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Thursday, September 20, 2012


So um...go team.

Houston: Insurnountable.

NY Mets: Score at will!

From the last thread:

I've tried that game before Sophist. I'm at the very pitiful point where I can identify about 90-95% of BL posters before scrolling to look at the name.

I think that's the best part about BL, though. Hundreds of perspectives, no two personalities the same. Very intelligent, reasoned arguments almost without exception.

Steal home!

If the Phillies are truly fighting until they are mathematically eliminated....Why the FVCK are we starting a rookie with 4 major league starts under his belt? If he implodes I hope Uncle Charlie gets skewered in the post game press conference!

Jimmy can do no wrong this month. Great bunt by Pierre, too. I'm really looking forward to seeing Cloyd pitch tonight.

Just kidding. I'm not looking forward to it at all.

Sweep the leg! ...and the series.

I'd say the Phils need a 7-run lead. The first 3 to cover the inevitable 3-run HR surrendered by Cloyd, & another 4 runs to provide the bullpen w/ a good initial cushion.

The nationals dodgers game is on MLBN and although they sell more tickets then some teams, I think it is just sad that a division leading team cannot fill a stadium. Makes me proud to be a phillies fan.

Now nobody say the Phils are unlucky.

He's a Met, but I kinda feel bad for Hefner.

That sounds about right, GTown.

I feel like Mayberry has a ton of bloop hits this year.

Some lucky hits this inning, but good ABs off this guy. He doesn't have much and they're not giving away outs.

Give Cloyd as much of a cushion as possible on the road in front of this raucous crowd.

Doubled last nights hit total in 0 innings.

Love to see Brown hitting.

"cannot fill a stadium"? How 'bout can't even fill half the lower tier?

If we can put up 10-15 runs here in the first, I have a good feeling about Cloyd tonight.

That was not a very good start for Hefner.

I'm pretty sure Cloyd can pitch better than this.

Poor guy.

I feel bad for Hefner, too. I can't ever remember seeing a pitcher yanked in the first.

I'm gonna take a stab at guessing how the rest of this turns out: the Mets' bullpen takes over, strikes out Kratz and Cloyd, retires Rollins, and the Phillies don't score another run the entire game.

I dont ever recall seeing a guy get yanked before getting at least 1 out in the least not for anything other than an injury.

Only in Sept with expanded rosters does this happen.

Frickin Milwaukee.


@bap: I assume there will be a triple play on the first pitch actually...and then no more runs the rest of the way.

NEPP: Neither have I. At least they usually get an Out or two.

Another negative prognostication by B.A.P. based on...based on... well,based on nothing.Other than a generally negative viewpoint about seemingly everything.

Dennis Deitch: "Wait, Hefner followed by McHugh? McHugh Hefner?"

Maggie Smith lives in Medford?

Dammit, Cloyd. F*ckin' rally killer.

Lance: Lighten up.

Seriously, why do you even let Cloyd swing?

Tell him to take, take, take and sacrifice the out to turn ove the lineup.

I'm just glad the Phillies didn't 5-spot the Astros without recording an out last weekend. It was upsetting enough as it was.

And if Cloyd turns around and gives up 3 in the 1st and 2 in the 2nd....I don't know what, but it would be mighty disappointing.

Listening to "The Sarge" on the pregame....this is all I could endure before turning him off " Now that the season is ending down and we can choose our friends(?)how do you feel about a season that started with such high expengtations? (sic) CLICK! How the hell do you have a job with one of the premier teams in baseball when you can't even speak English????

Jimmy making everyone love him again lately.

Lazy bum...that's all Jimmy is.

NEPP, I was wondering why Cloyd was allowed to hit, too.'re like a broken record...oh, what just happened? It's 7-0...Jeez,how did that happen?

I hate the Mets. This is fun.'re like a broken record...oh, what just happened? It's 7-0...Jeez,how did that happen?

Posted by: Lance Phillips | Thursday, September 20, 2012 at 07:37 PM

More like a broken clock. However his negativity has been correct a lot more than twice this year.

Dink. Dunk. Dink. Dunk.

I happen to like bap's schtick...

Why did Cloyd swing?

Now MIL is winning 8-7.

RIP Pittsburgh

If they start expanding the strike zone just to end this....

An XBH would be nice every once in a while.


This is the luckiest bunch of luck ever. Pretty much every hit but Brown's.


If I were a Met fan, I'd need something stronger than a beer.

6 for 7 with RISP so far.

***Why did Cloyd swing?***

My guess? Nobody told him not to.

BAP is 10 times more interesting than his critics.

This inning, alone, has balanced the scales on all the bad luck the Phillies have had this year.

Howard sucks.

Not working tonight, so I seriously considered taking the subway to Queens to watch the game in person.

Wish I had. Would be worth any ticket price to see the looks on the faces of the two thousand or so Mets fans who actually went.


