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Tuesday, September 11, 2012



This is off-topic, but I just saw that today is Satchell Paige's birthday.

Forgot to add: supposedly - according to one baseball card.

In fact, just googled him & got a July birthday. Who knows?

Maybe he was from the Dominican Republic...

I kid. I kid.

nobody is even sure when his actual birth year was, let alone the day.

Go Reds.
Go Braves.
Go Diamondbacks.
Go Padres.


Mini Mart slowly but surely making his way up to the Mendoza line. I'm going to order my Martinez jersey tomorrow!

I, for one, am anxious to see JRoll get his career 400th stolen base and Mini Mart to get his 5th hit on the season batting left handed!

BTW, Mini Mart's BRef page is still available to be sponsored.

Just tossing that out there.

I knew the year was in question squads. I erroneously figured the day itself would remain constant.

I remember a TV movie about him years ago.

Go Halladay & the Phillies!

Slo Phan, only of the jersey says "mini-mart".


Even more off-topic, but FYI: webcast of U.S. Military Academy 9/11 concert here (just starting):

Reinvigorated fanbase? Check
Increased BL site traffic? Check
Arguably the most sound lineup we could expect? Check
Our Ace on the mound? Check
Opponent mailing it in? Check
Chance to get back to .500? Check

Yep, this game feels like a loss.

17-0 Fish...write it down.

Doc will give up 15 ER in the 1st inning before he's pulled.

At least we'll stop them from getting that third touchdown.

I was thinking "Surging Phillies set to pull record even" sounded like a jinx for a headline. But then I reminded myself, there's no such thing as a jinx. Still, better safe than sorry.

Eovaldi is polar opposite of Leblanc, rhp with mid 90s fastball and hard breaking pitches. Has some promise but still learning how to pitch. Let's hope this lineup can work counts and force him.into mistakes.

Power nap for a long baseball night - check.

Nice to see Doc with these first strikes. Looking like a great first inning, which is a good sign for the rest of the game. So far Doc is Doc!

The Phils have actually done well against Eovaldi twice already this season (both with LAD and MIA).

Back on July 19 in L.A., they chased him after 5 innings.

Same story on August 24 in Miami.

Rollins stinks.

"BTW, Mini Mart's BRef page is still available to be sponsored."

I'm reminded of the guy who once wrote on Ryan Franklin's BRef page: "I spent $15 to tell the world how happy I am that you're no longer with the Mariners. It was the best money I ever spent."

Need run(s)

Come on, RBI machine!

If Howard goes deep here, I won't mention that $25M per year thingy for at least a week.

Bases loaded, first inning, no outs, Ryan Howard at the plate. Feels like old times!

BAP - how much would you pay to be able to say that Mini Mart was no longer on the Phils?


I guess that was better than a strikeout -- albeit barely.



Of all the things that Chooch has done in this monster season, I think the one that impresses me the most is to come back after 5 weeks on the DL and immediately go 3 for his first 3.



So isn't the statistic that if Doc has a 4-run lead or more, his team has never lost? Just one more, guys and we can be sure of this win.

I wonder how many more RBI Ryan would have if he could get them from double-plays.

So, I guess MM is in for his defense, then, right?

Phils lost a game with Doc and a 4 run lead in Atlanta earlier this season that some might recall.

I'd rather not recall that game.

Breaking News: Mini Mart still sucks.

Yeah, I thought can was joking.

KK would have gotten a DP there.

I have very little confidence in 2012 Roy Halladay to hold this lead.

BAP: I've got that same sinking feeling....

Always nice when 2012 rears its head

They just can't keep running Pierre out there. He costs them a run in virtually every single game they play him.

Pierre throws like a girl.

No excuse, but small K zone.

On Gameday, these sure look like strikes.

KK would have struck him out.


That pitch was KK esque.

No way they run on Ruf.

On the other hand, he definitely knows how to hit.

Yeah, but Pierre more than makes up for it on the basepaths. I know he gets a lot of criticism here, but he is one of my favorite Phillies this season.

Pierre shows why he's in the lineup...

Pittsburgh will be below .500 by the weekend it seems.

Kinda sad.

Cincinnati leading 4-1 after two.

can: I kinda like him too. He's a limited player but the things he does well, he does REALLY well. But he'd have to hit like Chooch to make up for his complete inability to throw. I haven't been counting the runs that have scored against him this year that wouldn't have scored against any other left fielder in baseball. But it seems like it happens almost every game he starts. When we start him in LF, it's almost like spotting the other team a full run before the game even starts.

Howard is really clutch of late.

