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Saturday, September 08, 2012


Kevin Cooney: "Tickets for tonight can be used for the 6:35 game tomorrow.

Hamels will pitch Game 1. Cloyd will pitch Game 2. And you are more than welcomed to drop more cash for parking and concessions tomorrow."

The Phils come away looking pretty sh*tty here. It's the nature of the beast I suppose. But at least we get the classic Bruntlett pic!

Dang, there goes my chance to be the big hero!

Eric Bruntlett - Hall of Fame reserve player for the '08 Phils (well, sorta, kinda...)

Gnome lives!

There are going to be a ton of no-shows at that game tomorrow night. Cloyd, terrible team (Rockies), and a school night.

MG: But ... but what about the irresistible allure of the "CBP Experience"?

MG: Don't forget the "B" team lineup. I'm sure Cole gets the "A" team. Scratch that thought, since Cholly's opinion of the "A" team includes MM.

I hope Larud is the B team catcher and not Chooch.
Charlie said he would wait a few days before using him on defense, but a double header might alter his thinking.

Question: Supposing a team had a full 40-man roster in the big Leagues, and a postponement occurred and the team was forced in to a Double-header, would the team be allowed to call a 41st player up, lol? I suppose not, because he is not on the 40-man roster, but it'd be pretty neat.

I'll be at the first game. Glad I'm seeing Hamels, but was kind of looking forward to seeing Cloyd in person.

twitty: just walked out to the portapotties every couple beers...well just once after the first 5 but then again after like every 2. The rain made the lines a lot more tolerable.

Looking forward to do it all again tomorrow, only maybe try and make it past the 5th beer next time before breaking the seal.

Flying Fish Dubbel with a Italian Diablo Primos while snacking on tostitos and homemade smoked tomatillo salsa

lorecore -- You's da man! I'd be dead.

Kutz: I am actually OK with getting Cloyd instead of Hamels. I stand by my list of the only things to care about in 2012:

#1. DOM
#2. Aumont
#3. DeFratus
#4. Cloyd
#5. Frandsen

And now that Frandsen is hurting, I guess Mayberry in CF creeps up to #5. I know what RFD is that at the plate, but i will gladly watch him play CF for a month and see if he's really a possible option.

Every other position/player can not change me opinion for 2013 no matter what happens.

Where did you rank on our age poll the other day?
In my bracket we have the beer/ portapotty trips ratio reversed.

C.C. knocked Markakis out for the season. That's one way to fend off the Orioles.

I wonder who will pitch on Thursday.

Bonehead: It will be Jamie Moyer vs. Roger Clemens.

"I wonder who will pitch on Thursday."

There isn't another starting pitcher on the 40-man roster. The bullpen, on the other hand, has a couple extra bodies because of roster expansion. That means it will probably be a bullpen game, with some stiff like Rosenberg starting and Savery and maybe someone else being called up to give them an extra body or two. With our AAA bullpen, it didn't work out too well the last time. But this time we're playing Houston, which has a AAA lineup. So it could actually work.

"Flying Fish Dubbel with a Italian Diablo Primos while snacking on tostitos and homemade smoked tomatillo salsa." - lorecore

Flying Fish Dubble - one of my all time favorite beers.

I came to BL today just to see the Bruntlett pic. Made my day. Hope we seep the doublheader tomorrow.

bap: If they call someone up, it might as well be a starter. Bring someone along from Reading if their year is over by then. Or have the Pig who lives closest to Houston drive over. Save the BP for the Mets, that's the team you want to beat.

Or, as I noted above, sign Moyer for one last day. Those kids in Houston have never seen him.

You freakin miserable sh8ts are already whinging about tomorrow night's game, which 98% of you suburban goons do not have tickets to nor any intention of attending.
WAAAH WAAH WAAH the big bad Phillies are stealing my money by charging for parking and concessions for a rainout! And I paid good money to see Cole not Cloyd waah waah waah.

Ignore the fact that over the measure of your lifetime the Philadelphia Phillies have given you more entertainment for your dollar than anyone or anything in this world. The Phililes have done right by the vast majority of us over the years.

Wow Goba ...

How does one form such a strong opinion about something so utterly pointless?

