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Sunday, August 05, 2012


A "unique lineup blend." Sounds like wine with a label that says "serve very cold."

Too funny! Hugh's on a roll.

Good thing I have to work this afternoon and don't have to actually look at MiniMart. It's bad enough that I'll have to hear the radio play-by-play with his name in it.

White Sox unlikely to pick up Youk's option.

There you go. Get after him.

Where's that guy who complained JR hadn't had a day off?

If they can sign Youk on a 2 year deal that would be a good option, but I wouldn't want to be committed to him until he's 36 or so...doesn't look like he'll age well at 3B.

"Unique lineup blend" reminds me of that "30 Rock" episode with Donaghy Estates wine and the review that it "tastes like the urine of Satan after a hefty portion of asparagus."

P2012: The Rise of the Replacements.

gobaystars! "Kratz only has 28 plate appearances, right? So 28 PAs vs 10 years of scuffling in the minors. How could the Phillies be so dumb as to not see his greatness?"

That would be a sound argument if it weren't based entirely on made-up facts. Kratz hasn't been "scuffling" in the minors. He has been killing it in the minors for 5 straight years now.

He picked up his production in 09-11 but it doesn't look like he was even an everyday player. Was he hurt or just so old that it wasn't worth investing ABs in the guy?
I like that he's doing well. I hope he keeps it up but to say the Phillies organization blew it by not calling up Kratz and playing him more is a stretch.

I remember a game about 4 or 5 years ago when Kratz was playing for Syracuse (I think they were the AAA affiliate to Toronto at the time)

Had 2 no doubter home runs and I remember leaving the game feeling like this guy was going to get called up and dominate only to be surprised how old he already was as a "prospect" He was probably 27 or 28 at that time already

I would be ok on a two yr deal with club o on third. Considering the lack of anything good coming on market, and asche still two years away go on it. Might have to pay a little more on contract, bit not tie up in years. Then focus on a vet pen pc and CF.

Ugh. Youkilis is at the top of my "punch in the face" list.

Do I think he could help? (Grits teeth) Yeah, I guess.

Do I want another player I despise on my beloved Fightins'? No. No not at all.

That being said, the time for personal preferences is gone. Winning cures all.

gobay: I know he split time with the horrible Dane Sardinha last year & Paul Hoover the year before that. I don't know what happened when he was in the Pirates' organization.

I don't know why Kratz didn't get more of a chance with Pittsburgh & I don't really care. For one thing, the Pirates have not exactly been a model of sound decision-making over the years. For two, Kratz's overall AAA track record wasn't as compelling back then as it has become now.

My beef with the Phillies is really pretty limited. Brian Schneider hit .176 with a .502 OPS last year. How on earth could the Phillies have believed that he was a better bet for this year than a guy who had 4 (now 5) straight .800+ OPS seasons at AAA? And, if they honestly believed that Schneider was a better defensive catcher than Kratz, then you really have to question the judgment of the people they are relying on for their scouting reports.

BL the day after Youk signs a 3-year deal with another team:

"Amaro is a fool for letting the only viable 3B option slip through his fingers."

BL the day after Amaro signs Youk to a 3-year deal:

"Great, another 30+ player with a long term-commitment. Burn Amaro at the stake!"

b_a_p: It has always seemed to me that the Phillies have something against the catchers in their farm system. Like, "Yeah, we need them so our Minor League pitchers have something to throw at. But what the big club's gotta have on the bench is a veteran who can't hit or throw or block balls in the dirt."

BAP- is your goal to become the new davthom?

I first saw Kratz play for the Pirates in July 2010. He got a shot because Ryan "No Mitt" Doumit got hurt, splitting time with Jason Jaramillo. He made a decent impression behind hte plate - threw out a bunch of runners in limited time - but, he didn't hit a lick, nor did he look like he could. Pirates made a deal for a catcher at the deadline and Kratz disappeared back into oblivion.

Fontenot has been set free.


Halladay & Lee still haven't paired up for consecutive wins.

