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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


In a season where we're playing for next year, I feel like I know what we have with Savery, which isn't enough to leverage in a decent 2013 'pen. I don't know that he's got a ton of upside, unless they want to call him up as a bench bat (unlikely). No sense stealing prime audition innings from the lesser knowns.

Schwimer is similar, in that we know what we have, though he's got more upside. He's a decent potential piece for 2013, pending how this whole temper tantrum plays out.

I'm with you, JW. Let the young kids have a shot. Though mathematically the playoffs are still a way outside possibility, the sooner RAJ can turn his attention to 2013, the better.

I'm tempted to take Schwimmer's side in this situation. It seems that the front office has had their collective heads up their butt when it comes to handling injuries. I'm still not sure what they hope to gain by waiting until winter for Worley to get looked at.

That being said, I see the Phillies dumping him this winter and cashing in on Cloyd's AAA season in an off season trade.

If it turns out Schwimmer get a 2nd opinion and he is hurt, this team needs to seriously reconsider their relationship with Dr. Ciccotti as team physician and look in a new direction. Just too many incidents where he can be second-guessed the last ~12 months.

How is Ruf's defense in left field?

"That being said, I see the Phillies dumping him this winter and cashing in on Cloyd's AAA season in an off season trade."

So Schwimer and Cloyd for...? Im finding it hard to imagine that package netting anything that could be considered of value to the 2013 Roster to even worth dealing.

"How is Ruf's defense in left field? "

I have yet to read anything positive.

Ruf struggled in left field on Sunday night, twice falling down on line drives while also showing limited range.

"How is Ruf's defense in left field?"

Not as good as mine, dudes! You should have seen that highlight reel play I made the other night! The announcer was raving how my incredible defense and how I turned an out into a double! Uhhh, I mean, held it to a double. Yeah...

This whole Ruf situation would have been immensely more interesting if he did all of this last season, and he could have been battling guys like Ty Wigginton during ST as temporary 1B during Howard's injury.

MG, I'm not arguing that Schwimer may actually have a leg to stand on in all of this, if he's really injured. My issue is with how he's handled it. I'm sure he could have filed a grievance with the Player's Association and handled it in a much more hushed manner. Though I can't fault him for wanting the big league pay and the service time, the way he's gone about it makes him look bad.

Speaking of Big League pay, Steven Larud must feel like he's hit the lottery.

How is Ruf's defense in left field?

Posted by: Elephant in the room

It's not every day that you see a poster's name answer his own question, Gibney!

Wouldn't it behoove Schwimer to be a good soldier, report to AAA, and hang out a few days until rosters expand? I know the difference in check is probably 80K per game but that means nothing if you gain a bad reputation along with mediocre to poor statistics.

What is the delta between minor and major league pay? How much does Schwimmer stand to lose by reporting to LV?

MG, I'm not arguing that Schwimer may actually have a leg to stand on in all of this

Like the Phillies' medical staff would detect that.

People seem to be conflating prudence with right -- namely, that Schwimer has merely the right to act prudently. That seems like a pretty constrained vision of personal/employee rights, and I don't see why we can't say something else, viz: Schwimer acted imprudently, but not wrongly.

If Schwimer has in fact acted immorally, I've yet to see an argument.

Int. League MVP since 2000:

2000 Mottola, Chad
2001 Hall, Toby
2002 González, Raúl
2003 Seguignol, Fernando
2004 Peralta, Jhonny
2005 Victorino, Shane
2006 Witt, Kevin
2007 Hessman, Mike
2008 Bailey, Jeff
2009 Duncan, Shelley
2010 Johnson, Dan
2011 Canzler, Russ

Victorino probably most accomplished, Peralta not too shabby. Basically no pitchers on the lists. Most notable name on the list probably goes to 1993 and 1974 MVPs Jim Thome and Jim Rice.

I am having a hard time figuring out what people on this board have against Schwimer. Yes, Twitter is an obnoxious invention. I don't do it and I don't read it. If I want to know the intimate details of someone's life, I'll . . . well, I just have no need to know the intimate details of someone else's life.

But if this kid is injured and the Phillies crack medical staff missed it, I don't think it would surprise anyone.

Could he have kept hims mouth shut and filed his grievance? Yeah. And that would have been the smart thing to do. But this is a 26 year old kid who we're talking about. Not everyone matures at the same rate.

