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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


By the way, I think this is my first BL post since April. I've been a bigger non-factor this season than Mini-Mart - and that's really saying something.

None of the above. I'll root for good baseball between teams I dont care for.

I'll probably cheer for the Rangers since they've never won before.

I could never root for another National League team. I'm rooting for my alternate AL team, the Chicago White Sox.

Tigers have always been my B team, for mother's side of the family reasons. I don't like their chances, though.

Maybe the hated Nats, to validate my now public defense of Rizzo.

The Giants, of course.

Orioles or Rays.

Exactly, it would be a win/win. We can have take our cultural and educational institutions and they can have their churches.

Posted by: gobaystars! | Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 11:11 AM

You understand that your cultural and educational institutions are your churches? ;)

OK, back to baseball. I will root, root root for the Phillies until they have 0.0% chance to make the playoffs.

Rangers. In the NL, the Reds are the only contender I don't loathe.

I'd be rooting for Vic and Blanton to get a ring, but they've already got one.

NEPP: Find me an article with a doctor recommending a specific innings total. I'd love to see it. Even Rizzo himself says it's ultimately his decision.

And Zimmermann is only safe going from 31 IP to 161 IP, but Strasburg is safe going from 24 IP to 180 IP? It's all a guessing game. There is no science to support a number.

Rooting for Pirates first... then Reds. I'd say Orioles first, but I'm not sure they're making the playoffs.

The Nats aren't old enough or been good long enough for me to despise them. So I'm sort of rooting for them, even though it's against the rules.

But what I'm really rooting for is for the Phillies to beat up on some of the bad teams they have to face (more than half of the remaining games are against sub-500 teams) and keep winning 2 out of 3 from the good teams and get one of the wild card spots.

Hamels gets the start in the one-game playoff, right?

Interestingly, I'm the same as Veritas. ChiSox have been my AL team for a few years now

Tigers although the only real team I would root against is the Yanks or maybe the Braves.

Reds too I guess if I had to root for an NL team. Deep postseason run by the Pirates would be fun though.

I remain a Phillies loyalist. Can't see myslef rooting for another team although given that I live in NYC the Yankees are very enticing and they sure know how to maintain a winning team. Unfortunately the Phils are much too forgiving of managers and general managers.
WOnder how Arbuckle is doing in KC.

The Nats aren't old enough or been good long enough for me to despise them.

All I have to say is f**k the Expos.

Re: Phils getting wild card

It's getting more and more far-fetched every day. If we assume it will take 91 wins to get one of the wild cards (Braves on 92 win pace, Pirates on 91 win pace), the Phils would have to go 38-11 the rest of the way.

Anyone think this team goes 38-11 the rest of the way?

Orioles are my second favorite team. Rooted for them as a kid as I grew up near York, PA. Got both Phillies and O's games on TV and went to lots of games at both Memorial Stadium and Camden Yards alonfg with Phillies games at the Vet. Would love for them to go deep into the postseason but I have my doubts.

Actually, I really wouldn't mind seeing the Yankees win one for Raul and Ichiro, two class guys that truly deserve a ring.

Tigers and Rangers would be ok, too.

Dodgers? Giants? Nats? No. Won't be rooting.

I think both sides have good points on the Strasburg debate. However, if the Phillies were in the position that the Nationals are now in, and Cole Hamels were the pitcher being shut down, I would absolutely be incensed with the front office.

The Nats are a World Series contender this year. No matter how good they may look on paper, you never know if they'll have another such opportunity in the near future. To me, you've got to take the chance. If it were some sort of near-certainty that he would incur serious injury by continuing to pitch, that would be completely different. But it's not. The doctors are just exercising caution in an area of considerable uncertainty. With a World Series in sight, I think you've got to let him pitch & take your chances.

I have been a Phils fan for 62 years and never once have I rooted for another team. I left Philly 50 years ago to get an education. I now live in the San Diego area, and I have zero interest in the Southern California teams. I hope RAJ gets off his ass and does whatever is required to get us out of this hole fast. I'll be turning my attention to the NFL which is a better alternative than rooting for some commy baseball team. We will be back.

Pirates would be ok, too. I can root for them as my hatred for the Steelers doesn't carry over. Not sure why exactly except that I can't stand Ben Roethlisberger.

BAP: That's a legitimate argument.

