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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This amuses me for some reason:

Inquirer: "Hamels, 15-6 with a 3.05 ERA and 202 strikeouts in 203 1/3 innings, won the Steve Carlton Most Valuable Pitcher Award unanimously. The lefthander has two shutouts in 29 starts."

Steve Carlton responds: "Congratulations to Cole Hamels on winning an award that I did not know was named after me. I'm honored. Great job, Cole"

Reposted from last night's game thread:

And this guy was on the bench while Wiggy was wiffin' away and they scored 1 run in 2 games?

Posted by: awh | Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 07:44 PM

Nice to see Charlie reward performance.

Missed the last thread, so in case it ain't been posted:

1. Jimmy Rollins, SS
2. John Mayberry Jr., CF
3. Chase Utley, 2B
4. Ryan Howard, 1B
5. Carlos Ruiz, C
6. Domonic Brown, RF
7. Darin Ruf, LF
8. Kevin Frandsen, 3B
9. Kyle Kendrick, P

Zolecki: "Dubee said Halladay looked fine in his bullpen. He expects him to start Saturday as scheduled."

Now where have I heard this before ...

GTown, you want examples from this year (a la Worley), or year's prior (a la Bret Myers)?

Chris Branch ‏@ChrisBranchTNJ
#Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee says Halladay will start Saturday, and Roy felt like "a new pitcher" in bullpen session today.

Really? Is he lying, or is he simply comparing himself to how he felt Saturday?

Preacher: It was more of a rhetorical-type question. Hell, I could provide examples involving this very same pitcher!

Amending the above: I doubt Halladay would lie I could see him being overly optimistic like Brad Lidge, however, and making light of injuries.

I'm just so happy to finally see Ruf's name in the lineup that I can't even bring myself to criticize Cholly's unfathomably idiotic decision to bat him behind Dom, even against a LHP.

@BAP: "I can't even bring myself to criticize Cholly's unfathomably idiotic decision..."

You mean, like, with that previous post, in particular, right? There's no way you're going all game without rendering a single criticism of that decision?

Curious to see if KK throws a complete game shutout, or is yanked in the 4th inning.

@bap -- perhaps Charlie is breaking up the right handers Chooch and Ruf. Perhaps he's putting two guys in front of Ruf who have shown decent abilities to draw walks in front of the power hitter... perhaps...

I'll be at my brothers retirement party tonite. The restaurant better have a TV.

Cholly using logic? Naw, it's got to be just random chance. He had a senior moment and failed to write out the line-up in the way he actually intended.

"Feels like a new pitcher?" Really? Here's hoping that's true, but I'm a bit skeptical.

GBrettFan - looking back on Lidge it's a bit more amusing now than it was then. After every bad outing (and there were quite a few that year): "I feel great!"

Hamm: As long as Utley & Howard are hitting back to back, I can't even acknowledge the possibility that Cholly has ever thought about the wisdom of breaking up same-handed hitters.

But I'll stop. I promised not to criticize today -- and some might construe it as criticism to suggest that Cholly is too blithering to consider splitting up same-handed hitters. At least for today, I'm going positive.

I'm having my own senior moment, did Lidge officially retire, still injured, or did nobody offer him a job?

Halladay is pretty much a God in my opinion, completely infallible. But if he goes out and lays another egg after saying that, he's going to start approaching The Lidge Zone of "I don't trust a single word that guy says, and I'm just going to assume he's hurt all the time."

As it happens, Halladay has also LOOKED like a new pitcher for this entire year. Unfortunately, I kind of preferred the old one.

"As long as Utley & Howard are hitting back to back, I can't even acknowledge the possibility that Cholly has ever thought about the wisdom of breaking up same-handed hitters."

He broke them up for your boy Pence last year in the playoffs and as a result of his putrid playoff performance, I doubt he'll ever consider it again.

Any chance Lannan returns Cole's favor, and welcomes Ruf to the big leagues?

Dubee said I looked fine, too, before my last outing.

KK going for his 11th win tonight which would try a career high including his 9th since the ASB.

Phils opened at -110 and now at -135. Guess a lot of betters think Lannan sucks too.

Not sure what KK shows up tonight. The guy who has looked very good the past 2 months or the guy who has generally struggled vs Nats in his career. Zimmerman and Desmond own him and Harper has scorched this year. Oddly Werth is 0-10 with KK.

Like the Phils but with a low bet tonight.

It's not a true John Lannan appearance unless he plunks a Phillie or two.

BAP, your version of positive seems to be to simply be more roundabout v. direct. Something along the lines of "I'm not going to say that Ryan Howard blows against LHP this year, because I'm being positive" - - which means, of course, that you HAVE said it....

I just wanted to let you know that 1) I'm onto you, and 2) you're making me laugh.

I had no idea that the Braves were only 4 back from the Nationals.

If the Phillies sweep the Nationals at home and in D.C., we could end up spoiling the Nats division championship.

I think saying that Ryan Howard "blows" vs. LHP would be an unrealistically upbeat characterization of the situation.