There is 26 and there is 26. And maturity has nothing to do with intelligence.

But tell me this: Were this a prospect like Cole Hamels who said his elbow hurt, and the team doctor didn't find an injury, don't you think the team itself would have gotten a second opinion? At the very least, his agent would have done so.

It's like the Eagles. They had two players who got arrested. I don't remember who they were. But one was a starter and the other a deep backup. They reprimanded the starter. They cut the deep backup without any hesitation. I think Schwimer feels like the guy who got cut and he lashed out. Unwise, but maturity may not be where it needs to be.

Best post of the year:
Edmundo at 12:23 PM

I think you're trying too hard to defend Schwimmer. I can both sympathize with his plight (injured? smaller paycheck?), and think he's a total dumbass for going "public" with it. Who's advising him?

aksmith, immature or not, he doesn't have the greatest off the field reputation, what with the eBay/Toys 'R Us incident and all. The guy is not handling himself well at all. You can only use the "immature" excuse so long. I think somewhere before your mid-20's you need to start to take some accountability for your actions.

How do I know what Schwimmer did was wrong? Public opinion is almost universally against him.

Think about that... public Philly opinion supports Ruben Amaro over Schwimmer. That's proof enough that Schwimmer was an idiot in this instance.

BTW I believe a day or two that "elephant in the room' threw a rope to nail a runner at HP

Perhaps a reason to go after top free agents at the expense of a draft pick... from Keith Law's 2013 draft preview:

"The 2013 draft class is shaping up to be the weakest in years, thanks largely to the end of a long run of strong groups of high school arms. The strengths of this upcoming class right now are college pitching, especially the kind of second-tier arms who typically go in the middle to back of the first round, and high school catching, although several of those kids are committed to major Division I programs and might be tough signs."

Based on Keith Law's rankings, my guess as to the Phils first round pick:

15. Justin Williams, OF/3B, Terrebonne HS (Houma, La.)
Williams has raw power, winning the home run derbies at both the Perfect Game and Under Armour All-American games in August, with good bat speed and wrist strength, but is otherwise raw as a hitter and on defense.

Sounds toolsy.

I'd like a look at Ceaser Hernandez. He has struggled with the bat since going to AAA but if Utley is a delayed start again next year he might be a better option than Galvis.

Gee if they brought Ruf up now to spell Howard he would only be a year behind him. Howard was 26 when he played his first full season.
we could at least see if he was organizational filler or more.
if he turns out to be able to hit in the show we could trade him and watch Howard's declining years while Ruf becomes a somebody elsewhere like bio Gonzales and Pink Floyd.

Klaus, excellent post.

FfF, yes, Edmundo's post is a candidate for Post of the Year!

clout, errr, Elephant in the room, with regard to Ruf's defense and athletic ability (who, BTW, I have never seen play), is he "that" terrible of an athlete that he cannot learn to play LF at least as well as Burrell and Luzinski?

For that matter, if anyone on the board has seen him play please offer your opinion.

RK, if Ruf is "for real", they could always keep him on the roster to PH for a declining Howard against tough LHRP! ;)

Always amused by comparisons. Darin Ruf vs. Ryan Howard.

Age 21
Howard .804 OPS in low A ball
Ruf nothing

Age 22
Howard .828 OPS in A ball
Ruf .874 OPS in low A ball

Age 23
Howard .889 OPS in high A ball
Ruf .756 OPS in high A ball

Age 24
Howard 1.033 OPS in AA (some AAA and ML debut)
Ruf .894 OPS in high A ball

Age 25
Howard .924 OPS in the Majors
Ruf 1.030 OPS in AA

And remember, the year Howard hit 37 HR at Reading, he hit another 9 at Scraton/Wilkes-Barre and another 2 at the major league level.

Do you think it means anything that Cloyd IL MVP?

I saw something on CSN that RAJ said there will be less SEPT call ups this than last...

if so, RAJ, IS A BIGGER - MORE SHORT SIGHTED a@@h**e than I originally thought.

KAS- Can the histories of RH and BR really be compared? The paths taken to get to AA are different. question- did Howard go to 4 yr or 2 yr? Ruf, I believe went to a 4 yr

I tend to agree with Awh- Give him a shot in the bigs in Sept, (after Reading wins the AA championship :) ) - see how he does with the big club---- he is going to AFL this fall to improve his LF skills..lets see how things pan out in ST 2013..