This whole thing started today because Iceman claimed that Rizzo was making a "scared" decision that he was totally unprepared to make.

Say what you will about the decision (and you clearly disagree with it), I cannot understand claiming that it's not a well-considered decision being made in the face of criticism, which is why I can't imagine calling Rizzo "scared" or "unprepared." He might be wrong, but that wasn't ever at issue here.

Chuck A: I, too, grew up in York (York High grad) and followed the O's as my AL team. I'd love to see them make a run!

I can't root for the damn Dodgers. Reds maybe. Long time coming for Cincy.

Angels without a doubt. Love the way they play and I have a mancrush for Trout. I want to see him play for a long time, not only this October but for the rest of his career.

***And Zimmermann is only safe going from 31 IP to 161 IP, but Strasburg is safe going from 24 IP to 180 IP? It's all a guessing game. There is no science to support a number.***

At least try to get your numbers didnt even add in their minor league numbers for the first year in question

Zimm went from 70.2 IP in 2010 to 161.1 IP in 2011.

Strasburg pitched 44.1 IP in 2011 and they're saying 180 IP this year.

And of course there isn't an article with a specific amount but clearly ever doctor they've consulted has said to limit him this year. I assume you yourself are a doctor who specializes in elbow injuries since your opinion is clearly better than the ones the Nats have been listening too. It couldn't be that you're just talking out of your a$$ no a blog.

Really haven't dug deep into this Strasburg stuff other than thinking it is a dumb idea and I'm about to read Stark's piece. What is Strasburg's opinion on all of this? I'm not sure I've seen or read his take.

38-11 would be pretty tough, obviously.

Turns out I'm also rooting for the Pirates to have a losing streak, then the Dodgers, then the Giants...and so on.

(But... 38-11 is .776; the New Phillies [since the trade deadline] are 8-5, which is .615, and that's been mostly against good teams. That's why I suggested that they really need to pound the bad teams. Someone send a memo to tonight's starter that we need the non-crappy Kendrick against the bad team Marlins.)

I thought baseball ended when the phillies were done.

In all seriousness, I simply can't root for another team. There might be players I want to see get a ring, but to actively root or another team and get upset if they lose, won't happen.

After Kendrick's start tonight, it will be 38-10.

i won't pick a team to pull for until the playoffs. and that's provided the phils still don't make my preseason prediction of the WC spot true.

Kendrick against Johnson looks to be one of the bigger mismatches in all of baseball this season. I am going to try not to watch, but it's likely Kendrick tosses a no hitter and Johnson gets completely lit up.

Going to go the hater route, and pull for the Yankees, Braves, Cardinals, Gnats, Giants, or Red Sox (if they make it) to all be beaten badly.

NEPP: Thanks for correcting my numbers. It's makes you wonder even more how they came up with this number.

My point from the beginning is that these numbers are all guesses. I've yet to see a quote from a doctor anywhere... ever... that makes a recommendation on an innings total. And neither have you.

It's okay if you disagree with me that it's a bad strategy, but don't pretend like there is a scientific study that points to a specific innings total. There's not.

All that is left to root for is for either the Braves or Gonats to miss the playoffs. Obviously one of them has to win the division, I would love for the Phillies to be the reason the other misses out on the WC. I guess if I had my choice, I'd like to see the Pirates win something. Their fans deserve it. That is really ironic since the Pirates were the Phillies most hated enemy during the 70's when I was a teenager. I despised them and still miss having them as a divisional rival but I don't like to see traditional old time teams like them be uncompetitive for so long. Marlins, Padres, Mariners etc.? Don't really care, but the Tribe and Buccos of the world I like to see competitive.

as a stereotypical phillie fan, I'll be rooting for a team to lose more so than one to win. Whoever I wish less ill upon will ultimately be the team I end up "rooting" for.

"as a stereotypical phillie fan, I'll be rooting for a team to lose more so than one to win. Whoever I wish less ill upon will ultimately be the team I end up "rooting" for."

Well put. As a true fan of a team, I can't possibly really root for another team. I end up rooting for the team that I least loathe. I could root for the Dodgers because of Victorino. I have forgiven them for breaking my teenaged heart since we returned the favor by pimp slapping them in succesive years. That made my hatred wane and I wish Vic very well. He was a favorite of mine and it just isn't the same without him.

