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Thursday, September 13, 2012


pretty sweet alternative viewpoint on the philadephia phillies, wasn't even thinking of that.

Marty Bystrom, anybody?

Need sweep, but can live with 3 out of 4. Worried about the Mets series, actually, especially if Dickie is pitching. Phils seems to play down to them for some reason.

Might as well see what the guy's made of. At any rate, I feel better about Cloyd's chances for success than I did about continuing to trot out an injured & ineffective Worley. If Cloyd can keep the Phils in games, & the offense (& defense) pick him up some, who knows?

It's why I'm so amped on Aumont right now. He's come up and basically saved the late inning crisis the team has had. I like Cloyd vs. the Astros. That team is a disgrace to the league. The Phils just need to not sleep walk through this series like they have in the past.

Lorecore: Huh?

No prisoners.

Good article on explaining how the Phil's can set up their rotation for the rest of the season where Cloud only gets 2 starts after tonight.

Cloyd will be pitching against a AAA team. He's pretty good at that.

absolutely, they must sweep Houston. They must go 15-4 the rest of the way - 14-5 at worst, but that might not do it. The margin for error is slim!

Dickey is pitching Monday vs us. Mets offered a buy one, get two tickets free promotion around his scheduled home starts.

I know people like to point to the Chipper game as one that got away, but why aren't we remembering the game where the ump ruled the trap a catch and a DP?

Yo, new thread

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