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Friday, September 07, 2012


This sounds ok to me, but I'm dumb...

Rollins 6
Pierre 7
Utley 4
Howard 3
Ruiz 5
Mayberry 8
Brown 9
Kratz 2

Chances we see it? 0.001

Stick Ruf in for Pierre in LF when Reading's season is done.

I like that lineup. Again, dumb.

I'm not sure I see the point of this -- and I'm not just saying that because I'm an Erik Kratz fan. Plantar fasciitis is serious business and it usually takes a lot more than a month to heal. And, if it's not completely healed, it puts you at risk of a torn plantar fascia muscle.

If he really is healthy, though, now would be the time to try him at 3rd base. That idea is far more intriguing to me than the zany idea of moving Utley to 3rd.

Tonight's lineup: SS Rollins, LF Pierre, 2B utley, 1b wiggy, CF Mayberry, RF brown, 3B frandsen, C Kratz, p cliff.

A Wiggy sighting!

Nice to see Howard get a spell against a lefty.

Mayberry should mash tonight. I expect a HR.

I doubt Ruiz does more than pinch hit for a week (and be lifted for a pinch runner).

I hate the Francis match-up for us. Luckily, I like the Lee riding a nice little hot streak coming in against these bums.

They should sweep this series. Not saying they will, but they should.

Matthew Pouliot has been doing a profile of the top 111 FA next year, and his #3 ranking is BJ Upton. Here's the last line of his write-up:

"It only takes one team to look at his potential and decide it’s worth taking the plunge. I think he gets $75 million for five years."

Really? Does anyone here really believe Upton is getting a deal that will be on-par with Bourn's?

FWIW, he's got Swisher at 4/48, Bourn at 5/75 (and red flags him because of his high K numbers), Hamilton resigning with Texas for $25 million/yr, and Pagan way down at #38.

Help me here .... If Pierre is in against a lefty then why the eff did MiniMart play all those games vs. lefties last week? Wouldn't Nix have been a better candidate to play right instead of Martinez??

"Help me here .... If Pierre is in against a lefty then why the eff did MiniMart play all those games vs. lefties last week? Wouldn't anyone else in the entire organization have been a better candidate to play right instead of Martinez??


A scout's take on Darin Ruf, from Stark's latest:

"Ruf just turned 26, had never shown up on any top-prospects radar screens and had never hit 20 homers before this season. But he mashed 38 in Double-A and inspired one scout to say: "He might be Matt Holliday. … I saw him eight or nine games. And I saw him hit everything. I saw him take a 97 mile-an-hour heater from Zack Wheeler off the wall for a double. I saw him hit a changeup for a home run. I saw him barrel up junkballers, guys who throw hard and everything in between. And defensively, I actually thought he was better in the outfield than he was at first base. He's an interesting guy."

A little concerned about the Chooch move. I thought , the last I read, that he needed more time to get right. Still, if they limit him to PH duty maybe it's OK. So little faith left in the Phils medical decision making.
Great career Polanco ,assuming he retires, sorry to see it end with a whimper like this. 2012 was a down year for him , but if you look at his ML accomplishments they rank him a secure spot in the Hall of pretty damn Good.

The lefthanded hitting Juan Pierre starts in left field and bats second because, despite the lefty-lefty matchup, he’s 18 for 42 lifetime off Francis for a .429 batting average.
-from CSN article

Like reading that take on Ruf. Wish we knew who that Scout was. This naive, but do these guys build up players hoping their team (opponent of Scout's team) relies on them (Ruf types) and they fall on their face, or is it genuine?

My family and I took a tour of Busch Stadium in 1998. We saw McGwire take a couple of swings and when Polanco took his swings I told my son that he was a nice little utility player. Some scout I turned out to be.

Lordy, lordy, that was 14 years ago and that 11 year old son is 25 now.

Polly fell below .300 career BA this season. Stands at .299 lifetime.

He would need to go six for six to climb back up to .300.

If he only needed one or two or even three, a nice gesture would have been to give him one last shot at .300. Oh well.

Very fine career. 2044 hits. 976 runs. 3 Gold Gloves. 2 ASGs. $38MM earnings. Zero black ink, though.

Per MLBTR one scout said that "Darin Ruf may be Matt Holliday". Not too shabby.

Sil Camp: Yeah, I get that reasoning for tonight. My question/rant/whatever had to do with the whole MiniMart thing starting in right...I GUESS BECAUSE HE'S BATS RIGHT...instead of someone like Nix. Or Wiggy could have played right and Pierre could have started in left. Any combination of players hitting over .200 would have been better.

That Matt Holliday line will be used by clout for years. Here's a sample post from 2015:

"Darin Ruf, who BL posters once claimed was the next Matt Holliday, was released by the Camden Riversharks today."

As for Ruiz- please don't run him into the ground, Manuel. He is a fantastic weapon to PH with. Don't push it farther than that. He should be used for the occasional start and that's it.

If they're going to give Utley a try at 3B, they should have Ruiz field some grounders while they're at it.

