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Friday, August 03, 2012


Good sign...Howard fouled it off to the left side. Then the next one...

had me fooled too

That missed call on the replay is even more egregious the third time around!!!


If the Phillies end up losing by 1 run, without ever getting Erik Kratz to the plate, I'm going to be steamed.


That's how you do it, Dom!

Denny- you're right. It says here his OPS is .708 but his WPF (Worry the Pitcher Factor) is .985.

I wonder how long it will take for the crowd to turn on Dom.

Gawd Domit!!!

What is Domo's average now?

He swings at th 1st pitch & pops up..

A younger version of Poppa Popup

Dom continues to prove he's a bust

bad habits are contagious I guess

At least Kubel is on my fantasy team.

Ugh. Still very early, but Dom is just looking way too much like the hitter he looked like in his first 2 call-ups. He's good at working the count but, when he makes contact, it's almost always weak contact. If that keeps up for the next 2 months, his Phillies career will be over. There's no way you can head into 2013 with a corner outfielder who has had 3 opportunities to show his stuff, and who has stunk up the joint all 3 times.

Good to see that trade paying off.

WOW what a bomb. Game set match

If we trade him now, we might get a carton of clementine oranges...

Trade the entire team, then trade everyone that you just traded for. Everyone is a bust!

Jason Kubel. Bite me.

I am sure LH pitchers would be more frightened of Eric Hinske at 2B.

The crowd barely makes a sound either way anymore. I think they are smart enough to figure out, Dom needs AB's. 3 days worth, isn't worth "booing".

clear to see who got the best of that deal

unlucky lindy

Linbdblom's gonna give up taters. That's just the reality. But he should OK most of the time.

Game completely over with the ineptitude of the offense. Nice pitch call by Schneider.


So that definitely means Uggla's OPS will stay at .708 for the remainder of the year. Straight line 'til October. Heck, the rest of his career, maybe.

He has no chance of hitting well moving forward, poor bastard.

Hey, y'all, stop talking smack about me. Rube says I'm untouchable.

Now the PUTZ will shut it down

What kind of player you think Joey Blanton nets us from LA?

They'd be wise to only use this guy against RHB, I guess.

That was Milton like.

maybe a Dom Brown type prospect denny lol

The heart of the vaunted Phillies lineup is in play this half-inning. Watch out for their patented come-from-behind offense.

Surely Cholly knows that he needs to pinch hit for Schneider. Right?

and we go quietly into the night again

And Ty Wigginton wasn't really what I had in mind. WHy the heck not Nix?

What, coolhandluke? No lol ?

Off to check the minor league scores, gents.



At least our 7th overall draft pick is safe for another night.

Looked like Wigginton made a bee-line for the dugout the second his bat made contact with that ball.

is that your contribution for tonight mainerob?

Ah yes, that's why not Laynce Nix.


At least the Mayberry thing didn't make the difference.



we still have a shot at catching the Marlins

Not an idiot: what's your point? Uggla has been god awful this year. The Braves have been fine with a lefty-heavy lineup this year, without Uggla doing squat. This isn't complicated.

Well if we get swept by Arizona we're that much closer to a top 5 pick. Grasping at straws I know. Trying to not contribute to the overall negativity permeating through the thread, but it's hard when they suck this bad.

I think waving Wiggy at this point will accomplish one thing: It will keep Charlie from using him. I think.

The Braves have Prado, Uggla and Chipper hitting from the right-side.

Plus whatever SS they have played is RH.

That's 4 RH hitters and 4 LH hitters in their everyday lineup against LHP. And Prado and Chipper are having pretty decent years. Prado hitting .340 against LHP and Clipper hitting .313

That's not "left-handed dominant". That's a pretty balanced lineup.

Putz only needed 7 pitches to put the Phillies of course... of course Lindblom only needed 1 pitch to put the gmae out of reach.

My point is you're needlessly being a douche and can't seem to grasp that a guy who's hit a minimum of 27 HRs a year for the past six years isn't doomed to OPS .708 for the rest of his career.

Work on less douchery and more learny stuff. Good luck!

Wiggy looks like the summer heat has worn him out.

His bat looks very, very slow.

He probably isn't long for Philly. Wouldn't be at all surprised if he is gone by next weekend. Schneider probably would be too, if Choocher wasn't gimpy.

