing.

The Telford Titan!!!

I always thought Howard had good speed for a big guy before the Achilles injury. He used to be good for 4-5 triples a year.

If you are Martinez don't you just want it to stop. Maybe say you are hurting just to stop from furthering the embarrassment?

Roy Halladay has a better BA than MM. And I think we can all agree Roy is not a great hitting pitcher. So, what does that say about MM?

Perhaps MM is in the lineup to motivate Kratz?

I thought so too NEPP, when he used to get moving he had some decent speed. Maybe it was just an illusion though.

I'm guessing that Bronson Arroyo recommended his hair dresser for Leake?

***when he used to get moving he had some decent speed. ***

That's the key though..."when he got moving" basically. He didn't accelerate fast but he had a pretty good "top speed" so to speak...kinda like a big diesel engine.

In my 2012 baseball season resolution, I'm still well aware that what Kratz has done this year with the Phillies so far (150 wRC+) is in all likelihood, not even close to sustainable, but I'm just more inclined this year to simply enjoy what's happened, and not damper my joy by reminding myself that Kratz would likely be a subpar catcher next year, once the league adjusts to him.

With that said, what Kratz has done so far this year is seriously commendable, and has been an absolute joy to watch. He's worked for many a year to get a shot at the majors and he's made the most of this opportunity. Would love to see him get a legitimate shot to start somewhere next year.

NEPP, I guess if we're talking big men, then, yes, Howard's speed isn't dreadful - or wasn't before the injury.

Curious to see how Doc does with the lead.

Quick note on the Reds lineup: watching a lineup with Phillips and Frazier in it is funny, because they couldn't have stances that are more polar opposite of each other. Phillips is almost touching both the front and back line of the box, whereas Frazier has his feet maybe a foot apart.

Just fun to see live.

2012 ERA Race

KK: 3.96
Doc: 3.96


KK: 3.96 ERA
Doc: 3.95 ERA


***I guess if we're talking big men, then, yes, Howard's speed isn't dreadful - or wasn't before the injury. ***

Only big men. He used to be much faster than guys like Fielder. Now he's about the same.

It is pathetic that Martinez is even on the roster to begin with, let alone september.

Any credibility Rube has is gone as long as this continues

Good god, when's the last time Utley hit a HR to dead center?

Damn Chase!

Where was this last night?

Good god, when's the last time Utley hit a HR to dead center?

Posted by: Fatalotti

When's the last time he hit one left of right center?

Wasn't Leake the one accused of shoplifting last year? I think he stole several shirts from a department store, if I remember correctly.

NEPP: "Utley seems to be slumping a bit of late. Wonder if his knees are acting up."

Well played.

Wow how bush league are these umpires in this series?

Didn't feel like 4 balls were thrown.

Guess his knees dont hurt.

Any chance Kratz could be converted to 3B or RF? Would love to see his bat in the lineup on a consistent basis once Chooch returns.

NEPP: there are few things in the modern game more enjoyable than watching Prince Fielder "leg out" a triple.

2nd half Maybery Muy Bueno!

So the Phils were a couple feet from back-to-back-to-back home runs it seems.

Can of Corn: yes! Forgot about that. Article can be found here.

So do you just put Mayberry on ice until July next year once this season ends?

Really the first time all the year just beat the crap out of a starter from the get go and didn't let up.

So do you just put Mayberry on ice until July next year once this season ends?

Posted by: Joe D | Wednesday, September 05, 2012 at 01:19 PM

Sure, he and Chase can train together and start the same time of year.

Seriously Fat. Now I have to worry about seeing Mayberry in the starting lineup in game #1 next year.

9 for 76.

The Phils lineup would actually be better with a blank spot in the 8-hole.

MM is so dependable.

0-24 to go!

Nice play by Pierre. I've enjoyed him this year, too, even if he can't throw with much further than I can.

"I'm so down on Brown."

Bro, I really don't swing that way.

Charlie preaches the importance of consistency. I listen and follow directions.

Fascinating contrast in our #7 and #8 hitters. One guy couldn't get a look in the Bigs while wearing out AAA pitchers for 2 years. The other can't get demoted - or even removed from the lineup - even though he can't hit his weight.

