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Saturday, September 29, 2012


Ruf is to Howard as Howard was to Thome?

BTW, I want Ruf to start every game the rest of the season, but to those posters in the last thread who said you could project what he'd do next year by seeing him in these final games, you are morons.

Cursed. Just cursed.

Philly fans? Morons?? Nahhhhh...

At least our season was already over. Howie has had a pretty bad calendar year, professionally speaking, hasn't he? I wish him a healthy 2013.

I'm glad to see Pierre back in the lineup. I will enjoy watching him & Ruf in the few games that are left of our sad little season. And I'll root for Rollins to reach 100 runs for the 6th time in his career (2 runs shy) for Chase to hit HR #200, and for the team to manage a .500 record.

I wondered why he didn't stay in the game after PHing.

What I actually mean about Howard's year is that if you look at Oct. 2011 - Sept. 2012, it's been a tough year for him.

Still, he managed 56 RBIs. I can't believe Pence is still 3rd on the team in RBIs. It has been a crappy season.

I do think if Ruf were showing he couldn't handle ML pitching that would tell us a lot even for next year, but of course that's not what we're seeing.

Forget the BA and all the SOs.. In 71 games, 292 PAs... the man has done his job as a run producer. 14 HR and 56 RBI. I'll take that every single time...

Why don't they wear steel-tipped shoes for fouling off pitches off their toes? It wouldn't make him any slower.

Glad to see the Yanks lose. If the Os beat Boston tonight the AL East is tied up again

Honestly, I am pretty damned impressed with Howard's season, to be honest. He came back too early, never looked right running the bases, barely got any rest once he was back (way to go Charlie) and still put up decent (not great) power and RBI numbers.

I mean, there's plenty of room for improvement around strike outs, OBP, etc., but the guy--at least to my eyes--really wasn't close to fully healed. I say job well done and look forward to seeing how next season goes for him.

To be honestly honest.

It would be terrific if Ruf proved to be something substantially more than the development staff expected, but it's far too soon to make any judgments about that. Right now, while not exactly overmatched, he's benefitting from the fact that scouting departments and pitchers haven't been focused on him at all. When they do, they'll find some holes. Those adjustments and counter adjustments aren't likely to happen this year. Maybe in spring training, if he gets a shot.

Gelb: Tyler Cloyd's season is over, too. Tired arm. No starter yet for Tuesday. "Maybe it'll be a position player," Rich Dubee quipped.

Cloyd was merely cannon fodder for the team's limp to the finish line.

I guess I never really appreciated how much strain tossing in-game batting practice to the Nationals can put on a guy's arm.

At least we know one thing: Unlike the past two years, this season will not end on a Ryan Howard out.

iirc, Schmidty was drafted in 1971, debuted as a Philly in Sept. 1972 and batted .206. then he and Mac Scarce went to Puerto Rico to play winter ball. his rookie year in '73 he batted .196. so who knows what Babe's future holds?

It's both amazing and sad how much this injury does not matter to the team right now. Hope you heal up soon, Ryan. I look forward to 35 homers and 120-130 RBI's next season.

Now we know why Halladay is pitching tonight, we don't have enough starters.

As for Ruf I too am pleased that he has been moved from aging organizational filler to promising development. Goodnes knows I have inquired about him for much of this season Always heard "organziationfiller" and " too old for his level".What popycock.

Just wondering if CM had tried to use him a little earlier whether the outcome might have been different. But then again I very early on said the handwriting is on the wall this team will at best make it to WC but no further.

Any attempt to come back with this team and present it as a contender next year(as in Howard and Utley healthy) is doomed especially with the curernt management.

"barely got any rest once he was back (way to go Charlie)"

Yeah...let's just blame Charlie Manuel for EVERYTHING while we're at it.... Jesus.

RK ... Ruf is burdened by low expectations. I'm surprised he's getting this many ABs, although his playing has provided pre-elimination (now post-) interest for fans, especially on TV. It must have been difficult for CM to sit Nix and Wigginton tonight. My guess is they're not as excited as we are.

I think Charlie is actually happy to see what Ruf can continue doing. Remember...Charlie LOVES hitting and that's something that Ruf has the POTENTIAL to do very well.

Ruf has no future in this organization. He has no range or arm for the outfield, that is clear in even the small sample size. Howard can't and won't be traded for Ruf. Also, Ruf has little trade value. Our best hopes is some team likes Ruf and we can package him with some of our catching depth and a middle reliever for something. Tough spot with him.

Len39: You realize this is the same ball club which has seen Juan Pierre start 95 games (96 coming up shortly) in LF during the current season, & Raul IbaƱez getting the bulk of the starts in the prior 3 seasons, correct?

Per Matt Gelb:

The Phillies suffered their 12th walk-off defeat this season Friday. That is the most in franchise history since at least 1948, when the stats were first counted. They had lost 11 walk-off games five other seasons (2000, 1977, 1969, 1965, 1963).

Right. If it turns out Ruf can hit, then he will play somewhere for someone. Corner defense can be sacrificed, so they would have to get someone as good as Vic was for CF if Ruf manages to get the LF job. But that's getting way ahead of ourselves. Len39 is more likely correct.

It just means you're in games, not getting blown away. The 1977 team went 101-61.

That's a positive way to look at it, RR. But unlike that '77 team, the '12 team is struggling even to put up a winning record.

With a struggling Doc on tonight, a probable BP game on Tuesday, and the Nationals for our last series, I expect us to finish under .500 now. But I hope not.

Speaking of needing a pitcher Tuesday, I nominate MiniMart. Dude's on the roster because he's versatile, after all.

Len39 thanks for the insight. U are a total professional. I guess he wasn't watching pat, Raul, or Juan. Get your eyes checked skippy. The are letting you down.

So the Phils are starting Halladay tonight because for whatever reason they have refused to call up all Sept extra arms on the 40-man roster including Savery, Schwimer, and JC Ramirez or make a 40-man roster move & add another arm. Ugh

Been one of the worst seasons in quite a while by a Phils' GM when it comes to managing the roster/making in-season moves this year.

GBrettFan: I blame Michael Martinez.

Yo, new thread

"Ruf has no future in this organization. He has no range or arm for the outfield, that is clear in even the small sample size."

You're just making stuff up. I don't recall a single play which revealed anything about his range one way or the other. I do remember his making a couple plays where he fielded the ball perfectly off the wall, then made a good throw to the infield.

All I know is that this season has been by most profitable by far betting on the Phils including the easy money pick I will pick because of the 'under' I had on the Phils win total at 92.5 back in Feb.

This is nonsense. SIT HALLADAY DOWN.

That pitcher that Dubee saw in the bullpen session must have been Rosenberg.

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