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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Want Ruf to make it if only for the future headline possibilities like this one. Kudos.

Lots of people have said Ruf can't be THAT bad in LF - we shall see tonight. Decent matchup for him at the plate, LHP in Detwiler, who isn't too overpowering and doesn't throw a lot of offspeed stuff. Throws a nice, hard sinker and gets over 50% GB - so he's still effective, but plenty hittable.

Hope RUF gets some consistent at bats over the rest of the season. Another Phillies vignette worth keeping an eye on.

From the last thread -

The only justification for moving Utley to 3B is keep him on the field. He missed two months last year and three months this year. Though Utley has played much better than expected this season, we don't know if he will, once again, start next season on the DL and remain there for an extended period. So, if a move to 3B enables Utley to avoid the DL for 60-80 games, I would favor it.

Otherwise, I'd prefer Polanco at 3B and Utley at 2B over Utley at 3B and Galvis at 2B. As bad as Polanco's offense was this season, his 2012 bat is still better than Galvis'.

(I wouldn't pick up Polanco's $5.5 million option, but I would bring him back at a reduced price.)

If he's available, Youk would be my first choice at 3B.

Also from the last thread -

OBP is obviously more important than BA, but BA still has value. Whatever a hitter's OBP is, the more that's attributable to hits and the less to walks, the better. After all, a hit is better than a walk. Just take a look at wOBA and measure the difference in impact on wOBA that 30 walks would have vs. 30 hits, even 30 singles.

Ideally, what you want in a hitter is a guy with a good OBP and a good BA. If he's a hitter with power, a lower BA is acceptable, but you still want a high OBP.

Per Zolecki, Doc to throw a bullpen sesh tomorrow and TBD after that.

I say shut him down, flip Utley over to 3B, run a Ruf, Mayberry, Brown OF out there every day and let's torch this mutha down in style...

repost re: "protect freddy"

awh: I thin Frandsen will give you more value in 2013 at either position. Galvis' offense is just way too underdeveloped to be in the bigs for his defense to offset it enough at 2B/3B.

Galvis is still a prospect and should be treated like one, he deserves an opportunity to mature AA/AAA and learn how to hit. The kid showed enough pop to have a chance, but his plate discipline and pitch recognition were just unbearable.

Galvis doesn't have to be an all-glove no-bat player, theres still hope. Don't force him to crumble at the MLB level just so chase utley can make 30 throwing errors next year.

Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised that they would start 'Babe Ruf' before they are mathematically eliminated, but I am.

Not worried about Ruf in LF. After watching Sunday's OF meltdown, Cole is going for 27 K's tonite.

limoguy: Math is unreasonably optimistic about the Phillies chances.

If Ruf gets 4 hits tonight, I expect to read a lot of posts about how it's only one game, it was a perfect matchup for him, opposing pitchers don't have a book on him yet, etc.

If Ruf goes 0 for 4, I expect to read a lot of "I told you sos."

Ruf's detractors are covered either way.

Gelb: If we're talking about one last start, why not just shut down Roy Halladay? Rich Dubee explains Phillies stance:

"Probably because he'd like to pitch," Dubee said. "When you have a guy like him, he deserves that. If he wants to pitch and he feels he can pitch, then why not? Especially if you feel confident from the doctors' reports there is nothing structurally wrong. It's a completely different area."

Neville Chamberlain felt confident, too.

Hamels is also going for his season career high 16th victory tonight. Phils are -150 but I still like the Phils to win a tight game tonight because they get the best version of Hamels (Night Home Hamels).

Nightwalkers are also much harder to defeat on their native soil.

I hope Ruf hits a homer.

Dave - Will Dubee be waiving around the MRI printout of Halladay's right shoulder too this offseason after Halladay has surgery blabbering incoherently about having secured more innings for Halladay?

Ruf prediction:

1-4 with a K.

Really is no reason that Ruf doesn't just start the rest of the season at this point. Imagine Cholly is going to start Pierre vs RHP. Ruf should still get a few more starts because the Phils face Lannan this series and Buehrle in the series with the Fish.

Phils are slated to face Detwiler again next week but not sure what happens if the Nats' clinch.

MG - without looking, isnt the whole day/night hamels thing a huge myth based on last few years stats, and not include his early career numbers?

There's actually quite a simple solution for all of this. Come his slotted next start, fill out a lineup card that consists of Michael Martinez, Pete Orr, Kevin Frandsen, Ty Wigginton, Nate Schierholz and Steven Larud, and see how much Doc really would still "like to pitch."

BTW, is TMac in charge of the homepage? Calling tonight a "must-win game" is optimism that I cannot come close to fathoming...

MG: Dubee Phillies Bowlers will be the Phanatic Dangle Hat of 2013.

I'm going to the game tonight. If I'd known Ruf would be in LF, I might have gotten those seats in the 2nd row of LF...oh well. Sitting behind home plate is a better vantage point.

You've all given me a lot to think about in terms of FAs to fill positions. I'm not much for playing armchair GM, so I prefer to read others' opinions - and no one here is shy about offering them!