"He broke them up for your boy Pence last year in the playoffs and as a result of his putrid playoff performance, I doubt he'll ever consider it again."

Yeah, that 5 game sample size irrefutably proves the wisdom of batting two guys who can't hit lefties back to back.

Ha, GTown. I thought it was my use of the qualifying phrase "this year" that would be singled out as optimistic.

Greinke is one of the top 20 starting pitchers in baseball. Since there are 30 major league teams, that makes him a No. 1 in my book. He's expensive and he comes with risk, but he's good.

Thought KK was going to have a good year (said 12 wins in my preseason prediction). Didn't think he would put up these kind of numbers though in the 2nd half:

17 G, 10 GS, 8-3, 2.73 ERA, 1.02 WHIP, 7.0 K/9, 3.4 K/BB, 10% swing and miss

Who figured KK would start to develop into a strikeout pitcher who gets his fair share of swings & misses.

These are his numbers are a starter the past 2 years:

38 GS, 219 1/3 IP, 13-14, 3.61 ERA, 1.26 WHIP, 6.0 K/9, 2.2 BB/9, 2.8 K/BB

Quietly morphed into a solid starter and those numbers compare favorably to Worley. I really hope the Phils put KK in the rotation next year from the get go & leave him there.

"I really hope the Phils put KK in the rotation next year from the get go & leave him there."

Yeah, no one is going to misconstrue this statement, blow it out of proportion, lump you in with clout and remind you every time KK has a bad outing. No chance of that happening at all.

Another guy who has flown under the radio of late is Cloyd. Seen every one of his starts and like his chances too to stick as No. 5 starter. Good fastball and his curve seems to be far enough along that can be effective against MLB hitters as his offspeed pitch.

Needs to further develop that cutter/changeup (especially the changeup) to be anything more than that to keep LH bats from teeing off but he's been solid in every so far except the 3-day rest start vs. Rockies.

Looking forward to watching Cloyd's next start if I can.

Over/under on how many times Lannan plunks Utley tonight?

3 things to do with Ruf
1. 1b,like that will happen.
2. Lf put him there and take what you get.
3.Trade him. Will then hit 30 Hrs and be rookie of the yesr.

Meant good fastball command with Cloyd. Generally has shown he can hit that outside corner with his 4-seamer. Even seen enough of him to see if he can do it on the inner part of the plate.

@MG -- "Quietly morphed into a solid starter"

Not on beerleaguer... KK and "QUIET" do not belong together.

Mainstream Phillies fans, however, I'm not sure if they are sold on the "solid starter" notion.

Does anyone know when or how the silent treatment tradition began, by the way?

Heard part of RAJ's Q&A on the pre-game. He was asked what he thinks has been his best move as a GM, to which he replied acquiring Cliff Lee rather than selling off the team to acquire Roy Halladay in '09.

Oh good. Joe West behind the plate. That + Kendrick should make for a fun evening.

Well, that was fast.

Bad Kendrick tonight?

Well, that was quick.

Gonna have to get on Lannan tonight I'm afraid.

Phillies are tied for 10th in the majors in HRs allowed this year.

I guess Jimmy's hot streak has ended.

Rollins seems determined to balance out his torrid early September by going hitless for his last 50 ABs of the season.

I like Mayberry to homer tonight

Cyclic: I'd feel better about that prediction if he faced Kendrick.

"Phillies are tied for 10th in the majors in HRs allowed this year."

I'm honest when I say I'm actually surprised they're that low.

Really glad I went to the game last night rather than tonight.

Speaking of balancing out greatness with spectacular sh*ttiness . . .

Rollins can't go two seconds before BAP is jumping on his nuts for something.

Utley's gonna be awesome at 3B.

Remember when I retracted my statement where I titled KK the "Prince of Pitch-to-Contact?"

I'd like to retract that retraction.

Iceman: It takes considerably longer than 2 seconds to go 0 for 17.

I'm reminded of a Tweet from way back on 21 Sept. (not my own) which read:

"If the Phillies fall short of the wild card while Kyle Kendrick bullshits himself into the 2013 rotation, I'll cry."

I think it's safe to begin bawling our eyes out now. Once a useless gobshite, always a useless gobshite.

One thing I can say about Ruf's defense in LF - he can turn and watch a HR just as good as the best LF in the league.

WP - Me, too.

Here are the rest of the "top 10" in this inglorious category:

TOR 192
MIN 191
COL 184
NYY 182
BAL 175
LAA 175
Wh Sox 173
BOS 172
HOU 168
Cubs 166
PHI 166

KK is singlehandedly moving us up the list.

"Curious to see if KK throws a complete game shutout, or is yanked in the 4th inning."

I may have been overly optimistic about his staying power...