If not the Phillies, I'd like to see the As get one. That franchise is getting shafted by the Giants and MLB. They've got a bleak future. Plus, I'd like to see Beane finally get one if for nothing else than payback for the undeserved Moneyball backlash. Clearly they're not serious contenders, but neither were the Cards last year.

I take a more holistic view of rooting. A city isn't comprised of a single team(usually) and citizens of said city still get to experience euphoria from a major championship. No Dallas, No Pittsburgh, No NYC, No SF, No STL, No Detroit, No LA, No DC, Therefore my only altrernative is the Balt.

I'll root for the biggest underdog. Not sure who that is yet

Chapman vs Trout in a Game 7 9th inning is probably best possible fan moment you could have.

I don't want the Rangers to win, because I want them regretting not offering up Olt/Profar when they had the chance.

A Baltimore/Washington Series would be pretty cool. I'd root AGAINST the Nats as much as I would root FOR the O's.

KAS - Grew up in New Oxford (west of York). Been in Philly (actually Bucks Co.) since the early 80s after going to school in the Lehigh Valley.

BAP: I applaud you for at least admitting that in a scenario with your own player you would be incensed. As I think any person on here probably would be.

FOr the record- back in spring training Rizzo was on MLB Network and when asked about an inning limit he said to the host something to the effect of, "You'd have to have 160 at least as a benchmark considering what we did with Zimmerman last year." This followed a question phrased something similar to "Would you be looking at a 160 inning limit for Strasburg?"

So as I said earlier- Rizzo never officially stated a number but 160 was on their radar. It got moved to 180 eventually. If I were a Nats fan I would want my team to go after it since they have a really good shot at it. Yes you risk Strasburg which would suck but there is no guarantee he gets injured. I would assume (as KAS hinted at) that doctors have advised Washington on things to do but have not outright told them any kind of number that is good. I would venture a guess that they have told them you run risk at some point but since all elbows and body structures are different there would be no way to pinpoint a specific number.

But in baseball you only get so many chances to grab the ring. And really taking Strasburg out of the rotation means letting off the gas pedal a little bit, and we all saw how well that worked for us last year.

My point in this is not whether Rizzo is making the right or wrong call. It's his decision to make ultimately. My issue is with those on here saluting them being the same people who would be slagging Amaro if he were doing the same thing.

I haven't heard anything of the sort, but after the Phils didn't call up Pridie or Gillies to replace Schierholtz, you have to wonder if they will sign someone to play CF for the rest of the season. I'm predicting a Rick Ankiel signing soon.

Speaking of the Rangers, how badly would Rube be getting lit up if he were the one that refused to splurge on the high ticket item (Cliffy) and went and hit the bargain rack (Dumpster). How predictable was it that that hasn't turned out too well?

I grew up on the West Coast as a fan of the Phillies (due to their farm team in Bakersfield, my home town) and the Angels. Since the AL and NL never played one another till the WS, it was never a problem having 2 favorite teams.

So I'd like to see the Angels win the WS but the way they are playing, they may not make the playoffs.

I now live near Washington, DC and share in season tickets for the Nationals. I will root for the Nats to make it from the National League. Hard to detest the Nationals - they've never done anything to raise my ire.

Hitman: 50 years ago? The Don Demeter-Tony Taylor-Johnny Callison Phillies? With Art Mahaffey and Wes Covington?

This thread makes me want to puke. But how cool would an Oakland vs. Pittsburgh series. It would so piss off Selig.

Anybody but the Yankees.

For those posters adamant that we would be ripping Amaro if the Phillies were in the same situation, you are probably largely correct. I'm not so sure I would, but I can't guarantee I wouldn't. But the reason is, as Phillies fans, were not always going to be objective, and that's the unfortunate nature of being a fan. There are a thousand posts on here a day (really no posters excluded) that are subjective and biased because they are Phillies fans. So, Iceman, glad you pointed out this mystery of nature.

As to the whole Strasburg thing, I'm glad that people are finally starting to back off their hard line stance and at least admit that there is a legitimate argument for capping his innings this year.