I do not read posts copied over from previous threads. Does anyone?

GBrettFan: Looking forward to a complete post game Ruf Report. Have fun!

I predict a ruf outing for Detweiler tonight.

limoguy: They are always the first 10 posts of a new thread.

2-for-3 with a double and homer for Ruf tonight.


limoguy sucks!

If people re-posted the "New Thread" posts from previous threads, discussion progress could never be achieved.

Kind of like how bringing back Victorino would go for the Phillies.

"2-for-3 with a double and homer for Ruf tonight."

And a 50 game suspension levied sometime next week.

Re-post from earlier in this thread:

I predict a ruf outing for Detweiler tonight.

Reposted from JW's header:

5.5-game hole with nine to play

And reposted from

Phils turn to Hamels in must-win game

Yo new thread.........sike!

Reposted from the last game thread, and the game thread before that, and the game thread before that, and so on . . .:

This feels like a loss.

Repost from June:

Artist LeRoy Neiman died recently

LeRoy Neiman? The noted artist?


Hamels is a nightwalker:


Day: 72 GS, 24-22, 3.85 ERA, 1.26 WHIP, 8.2 K/9, 3.3 K/BB, .257 BAA

Night: 137 GS, 65-38, 3.10 ERA, 1.09 WHIP, 8.7 K/9, 4.1 K/BB, .227 BAA.7 K/9, 4.1 K/BB, .227 BAA


Day: 32 GS, 9-11, 3.62 ERA, 1.25 WHIP, 8.3 K/9, 3.5 K/BB, .259 BAA

Night: 64 GS, 27-20, 3.25 ERA, 1.10 WHIP, 8.4 K/9, 4.1 K/BB, .233 BAA


Day: 12 GS, 5-4, 3.30 ERA, 1.11 WHIP, 8.7 K/9, 4.1 K/BB, .240 BAA

Night: 17 GS, 10-2, 2.88 ERA, 1.12 WHIP, 9.1 K/9, 4.0 K/BB, .232 BAA

Also has road/home splits that are eerily similar although not quite as pronounced. Simply is a better pitcher at night and at home.

.15 difference in WHIP doesn't seem like a lot but then you look NL starters who have say thrown 100 IP (out of 72 NL starters going into tonight):

1.10 WHIP - 6th in the NL
1.25 WHIP - tied at 34 in the NL with 3 others

Last post:

1.10 WHIP would end up putting a MLB starter in the top 10-15 too. It basically is an 95th percentile or better.

There are other stats out there xFIP, FIP, SIERA that would provide better insight but the point I was trying to make is that Hamels at night is an elite pitcher. During the day he becomes above average.

Response to GTown from the previous, previous previous thread:

I, too, want "None of the above" when it comes to Frandsen or Galvis in the starting lineup in 2013. Someone (Iceman or lore?) advocated letting Galvis get AB in AAA and stashing Frandsen on the bench. That would be fine with me. Moving Utley to 3B only makes sense if it helps his knees - AND - if it's about an FA upgrade, signing a 2B who's a better shot to succeed full time than either Galvis or Frandsen.

I have tix to Thursday night'e game.

Here's my take:

If Ruf in in the starting lineup I'm going.

I see no reason to bust my hump to get down there after a long day of business travel to see a non-contending team and overpay for parking, concessions and beer.

The family room, big screen, and reasonably priced cold ones and scotch whiskey will suit me just fine!

Always in our hearts.

Do they still give a car away on Fan App. Nite?

"Do they still give a car away on Fan App. Nite?"

After the Hamels extension they've had to cut a few costs. But one lucky fan will win a game-worn Micheal Martinez hair tie...

Remember when they used to give away "instant vacations" at the Vet?
If you won one of their vacation prizes, you had to have your bags packed in your car, and would leave IMMEDIATELY.

Good stuff.

They're actually giving away Michael Martinez...the only catch is that you have to pay his salary.

They were giving away some pretty random stuff on Sunday including a signed Brian Schneider baseball for Fan Appreciation.

Personally I would rather have a Steve Lake autographed ball than a Brian Schneider one.

Unless your seats are in the lower level -- or, better still, the luxury boxes -- the Phillies ain't gonna "appreciate" jack sh*t about your fanhood.

Dave - Pretty much. The Brian Schneider baseball was a giveaway for a 400 section level (think it was 423).

Isn't a Schneider autographed ball a bit of a safety concern? There's no way in hell anyone is actually KEEPING that thing...

Ruf in left? I was sure Charlie wanted to see what that Pierre kid could do in left field. Anyway, Ruf should start the rest of the games so they can actually, you know, get a read on him in left.

Doc should not pitch again this season. Any other conclusion is absurd. I'd rather see the other pitchers on short rest than see Doc pitch again this season.

And Chooch should be playing third base for the rest of this season. Also, to get a read on whether he can handle it. I have no problem with Kratz and Larud playing the next nine games.

It's fun time. Nothing on the line any longer. And yet, I suspect the Phillies FO is not having fun, and possibly, they don't understand the concept.

NEPP: MM got his last check on the 15th,hopefully THE last one.