Once you realize BAP's schtick is just schtick, it's actually kind of amusing. I just pretend he's not like this away from the computer.

Chad Qualls continues to hurt the Phillies

Phils wanted the makeup game played yesterday, Mets wanted tonight...payback is an 8 run top of the 1st...

Can we retrospectively distribute some of those runs to the Houston series por favor?

13 PA, 9 H, 1 BB, 1 HBP

Not too shabby.

All singles though.

Howard couldnt even get a second hit in the inning. Awful.

Not one damn XBH. This offense still sucks.

7 ER, 0.0 IP. Ouch!

***Howard couldnt even get a second hit in the inning. Awful.***

I'd bench him and put in Ruf. Totally unacceptable.

Oh my God. It really was Qualls that coughed up the lead in the 8th for the Pirates.

The fact that two teams wanted him AFTER his performance in a Philly uniform is absolutely stunning. And if you can believe it, he's been worse in his 11 IP with the Pirates than he was with the Phils.

According to Baseball Reference, Qualls has accumulated a -0.6 WAR in 49.2 IP this year.


From the last thread:

"Awh - you let Mayberry mislead you all offseason. Don't fall for it again.

Posted by: Sophist"

Sophist, not being misled, I just find it inexplicable how a player - and he's not the only one - can be so terrible in the first half of a season and so good in the second.

It boggles the mind.

Oh, BTW, is anyone in the mood for small ball?

The Brewers really are gonna win the 2nd WC.

It coulda been us.

Houston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111 (and the numerous other shoulda won's)

So, looks like the offense is packing it in again after the first inning?

So, if the Phillies' offense shuts it down for the rest of the game (as you only know they will), will we have grounds for being p*ssed?

Cloyd with a stellar 11/10 strike/ball ration.

Only if we lose 9-8, bap.

pitch fx on cloyd is hilarious, even Jamie Moyer could register a fastball.

Brown and Cloyd are having crappy games.

They're the only two Phils not to score a run.

JRoll's a bum. Can you believe he didn't even reach base that time?

"The Brewers really are gonna win the 2nd WC."

Not with the Cards schedule, they aren't. They are going to roll right over Chicago and Houston in the next week and have a nice lead going into the last week. Probably will be over, by that Sunday.

The Braves and Cardinals will be the WC's.

The Phils blew any chance they had in Houston. And it wasn't that good a chance anyway.

Cordell Oberholtzer: [Qualls w/] "Phillies 36-44; Yankees 13-13; Pirates 15-30"

Ryan Lawrence: "Qualls' teams collective record while there: 64-87."

Kevin Cooney: "Pirates, Phillies and Yankees records without Chad Qualls on roster: 170-125 combined (PHI 39-30, NYY 72-50, PIT 59-45)."

Danny Knobler: "Chad Qualls' ERA with Pirates: 7.94. Has he helped destroy season for both Pennsylvania teams in same year?"


Did MLB.TV just stop working for anyone else?

"Did MLB.TV just stop working for anyone else?"

Yes. And even Gameday is slowish.

Qualls is kryptonite, wherever he goes.

awh: "Cloyd with a stellar 11/10 strike/ball ration."

In the 20 pitches since awh's post: 16/4.

Typical frickin' Phillies - show some offense early, then shut it down.

If the Phils are gonna score once & then die I'd rather that one time result in 8 runs than 3 or 4.

Steve Berthiaume: "First time ever Mets allowed 8 runs in 1st inning at home. First time Phillies scored 8 in 1st inning of road game since 1912. Elias."

Considering that all but one or two of those 1st inning hits were incredibly cheap, I will have absolutely no problem dumping on the offense if those are the only 8 runs they score tonight.

GTown - why'd you only ask for 7 runs?

bap, what's with the positive post about Cloyd?

It's not in character for you.

awh: Just posting the numbers.

re the trivia ?: i'm guessing grover c alexander is one of the two phils pitchers to go 15 innings.

Is Larry sick? I might have to put on the Mets' broadcast.

Brown thought he'd score easily. Didn't look like he ran hard

Wasn't Brown supposed to be fast? Or is this another one on Samuel?

Did Sammy think Juan Pierre was playing LF? Dom had no chance whatsoever.

Er, Brown, what's with running like you just hit the Kirk-Gibson HR?

Brown lacks a baseball tools.

Brooklyn: I asked for 7 & got 8. That's about as much as I can do, my friend.

I wonder if Jason Bay ever feels guilty about showing up and collecting those checks.

I wonder if Sarge was this annoying in his playing days. My God, what if he killed the chemistry of the '81 team? A voice drifting in from the outfield.... "Now Sparky, what you want to do is throw strikes here. A ground ball is the pitcher's friend and a double play would get you at least two outs."

I know Utley's not the offensive powerhouse he used to be, but man, I'll take a .374 OBP out of my 2B any day of the week.

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