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Thursday, August 16, 2012


If he can be fifth-best through 2015, I'll be quite happy.

The team has been a disgrace all season, competing closer to the #1 draft position than the playoffs for most of the season with the league's top payroll by a pretty wide margin - so its pretty hard to defend anyone wearing red pinstripes.

I probably have Rollins far down on my list of who to blame, not nonethless he's on the list, so seems fair game to take some shots.

Lorecore: Sums up how I feel. And for the most part, he hasn't taken taken that many shots.

He doesn't care how he's perceived.
His text last night priced that.

"Third, it's been suggested he may offer some veteran guidance in the OF for our young outfielders."

Finally, an explanation for Brown's .059 ISO! He's been listening to Pierre on how to be a productive corner OF.

Careful, this type of post will get you labeled as a racist over at Crashburn Alley!

The leadership from Rollins was needed when Utley and Howard were out and he didn't deliver. And it wasn't just on the field. It was stuff like dealing with the media.

Rollins has hardened into what you see -- great when he's on, frustrating when he's off.

We could do a lot worse, but you can't help but wish for what could be.

Jimmy's .308 OBP is pretty low, but among NL SS, his 96 wRC+ is 5th in the NL (300 PA minimum).

If the FO was hoping that Jimmy would be an offensive plug to fill the hole left by Howard/Utley, they were simply wrongheaded. This does not mean that Jimmy doesn't have any culpability in the way this season has turned out, nor does it mean he has no offensive shortcomings, even for a SS. But Jimmy was never going to be the guy to pick up the slack offensively for the losses of Howard/Utley.

To be honest, the guy that has let the team down the most, by far, has been John Mayberry. NO ONE expected him to replicate his success of last year, but a 73 wRC+ out of a corner OF, a .271 OBP, a .266 OBP against lefties (whom he's supposed to kill), and an .084 ISO against righties (he's not supposed to be good against righties, but he's still supposed to flash some occasional power). He's one of the biggest culprits on the offensive side for me.

Careful, this type of post will get you labeled as a racist over at Crashburn Alley!

Not to mention the Beerleaguer comment section.

With that average and OBP, he's provided more than enough opportunities to criticize him for not running out batted balls.

‏@ToddZolecki: Manuel met with Rollins today to talk about his lack if hustle. Said he expects to see a difference, but "We'll see."

‏@magelb: Charlie Manuel said he met with Jimmy Rollins today. "We have two rules: Hustle and be on time. We'll see."

‏@magelb: Manuel said he contemplated pulling Rollins yesterday and/or sitting him today. Did neither.

OK enough of the Rollins bashing for crying out loud. These comments are getting old and sound rascist to me

Still understand why a modern athlete has a Twitter account and responds to tweets. Little good can become of it.

If JRoll hadn't Tweeted, this would have died away and quickly.

I would never bench my best player for simply jogging to first base. Big deal

If Manuel punishes Rollins for not hustling, then my theory is basically out the window. I was assuming, since they've benched him for lack of hustle in the past, that they were tacitly approving of his methodology the last couple years as a means to make sure he stays on the field. If Charlie benches him, though, that'll put an end to that.

For the record, if not running full steam on every ground ball is a means of keeping Jimmy healthy, I'm still for it, even if Charlie is not.

Pretty chickensh!t post by Baer. It wasn't only fans who criticized JRoll on that play. Sarge went on for nearly a half the inning ripping into JRoll. One of the few times I have heard him do that.

JRoll didn't hustle on that play & it potentially cost them a big run in a close game. JRoll isn't supposed to hustle because they 18.5 games out of 1st place? When exactly then is he supposed to hustle then for the remainder of the season.

There probably is a double standard regarding the amount of criticism that JRoll gets & there probably is a racial component to it.

Still doesn't change the fact that JRoll was in the wrong here and this isn't the first time it has happened here.

It was a 2-1 game in the 6th at the time and you had your ace on the mound? If JRoll isn't supposed to hustle then, when exactly is he supposed to hustle?

