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Saturday, August 18, 2012


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re: the Front Runner nonsense talk

The Phillies are a consumer product. If that product declines in quality, fewer people will spend time and money on it.

This isn't rocket science.

If you continue spending the same amount of money on something that dramatically declines in quality when you don't have to, you're not a "true fan". You're an idiot consumer; a sucker.

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I'm guessing it might not be necessary anyway...Saturday evening game in August when they're 20 games out?

Might not make it to 100 comments anyway.

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So are the Phillies.

The Big Piece is gonna homer tonight

Dom Brown's not.

If Braun hits another HR tonight.....

That idiot looks upset because he didn't go yard.

Probably pissed he took that hanging change. Should've hit it about 5 miles.


"Probably pissed he took that hanging change. Should've hit it about 5 miles."

Lazy bastard.

Mayberry with a HR off a RHP...nice.

GJ Mayberry.


Braun looked like someone pissed in his testosterone.

Kratz can't be stopped, or contained.

Go Kratz.

Feels like a 7-3 loss...

Hamels!!! Oh, wait....

" One can't help but wonder whether Vance Worley might be just another flash in the pan. "

Or a young pitcher struggling to pitch through pain...Why hasn't he had surgery again?

Lookin' good, Stroll.

What did Ryan Braun do as that ball bounced off the facing? It was like he was trying to fake like he caught it and was throwing it back? That was just very weird.

Kratz has pretty much locked up the backup role for next year, right?

I was wondering the same thing Mick.

Wow, 3-0 already. C*cktease for sure.

How can Kratz Not be next years backup?

I think half this Brewers team is on roids.

Remmeber when the rumor was that we'd get Ramirez instead of Rollins last winter? That might have been a good idea.

Yeah why didn't we want Ramiriz.

Because he plays 3B and we couldn't move Polly to clear enough salary for him and a SS.

We needed someone to cover 100% of Polly's salary to make it doable.


Ah money. You're right.

NEPP: Or maybe spend less on a Closer who never gets into any games.

Good job Ryan.

Looking good so far!

I blasted the FO and RAJ in the prior post. All is lost; all is completely hopeless. Salted earth for at least 5 years.

Yet when AAAberry and Kratz went "back to back" my mind raced with thoughts of 30 wins out of the next 32.

I am a sick man...

You are a funny man fastball.

Terrible called strike three on Nix.

NEPP: Or maybe spend less on a Closer who never gets into any games.

Posted by: GTown_Dave | Saturday, August 18, 2012 at 07:48 PM

That's crazy talk.

How's Joe Nathan doing again?

Dom. Unsafe at any position.

I'm starting to feel like Dom Brown is never going to happen.

He has just terrible fundamentals.

Dom just doesn't have it.

Freakin juicer almost hit another one.

That was a weird play. What the hell was Dom doing on that play, by the way? He looked like he was doing a courtesy jog for a ball that was 20 feet over the wall.

just shows you that the top of the wall is in play and that sitting a cup of gatorade on it is an act of interference.

Maybe he was just taking an odd route to play the carom, but I don't think so. I think he thought it was going over the fence.

Didn't that cup of water dump on Brown after he misplayed the ball?

Dom just looks terrible offensively and defensively.

ChollyM: it almost did. just missed him.

TMac is raving about how articulate Dom was in saying he should've caught his flubbed fly on Friday. For a change TMac may have stumbled onto something -- next season get Dom out of the outfield for his own safety and his teammates' sanity and have him replace Sarge in the booth.

Win/win situation!

Good call Gnocci.

Brown seems pretty slow to react to anything hit in his direction; doesn't have much instinct for the fielding game. I must have been distracted by the winning last year, because I don't remember him being this brutal.

Now who do you replace TMac with. Then Wheels.

Cholly talking hitting with Nix. Too funny.

very impressive hustle from a big man with 2 sore feet.

Gotta swing at those, kid.

Why are they forcing a guy with 2 sore feet to play?

good question, chollly. must be commerce.

I mean isn't he more likely to injure something with 2 bad wheels?

NEPP- if we took Ramirez over Rollins and started Galvis, you know who would be SS right now right?

Of course...or they would have signed a bargain basement SS as Galvis wasnt even in the plans to be on the 25 man until March.

howie is marquee. name above the title.

but, i agree. shut him down. and then he needs to go on a serious weight loss regimen, to take some weight off those feet.

Cole looking pretty good.

That being said, I think there can be a case made that Ramirez should have been the target, though people immediately started harping on his age when the rumors started. It's not like it was a slam dunk. But if Polly's salary could have been dumped, I think it might have at least been a lateral move- and, af a SS could have been acquired via trade that was better than Galvis, it would've probably made the team better.

Ramirez was a huge risk and Polly couldnt be dumped anyway so Rollins was pretty much the only option.

Cole is having a nice night again...if he keeps this up, he might end up as a CY candidate.

btw, did you see that dinic's (at the reading terminal) roast pork sandwich with brocalli rabe and sharp provolone on an amoroso sub roll was named #1 on adam rich's "best sandwich in america" series?

anyone here had said sandwich?

Hamels should be benched for not running out that grounder.

Hamels is getting squeezed a bit here.

Would someone please drill Braun?

Hamels is tipping runners when to steal.

Cole has never held runners on in his career...he doesnt need to tip them.

Its games like this that make me happy that Cole will probably retire as a Phillie.

"One can't help but wonder whether Vance Worley might be just another flash in the pan."

Who is wondering this? I think the Vanimal has proven he's a solid major league starter. Everyone knows he isn't quite right this year and yet he keeps battling. They should shut him down in September for a variety of reasons, but he's not someone anyone should be worried about going forward.

Ethan Martin has been lights out for Reading so far. 7 IP and 0 ER tonight.

Cloyd's line tonight was 6 IP, 6 hits, 3 runs (2 ER) 4 K's and 2 HR balls. LV won in the 9th 4-3. Cloyd now 15-1 with a 2.16 ERA for the year.

Rosin pitched 5 innings giving up 2 hits and 1 ER for Clearwater. O'Sullivan relieved him and threw 2 scoreless innings.

I can actually see Cole getting better with age.

Vance was great before his elbow flared up and even with the bad elbow, he's been an okay 4/5 starter.

He's not a flash in the pan...he just shouldnt be pitching right now.

i think dom's swing is getting long-ish again.

You are exactly right bullit. He's looking overwhelmed again.

Wow. Castro 7 yrs 60 mil.

Good contract for both the team and Castro.

in the pregame, ben davis had nothing positive to say about dom. he predicts he's won't be a starter next year.

How old is Castro? 22?

denny b.-Your post is confusing. If LV won in the 9th, how was Cloyd the winner?

Yup, just turned 22 in March and he's in his 3rd full season.

Cole definitely pitches the 8th...please dont go to our bullpen again, UC.

Then it's a great deal for both.

It locks up a good young SS at a reasonable rate for all his arbitration years and up to 3 of his free agency years if the 8th year team option is exercised.

Castro will probably feel underpaid by year 3.

Hamels is up to 5th in the NL in ERA at 2.85. He was 9th going into the game.

Dumb question: On this thread, only 1 other poster's name and mine show in blue. Everyone else is green.

You're special.

You're putting in a web site URL in the 3rd fillable spot under your posting handle and email address.

if your name is blue, it is a live link to another site. i just looked at yours. it goes to

Dang Nepp, is there anything you don't know? I for one, am impressed.

Lindblom warming up. OMG

I hope it's not in the "short bus" type of way.

Are you Freaking kidding me?

So fvcking sick of Ryan Braun.

I dislike Ryan Braun.

Should have drilled him right between his frog eyes.

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