I am sure you could easily do 2 yr deal and throw third o in to seal it. He would give us a good RH stick this line up will need. Say sign Bourne or a top CF then easily phils are right back on the thick of it. Just hope Ryan recovers to be 100 per. I am not going to count on chase. He's actually been good since he got out of funk. Werth put on waivers!!! Oh no what are the nats thinking!!!

Iceman: I don't think I could ever replicate davthom. Unlike davthom, I do not believe that there was any grand conspiracy at work within the Phillies' front office, when they kept Kratz in the minors for all this time. I do, however, think that re-signing Schneider, and not giving a chance to Kratz, was not merely dumbfoundingly stupid, but utterly bizarre. And it's not just Schneider. Even Dane Sardina -- one of the worst hitters in major league history -- was permitted to play 15 games (including 12 starts) last year while Kratz languished at AAA.

The reason I harp on it so much is because I believe it has a symbolic significance that goes well beyond the issue of who's the backup catcher. I mean, someone in our front office or scouting department actually believed that Brian Schneider AND Dane Sardinha were better players than Erik Kratz. I find that extremely bizarre and extremely troubling. Who is this guy that believed that? Is it the same guy who still believes -- in the face of a tsunami of contrary evidence -- that Mini-Mart is a major league caliber player?

Another unlucky pitch.

And another.

Not that Lee isn't throwing cookies, but what the hell was Mayberry doing? That was ugly as f*ck.

Guess they wait till he has no trade value. Makes perfect sense. This is a last place team

M_____ f_____C____ L__.

Lee has surrendered 17 HR this season. What really sucks about that fact is it only ranks him 3rd on the staff. Completely different from '11.

That is the second time now where a home run was hit off Lee that was very catchable and Mayberry had no clue where th wall was....just terrible defense

TMac: "Get your cameras ready--Ryan Howard's due up."

That can't lead to good things.

Bap-- you're 100% right..

That practice of having ' decent' MiLB players that could be used onthe ML roster, laugish for years in the minors, is Phila FO's standard MO..

From what i understand, It took Ryne Sandberg's influence to get Frandsen up to big club..

howard suuuuccckkksss, dump him first

Kratz intimidates opposing pitchers so much they won't even throw it near the plate.

Domo and Kratz

The new dynamic duo!

Kratz. All he does is drive 'em in.

We're good as tied with minimart up

Nothing kills the mood like Mini-Mart coming up to hit.

I realize it would be extremely tiresome for me to keep saying "I told you so" every time Erik Kratz does something good. But I told you so.

b_a_p: Go right on ahead. You earned it.

Dom should've punched Martinez right the hell out. Everyone would've supported it.

GTown: Very well, then. Here goes . . .

A poignant commentary on the Phillies' front office: watching an RBI double by the guy who has long deserved a major league opportunity but needed about 6 things to happen in order to finally get it, and then watching that guy be stranded on 2nd after a strikeout by the guy who has been given multiple opportunities without ever doing even a single thing to deserve any one of them.

Eric Kratz is the new Chris Coste.

@ToddZolecki: [i]The Phillies released INF Mike Fontenot.[/i]


How can no none see how bad Mini is?
I've said for years Phils don't give anyone a chance.Guess I'm wrong they've given Mini several,but then he wasn't stuck in the minors.

b_a_p: Bravo!

Is. T bag kidding? or s/ I say R00B kidding ?

T Cloyd is on the radar? He is the f**** radar as far as his Pitching stats and ability so far with the rphils & Piglets this year!!!

@ToddZolecki: The Phillies released INF Mike Fontenot.[/i]

Why can I not use HTML tags correctly?

...Also, looks like Mini-Mart's staying for a while. *sigh*

Does it have anything to do with arbitration clock?

The HTML is still

Maybe they're just confused because Fontenot and Martinez have the same first name.



BAP absolutely has the right to crow about the only thing he's ever been right about on BL. Live it up. Kratz's success is good for everyone.

Mayberry is slow & it pisses me off.

Howard still a member of the Funky Bunch.

I know we are stuck with worthless Howard for the next four years. He is worthless but I accept it. But can we atleast drop him in the lineup a bit when he goes into one of these tailspins. He is a human rally killer.