Hmmmm Beer leaguers now sying Jimmy was wrong for not hustling. Totally different attitude then was being shown yesterday

It's not racist to criticize J-Roll.

It's racist to use code words when doing it or to inexplicably tie in Ryan Howard, John Mayberry Jr. and Dom Brown.

J-Roll deserves criticism for not running out that ground ball. There is no doubt about it. Does it require punishment? Maybe not. I'll let Charlie figure that out.

Pretty sad when Cholly is still having to have meetings with J-Roll about this sort of stuff. Should have just sat his ass down tonight. If they had anyone but Mini Mart, they probably would have.

Again, if they can get a good package for him in the off-season, they need to think about moving him along. Whether Cholly is here or not.

And Laynce Nix in CF tonight? Talk about a game worth watching.

Bill Baer must be seeking higher site visits and clicks. Comes out calling Phillies fans racist for questioning Rollings and then turns off the comments section?

Talk about busch league. Hopefully in 2013 we see ESPN linking to Weitzel and get rid of the race baiting Bill Baer.

As expected, Michael Martinez is appearing in even fewer games than Mike Fontenot played in. Martinez has been up for 14 days and has appeared in 5 games. In Fontenot's last 14 days with the Phils, he appeared in 8 games. It's a good thing we're seeing less of Martinez!

Garret Jones with his 2nd 3-run homer off of Joe Blanton. Pirates lead 7-4 with no outs in the 5th inning. Pretty much a classic Blanton start.

Make that 8-4 as Pedro Alvarez homers off of Blanton.

It should be Cholly's discretion to discipline JRoll as he likes. If Cholly feels that JRoll doesn't need to sit, then so be it.

Something that really would have gone away though if it was stoked by the media today & JRoll's ill-advised tweet response.

how can anyonne fault jroll for merely trying to preserve the health of his legs?

KAS, that's still 5 too many games, if you ask me.

Willard Preacher: Fair enough!

Kinda bummed. Jimmy is my fave Phillie and I've defended him. But, the criticism is warranted. I just hope he gets a bit of a chip on his shoulder and comes out in 2013 with something to prove.

I've always felt that Manuel and Rollins had something of a mentor-student relationship. But, I'd really like to see someone else at the helm. Probably won't happen unless there's a 17-23 quarterpole start to 2013.

Is that coolhandchollyM ?

I wish Jimmy was Caucasian so we would be allowed to criticize him for his play or lack thereof.

denny b.: Nix has significantly more experience in CF than Michael Martinez does.

And with Estrada on the mound (much better vs. RHB than LHB), sounds like a good time to give Mayberry Jr. a day off.

Ok Now comes the Mayberry bashing. Sure does sound rascist to me. Next you rascists will be bashing Ryan Howard I suppose

ChollyM = coolhandluke = Rich

At least spell racist right coolhand.

SLO = Brainiac = Slow

Rollins hasn't taken many shots? Do you read the comments JW?

Nevertheless, he screwed up yesterday. Didn't see it live, but the replay was pretty indicting. Funny how we were debating the merits of preserving his legs a day early and then he actually does dog it the next day. A benching would be justified.

As for the topic of the post, I'm not sure what people expected from Rollins this year. You really expected better than the fifth best SS in baseball? If so, the problem is with your expectations, not with his performance. The same can be said for the FO.

I actually agree 100% with Fata's post, especially the part on Mayberry.

MG - What was Jimmy's tweet response?

And I agree. It is the manager's duty to discipline him if he feels the need to.

Fat Joe is now Crazy Joe:

Joe Blanton gets relieved, gets ejected and then gets crazy, in that order. Blanton had stared down Angel Campos, before saying something.

Blanton has been terrible so far with the Dodgers.

Wish they could have gotten a little more in a trade for him, but its a relief somebody saved them a couple of million bucks to take him on.