I wonder how many minor leaguers on the verge of cracking a ML roster look at Martinez and just curse his name.

"Charlie preaches the impotence of consistency. I listen and follow directions."


I'm past the point of even being angry about the Martinez stuff. It doesn't even really affect me anymore.

Maybe Cholly is giving MM his last major league start at an away park, anticipating he'll be booed at home. (I was at the last home game and he started. The crowd was quite cordial. However, the word about his dismal playing is getting out to even the most casual fan.)

Its not often that Doc is a significantly better hitter than another guy in our lineup.

AAAberry really Worrying me. Hope front office doesn't buy into this again. He will still get plenty of ABs next year. 4th OF/play first base. And with the inter league mixed in perfect to play first with Howie DH. Doc hittin better then MM. What a waste of 40 man spot geezz.

Perhaps Mayberry is a 2nd half player. He wouldn't be the 1st.

Wow, that was a great catch!

That was pretty ridiculous.

My 2013 outfield is set. Mayberry, Brown, and Schierholtz.

Maybe we should just start walking Bruce. Then the Reds would have zero runs this series.

Looking at Mayberry's career 2nd half splits...Jesus. Stick this guy in AAA til July and then bring him up to start every day. He's looking like 2011 JMJ the past month.

Michael Martinez is the worst position player in the history of Major League Baseball to amass 300+ plate appearances.

Manuel- you idiot!!!!!!!!!!

Does it take RFD until September each year to not step into the bucket and offer at every outside and low pitch?

What's Utley's BABIP now?

BTW, the team is on the way to taking 4 out of 6 from two playoff teams- one loss being a blown 4 run 9th inning lead, and the other being a one run loss with an assist from the umpires. This is coming on the heels of sweeping the Nats.

The lineup and defense are nothing impressive- it's all been the starting pitching. If they get this type of pitching next year, especially taking into account FA additions (the only important piece they're losing is Polanco- the term important being used liberally here), they are a playoff team. Period.

MM has pics of me. Forgive me, I have no choice.

The Reds radio crew after watching Utley work at 3B: "He does not have a 3B arm."

Brown is just so damn tentative in the OF.

"I'm past the point of even being angry about the Martinez stuff. It doesn't even really affect me anymore."

I'm actually going the other way on this. I didn't care for the longest time, but now with the season over and the rosters expanded, there is no reason to have this freaking POS even on the 40-man. Give some kid a chance to play. Anybody. I mean literally, grab a kid out of the stands and give him a glove. Anybody but this guy.

Utley's BABIP this season is .239. Here are some comparisons:

2011: .269
2010: .288
2009: .300
Career: .305

His BABIP has been on a steady decline since 2007.

curt, JJ said to Ruben on the pregame show that Utley looked good at 3rd. I laughed pretty hard. His footwork is dreadful there from what they showed last night and he was all arm with his throws which has about a .2% chance of flying over there.

Forgive me, as I'm not a big SABR guy, but isn't that Utley BABIP number way low?

Iceman, I was thinking the same thing. When you can, quite literally, use ANY player on the 40 man roster, there's no need for a Mini Mart. I didn't buy him as a "but he's all we got" kinda guy, and I sure as hell don't buy him as a "he's one of our 40 best" kinda guy. Egregious misuse of the roster.

If you're going to give a spot to someone completely devoid of any real merit, give it to Asche, who may one day play into the mix. At least there could potentially be a long term benefit.

9 for 77.

WP - Curious, but would bringing up Asche start his arb clock? (Nevermind the fact that Reading is in the playoffs)

Sil Campusano: It is, but hitters have a much greater control over BABIP than pitchers do. Line drives, for example, are much more likely to be hits than fly balls or ground balls.

Looking at those numbers, it does appear that Chase is a little unlucky. His LD% is better than last year and in line with recent seasons. It's the ground ball rate that is pretty much a career high for him since becoming a regular while is fly ball percentage is a career low. That's certainly contributing to the low BABIP.

Oh man, now they'll justify using MM again (just like TBag's "That's why they like to use him.")

How about the year Ludwick is having? I wrote him off for dead but I guess playing at GAB gave him new life.

Thanks KAS.

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