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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Interesting prospect who apparently "knows how to pitch". With all the May/Colvin/etc. talk, Pettibone's the guy that has moved through the ranks without a lot of phanphare, but should be in competition for the 5th starter position.

Any chance of a September call up? I'd love to see him and DeFratus get a shot at some big league hitters.

To clarify: 4th best prospect in Baseball, or 4th best prospect in Phillies system(I presume the latter right)?

Definitely the latter.

#1 prospect overall on Mrs. Pettinbone's personal list.

BAP used his MLT (Major League Translation) Calculator last night and said this would've been a 7 hit, 5 run performance for the big club. So let's not get worked up here.

Any chance of a September call up?

Pettibone is not on the 40-man roster, so someone would have to DFA'd to make room.

from last thread: RE: Lack of Focus...

That's the manager's job is to gather the focus back in. Last week (or was it before that) they ran Outfield drills... and extra fielding practice... since then, they've pretty much have been doing the same mistakes. Manuel is just not the right guy for this team now (or next year for that matter.)

He was completely unable to read the cues that Lee was frustrated on the mound and losing command. That inning spiraled out of control and Baker did a great job of lulling Manuel into complacency by allowing Bailey to bat. Personally, I would have pinch hit there, but getting the lead would have required to keep Lee on the mound [Okay not really, because the pen sucks, but if you've watched Lee THIS year when you get him on the ropes, he has faltered every single time] and get to the top of the order. Oddly enough, sending Bailey out to bat for himself got Lee a much needed out, to give Manuel some comfort as the double play was still in order but the Reds had the favorable match-ups with the order. But if Baker pinch hits Bailey there, I think Manuel goes to the pen earlier then he did.

Back to the fielding misatkes, with Utz and Howard, I think their mistakes are either fatigue or injury or fatigue from injury. I wish Manuel would be continuing the 2 or 3 games on 1 game off policy. September is going to be a real problem for those guys if that continues.

JRoll is also in need of some time off. Last night his frustration level for bunting was clear. He glared into the dugout when he reached first (according to the "same caller" to 94.1 and 97.5 last night back to back -- aside it was pretty interesting listening to Jody Mac and Harry Mayes discuss the same incident back to back. Mac, a very knowledgeable baseball guy, knew the call came from the Dugout, Mayes assumed JRoll was bunting on his own -- literally the same caller called both stations back to back.)

I didn't notice a glare when he reached, but he was VISIBLY upset after stealing both and second and third... at that point I was not sure if he was upset because he failed to move the runner or because he had to bunt in the first place. But if Utley extended that at bat at all... I wouldn't be surprised if Rollins was going to try for home himself. seriously. He looked that intent.

My focus is on 2013: Do we expect Sandberg to be a coach on this team next year?

It seems like he would bring some intangibles that the team needs.

Tyson g 3 hits again soaring over .300 now. He looks like he has gotten back on track after he yelled at driver. Really hope he finishes year strong and he keeps his head on straight and legs healthy.

How can I create a fake e-commerce site for a miracle cream? Any ideas?

"BAP used his MLT (Major League Translation) Calculator last night and said this would've been a 7 hit, 5 run performance for the big club."

I like Pettibone as a prospect, but when someone mentioned his numbers from last night's game, the one that jumped right out at me was that he threw 103 pitches and only 59 strikes. The reason it jumped out at me is because that ratio is nothing short of abysmal. Judging from the results, though, it appears that you can get away with it at AAA.

"Pettibone is not on the 40-man roster, so someone would have to DFA'd to make room."

If there's one area where the Phillies have a surplus, it's in the area of imminently disposable 40-man roster members. Not to mention that their current 40-man roster has, by my count, only 37 members.

BAP, Mini-Mart takes offense to your implication that he's "imminently disposable".

You didn't say it, but he knows you were thinking it.

Do you think anyone told Colon that you are supposed to workout after taking steroids and not just sit on the couch eating Ben & Jerry's?

Hamm Radio: You are exactly correct. Rollins was staring daggers @ the dugout after Ol Man River had him attempt to bunt against a 102 mph fastball with Polanco on 1st. Absolutely horrible managing with 2 LH batters on deck and Martinez following.
Its time for Uncle Charlie to bit us all adieu !!!!!!!