Anthony goose with his first MLB hr last night, skyrocketing his ops+ to ... 61

Love that burnlett image

I'm not sure how the Phillies come out looking bad here. Calling the game last night was in the hands of the umps, not the team. There already was a game scheduled for 1:05PM today and the people who had tickets for last night's game will be able to go tonight at 6:35PM if they want and if they can.

If, between now and Thursday, the Phils pick up two or so more games in the wild card, is there any chance of running Cole back out there on three (and a half) days rest?

Phils could be 5 out after today's action IF:

1) They sweep the twinbill (very possible AND absolutely necessary).
2) MIL beats STL (which is a good possibility the way the Brewers are playing as of late).

The Cubs beating the Pirates, the Giants over the Dodgers and the Padres over the D-Backs would be nice, too. Am I asking for too much?? Yeah, I guess I'm still sippin' on the Koolaid...

Yes, Chuck, all of that could happen. The Phillies may very well move up a few notches in the Wild Card standings before the year is over. However, it's probably best not to expect them making it into the playoffs and let the season play out. Making the playoffs would be an absolute gift and not one that anyone can reasonably expect.

"However, it's probably best not to expect them making it into the playoffs and let the season play out."

Why is it best? Isn't it fun to keep rooting despite the odds even if they come up short?

If there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that Cole Hamels will not pitch on three days rest this week.

6.5 with 24 to play.

I posed this question on another site and I'll ask it here:

"Question: And I’ve thought a lot about this myself. If the Phils finish .500 or better was this August and September more enjoyable than last year’s August and September?? In other words, was it more exciting to watch this team scramble from 13 games under .500 at the AS Break and finish strong and not make the playoffs than to watch last year’s team as they fought to get to 102 wins and eventually lose like they did in the 1st round."

I followed it up with this:

"And let me just add that the LAST thing I want to see happen is for them to play out of their minds and miss that last wild card spot by only one game. Then I’m gonna be pissed off that it could have come down to that Valdespin game or one of the Larry walk-offs or some other game (there are plenty!) that they should have won. No…82-80 (or 83-79…remember my preference there?!) and I’m REAL happy as a Phillies fan."

What do you guys think?

It would be more exciting to miss by a game than to miss by five. I wouldn't be pissed so much as enjoying the team playing out of its mind. That would be crazy fun to watch, something you'd never forget, even if they missed by a hair. ... And every team losing games it shouldn't. That's why they play 162.

Sophist is right on. Isn't this why we watch sports? For the unforgettable moments like what happened in 2007? Why wouldn't you root for it to happen until it's mathematically impossible? It's what makes sports fun. I know it's tough counting on others to lose, but they just have to keep winning. And at the very least, winning is enjoyable.

If they cut it to 5 today, yeah, I'll be excited. Meaningful September baseball. You'd have to be a cynic not to enjoy it.

"Phils could be 5 out after today's action IF:

1) They sweep the twinbill (very possible AND absolutely necessary).
2) MIL beats STL (which is a good possibility the way the Brewers are playing as of late)."

Not quite right. The Dodgers would also have to lose to the Giants. If the Phillies sweep, the Cardinals lose, and the Dodgers win, we'd be 5.5 out, not 5. L.A. would have bypassed St. Louis by .5 games.

Not that it matters because the Phillies won't sweep. We've been through this sequence about 20 times this year. Literally every single time it looks like they're gonna make a run, they immediately proceed to lose 2 in a row.

It would be interesting if the Phillies decide to bring up a starter from AA or AAA for Thursday's game. I suppose there are a number of starters who would be serviceable. Ethan Martin has been very hot lately and has major league stuff. Pettibone is a possibility. Morgan is likely pitching today, so isn't a possibility. Or they could bring up one of the retreads they've been stashing in AAA all season. But they might have to move someone off of the forty man roster to make room.

Any idea who they should move off the forty man? I think the BL consensus would be overwhelmingly in favor of removing a certain player. But Charlie and Rube would never do it.

And btw, if the Phillies are actually sniffing the Wild Card by Thursday, it should be inconceivable to throw a bullpen game. Not with the suspects the Phillies have out in the pen. And certainly not with Horst fading a bit and Valdes being gone for the season. Those two were about the most reliable guys in the pen for long stretches of time.

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