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Saturday, August 04, 2012


Carson: I'd say LindBomb got lucky in the 8th. Agree w/ the rest, though.

GJ Pap

The real survey question: Papelbon: waivers....yes or no?


Carson: Thanks! And I was honored that you used my "5-tool pillar of suck" quote in the comments section of your blog the other day.

uh oh

BAP- I like your brand of humor.

nice job


"You can't sleep on Goldschmidt."


"Nope, he's too good. He's a professional"

Ya, that's fantastic. Last place team, 176 games out of first, and Mr. clutch comes in to hold down a three run lead. Isn't he the greatest? Just ask him.

some people have to be negative about everything

"There's nobody in the business better than Papelbon."

"He's just that good."

Good win. Let's go eat.

There is a spastic Hawaiian guy playing left for LA. I thought Kemp was keeping it.

chollie loves kratz. that's a good sign.

This was pretty much a blueprint on how the Phils are going to win the rest of the year and next year:

- Get strong starting pitching
- Have that starter give them at least 7 IP
- scratch out 3 or 4 runs
- minimize the number of outs they need to get from their middle relief
- Papelbon closes it out

What's our W-L record for games Kratz starts?

Seems like he should have our temporary #1 spot, but I'm expecting to see at RH/LH platoon from CM from here out.

For next year Kratz should def be the back-up but be more than that. I mean...just how many games should Chooch even catch?

If we have Kratz & Schneider, why is the phila FO looking for a scrap of heap catcher?

Phillies now just a half game out of 4th place... 4 out of 3rd. Gotta play good baseball for the last third of the season and finish strong.

Polanco is eligible to come off the DL next week. But, I haven't seen much injury update or prognosis on him .
Any idea how long he really out for?

Eeesh its only been a few games and already on the Kratz balls. Lets see how he bats after a few more starts.

Now we will win 10 in a row.

Kratz's emergence is great because that's one less need the Phils need to look for next year (backup C) and is an instant upgrade.

I don't think anyone understands why Schneider has kept him from getting a chance for two years in a row, but the important thing is he's here now and will be there next year if they have any sense.

Halladay was touching 92 which is a great sign. He looked like pitcher he was in the last three innings of his last start. Batters are starting to look overmatched by him again. Thank God.

Haven't heard a damn thing about Anthony Gose since his call-up: a guy some were lamenting giving up because he could be our 2013 CF.

Maybe that's because in 12 games his line is .175/.233/.200 (1 XBH) with 2 SB and an OPS+ of 18.


Now that Kratz has turned into a full-fledged superstar, you are never going to hear me shut up about him.

Dragon: nice refenernce to that memorable bit of cheese, "clash of the titans." the original with harry hamlin, of course. not the unwatchable remake.

* reference

Schneider is liable to go down any day. The next man in the line up is Soumi. I guess they rather go with a catcher that has MLB experience than the other option.

12 games? Whelp, he must suck if he didn't have an awesome first 12 games. Hell, look at all that Utley, or better yet, Howard, had accomplished in the majors at his age.

Hard to believe how lazy ol' selfish mailing-it-in JRoll keeps playing every inning.

Beer leaguer is going to be insufferable for the rest of the year because the usual Debbie Downer's are going to just post their usual nonsense and the phillies will be out of it making those posters unable to look more foolish than they already do.

The Phillies are dead last in August after a season in which most of the 30+ aging stars of the previous decade spent significant time on the DL while our two youngest position players were traded at the deadline.

I'd say that the "Debbie downers" may have been on to something while the "Chrissy Cheerleaders" who defend the Amaro / Manuel regime may not be as intelligent as they believe themselves to be.

"I don't think anyone understands why Schneider has kept him from getting a chance for two years in a row"

Apparantely, Uncle Charlie does because in his post game presser he said that Kratz' hitting as "improved 100% over the past two years."(paraphrasing)

So what he's basically saying is that Schneider was a BETTER option.

Okay....whatever, Charlie.

My stupidity is only superseded by NEPP and JW.

The good thing about Schweitzer, curt, G-Town, etc. posting the exact same things that they've been posting since 2009 is that this year, the team is actually as bad as they claim it has been for years. Congratulations!

I would say that 70% of posters share the same enthusiasm for baseball that Randy Quaid's character from Major League had, with a little bit of Art Howe from Moneyball sprinkled in for taste.