And as for the whole, they may never get to the playoffs again, this is true. But what's also true is that the Marlins just sold their team up the river, the Phillies are not looking like good long term bets, the Mets are still in terrible shape, and the Braves, while looking to be a good team, don't look to be unbeatable in the next couple years. Point being, with the 2nd WC part of the mix now, the Nats have to feel pretty good about their chances of competing for a playoff spot (if not the division) for the next 5 years. With Zimmerman, a healthy Strasburg, Gio and Jackson (if they get him on a nice deal) in the rotation, with Harper finally turning 20 and with what I imagine will be a nice CF FA signing this offseason, it seems to me that the "scared" thing to do would be to go for all this year at the expense of putting your most valuable commodity at risk, and not trust in your team and coaching staff that you've assembled to compete for a while to not, you know, actually compete

Last two things: Given how many innings Stras has right now, it is not out of the question that if the Nats remain in strong position, that they can rig his routine and ensure that he enters the playoffs at around 165 IP, which would basically give them the chance to get him into a couple playoff games/series. Lastly, even if Stras is not on the playoff roster, Zimm has a 170 ERA+, Gio has a 121 ERA+, Detweiler has a 126 ERA+ and Jackson has a 107 ERA+. There are teams that would literally kill to have that rotation heading into the playoffs. It's not like they are throwing away their chances to win in a crapshoot playoffs if they sit Stras. They are diminished to a degree, but they still have a strong rotation.

As for a WS team that I'll root for, might actually ending up being the Rays. I just like the way they run their team and maximize the most out of their roster/payroll every year. As for an NL team, Pirates will probably be the team I'd like to see make it out of the NL. Be a pretty awesome story.

Growing up I hated the Dodgers especially Tommy Lasorda. Loved going as a kid to the '83 NLCS and watching the Dodgers' lose or when the Phanatic would inevitably smash a replica Dodgers' batting helmet during a Dodgers/Phils game at the Vet.

I would have rooted against them if they still had Torre/Manny too. Generally indifferent to them now.

lorecore said it well. If the Phils aren't in it, I really don't have much of a dog in the hunt, other than which team I would more like to see lose. I would love for the Phils to ruin some other teams' chances and leave a little foreboding in their minds for next year.

If it's a good team like the Rangers (who I do like and respect BTW), I'm jealous because they become the new "model" of how to run a team.

If it's an underdog like the Orioles (who I also like), I'm still ticked off that they're there instead of the Phillies.

If it's someone who has ever thwarted the Phillies, I pull against them even if they were once a team I kind of liked (like the Cardinals).

Any shrinks on BL?

Jack- he is operating out of fear that Strasburg will get hurt down the road. I consider that a scared decision. You consider him courageous for making the decision because he knows he'll be blasted by the public.

I think I took more of an issue with what I've said multiple times, and TTI also stated: there is no way Amaro would be getting called 'courageous' for doing something like that. Just no way. But people don't think it's a valid argument to have, so that's fine. BL Bankruptcy on the whole thing.

Still hopelessly rooting for the Phils. Still get pleasure every time we leapfrog a team in the WC standings. Still take satisfaction looking at daily stats and seeing our players in the top few (Hamels, Pierre). Still enjoy hearing Hamels name in the Cy discussions (as a long shot of course.)

Rationally I know we won't make the postseason, but I'm still rooting for the moments, the numbers, and the players.

That all being said, I like it when a decided underdog prevails. So go Pirates.

I remain a Phillies loyalist. Can't see myslef rooting for another team although given that I live in NYC the Yankees are very enticing and they sure know how to maintain a winning team. Unfortunately the Phils are much too forgiving of managers and general managers.
WOnder how Arbuckle is doing in KC.

Posted by: RK | Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 02:48 PM

How did the Yank's GM do in 2008 with a payroll of $208MM, or $60MM more than the next closest team? They missed the playoffs. The GM must have been an idiot so I assume he was fired.

ditto can_of_corn's sentiments. and i'll be rooting for the orioles and pirates.

By the way, Pirates vs. bad would those ratings be?

I agree with those who say they will root against 1 team more than root for the other team. Sort of like the way I vote.

Rays hands down. Total violation to root for dodgers are u kidding me! If you are a fan then u def want Joe m to get another shot. Have to love the whole rays approach to building a team, and sustaining the level in which they have kept at. From draft picks and taking flyers, just his managing a game on the fly. Joe does gray things with what they have and front office really drafts well and develops talent. Rooting for any NL team is total bull and if that's the case then we are getting soft. Too many hate the faces on all teams. Nats hell no. Braves ditto. I can't believe this was really a topic.If we root for anyone else we are frauds then.