Fontenot released but mini Mart still stealing money. He can be a backup outfielder they claim so he is mire useful. Really???

Does anyone here want Mayberry on the roster next year?

A sub-Ibanez OBP.

I guess MiniMart isn't auctioning off his incriminating pictures of Rube for the charity cause today?

"BAP absolutely has the right to crow about the only thing he's ever been right about on BL. Live it up."

Damn right. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. It might never happen again.


"Scout" on MLB Gameday says 2-0 was a dangerous count against MM cause he's a "dead fastball hitter" with a .573 OPS against them this year and a .403 OPS against everything else.

There's truly no reason Lee shouldn't bat 8th.

How I imagine that mound visit going:

Blanco: Dude, what're you doing? It's Michael Martinez.

Cahill: Yeah, you're right.

*Next Pitch Fielder's Choice*

Cyclic: Now THAT is good stuff.

Wtf didnt Minifart bunt?

He really s******ks

I really hope the Martinez mystery is outed one day. I don't care if it's 30 years from now. Something HAS to be up.

Schierholtz had a nice start with the Phillies but I've seen a lot of him with the Giants and, rest assured, the shine is going to wear off very quickly. Other than his defense, that is, which is terrific.

At least J-Roll would have put it in play.

Probably very high up and to an infielder.

But in play!

Frandsen's a more useful player than Schierholtz.

Somebody go to Camden and pickup Pedro Felix and drop off mini mart. Thx

We should get the Warren Commission to investigate. Then the records should be sealed for 75 years to protect the parties involved.

Yeah but Schierholtz is a more useful player than MiniMart. (Of course, everyone is)

I like Utley

Utley's definitely looking a lot better than he did earlier in the year. Howard, not so much.

I juast got home. Very sad news about Andy Ried's son dying

That was quick...


And I see we're bvehind. Whats the scoop on todays game

Yeah why does Cliff Lee only have 2 wins. I mean, his ERA is only almost 4. Can't a guy get a break!?

Phillies tie the score; Cliff Lee gives it immediately back. That sequence of events was a microcosm of Cliff Lee's 2012 season.

Just couldnt wait to give it back.

Phils need to work out a deal with the Dodgers. Cliff Lee is not close to being worth what he is getting paid.

Kick in some cash for this year and get some prospect back.

Let the Dodgers have Cliff and lose that salary

Pitchers are allowed down years. I doubt 2013 is anywhere near this bad for Lee.

I want him on the Phillies.

"Phillies tie the score; Cliff Lee gives it immediately back. That sequence of events was a microcosm of Cliff Lee's 2012 season."

Any way we can legitimately blame it on MiniMart?

I'd love to keep Lee,but not at his salary

What the hell was Wheels doing in the booth? It looked like he was having siezures

Was that Wheels dancing or giving third-base coach signs there?

Cyclic: Couldn't agree more. Although if he's sporting an ERA near or above 4 next year, he won't be here in August 2013, and the Phils will likely eat some of his salary, which would suck.

Who are these people?

Zobrist taken out of game for Tampa, hugging ensued, Fontenot cut.....something is up.

stay tuned

In trying to be 100% accurate, I tried trading away half of my team in MLB2k12, and I keep getting my trades rejected by the other GM's. Had to include close to half of the Iron Pigs to get rid of Blanton.

While this may sound ridiculous, the more I think about it, this may perhaps be where Rube brainstorms some of ideas. The only problem is that he probably has it on an easy difficulty setting which makes your players perform slightly better than they normally would.

Is Howard on waivers?

Could RH be any more pathetic ?

Zobrist left game because of back spaskms.

I would be absolutely giddy if we traded for Ben Zobrist -- though it seems highly unlikely.

Howard doesn't need a mental day off. He needs a mental WEEK off.

Utley and Kratz are the only threats in this lineup.

What was all the hugging about 'Joe Maddon'? Seems a little fishy to me...

Joe: Yeah, I was just sitting here thinking to myself, "Why on earth would a team which is 1.5 games out of the WC be trading a starting infielder?"

They hug each other when a player is taken out for back spasms ?

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