I'll predict right now the Phils get Scott Van Slyke from the Dodgers at TPTBNL and he takes Wiggy's spot on the roster.

This won't be popular but I think the cf for 2013 is Pridie. Also don't overlook Ruf (2 more HRs tonight) and Hernandez has gotten a good start at AAA. I know they aren't in the top 100 prospects.

jr, if ruf & hernadez produce, and can play a reasonable LF, s/be considered for the big in sept and definitely 2013...

* the big club

Pridie in CF next yr? - hope not...

I still think FRandsen would be an ADEQUATE 3RD baseman until Cody Asche is ML ready,

This team is still extra dead now.

Ruf has played some lf but don;'t understand why he isn't there every day. He'll never see the field at 1b.

Not the whole story but Utley projected out over a full season, say 150 games, would be on pace for about 30 homers and 80+ ribbies.

Not loving some of the other stats, but I am encouraged by what looks like the more compact, wandlike Utley swing than the one we saw last year. Also, I've thought his fielding has been OK thus far, and he continues to maintain his high baseball IQ.

Well, there are far better ways in which to spend an evening than what I just did. Some of the worst baseball I've seen since the end of the Francona era. No BS, there were more good plays in the stands than there were on the field. Howard is depressing to watch. Rollins stunk at the plate & was shaky in the field. Dom looks like the same old Dom. I don't even wanna talk about that steaming piece of crap r00b picked up from L.A. The only bright spots were Rosenberg & Bastardo. Even the friggin' umpire couldn't make an easy call right in front of his own face. Someone should tell Monty the "CBP experience" ain't worth sh*t unless the team is at least mildly palatable.

Not an idiot- please show me where I said Uggla would remain a .708 OPS hitter for the rest of his career, you dolt. Thanks in advance.

Denny- in the scenario I laid out, the Phils would also have four RH hitters. I still don't think you understand in the slightest.

Well gang, bad game tonight.
I wonder who comes and goes on tomorrow's roster moves.
It's kind of disconcerting to see shots of players in the dugout and not recognize who they are.

Regarding Lee on waivers: What's the point of "gauging interest" if they just presumably listened to offers for him for the past couple of weeks? Shouldn't they already have a gauge of what the market for him looks like?

Also why wouldn't Houston just claim him and offer a slop prospect plus the opportunity for the Phil's to pay 95% of Lee's remaining salary?

ODB - The claiming team has to ready to take the player and his full contract if they put in a waiver claim.

The offering team ,however can revoke the waiver offer and just keep the player.Or the two teams can make a deal.

There's a link in an earlier post on this thread to an article on how the waiver system works.

Okay -- waivers question.

So now that the Phillies say they are going to revoke Lee's waiver offer, they lose the chance to revoke him again if they put him on waivers again later this season.

But Lee also has a no-trade clause. So what happens if the Phillies put him on waivers again, he's claimed (and his current salary assumed) by another team, but that team is on his no-trade list?

Yes, I know this isn't going to happen, but I am curious.

Oh, and see ya Joe. Nice having you around (sometimes).

Here's the Game 4 HR.

Brooklyn Phillies: I was at that game. Made a very expensive impulse buy of an SRO ticket at the last minute. I planted myself directly under the clock above Ashburn Alley, a fine place from which to view the many HR (4, I believe) the Phillies hit that evening, inc. Blanton's. Feels more like ten years ago than not even four, but it was a night I'll never forget. As a lifelong (read: continually disappointed) Phillies fan, walking out of the park after that game thinking, "Damn. We're gonna win this thing!" was an indescribable feeling. Good times ...

10-9 since the ASB with generally more mediocre baseball. Going to be hard to sell this team this offseason if they play .500 or less in the 2nd half despite having Utley/Howard/Halladay back.

ruben said in gudel interview they put claims in on a couple of players on waivers

"Going to be hard to sell this team this off-season"

Rube is reloading his budget now, but he's going to want to show some reason for fan enthusiasm by some acquisitions in the future.
Problem is- the team needs several holes filled , and my feeling is that he will make one big move and leave the remainng holes for low budget/ low talent solutions.

This season is already sapping my optimism for next year.