Here you go, Ice, from a half-hour ago:

Mandy Housenick ‏@inthephilshouse
Watching chooch take ground balls at third base.

He is a fantastic weapon to PH with. Don't push it farther than that. He should be used for the occasional start and that's it.

Hogwash. That is what cortisone shots are for.

Add me to the crowd that is unimpressed by the mlb prospect list. sloppy job.

Cyclic: I don't have enough information to conclude that you are dumb. Tell me what you think Ruf and Kratz's slash lines would be as everyday starters in MLB next season and then I'll be able to reach a conclusion.

Free Ruf!

JW: Clearly that's the same scout who told Stark a few years ago that Bastardo was the next Johann Santana.

BedBeard: The way to test that theory is to do research and read as many scouting reports on Ruf as you can. If you find a single one that says he's good defensively in LF and, in fact, better defensively there than at 1B, let me know because I've never seen it until the Stark item.

The Phils are like the Phils of old in that I can't even give away my tickets to the Sunday game.

Iceman: You know me too well. Although I do assume that any poster who doesn't post a demurral to the Stark item does, in fact, agree that Ruf is the next Matt Holliday, as does JW or he wouldn't have posted it.

Although, in fairness to the anonymous scout he did say "might" be the next Holliday. To which I would add, yes, and he also "might" be the next Eleanor Roosevelt.

Plantar fasciitis has many degrees.If Chooch doesn't have a lesser case,he'll be back on the DL in a couple of days.

BAP: Kratz did get 3 chances in a Double A game 4 years ago in 2 partial games at 3B, but beyond that, what makes you think he can play the position? Or is it such an easy position anyone can play it?

Todd Zolecki (@ToddZolecki):
LINEUP CHANGE: Kevin Frandsen scratched with left ankle soreness. Michael Martinez will start at 3B and bat 8th.

Well, he's versatile.

MG: Get a package of Phillies Franks (they don't exist anymore so any good hot dog will do) and sell the hot dogs with the tickets included just like the old days.

Why is MM batting ahead of me?

Why am I even here?


Kratz .255/.310/.480
Ruf .240/.320/.425

Dumb, right?

clout: The "he" was a reference to Chooch, not Kratz.

Cyclic: I'd flip the SLG between the two, but that's actually pretty smart.

So Cholly has about 6 past or future 3Bs to choose from, including 4 Allstars, and his pick is MM? Genius.

More chances to establish the Mini Mart line.

MM is versatile.

And its actually pretty ridiculous that Lee is batting behind him.

Thankfully we don't have to worry about a DH. Because if it was used on Lee and not on Mini Mart, I'd have to march on Cholly's house, pitchfork in hand.

Mini Mart might be due for one of his "blind squirrel" games.

That Matt Holiday line is pretty ridiculous. And I'm saying that as someone who really wants to see Ruf get some major league time this season. But the dead give away is the guy saying he's a better fielder in left than at first base. He's been a good first baseman, but the reports of his outfield play are below average. That puts the entire evaluation in doubt.

And I've been wondering how Frandsen's been playing since he injured his ankle a few games ago. Most players would have left the game and he played a few more on it. Seems like a tough guy. Nice to see when our third baseman the last three years has been deteriorating before our eyes.

And about plantar fasciitis. The treatment that usually works best is to arthroscopically sever the fascia completely where it attaches to the calcaneus (heel bone.) Maybe the Phillies will get lucky and he'll complete the tear on his own and be ready for next season. Of course, that's not the preferred way to do it.

Darin Ruf is definitely the next Matt Holliday. I don't even have to see him play to know that. I can't believe anyone disagrees. In fact, I can't believe he's not in the lineup tonight.

"Mini Mart might be due for one of his "blind squirrel" games."

Metaphor notwithstanding, how long do you actually think a blind squirrel would really last in the wilderness before getting picked off by a fox, coyote, hawk, owl or snake? I'm gonna venture a guess that he wouldn't even last long enough to find the proverbial nut -- let alone last the 2 full years that this blind squirrel has lasted on the Phillies' roster.

Great comment, BAP! You made me and my 15-yr old. non-baseball-watching son laugh.

I find myself hoping that the Phillies win out and by some miracle make it into the playoffs. And at the same time, I find myself hoping that during this miracle run, Michael Martinez goes O for 50 and makes about half a dozen errors. So, in my little fantasy, the Phillies have a shot at the World Series, while the fans will likely never have to hear MM's name again.

Hey, I'm all for giving guys a shot. But this two year long MM odyssey of awful seems like it's lasted a decade.

Unless MM literally murders a fan going for a foul ball, they won't stop playing him.

In its own way, this lineup is one of the more bizarre of the entire season. Four 3rd basemen to choose from, plus another two who are being considered as future 3rd baseman, and Cholly chooses Mini-Mart. And because Howard's out of the lineup, and Howard bats cleanup, it follows that his replacement must bat cleanup too -- even though that replacement is utterly wretched & there are 2 other guys in the lineup who are absolutely killing LHP this year.

Yeah but Ty Wigginton hit a HR back in May so he's a legit power threat.