And BAP- I wasn't questioning the significance of such a small sample size, re: Pence in the playoffs. I'm simply pointing out that Manuel has indeed thought of splitting the lefties before, and the [in your eyes] infallible Pence choked on a fat one when given the chance to succeed in that spot. Because of his stubborn nature, for better or for worse, Manuel probably saw your boy fail in between Utley and Howard and has mistakenly seen that as reason to never split them up again. Because the one time he did it, the hitter didn't capitalize.

Did I mention I'm happy about choosing last night's game over tonight's?

Good news! In Kyle Kendrick's world this counts as "keeping the Phillies in the game"!

Ruf is going to have to hit a lot of homers tonight.

GBrett, if that list isn't "real time" as of your posting, KK has already moved us up ahead of Houston.

In all fairness, Kyle's throwing that damn Cutter again, & (predictably) getting killed. The degree to which this debacle might also be on Chooch's head interests me.

GTown, thanks for that. This is an Eaton-esque outing, to be sure.

Oh, Kyle.

It's going to be a long(er) winter if the NHL doesn't get itself sorted.


The league needs to do something about this guy. How can anyone believe this isn't intentional?

Enough. If someone on the Nats doesn't get drilled, this team has no f*cking balls at all.

BAP- I'm sorry. I must be imagining your relentless ripping of Rollins since 2009.

There better be some plunking tonight. Lannan is a complete POS.

Iceman: What Phillie haven't I relentlessly ripped at some point? When someone plays like crap, I say so.

Lannan has faced 24 Major League teams. He has 30 career HBP. A full 11 of those have been Philadelphia Phillies. It's beyond bullshit.

I'll say this about Ruf- the raw power is undeniable. That alone makes him more useful than Wigginton.

A starter pitching like crap against a lineup begging for retaliation. I can't imagine a more perfect scenario to have the bullpen up.

I nominate Aumont or Diekman to retaliate as each have plausible deniability due to their wildness.

This might be the hardest I have ever seen Kendrick get hit, early in the game.

Even some of the outs have been hard hit.

Just one of those nights for KK, that he doesn't have it....and you know it right away.

Ruf looks dangerous up there. He can go to all fields, with power. Very few of our hitters can hit for power to the opposite field.

Hopefully some more work this winter in LF, will get him more confident. I think he might help next year, in a platoon role in LF.

wes: I'd say Kendrick does tonight, too.

Turns out 4 IP was a wildly optimistic prediction.

Cholly brought in exactly the right guy. A guy who throws 95 MPH and who isn't good enough to be missed if he gets ejected for firing one into Lannan's head.

GTown- I've got a feeling they all might when all is said and done.

We need to drill at least two Gnats tonight.

Good thing Ruben brought up a long man/another starter here in September.

Ohh, that's right...he didn't.

Oh, Rosenberg. He only has an 8.00 ERA.

Well, "bad" KK showed up tonight.

He's reverting to 5th starter material, that is, a good start followed by a bad start.

For a while he was cruising along like an ace, but only the Moronocracy could have possibly thought that was sutainable.

KK: Good enough to be a 5th starter; not good enough to be an ace.

i'd love to see lannan plunked with a 97 mph fastball to the hipbone.

Although BJ did well last time out. And is doing well so far tonight.

I had a feeling we were in trouble tonight when I saw a reporter write about how Lannan has struggled v. the Phillies and the Iron Pigs both. Right then, I said to myself, "Watch us be shut out." It's Murphy's law of baseball. Or pure superstition. And there is the fact that KK the hittable turned up tonight to pitch.

I wouldn't waste the bullet on Lannan. LaRoche and Morse would take care of it for me, as I think they would understand. Lannan is too stupid.

lannan has a face that is just begging to be punched, though.


Zolecki: "That was the third-shortest start (not rain delay related) of Kyle Kendrick's career: 2+ ip, 5 h, 5 r, 4 er, 2 bb, 1 k, 3 hr."

Only Kendrick could have an outing like that & be able to shrug it off for having prev. crapped the bed in even worse fashion.

For the record, I have always thought it incredibly stupid that, if an opposing pitcher accidentally hits your guy, you have to respond by intentionally plunking their guy -- thereby yielding a base runner & putting him at risk of injury. But this is the rare exception. This guy has been doing this to us for years & it is patently intentional. If he's not drilled in this meaningless game, then I will squarely blame Cholly the next time Lannan beans one of our guys & puts him on the DL.

I missed this earlier:

Bob Brookover ‏@brookob
Rain prevented the Nationals from taking BP this afternoon. Kyle Kendrick is making up for it by conducting an evening BP session.

I would really like Howie to make him pay for the HBP with a grand slam. Wishful thinking, probably.

All kidding aside, I would really think the Phillies would institute a zero tolerance policy with Lannan. Every time he plunks a Phillie a Gnad gets it.

Not exactly payback there, Big Man. Come on, Chooch!

Darn it, Chooch. 1 lousy run, and that was gifted to us. Bases loaded, 1 out and nothin' to show for it.

That inning was a microcosm of the entire season.

Ahhh, bases loaded 1 out. 4 and 5 hitters coming up. No runs.

/2012 Phillies

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