Arizona Diamondbacks - 4, Philadelphia "Who-are-these-guys" - 2.

Country Joe - thanks for your contribution to winning the WS in 2008. Best of luck to ya.

G-Town- I was there too. SRO at Harry the K's.

Hey GTown. Awesome! That game was definitely not a $#!+ pillow.

Phils with higher OPS than Utley in 2012:


4 asterisks and Chooch.

EastFallow - Yeah, but Utley is starting to look good at the plate. Good at-bats. More selective. There's some stat that I heard last night listening to Franzke and LA that he had one walk in his first 13 or so games and something like 12 or 13 in his last 12 games. Numbers aren't exact but you get my point.

If we could get 120 games from him next season I'd be thrilled.

"Phils with higher OPS than Utley in 2012:


4 asterisks and Chooch."

And of course Utley himself is an asterisk, while Chooch is a 34 year old catcher. The future is bright!

Wait, are people saying that Lindblom isn't the answer? I thought the whole idea was that Rube should upgrade the bullpen, and that made the Vic trade a great deal?

I'm confused.

Lee for Lee and dodgers pick up all of CLs contract.If that is being offered how can you not do it. Gives you 25m to fill gaps next year and going forward. Bet ZL would have atleast 2 wins by this time next year.

In case my position wasn't clear, I have no real problem with Lindblom. He can throw baseballs decently. I just hated the idea of trading Victorino for an entirely fungible right-handed middle reliever. Lindblom isn't all that different from Stutes, or Schwimmer, or a myriad of other right-handed "dudes."

I think Rube fell into the same trap as many fans on here in thinking that the bullpen was such an atrocity that it had to be upgraded in some way. But the bullpen would have been upgraded anyway just on random performance variance, most likely, next year. And if you really needed to upgrade it, you could actually sign an impact guy in the offseason. But this team has so many more holes in the future that trading an asset like Victorino just to get a middle reliever like Lindblom who is completely and utterly fungible made no sense to me.

In fact, I'd go so far as to say I liked the prospect they threw in, Ethan Martin, better than Lindblom as a return for Shane.

So Jr.'s plan for rebuilding this team is to give the CF job to Jason Pridie, a 28-year old with a career .230 average and .685 OPS, and to replace Cliff Lee with Zach Lee, the guy with the 5.62 2012 minor league ERA (7.58 at AA)? I assume Jr. is angling to get the top pick in the 2014 draft.

Right on.Good everyone isn't judged on past performance.Check Pridie's stats at LV and post those bap. Why this team needs to change,give someone a chance.Said for 2 years Kratz should be playing. No you'd rather have Snid. Must be one of those left handed things.
Of course once you get that chance seems noone is capable of evaluating. Mini,Mayberry,etc.

Jr.: I'm all for weighing present performance over past performance, but not when your measure of "present performance" consists of 85 ABs at AAA.

Zolecki: Carlos Ruiz on DL (plantar fasciitis in left foot). MRI revealed partial tear. Expected to miss 4-6 weeks. Hector Luna recalled.

Ryan Lawrence‏@ryanlawrence21

MRI revealed that Ruiz has a partial tear and he is expected to miss 4-6 weeks. He will he re-evaluated in 2 weeks

Not to question the way in which the Phillies deal w/ injured players, but I seriously question the way in which the Phillies deal w/ injured players.

Guess that means he wont be playing any 3B.

Another one bites the dust. Probably Roy will DL himself tomorrow. Carlos and Roy can play catch next February.

the one positive story on the season... Chooch's MVP-like year... at @bap gets to see Kratz 3 times a week...

Wonder if Ruiz received a cortisone shot in his foot while "trying to play through the pain" and now they decided to shut him down for fear of another Howard-type ligament/tendon blowout.

They knew he had plantar, why didn't they shut him down a week ago?

This was the outcome that you were going to get by playing him on it. It was only a matter of time until it got worse.

I get Charlie trying to ride Chooch when there were no other options, but his penchant for treating key players like rental cars has ruined another player's season. Chooch is already under-rewarded financially, and now the team will probably cause him long-term damage and then dump him after his contract is up. I really hope the Phillies don't become the Eagles, but they sometimes veer dangerously close.

Yo, newer thread

Past experience, if not forgotten, is a guide for the future.

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