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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Every game the rest of the way is a big game, and we're definitely going to lose a game here and there. I'm curious what the general reaction on Beerleaguer will be when that happens.

I'm not ready for a loss. Maybe next week if the Dodgers sweep the weekend.

I'm just glad I can tune in to the game on the radio today and not be filled with dread and only hoping to hear some good LA-Franzke banter. Instead I tune in genuinely excited.

KAS: Calm, measured reaction notable for its perspective and optimism.

You can bet Jack will be here to crow with his "2000s baseball fan" air of know-it-all pessimism, and BAP and Gtown Dave will do the same thing except in an amusing and likeable way.

(I don't really mind Jack all that much--some days he's quite good, but the trollish days do grate).

People are singing Ruben's praises on the call-in show today. It's funny as hell.

I thought we agreed to trade cliff lee for Adrian Gonzalez?

"Every game the rest of the way is a big game, and we're definitely going to lose a game here and there. I'm curious what the general reaction on Beerleaguer will be when that happens."

You'll find out around 3 hours from now. Actually, maybe more like 2. Those 5-pitch innings, which are such a staple of the Phillies' offensive repertoire, make for very quick games.

If Papelbon pitches, it's a much longer game.

Papelbon was working pretty quickly last night. By that I mean he was only taking 20 deep breaths between each pitch as opposed to his usual 35.

I bet he heard that BL was complaining about his pace.

I see GTown has already got his excuse ready, in the face of five months of saying the team is done being competitive for the next decade, if the Phils pull this off- "It's all Bud Selig's fault."

In case you forget the 83 win 2006 Cardinals, the 2012 Phils would be far from the worst team to get a playoff spot.

How many teams in the playoff picture regularly field a lineup with .161/.204/.247 and a 21 OPS+? Asking for a friend.

*That's a .161/.204/.247 and a 21 OPS+ PLAYER

Mini Mart's like a reverse jinx on the team, apparently.

I read a comment about baseball owners caring more about money than about fans. Well, they go hand in hand, don't they? So if IL play is popular (Is that really true anymore?), then having more IL games = pleasing fans = better attendance at games = more money for owners & baseball.

In the best world it's a win-win. Like when the Phillies won the WS. We fans were happy & the owners made money & got positive vibes if they care about that (which they very well might).

I miss Frandsen.

And where's Nix/Schierholtz? Thought for sure we'd see one of them today.

Can someone explain the bias here against interleague play? Is it just about tradition plus schedule disparities plus the DH issue? For me, I'd rather watch the Phillies play a greater variety of teams than a smaller one.

WP: He has raised his OPS 23 points in the last 5 days. If he can keep it up, it will be around 120 by season's end.

I realized today what a relief it is to look at the lineup and not feel a sense of dread when Chooch is out. Now that Chooch is back, it takes away some pressure to have a competent backup catcher.

Jimmy Rollins pops out to start the bottom of the first?


That's one of those HBP's on Utley that actually would have hit most other players, too. Those are fairly rare.

Nice AB from Howard. Yeesh.

BAP, great point. If the Phils were to make the playoffs, they'd be towing along a much more respectable ~.550ish OPS from Mini Mart (who you just KNOW Cholly would start...).

I do think that as long as the Phillies haven't yet been mathematically eliminated that we won't see any "Utley at 3B" experiment in any meaningful inning of a game (perhaps if they find themselves in a laugher, maybe they'd try it late).

Pete Orr must be wondering why the hell they even called him up.

fumphis - For me, I would rather see the Phils play another series vs. Giants/Cards/Dodgers/Cubs etc than a random series vs AL Central/West team.

Not sure what to make of Lee yet. First inning they put 3 balls in play weakly. He's not getting many swings and misses, though.

Nice K on Ruggiano, though.

you're outta here, cheese.

Game Day says "On field delay"? Can anyone watching shed some light on what they're talking about?

Has anyone offered up a reasonable explanation for why the Marlins are carrying just 4 guys on their bench this time of year?

On the one hand, I can see why Ruggiano is mad, since that was the exact same pitch that was called Ball 1. On the other hand, it should have been called a strike both times.

Help the Gameday user at "work". What is the on-field delay?

"Pete Orr must be wondering why the hell they even called him up."

It is inarguably the first time during Orr's career when he's probably thinking, "Are they really starting THIS guy over me?"

Let's hope Cliffy earns some of that gazillion dollar salary today.

Gameday People: Ruggiano and Guillen were arguing the strike 3 call. Ruggiano got tossed.

Not sure what the point of getting yourself run in the 2nd inning might be. Maybe you overreacted a bit to a bad call there, Ruggie?

Delay is arguing and resultant ejection by Ruggiano about balls and strikes.

Utley can't even make a good play anymore, without immediately thereafter making a bad one.

Who do I need to talk to in order to have the dude in the bright pink polo shirt right behind home plate removed from the park? Very distracting.

I searched twitter for Phillies and found

#phillies worst thing ruggiana getting tossed hasn't hit all series"

But BLer was faster :)

Hopefully this is one of Lee's outings where he starts off slow and then gets locked in. Right now, his stuff doesn't have much bite.

Nice work getting out of that jam, though.

Utley can't even make a good play anymore, without immediately thereafter making a bad one.

Yeah, but he's playing out of position. Must be tough for a 3B to have to man 2B so often.

Ruggiano is a young guy so we haven't seen him too much. But my early impression is that he's a whiny little bitch. He complains about almost every called strike. Way to go Phif.

Re: short bench
Ozzie said "Some teams call people up to look at them. We don't need to look at them. They (were) all here." But I suspect the team is too cheap to call people up.

IIRC, Ruggiano has now struck out 22 times in this series alone.

gobay, thanks. I was 99.9% sure it was purely a financial decision.