Woo hoo! 3B tonight for me, bitches!


BAP, I was thinking the same thing about Wiggy batting cleanup. "Adaptable" isn't among the first adjectives to come to mind when I think of Charles Fuqua Manuel...

At this point, I honestly think UC and the FO are curious to see if MM can get his BA below .100. That is the only reason to keep trotting him out there every other day.

Mayberry showing why he isn't a true CF.

I see crap Cliff is here tonight.

I'm seeing a distinct lack of tilt.

MM sucks so badly. In every facet of the game.

Lee doing his best to squash any hopes of ripping off a win streak against these pathetic teams.

I'm surprised this site didn't crash after that Mini Mart error.

I'm hoping to crack .100 tonight!


"I'm surprised this site didn't crash after that Mini Mart error."

I would have commented, but I only have so much overheated rhetoric to give, and I've pretty much used it all up.

They should be able to tag this prick. He's lucky to be in the big leagues.

Mayberry especially should crush this guy.

Also sprach Zarathustra, Jimmy!

MiniMart makes $2700 a day basically...think about that.

I can't believe Pierre wasn't bunting there. I think that's the first time all season that he came to bat after the leadoff hitter reached base and didn't bunt. There's a lesson to be learned there.

Another interesting plotline for the final few weeks: Will Pierre stay above .300?

We're down 0-2 already? Ugh.

Our cleanup hitter has a .678 OPS.

BAP- my fiancee is a casual Phillies fan but I mainly force her to watch these games. She doesn't know the players well. She didn't remember they re-signed Hamels when I mentioned it this week, and the morning I found out I basically shook her out of bed with excitement. That's her engagement level.

Anyway, when Mini made that error, she says "Don't they have anyone better than this guy?"

Martinez's futility has bridged the gap between casual and die-hard Phillies fans.

a very productive out against an incredibly tough lefty. well done.

That was an impressive AB by Wigginton.

Another big spot (albeit early) for Dom.

Come on, Domo!

Wiggy can fill in for Howard. He can strike out, too. I bet he can also make an error at 1B.

IF Dom makes an out here, we will have Cholly's lineup construction to thank for this scoreless inning.

Wigginton should go lay down in a ditch somewhere. When you can't catch up to a Jeff Francis fastball, you are officially pathetic.

Speaking of pathetic, Dom Brown.

2013 is gonna be rough if Brown is a starter.

Yeah, great lineup, Cholly.

Well that f88king figures.

It's only the 1st inning, but between the hideous defense, and Cholly's unbelievably stupid lineup construction, my anger meter has already reached the same level it reaches after a Jonathan Papelbon walkoff loss.

I know I'm late, but I don't comment often and I had to turn on the computer and load the site just to have it on record that I protested that god-awful AB by Ty Wigginton. He looks checked out, and if he still cares he should be embarrassed.

Is there another team in baseball that would give over 300 PA to Michael Martinez?

I'm going back to football.

Give Wigginton credit- he's one of the few guys that has lived up to expectations.

We expected him to be God awful and damned if he hasn't delivered.

Nice play by Jimmy avoiding Utley's pick attempt there.

Give Wigginton credit- he's one of the few guys that has lived up to expectations.

Wigginton's OPS+ is pretty much the same as last year. Given how long Howard ended up being out, he was just the wrong guy to bring in. Like Pence, he's also just not fun to watch.

Brown is gradually moving from prospect to suspect.

I really shouldn't get upset over this stuff. This is not a playoff team, and they play like it. It was a nice little road trip against some good teams, but ultimately - they are what they are.

There goes the Martinez line.

Wigginton, K
Brown, K
Kratz, K
MM, hit.

I don't know what to believe anymore.

I love how Kratz is still in the bottom third of the lineup despite coming pretty close to matching Ruiz's level of production. He was penciled in at 8th today before Frandsen was scratched. Pigginton, meanwhile, who has been awful for months, is batting cleanup.

MG harps on Manuel's bullpen management, but far worse than that is his lineup construction. He simply has no idea how to optimize a lineup. None. And I am decidedly pro-Cholly.

When evaluating young players, it can be tricky to figure out the line between a prospect that you give the benefit of the doubt, and a player destined to be a career minor leaguer.

For the Phillies decision makers, that line apparently falls right smack dab between 25yr old Dom Brown and 26 yr old Darin Ruf.

I sometimes wonder if Amaro understands that slugs like Piggington and Qualls are cheap because the suck.

That would've been hilarious if MM got picked off there.

I'm reading a trial transcript while I watch this game and, at literally the exact moment that Mini-Mart got that hit, I had just come to the part where the DNA expert testifies about the 1 in 152 million odds that a randomly picked member of the population would have the same DNA profile as the one in this case. It immediately occurred to me that those are about the exact same odds of Mini-Mart getting that hit.

I'm actually annoyed that Mini Mart got a hit.

33 steals to CS for Yuan

make that 34 steals to 6 CS for Juan

Wigginton looks just awful.

BAP - that's creepy.

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