My standard operating procedure is to root for the team that's either had the longest drought between titles or never won a WS.

This was a problem in 2005, when the White Sox had waited so long, but the Astros had never won. My allegiance tended to sway game by game, and my son never lets me forget that I rooted for the ChiSox when he was 'Stros all the way. (This was after he brought me back to baseball, but before I became a Phillies fan specifically. Now he's abandoned baseball altogether. Kids.)

I'm currently rooting for an O's - Pirates rematch. I'm kind of tired of the Rangers, but I could get behind them, or the Rays, or the Reds.

I'd like to root for the Nats but hated their anti-Phillies campaign this year and Werth's disdain for all Phans based on the obnoxious behavior of a few when he got injured.

I would find happiness for the Dodgers just for Vic's sake. I'd even be happy for Raul should the Yankees win (ugh). I'd love for Raul to get a WS ring. I really like him.

I am not rooting for the Cardinals. Just don't tell my dad.

I don't know where this mythology of Joe Maddon as this great manager came from. He's been blessed with about a decade of high draft picks before they finally started succeeding. And I don't exactly remember him having much success managing the 2008 World Series.

Is it the glasses?

Since the Phillies most likely won't be playing in October and there are a few people arguing that fly over country is somehow more productive or better off than the East Coast cities, I suggest everyone spend October reading Edward Glaeser's The Triumph of The City.

But seriously, I'll probably root for Detroit and Baltimore because they are in the AL and they are classic franchises that are easy to root for.

Drew: Not posting since April makes you the #1 frontrunner.

No Dallas, No Pittsburgh, No NYC, No SF, No STL, No Detroit, No LA, No DC, Therefore my only altrernative is the Balt.

Posted by: kilbillrain | Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 03:57 PM

I don't know whether or not to admire the long list of cities you hate. I think I admire it.

As for me, as any card-carrying sabremetrics enthusiast, I have a soft spot for the Rays and the A's. After that, I'll decide among the many teams about which I have neutral feelings by rooting for the teams of my favorite non-Phillies players: Thome, McCutchen, and Votto, in that order of preference.

gobay: Out of curiosity, and since you keep harping on the inherent intellectual superiority of the people from your region, what exactly do you have against everyone else?

KAS, Maddon's first season with the Rays was 2006. He took them to the WS 2 years later, having the lowest payroll in the vaunted AL East, and really, having no superstars. Since then, his team has been an extremely low payroll team that has maximized its talent by being innovative in the way they play defense (pretty much annually have the lowest BAbip against in baseball), their bullpen (didn't even have a closer the year they went to the WS), and in moving players around the diamond to maximize their defense/lineup potential.

For my money, Maddon is the best manager in baseball. He is a big stats nerd, who uses more detailed information than probably any manager in baseball to get a leg up on the competition. Yes, he's had a lot of high draft picks, but you could make the same claim about Manuel being gifted Howard/Utley/Hamels/Rollins in their prime and then Halladay and Lee. Managers need good players. No one can take a lousy team to the WS.

Also, teams like the Royals/Pirates and Orioles get high draft picks every year, but they are cellar dwellers annually (this year excluded). And how he performed in the 2008 WS...really? Some of the arguments you make on here are pretty ridiculous.

Being an NL purist, I always want an NL team to win it all.

Prior to the start of the postseason, I'll base my rooting solely on the teams that help my fantasy baseball teams.

But the Phillies are the only team I'll get text score updates on.

Fatalotti: Do you know why the Rays went from a last place team in 2007 to a 1st place team in 2008? Was it brilliant managing?

No, it wasn't.

Team ERA in 2007: 5.53 (last in AL)
Team ERA in 2008: 3.82 (2nd in AL)

In both 2007 and 2008, Tampa was league average in offense.

KAS: ERA is, in large part, a function of defense, which is, in large part, a function of managing, as Fatalotti explained.

Speaking of managers, some of the RedSox' key players have apparently been complaining to ownership about Bobby Valentine. Who could have ever foreseen it?

I've been a fan of Joe Maddon ever since he employed that 5-infielder defense against the Phillies in the final inning of Game 4 of the 2008 World Series. I thought that was kind of brilliant, even though the Phillies ended up winning the game on -- ironically enough -- an infield hit.