Ruggiano's actually 30. He's like the Marlins' version of Erik Kratz or Kevin Frandsen. Has had a few cups of coffee in the majors & hasn't hit much, but has raked in the minors pretty consistently. Now he's finally getting some meaningful playing time in the majors and putting up big numbers.

I wonder if the Phils were in the division lead if this game would somehow magically be called a sell out. It looks like the stadium is maybe 60% full. These BPS's are a joke.

Ruggiano is frustrated. That was like the 9th time he's struck out this series.

Re: the obnoxious pink shirt behind the plate. The winning pitcher will be the one who can most successfully block that neon distraction from his line of vision

Didn't realize that Parmesan was that old. He does look like a pretty good player though. I remember them saying that he grew up on a 70,000 acre ranch in Texas. No wonder he whines. Nobody on earth has a bigger sense of entitlement than a rich Texan.

Great AB by Dom.

@WP, it's not really a BPS and the odd start time is because of the changes in the CBA. Nice work Dom, way to be patient.

Kratz goes yaya here.

A BPS during the school year is tough. I wonder if that's why they went with the 4pm start time.

Good point. Not really a BPS. I'm on the West Coast and occasionally forget that there's a three hour difference.

These shadows make hitting very difficult. Maybe the guy with the fluorescent pink shirt was put there by MLB to even up the degree of difficulty for pitcher & hitter.

Horrible K by Kratz

The dreaded "In play, out(s)"

Can't believe it wasn't 2.

Nice job by Mini to sacrifice the runners over for Lee. His job is to just not make 2 outs there.

With Kratz cooling down, having Ruiz as a part-time player really hurts the lineup.

Kratz has been a revelation but he can be pitched to. He likes to go fishing. I am actually surprised he ever sees a fastball.

Two on, no Outs, no Runs. The Phillies are already in Postseason form.

I'm not even sure who pink shirt guy is there with. He hasn't interacted with the person on either side of him. In fact, this might be a "Weekend at Bernie's" kind of situation.

On a related note, I've become EXTREMELY distracted by pink shirt guy...

It's pretty deflating to see the Phillies get a couple men on base, only to have Mini-Mart step up to the plate.

Top Fielder.

Having trouble putting the pitcher away. Not a good sign.

Martinez doesn't have a clue. It's infuriating.

Bad play by Martinez, who easily could've gotten the pitcher at 2nd.

It's pretty deflating to go to spring training and see Mini-Mart on the roster.

"It's pretty deflating to go to spring training and see Mini-Mart on the roster."


This is MM's plan to have JJ stay on the bases to tire him out. MM is a genius!

*That's a .161/.204/.247 and a 21 OPS+ PLAYER
Posted by: Willard Preacher | Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 04:04 PM

I don't know his stats, but Buddy Biancalana had some dismal stats in 1988 when he was the startif shortstop for the Royals, who won the WS that year. Biancalana was an offensive hero during the series, IIRC.

50+ pitches through 3 innings for Lee. Another game where the bullpen will play a key role.

Not 1988. 1985. Sheesh

Kutztown, if "Michael Martinez" and "offensive hero" are found in the same sentence at the end of October, I'll gladly retire to a remote cabin in the woods and take up naked fly fishing, never to be seen or heard from again.

Kutztown: And he startifed every day in 1988?

Dodgers won in 1988.

I can't even spell my own name.

So how many people are actually interested in a random kid's birthday celebration?

Oral is his porn star name.


On the edge of a f*cking knife.

Hate this tension.

I get the feeling TBag moonlight as Santa Clause at the Plymouth Meeting Mall.

Orel - I corrected the date.

And I think Biancalana was the everyday starter in 1985. GBrettfan may be able to clarify if she's around.

Bianclana only had 161 PAs in 1985. Batted .188/.277/.261/.538. Then batted .222/.263./.278/.541 in 20 ALCS PAs. Then, in 23 World Series PAs, .278/.435/.713.

Mini-Mart had 100 PAs coming into today's game. His numbers: .161/.204/.247/.451.

I'm at work, caught up my BL reading from the last thread and I want to compliment can of corn for his insightful post in the last thread.

I see that the Phillies bats have gone silent so far. Cliff Lee gets no run support.

KF: Biancalana was never a starter. He had an OPS+ of 50 in 1985.

This guy has got a postage-stamp strike zone.

Thanks, BAP.

I remember David Letterman calling Biancalana "The Babe" during the playoffs.

Yep, so to diffuse the tension we get to see the Phanatic hats! Cute kids in the stands! Especially, unexplicably, during Utley's ABs.

When I think of starting shortstops who couldn't hit, I think of Eddie Brinkman, out of Western Hills HS in Cincinnati.

In 1965 he started 154 games at SS for the Senators and had an OPS+ of 46.

in 85 he started 48 games for the Royals. But started every game of ALCS and World Series.

Mark Belanger's another one. Career OPS of 68. Great fielder, though.

I don't like this.

Hamm: The real Royals SS that year was Onix "Don't call me Dave" Concepcion.

The burgundy polos do an admirable job of helping to disguise T-Mac's bitch tits.

Howard needs to get going if they are going to keep climbing, his OPS is only .734 and the pitching can't carry them forever. Especially against a RH today.

This is why the Phillies are't going 16-4 down the stretch. It is hard to have sustained winning streaks when your offense is utterly hapless.

Who thought starting a game at 4:00 made sense?

The hitters have no chance in the shadows...especially against these two starters.

This is why the Phillies are't going 16-4 down the stretch. It is hard to have sustained winning streaks when your offense is utterly hapless.

Posted by: bay_area_phan | Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 05:18 PM

I hope to have reason to come back and find this post in a couple weeks.

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