Before jumping to comparisons and ill timed conclusions_let's step it out a little and see what happens

buysell: The phillies have so many AAA players on their current roster, the Sept call ups would just be overkill.

Frandsen, Kratz, Horst, Valdes, Lerud, Martinez, Rosenberg, many piggies is enough?

i mean the ones under 30

also - although under 30 - rosenberg, aumont, , horst and lerud were brought up due to injuries..

you really count MM as a call up? - he
is filler - not a call up

valdes and kratz due to injuries and over 30

i mean prospects or semi prospects - depending on how you define prospects..
Asche, CLOYD, Ruf, Gillies?

KAS: Happily, on BL we have a range of opinions. Although, very likely on, say,, the verdict on Schwimer was unanimous. Personally, I tend not to follow slavishly the wisdom of the crowd, but your mileage may vary.

ps - knowing r00b - I doubt it happens

hope to be proven wrong..

need to get some work done.. out for lil while

lorecore - Seeing that Frandsen, Kratz, Horst and Valdes are performing as four of the best players on the team, I'm not sure how many are appropriate. But I wouldn't discount a positive effect from having a few more.

In fact, sending down Martinez and removing him from the forty man would probably clear a spot with no chance of losing him to another team. Sadly. Because as long as he's breathing, and on the team, Charlie will keep using him.

I think Gillies is the only one who makes sense. We really don't have a CF option right now, and it might be helpful to give him time.

Frandsen is already the 3B tryout. Unless Worley is hurting, i dont want to take away starts from any of our starters. We already have an abundance of corner OFs as is, which most are fighting for 2013 spots as well. You could make the case for Ruf to sit on the bench and gave Howard a day or two off, and pinch hit...but I really don't need Ruf-lovers to start crying that he needs "regular time" when hes 0for as a PH.

It always makes sense to bring up a few speedy players and a few pitchers. If you don't, you're playing at a disadvantage in the later innings of every game, and in any extra innings game. I've never really understood the Phillies' reluctance to bring up some useful resources, such as pitching and pinch runners.

And as for Ruf, I'd certainly like to bring him up and give him whatever at bats Wigginton would be having. I think we all know what Wigginton can do. And hopefully, he's doing it for someone else next season. Same goes for Polanco. Frandsen needs to play every day. And one more catcher would be nice because Kratz can't be expected to be the ironman back there. Look how that worked out for Chooch.

...but I really don't need Ruf-lovers to start crying that he needs "regular time" when hes 0for as a PH.

My trepidation with bringing Ruf up, as well. BL would explode with the battle between the Ruf Lovers and the Ruf Haters. It would be a brutal September on BL, for sure.

Yo, new thread

Re: Team reaction to Schwimer etc.

I don’t know if this relates or not, but it is interesting nonetheless…

In early spring of 2012, as ever the Phillies reading-material junkie, I downloaded a book by then-Phils’ minor leaguer Eric Pettis. The book chronicled his experiences in the Phils’ system. Although the book received some blog press, frankly, I found it to be very poorly written and mostly unremarkable.

The book also included a tiny bit of whining about the travel, team traditions, housing, fans, handling of minor leaguers, etc. Pettis also seemed to laud his own accomplishments and work ethic just a tiny bit much for someone just beginning a baseball career.

Lo and behold, in early April, not long after the book was “published,” Pettis was released by the Phils.

I do not know if there was any correlation between his release and the book’s publication. However, it seemed to me that perhaps the organization did not look kindly on someone who both challenged and exposed, even in a very small way, the “system.”

If anyone has any insight, please share. I’ve been wondering about this since it happened.

I’m not a company person at all, and have launched my share of challenges to powers-that-be. But my own opinion about both Pettis and Schwimer is that they are employees. For the public facade, tow the line, talk the talk, and unless you are a whistle-blower about unethical practices, leave the whining about behind-the-scenes stuff for private conversations. Settle your issues quietly and involve as few people as possible. And if the issues aren’t enormous, let them go. And feel lucky for being one of the few to do what you love for a living.

There aren’t too many major leaguers—even among the big names--who openly disagree with team policies and/or criticize day-to-day operations. The key word here is openly. Part of being a ballplayer, I think, is not only fitting the team needs in terms of talent, but also understanding that there needs to be some discretion involved with how one handles oneself as a member of the organization.

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