Hmmm Joe or cholly. Really hard choice. How can you not like joes style. He gets the most he can out of all his guys. Little food for thought heard a stat. The last 53 inn the main for relievers have given up.......2 runs. I can't believe a Kendrick app soc would question Joe m managing skills.

Serious answer? OK. The fact that rural and suburban living is by definition a drain on resources. It's bad for the environment and unproductive. That the folks in flyover country by and large have voted and continue vote in favor of bigotry and hate while refusing to acknowledge that the cities are the engines of growth and productivity in the U.S. That rural America is over represented politically. Lastly, the B.S. that is trotted out every election cycle about Main Street, Heartland, real Americans, etc has really turned me off to much of America.
I admit that there are fine people everywhere and all that, but after 60 years of war on American cities I don't have many kind words for the exurbs and good old god fearing corn fed real Americans.
Am I a jerk? Probably. Closed minded? Maybe.

DH Phils: Seriously? You attribute a 1.5 run difference in ERA to how the manager places the defense on the field?

Was Joe Maddon a bad manager in 2006 when the Rays had the worst BABIP in baseball?

And is it possible the defense got better from 2007 to 2008 because the Rays signed players who play better defense?

2007 defense with UZR/150
2B Wigginton -11.2
SS Harris -12.3
3B Iwamura 1.8
RF Young 3.7

2008 defense with UZR/150
2B Iwamura 2.9
SS Bartlett 2.8
3B Longoria 20.9
RF Gross 16.2

So was it Maddon's great defensive mind or better pitching and better defensive players?

Baltimore or Pittsburgh. Always have a soft spot for long-suffering fans of losing teams. Probably comes from being a long-suffering Phillies fan during all those losing years.


gobaystars: Thank you for outing yourself as the person I though you were.

Joe Maddon is a very good manager. But he's no better than Charlie Manuel... and Manuel has had greater success. It's a myth that he's this brilliant tactician.

gobay: That was the very answer I expected -- namely, one in which you accuse others whom you've never met of "bigotry," while you, yourself, display that very trait.

My only comment on this off-topic thread:

Always amusing to hear someone rant about bigotry who concludes by admitting they are closed-minded.

And that's all for me on this.

I sure would love the Buccos & O's to make the playoffs. Each franchise has been starving for awhile now.

Count me among those who employ more of a schadenfreude approach when my dog isn't in the hunt.

Let me put it this way, I actually own this t-shirt (which tends to get compliments virtually every time I wear it - go figure):

Really though, I just love good baseball. That last day of the regular season last year felt like Christmas and not just because the Braves blew it. Just all around entertainment from my own personal favorite sport.

Also, in this age where the DH is threatening to permeate the NL, I have to suspect that I probably lean more NL when I have no allegiance or rooting interest (for or against) either way. The traditionalist in me is a bit tired of hearing about how the AL is superior (and actually even takes some solace in seeing dumb stuff like the recent run of the NL in the ASG).

KAS: If your point is that there is more to managing than on-field tactics, I agree. Should a lot of credit given to Maddon be redirected to the Rays' front office? Yeah, probably.

I think you're being a bit obtuse here (I certainly did not attribute 1.5 runs of ERA to defensive positioning). I don't really have anything else to say that Fatalotti didn't cover in his 5:37 post, which I agree with in its entirety.

Kratz' ofer, even though he had a SF and smoked another ball, has earned him a seat on the bench. sorry, bap. No reason to choose this game over going out to eat ( at my local backwater diner).

Calling myself closed minded was a concession to detractors (cutting off the lovely "you're close minded against close minded people: argument). A politeness and nothing more.
Re:bigotry-The north east wasn't pro-slavery, anti-civil rights, anti-gay marriage, etc. (obviously there are exceptions on both sides hence I will readily admit that there are great people and bad apples everywhere)
And I'll retire the conversation at that.

Game starts in 40 minutes. Time to focus.

and with that......

new thread, folks.

I'll root for Dodgers because a) they've Shane and Blanton b) they're a NL team c) they're playing good ball till now d) they've not beat us recently in the post-season

Live in Cincinnati, Ohio born and raised in
Bucks County but i am rooting for the Reds.
I am crazy but i have not given up totally
on the Phillies. I have been paying attention to the wildcard.

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