Nix has barely played in the field in, how long? Putting him in CF, methinks is asking for trouble. Should be entertaining though.

What is it with umpires named Angel? They're the worst.

Maybe Ed Hochuli would make a good baseball ump. He's got some free time coming up.

"Blanton had stared down Angel Campos, before saying something."

That's the kind of passion the Phillies need. Wonder if the Dodgers will make Blanton available?

I did some reading here yesterday and I'd say you guys owe that coolluke guy an apology

Fifth best in baseball or fifth best in the league?? JW said the latter, which I took to mean the NL.

Melky was MVP at the AS game. I look forward to late October, when Bud presents the WS trophy to the NL team, and they thank Melky for providing home-field advantage!

ChollyM Has the same syntax and punctuation habits as Coolhandluke. Both are annoying. It has to be

What is syntax?

Don't we ban users who hide behind multiple names?

Well, apart from phlipper appensions and the occasional bigotto incident.

I look for a good game from Clifford tonight.

We'll never know what goes on behind closed doors, but I sense a bad under current flowing through the clubhouse this year. The first hint may have been the Victorino- Lee dust up which I think may have gone deeper than boys being boys. While yesterdays jog to first was disturbing, Rollins' peeling off 30 ' from second on the double play ball was the type of thing you'd expect from Manny Ramirez or Josh Beckett were he a position player. It may not be a popular move, but I hope if any of this happens again, Cholly sacks up and does something stronger than say he's not happy.

LAD-PIT game has been strange.

Kemp was ejected for arguing balls and strikes from the dugout during an Ethier at bat. Then Mattingly got ejected because Kemp got ejected.

Then Blanton got ejected after being pulled from the game, apparently upset over balls and strikes.

Then Burnett stared down HanRam after striking him out to end the inning, even yelling "Go sit down." HanRam was looking the other way.

Now Burnett has given up two more runs to make the score 8-6 with the bases loaded and two outs. The latest run scored when Burnett hit his second batter of the inning with the bases loaded.

Please back off Jimmy. He is our MVP. Cut him some slack.

Rollins was out by a mile and did the prudent thing on that double play ball. He had no chance to break up the double play. Pretty standard play in that case.

The jog up the first base line was the problem.

Surprised to see Joe get upset like that.

Yeah, sorry, meant the NL. The point still stands.

Rollins better be on his toes tonite with Lee in the game.

Blanton was upset that Kemp and Mattingly beat him to the buffet table.

Another fat Joe joke. Does it ever end here? I think Worley is much heavier then Joe.

Worley may be heavier, but he ain't fatter.

I don't know what's more shocking at this point, Bill Baer's race baiting post w/ comments turned off .... or his continued defense of his article through twitter ... mentioning comments are off because he doesn't want to allow comments a place to defend their bigotry.

What happened to Bill Baer? His posts used to be solid and supported by statistics, he's gone off the deep end it seems. Maybe someone pissed in his cheerios.

Don't do twitter. What did Jimmy say? Was it bad? Saw the replay and gotta admit it didn't look good. I was actually one of the ones defending him the other night. Still feel the same way, but I can understand the other point of view.

A fan tweeted:

"Yo, @JimmyRollins11 , try runnin out the play man. Youngsters are watching you."

Rollins replied:

"@1_krazy_puck well u make sure u tell them what to do"

norbertods - I saw the tweet. @1_krazy_puck said to Rollins "Yo, @JimmyRollins11, try runnin out the play man. Youngsters are watching you."

To which Rollins replied - "well u make sure u tell them what to do"

Punt blocked!

I didn't think the twitter thing was all that bad.

Speaking of that weird Pirates/Dodgers game, I just saw a weird thing I've never seen before. Runner on 1st, 1 out, comebacker to Jason Grilli. He throws to second for the double-play, missing the covering shortstop by 10 feet, Ryan Howard style, instead throwing a strike to the second baseman who threw to first for the putout.

One of the coolest things about baseball, I think, is the number of times you see something you've never seen before, no matter how many games you've seen.