"Unless your seats are in the lower level -- or, better still, the luxury boxes -- the Phillies ain't gonna "appreciate" jack sh*t about your fanhood."

Hence, the Brian Schneider paraphernalia.

I stuck around after the Phillies won the division on Fan Appreciation Day '07, & the Ballgirls -- remember when they used to be attractive? Good times, good times -- had buckets of these oversized, foamy "baseballs" they were chucking into the crowd. I caught one. It was signed by Rich Dubee. I'd toss the thing back, but I'm afraid I'd tear my rotator cuff in the process only to be forced by the Phillies to continue throwing.

And yet, I suspect the Phillies FO is not having fun, and possibly, they don't understand the concept.

Never a truer truism has there been.

Gotta love Werth. He'll take pitches until he gets 2 strikes, then swing right through a fastball for the K. He's like a Swiss watch of failure.

That ball goes right through Martinez. Wigginton misplays it into a 2-run, inside-the-park HR.

Nice play by Frandsen

The Nats' hitters are so mesmerized by Darrin Ruf's presence in LF that they keep striking out.

Darrin is his middle name. His first name is Dan. Dan D. Ruf.

Why did you guys interrupt Gtown's stream of negative consciousness? He's been waiting 5 years for it to finally be justifiable. The least we can do is give him the next few game threads to cycle through this stuff in peace.

gobaystars!: Thanks, man. I knew you'd understand.

I can't wait until next season when r00b's big FA CF acquisition fails to make that play.

What are the best and worst case scenarios for Ruf in these last 9 games?

Best: He rakes and plays adequate D and gets to compete for a job in ST?

Worst: He's overmatched by MLB pitching, looks lost in LF, starts next year in AAA?

Is that about right?

GTown- that assumes roob's big FA CF is still playing in the 153rd game.


Best - He rakes & plays adequate D & the Phillies send him back to AA w/out so much as a Spring Training invite.

Worst - He rakes & plays adequate D & gets a 50 game suspension for PED use.

One of the enduring memories of 2012 has to be the 2 out walk, SB, and RBI single surrendered by one of our pitchers.

Thanks, dave.

Also, Phillies, your ballgirls... woof.

Best Case -- he goes 8 for 8 with 3 homeruns against Detwiler & Lannan, then sits on Thursday against the RHP.

Worst Case -- he goes 0 for 4 tonight, and Cholly never gives him another AB. In the off-season, he is traded and goes on to win the 2013 NL batting title and hit 35 homeruns.


Babe Ruf.



Charlie is sold on this guy. He loves bombs.

Babe rufffffff

How about that?

That wasn't even a bad pitch.

I got to see his 1st MLB HR!!!!

Did he get the silent treatment?

And this guy was on the bench while Wiggy was wiffin' away and they scored 1 run in 2 games?

Massive silent treatment. Not a word even after Frandsen got on. Cheered for him but ignored Ruf.

GBrettFan: He's STILL getting the silent treatment. This is an all-timer.

Detweiler is getting ruffed up.

Still getting the silent treatment

Wheels and TMac can't stop giggling.

If Darrin Ruf does hit even semi-respectably over these last 9 games, my joy will be tinged with rage over all those games that Ty Wigginton started when the Phillies were still in contention.

Phils made Ruf wait until the end of the inning before giving him the congratulatory mob. I think the kid was getting legit worried.

At least Jimmy's pop-up traveled a bit further.

Fun to hear about the silent treatment--and to hear the applause from the crowd in LF when Ruf got out there.

Yes - Then some. This is Wigginton's line since the ASB:

.181/.282/.306 (.588 OPS) with 2 HRs in 85 ABs

Considering he's terrible defensively and on the basepaths, it was baffling why Wigginton was basically platooning with Pierre in LF the last few weeks.

It annoys me that TMac just said, "It's a 1-2-3 inning for Hamels and he's now retired the last 4 batters."


Please can we replace these fools?

24th player to homer for the Phils this year, a club record.

"They found a place for Killebrew. They found a place for Babe Ruth."

That's an actual real quote from Charlie Manuel discussing where Ruf would play if he proves he can hit.

I read it right here on BLer,the only reason Ruf hit well at AA was because he played against younger guys.

This game is fun so far, but I wonder what kind of offensive spark we've had stuck to the bench in all the recent games that we lost by just 1 or 2.

It's also nice to see the guys having fun in the dugout, even at Ruf's expense.

Different mind that Pierre either got a lot of the PT over the past month. He was the best option out there & performed well.

Just didn't get giving Wigginton PT over Ruf vs LHP.

Was at dinner, had them turn on the game, and waited around to see Ruf bat. So sweet. I hope the guy that caught the ball can appreciate it--I'd be so psyched if I were him.

All our RBIs are meaningless at this point.

Big Man! Driving in runs. It's what he does. Very strange half of a season for Howard.

And definitely...let's play mix and match with positions for the rest of the season. Who knows what we may find? And if there is no success, at least Roob will know that too before next season.

Blah. I had to go and delete a perfectly good Ryan Howard rant.



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