All jokes aside, I have to agree that this year has been awful, and many have prophesied the end of the "Golden Era" of Phils baseball. I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm looking forward to the offseason, Spring Training, and beyond. Granted the world is still here, Dutch.

norbertods - I'm actually looking forward to the next 55 games. Playoffs are out of the picture but I want to see competitive, fun baseball last night. Finishing 3rd and at .500 is realistic and worth rooting for.

I'm looking forward to Darin Ruf winning the Eastern League MVP and playing LF for the Phillies in September.


My stupidity is only superseded by NEPP and JW.

Posted by: The Truth Injection | Sunday, August 05, 2012 at 08:53 AM

I havent even been around in two days but hey, stay classy buddy.

Today's Lineup: Schierholtz (RF), Frandsen (3B), Utley (2B), Howard (1B), Mayberry (CF), Brown (LF), Kratz (C), Martinez (SS), Lee (P).

Usually I'd be all for Rollins out of the lineup. Not so much today.

NEPP: I didn't post that about you. Someone else did under my name.

Fair enough then.

Looking on the bright side of that lineup, at least Manuel doesn't have Martinez leading off.

Kratz is 32 and has spent parts of the last 10 years in the minors. I think I'm willing to give Charlie a pass if the guy wasn't even on his radar...

Really doesn't make any sense why the Phils didn't just dump Pierre for anything they could get before the deadline.

Hugh: While I appreciate the effort, there is no bright side to that lineup.

A few JW-baiting posts around here in the last few days. Good luck insulting your gracious host. What is wrong with some people?

On to baseball. It is and remains a criminal act to have allowed Carlos Ruiz to play with structural damage in his foot. To insult the single most valuable player on the team (and, hands-down, the most outrageous performance-to-salary bargain in all of baseball!) with such abuse is one of many ongoing medical issue foibles going on here. Other examples are the laissez-faire management of Utley's knees; cortisone shots to Ryan Howard's Achilles and Doc pitching with an injured shoulder.

Someone with decision-making authority regarding these problems should pay with his job.

On the plus side, the breakout of local boy Erik Kratz is a joy to behold. However, why was Mr. Kratz warehoused in the minors -- leading to the signing of Brian Schneider to a 2-year deal? What a waste of money!

What is wrong with the God-forsaken team's talent evaluation? Poor talent evaluation also led to the clearing out of what may be our last viable prospects for an extended cup of coffee with Pence. Geesh.

Finally, great to see Doc over 90mph on his fastball again. Speaks volumes that is was a Latissimus dorsi muscle injury. Rotator cuffs are not healed with rest.

Go Doc! Go Phils.

The 'trade Cliff Lee' drumbeat is just a little hare-brained. This is not something you do, just to do, like the Blanton and Victorino trades. Or, even the Pence trade. You only do it to get back high value, major league talent that you can't find on the free agent market. The notion that they 'need to save money' to spend in other places is the dumbest reason to do it. They'll almost definitely end up paying a big chunk of Lee's salary if they get big value back and, will need to spend most of that to get a quality, next tier starter to replace Lee, which is what you need to do to if you want to win with their likely offense.

A wise man told me on the eve of the birth of my first child, "many times you'll want to say 'we need to spend less money.' Forget that. Make more." Put a good team on the field, spend the money, and you'll make more money. Trade Lee for 'salary relief' and watch the team and your revenues wallow in the middle of the pack.

Apologize if this info was posted already but from yesterday's game notes:

"Philadelphia's bullpen has an NL-best 1.22 ERA since July 20. ... "
Is that really true? Kendrick's streak?

"Jimmy Rollins was the only starter for the Phillies who was in the opening-day lineup."
Rollins is the Phillies healthiest player?

Kratz only has 28 plate appearances, right? So 28 PAs vs 10 years of scuffling in the minors. How could the Phillies be so dumb as to not see his greatness?

PhxPhilly: Wasn't Mayberry also in the Opening Day lineup?

Game Chat ==>

Howard is by far the biggest problem the phils have - love the guy personally but he cant hit, is a strike out machine, is an enormous head case/stress animal, will get worse and worse, and is just half way thru year one of a five year contract thats possibly the worst contract in baseball right now! - put him on waivers immediately and pray someone claims him before everyone else becomes convinced of what we should already know and we just have to release him! - yrs from now he will go down as the biggest albatross in the history of the team! - sad thing is he seems like such a nice guy and i wish him so well and i hate to bash him like this!! - his contract was one of the best but also one of the worst things for him personally!

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