I see that P to the P has yet another username with ChollyM.

I've got to hand it to you, man. Very rarely can a single troll have such a negative impact on the quality of a community.

DH - "it is often better to be lucky than good"

Thanks mick. Doesn't seem that egregious. A bit snide, perhaps, immature even, but I wouldn't have got myself in a tissy over it. Remember when he called Philly fan frontrunners? I'd put it in the same category.

JRoll's tweet reply isn't a big deal at all but in this era of fake indignation and hyper aggravation of single comments it will just bring more more grief.

In the big scheme of things, Rollins' tweet wasn't that big a deal. Exactly what he might've said to someone who was heckling him from the stands and nobody would care. But, it's copy-and-pasteable so it gets some extra scrutiny. Just bad for his look, bad for his rep. A small mistake, but a mistake nonetheless. He only has himself to blame.

In Philly, can't be no punk.

My take is that people in this town simply do not like Jimmy Rollins, have never liked Jimmy Rollins, and are determined to not like Jimmy Rollins - are all too eager to jump on the negatives and slight the positives. Is Rollins right to not run out every single ball he hits? No. Does he deserve the kind of vilification and vitriol he receives, after all he has done for this franchise for a dozen years? Hell. No. It's totally disproportionate. Hey, One day they'll retire Rollins' number and build a statue and there'll be nothing left but numbers and nothing but due appreciation. Ask Mike Schmidt. Long way to go in the meantime.

I do wonder why famous people even use Twitter. It seems to be overrepresented by d8cks like 1_krazy_punk, as evidenced, for example, by all of the posts that 1_krazy_punk reposted today, most of which were sent to Jimmy Rollins.

Not to deflect any blame from Jimmy (because he certainly has some culpability in it all), but the whole thing being blown out of proportion is just as much the result of the current cast of tabloid-lite like journalists on the current Phillies beat. These guys, like the rest of the media, only care about pageviews and staying relevant. Gelb and Murphy (who I typically somewhat agree with and like to read) interject their own two cents enough to make a mountain out of a molehill. They're certainly not the only ones. Hell, every single talking head on ESPN has built a career (and probably several nice luxury cars) on that very same premise. It's definitely nothing new.

Basically, if there was ANYTHING newsworthy for them to actually report on, it would all be a non-issue. Sadly, this is a team that's just spinning its wheels for the balance of the season and as such, we'll see more of this subjective journalism type stuff than we really need.

RSB, you're right about Rollins not desrving vitriol, but he does deserve to be criticized for lack of hustle.

You are dead wrong, however, that people in this town do not like Rollins.

He's my third favorite Phillie, behind Howard and Utley (in that order).

Neat little nugget from here.

"Ruf has recently seen time in left field."


Random GM to random player: "You have had a great season, so we are offering you XX millions of dollars for next year!"

Random player: "Thank you, but I am planning on only hustling 90% of the time, so I would be happy with 90% of that money."

Yo, new thread

"I was just upset before I even got up there," Rollins said. "I was already out of it. Mentally just upset."


"It's nothing to be talked about," he said. "It's not an excuse."

Hmm, maybe Jimmy's trying to give up chewing tabacco?

I am praying on my knees right now for a shot at redemption! I swear on my mother's grave, I will NOT give up more than, oh, 4-5 runs this time! Really!!!

Philly fans expect if you talk smack ala JRoll... if you have swagger ala JRoll... if you refuse to hustle ala JRoll... then you better have stats to back that up. It's not a race thing, it's an attitude issue. A maturity issue even.

i've heard this a few times lately. j-bag has a 3.1 war and is the 5th best at his position. ok i get all that. but here's something to ponder. he's 5th best at his position? as opposed to what a large stinky group of NL shortstops or MLB shortstops? does his on field non hustle factor into a war rating? does leading by non example rub off on a teams demeanor? if that was the case, would it effect a war rating? what do you think J

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