Was in the car when the Marlins scored their runs. LA & Franzke thought MM had a possible play at the plate but didn't try, instead looking at the 2B runner. I thought to myself "Polanco he is not", but I wondered what the BL consensus was: Should he have thrown home?

I don't really want Pittsburgh to lose. I want them to get into the playoffs if the Phillies falter. If we continue to win while the Cards & Dodgers lose, then - sorry Pittsburgh, my loyalty is to the Phillies. But if we fall short, I'd rather Pittsburgh get the 2nd WC than anyone else but us.

GBrett: I really hate to take Mini-Mart's side, but I did not see any possibility of a play at home.

GBrett, I agree about Pittsburgh. It is uncomfortable to hope they lose, because like you, I hope that if we don't get into the WC, the Pirates can do it.

By the way, I didn't dwell on it at the time, but I do remember wondering for a split second why MM wasn't attempting to get a play at the plate. It just seemed logical; however, I assumed he knew better the odds of making each play successfully. But now that you mention it, maybe I shouldn't give him so much credit.

Brown is heating back up again...good to see.

"By the way, I didn't dwell on it at the time, but I do remember wondering for a split second why MM wasn't attempting to get a play at the plate."

Ok, you've totally convinced me. He's a POS.

Crushed that one, MM.

Nice to get back from frisbee to see us with a lead and Doc on the mound. Always a good way to come into the game. How're the Cards doing?

I see they have the late game.

Has Doc thrown a fastball this game yet?

OMG, enough with these random in-game interviews. There is a fvcking game going on that I'd like to watch!

That interview went about 3 questions too long.

well theres the fastball....right down the middle for a ball.

Doc got distracted because of that in-game interview in the stands.

I would have thrown him out.

Is there any true explanation for Utley playing 3B that makes any sense?

Is it really better for his knees? (ie, will keep him on the field healthy for more of the year)

Or do they seriously believe Galvis can be the everyday 2B next year? (utterly ridiculous)

Do they have a viable FA option that's any better than the 3B FA options?

Sorry to bring it up again, but the Marlins' guys were talking about it, showing Utley working with Sandberg.

I would have thrown him out.

Posted by: Erik Kratz

I was going to post this.

Gregg Murphy thinks he is Merv Griffin.

Do those idiot broadcasters think we need to see BS like that interview or kooky fans to get us to watch a game during a suboptimal season? Don't they realize that in seasons like this, the only people watching a real baseball fans who don't want to see that crap?

Miss the dominant version of Doc. The '12 version instead relies upon cutter/curve while spotting his sinker & changeup. Still a very good/good starter but he isn't going to be a guy that gives you dominant outings or works really deep into games either.

Ah yes, the Law of Average in Baseball. Forgot about that one. Phils are a lock to make the playoffs.

More NASCAR interviews, please. YEEHAW!!!

gobaystars said it a week ago but he is right - it is really is the Phils' TV broadcasts as much as the announcers that makes it tough to listen to.

Just too much other nonsense they try to fit in with too much canned laughter.

Listened to TMac do college basketball on the radio. Liked him a lot more. More and more I wonder if it isn't the carnival broadcast style where they feel the need to keep viewer's attention that isn't the biggest issue.

Damn you Pierre!

Still like Juan Pierre

The other night we missed a big portion of Chase's at-bat while TMac giggled like a little girl over the Phanatic and a box of popcorn. Sheesh.

My head is spinning from trying to keep up with each contender's schedule, standings, and odds.

But I still can't figure this one out: Who do we want to win tonight--DBacks or Dodgers?

And tonight Chase is upstaged by a guy in a pig oufit. Fer crying' of loud...

"The other night we missed a big portion of Chase's at-bat while TMac giggled like a little girl over the Phanatic and a box of popcorn. Sheesh."

They must have heard you. Tonight we missed half his AB because of the guy in the pig outfit.

Great swing by Utley.

If there's an announcing job at Dorney Park, Tbag might want to look into summering there next year.His fascination with mascots is very disturbing.

can: Dodgers are ahead of us; D-Backs are behind us by a game. Pretty easy call.

Also, we need the Dodgers to lose as many as possible in the next few days, so that they can win as many as possible when they play St. Louis.

But I still can't figure this one out: Who do we want to win tonight--DBacks or Dodgers?

Posted by: can_of_corn | Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 08:38 PM

D-Backs. Dodgers are ahead of us, so them losing is much more important.

DOM going to make 'em pay.


He did not look out.

I don't think I've ever seen a play where a runner tagged successfully from first on a ball to shallow center where the relay actually went to second.

Wow, Howard laying it all on the line with that dive for that foul ball.

That looked like it hurt.

Doc has really battled tonight in a KKesque effort.

If only he was this reliable every 5th day like Kendrick.

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