Pass me a pint of Berry Bonds.

It doesn't matter what Gillies does. Remember, three years ago he had a good year in a hitter's park, so he's not a prospect. At least that's Clout's reasoning.

Someone should test Tyson Gillies for steroid use. Roid Rage anyone?

Cholly always makes the best moves and is never wrong. We were WFC in 08. He gets a pass............ That's the argument I get when I say cholly needs to go. But managers can't make team play better. That's what certain posters said when I said Joe m best manager today. And now only three games back.

androgel rage.

"Pettibone is not on the 40-man roster, so someone would have to DFA'd to make room."

Uh, Michael. Here's your bus ticket to LV. Huh? Uh... We are having an exhibition game there! Yeah, that's it! Don't worry if you don't see anyone else on the bus...

Jack: I didn't say he wasn't a prospect. I just said I didn't much trust the numbers at High Desert that had you projecting him as a major league star.

Went to the link on the right for the lineup, where it said tonite is the series finale and rubber match. Is there a hurricane coming tomorrow?

Bonehead: "With so many 2013 holes to fill, one or two of them will probably have to be filled with Fransden-esque, Nix-esque, Mayberry-esque, Herndon-esque solutions."

This is true and it raises a good point. Even the best teams have crappy players. Posters here often forget that.

The Giants, first place team in the West, have a starting RF hitting .234 with no power, a starting SS doing the same, a 2Bman who is a below average fielder and even worse hitter, only one guy in the lineup with any HR power and an ace pitcher who is having the worse season of his career.

Having 3 or 4 guys who suck and others who are performing way below their norms doesn't mean you won't win the division.

1- What is the BL definition of a pitching prospect?

2- What is the BL definition of a non pitching prospect. ( I.e. position prospect)?

I must be a hopeless optimist when it comes to guys like Pettibome, Ascher, Gillies,Ruf and Cloyd. So, to prevent me from contracting a case of Phila strain of "propectus disappointus", please tell what are realistic parameters for successful prospects..

My description is my email tongue in cheek, but the request is absolutely serious.


My description IN. my email not IS

They're all created different.

Final correction

"My description in this blog may have a tongue in cheek feel, but request is serious.."

Sorry about the grammar in my org blog entry.. My grammar PED's stopped working,,

Stocky, to avoid disappointment, assume that all questionable prospects will never make the major leagues, and assume that all study prospects will never amount to anything more than about league average players.

When the rare players comes along who is a star, you'll be that much more elated, and you'll severely decrease your level of disappointment.

Stocky: My opinion, for what it's worth, is as follows:

For pitchers, the most basic question is: does he have major league stuff (i.e., velocity in the 90s, and at least a couple of decent, or potentially decent, secondary pitches)? If so, then he's a prospect. How good a prospect depends upon: (1) how good his stuff is; (2) whether he can throw strikes; (3) how good his actual minor league results have been; and (4) his age. On the other hand, if the pitcher doesn't really have major league stuff, then he's probably not much of a prospect unless his numbers are so off-the-charts good that you just can't ignore them (i.e., Tyler Cloyd).

Position prospects, to me, are an entirely different animal. I have far less faith in scouts' ability to project a hitter's future major league results than I do in their ability to tell me about a pitchers' stuff. Hence, when it comes to hitters, the first thing I want to see is their stat line. Strikeout/walk ratio tends to be a fairly telling stat, especially among younger prospects.

Stocky: Also, if you find yourself getting excited about every Phillies prospect who hits .300 in the minors, just keep reminding yourself that, even among good prospects, the vast majority will fail at the major league level. Among those who don't fail, the vast majority will be backups or complementary players. And among those few who will eventually become starters, a considerable number will take many years to finally reach that point.

The distance beteween being a really good prospect and being even a 50th percentile major league starter is enormous.

There was some talk last month prior to the trade deadline about Chase Headly. Imagine that roster! Chase Utley,Chase Headly, Jonathan Pettibone and Jonathan Papilbon!

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